World of Tanks – More EU E100 Pre-3rd

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More as I raise it’s mark % to prepare to 3 mark.

First 5 games were high dpg so I figured i’d upload this first part, the full session ended with 4.4k


  1. 25:00 music?

  2. first time i played WOT i was on himmelsdorf and i had no idea what bases
    were so i just assumed area were, so i went to the railway station and sat
    their waiting for someone to say i won :)

  3. well you can make decent credts with Ehonda ap….
    Btw you cannot exit the battle or anything, like your keyboard doesn’t

  4. Surprised Patrick

    What was the starting song? :P

  5. Anfield just letting u know ur current 9.14 mod pack still causes some
    graphic/terrain glitches in battle on some maps (at least for me). Anyways
    keep it up with making it look so easy, cheers.

  6. Christian Hostetler

    playlist? need something chill for WoT

  7. To sort the chat out when bugged press “F1” or if your “ESC” key stops
    working all you need to do is press “TAB” key and while still holding “TAB”
    press “CTRL”. That will “unbug” the ESC key and it will work for you now.

  8. Lolol Anfield I was watching and I tried to say hi in the chat but soon
    realised that this is youtube. XD

  9. Baddog Productions


  10. Hundo is love, Hundo is life.

  11. Anfield how do keep playing through 3rd mark attempts? Ive gotten to 94%
    multiple times on my T54 only to lose it after having a shit game due to
    RNG/arty :(

  12. Good commentary, good streamer, bad game. Kappa

  13. It’s so weird watching this video in Cardboard

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