World of Tanks – More 1.0 Gameplay

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Source: Anfield

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  1. Greetings from Germany….nice vid!!

  2. Muhammad Qasim Dilawari

    2 likes and i ll bust a nut to that profile pic .#nohomo

  3. Armenian truck simulator lol

  4. Hey @Anfield! Any tips on ranking up to max rank for ranked battles? I am playing in the 140 and don’t know what are “good” positions on: Windstorm and Siegfried. I cannot yolo since i am playing with 2000+ wn8 players.

  5. When does 1.0 release?

  6. That Type 5 Heavy @ 1:02:08 …

  7. *exacerbated

  8. What kind of person uses arty on a test server? A sick, twisted one. On the regular one there is an excuse doing missions but on a test server there is non.

  9. World of Tanks Fan Forever

    Good video

  10. I just cant play this game anymore, arty has absolutely driven me off of it, i think its actually insane that an arty shot can hit the ground near a medium going 50km/h and still do 600 damage and module damage.

  11. Maybe they can have a limit to the premium ammo you can carry per game? As for heavy tanks maybe they should create some weak spots and improve the gun. Arty is just something we have to deal with but they should limit them to maybe 1 or 2 per team max. Who knows tho

  12. The_Radioman_is_Bleeding

    a lot of the new map changes are SHIT, thanks for the arty/ td meta wargaming you cucks

  13. This looks really damn cool and I can’t wait for it to hit the live servers! Have you been taking some time off WoT till the new graphics are on, or have I just been not able to catch you streaming it ?

  14. I spent a fair amount of money on this game and the new graphics look nice…. but I really can’t stand the core game anymore. The game is just not fun. I still like watching the videos but my playing days are over….. such a waste of money

  15. What kind of cpu and gpu you recommend for world of tanks?

  16. dude the terrain now is so flat..

  17. Did u say arty overpowered arty is actually useless now they got reworked because all the noobs don’t know how to avoid them no they have no damage no pen the same shit accuracy and reaload time

    • And I’m not an arty player I play all tanks types

    • Arty is broken not overpowered, as in the mechanic is terrible for the game, although artillery are actually improved over old arty. As for the noobs don’t know how to avoid them, the best players in the game all hate artillery because to avoid them you have to hide behind the hard cover the whole game rather than be aggressive, are you saying the best players are noobs?

    • Anfield no I understand the there new mechanic is shit speaking as an average joe player I think I would rather the old arty probably just nerf the damage but no shit stun mechanic the shit I hate is that the top tier 10 arty the t92hmc has a 240mm gun but has 60 pen but then a type 5 has 75 pen with a 152mm gun that’s what I can’t get about these fucking wargaming

  18. Wargaming are SCUMBAGS….!!!
    Erlenberg was one of the last good maps of the game, where every class could do well.
    Now it seems clear they’ve screwed NON-ARMORED and the slow yet again!

  19. oo la la ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  20. Lower damage of higher pen rounds is fucking retarded, that would mean firing more gold ammo.
    Wargaming truly is cancer.

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