World of Tanks – More Super Conqueror

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Source: Anfield


  1. Galactic Douche kappa

  2. also a foch b game

  3. Idk what’s worse you or qb with the premium rounds lol

  4. u use so much gold wtf

  5. flex everywhere with this tank Keepo

  6. 215b had/has such fragile modules; combined with a bad layout that made the tank rather unfun. Always liked the Conq at tier 9 more. Though 215b had nasty dpm and accuracy.

  7. Wait, no wowp video like every 1 else?

  8. For the people that ping the map at random, they should limit 3 pings / 15-20s you have a cooldown or something. 3 pings are usually enough. Like you said I don’t know why WG are allowing this.

  9. Another High-fed moron spamming gold…

  10. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    “5A is sex”

  11. I’ve found the S. Conqueror’s cupola to be surprisingly weak – even pen’d it with T-54’s 219 pen from below (exaggerating the angle on the dome shape).

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