World of Tanks – More T62a

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  1. Winter>Summer

    if you can’t watch your country has tough copyright laws :<

  2. I totally agree about girls and makeup

  3. GG was close

  4. Tide laundry Deturgent

    brah winter my BAE

  5. Anfield likes his women like he likes his fish…..battered.

  6. “Meh, kinda easy.” God damn you unicums.

  7. dude you really convinced me that 62A is above 140,i wonder how those will change after the next updates that will come

  8. Can’t watch in UK

  9. Summer Sport: Cricket
    Winter Sport: Skiing/Snowboard

    Like… C’mon.

  10. If you can’t watch cause of the songs causing copyright blocks try Twitch –

  11. عبد الهادي

    9:07 “it was kinda easy” lol

  12. Feck cant watch :/

  13. If you don’t like sluts your gay and if you don’t like guys your anti homosexual. Gotta love 2017 logic on the internet.

  14. Anfield!!! Can you make a video on decision making? For example in this game you made alot of key positioning and relocating decisions that really impacted the result of this game. Can you make a video breaking down how you think and react to situations play by play? Thanks in advance 🙂

  15. Winter would be better than summer if the sun would shine more often in the winter. Thats the only thing that bothers me about winter. But they are both really good.

  16. Error: Could not authenticate user

    “It’s kinda easy” I already died 5 times in my head trying to find the best way to reset the cap

  17. Can’t watch on Twitch too. Don’t know what the f**** happening Anfield. So said, because my favourite tank “T-62A”

  18. did you transfer you acc to eu or did you make another account?

  19. Anfield is Jingles Jr. when it comes to weather. 😀

  20. Anfield, where did you live in Cali?
    Where I live the older houses have no ac, like only the ones from a couple a years ago have ac

  21. you know a girl will look good in summer atire if she can rock the winter atire, i cant stand the makeup either, if you need a half pound of makeup to make you look good, then you dont look good

  22. you cant buy yourself an air conditioner?

  23. well played!

  24. Anfield making t62a great again

  25. im looking forward for quickybaby vs anfield.. lol

  26. lol you nailed it on girls, I feel the same

  27. I like cute girls not sexy girls – totally agree 🙂 but having winter 6 months in a year you kinda look for the two months of summer heh 😛

  28. I like to imagine Anfield wearing a scarf in winter ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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