World of Tanks | Moron Rehabilitation Programme Part 1 You Decide!!!

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks | Moron Rehabilitation Programme Part 1

A new series of videos aimed at allowing our peers to bring people in line. The’re people out there who know the holes in WG “epic” Automatic system which clearly, is not working.
I thought I would introduce some of these Morons to the wider community for you to decide for yourselves if they are indeed Morons.

If you think yes send to replays to WG if they get tickets of the same replay 100 times surely they will have to act.

If you think no give this man a Hug for it clearly shows that he/she needs it!!!

This weeks episode features the Rehabs first patient…

a player called Polski_Akan. Watch out for his/her Awesome after his despicable behavior…

#wotmorons (twitter)
If you would like to report this guy to WG here is the replay:

Please send replays you would like featured to:

Video Schedule:

Friday (subject to change, due to Havocs requirements)

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Christian Reindl

Thank you Christian


  1. he should be banned for life just like you said

  2. You guys realise that the guy might very well not even be polish. Maybe he
    just doesn’t like poles.

  3. Another typical Polish moron. Why WG does not make a Polish server to
    separate these animals?

  4. almost identical incident happened to me a week or so ago. i was in the
    usual bushes on malinovka in my TD and some tool came over and started to
    push me out of the bush so i’d get shot. i evaded him and tried to ignore
    him, but then he followed me and tried to push me into the water. i evaded
    him again, so he then took a couple of shots close to me. i didnt retaliate
    at this point and he drove off after 3 minutes. but when he started to ram
    into others on my team i decided he was useless to us and put 4 shots into
    him. i instantly got kicked from the game and was blue for my next battle
    after a 1 day ban. unfortunately my replay was lost when i got kicked and i
    didnt even get the plonkers name, how was i supposed to report the guy as
    there was also no result details when i logged back in. I agree, war
    gamings system is failing. They punish people for accidental hitting their
    own team too often in their opinion, but they don’t punish pricks like

  5. What an asshole! If I see him in gonna do the same.

  6. I seriously cant believe what I am looking at …. why why why would you do

  7. These people are called “griefers”. They are not playing the same game.
    There game is find a good or the best player on their team and harass. Main
    goal, get good player to TK them and get banned and of course lose, because
    they actually try to see how bad there record can be. Not nearly as hard as
    playing well. Probably tried and found WOT too hard the right way. So they
    are haters. I had it happen to me once. Let go of my controls and sat
    there. Looked like I went afk. They (it was a team) bothered me for another
    minute and moved on. Of course they should be banned permanently, but they
    will just open another account. They don’t care, they are playing a
    different game.

  8. Stephane Bélanger

    I don’t want to punish but to improve the good behavier. 1rst offence: In
    this case the fine could be: to cease your best tank. 2st offence: cease of
    your best 2 tanks. 3st offance, ban for life. But they can simply change
    the name and do it again. Maybe to give us the power to shot them at will
    would be better.

  9. Sad very sad..

  10. Luv it Sir Havoc. That polski_dumb_c**t is a full on dick-head. I couldn’t
    even finish watching the video I was so furious. Wizards First Rule. The
    world is full of stupid people, and a lot them play WoT. I’ve had this done
    to me, and I just turned around and TK’d the pus-bag. Got 24 hr ban but
    WTF. i just went and played another game. Big deal. It’s a good idea you
    have, though, pressuring WG to do something about these tools. Maybe they
    will take time out from counting their shekels, and ban some of these

  11. what a fucking bastard that polski.these people most be bannend for a
    couple of months and not for a couple of hours.

  12. I have had it done to me twice. I tend to just go and make a cuppa when
    they do it as if you get frustrated and fire you loose which is what they
    want you to do. There should be a way to get rid of serial trolls by
    banning their IP or physical address. I know there are ways round both but
    most people dont know how to do it. From WOTs point of view if these people
    spend real money they are good for WOT so they wont ban them. Globbits had
    a video of 2 Lowes doing this to a T34.

  13. He’s playing a different game ( and thankfully rarer one) to most of us…

    I would like the option to be able to ban him from my matchmaking unless WG
    take a more active roll like allowing community to post unsportsmanlike
    behaviour after watching replay and then investigating / acting on the high

  14. What i can’t understand, well actually 2 things.
    1. how did polski not damage the UE57 at all? When i played the UE if
    anything bumped me i would get damage.
    2. What the heck was the enemy team doing the whole time polski and the UE
    were over with that happening?
    I saw just abominably bad behavior on the part of polski, what a knob..he
    burn in hell.

  15. human nature, nothing with happen to him that will make him stop being a

  16. On NA East server, I’ve been TK once and seen it not more often that once
    every 2 weeks or so, but never like this.

  17. Although I understand your ire on this Sir Havoc, Im not entirely sure what
    you are proposing to do about it is feasible. The douche in the replay
    deserves a ban, not issues on that but surely you dont expect Wargaming to
    view every replay that would be sent in with claims of trolling? They would
    literally get thousands of them on a daily basis, with the majority not
    having any basis to be sent. How many of us have NOT EVER accidently shot
    one of our own team, either through our fault or theirs? How many replays
    will be sent in becuase someone camped, how many because someone went the
    ‘wrong’ way and so on and so on. Im a noob on PC but I believe you can
    shoot your own team with immpunity a couple of times. Can the same be done
    with contact between vehicles? I dont know if that will help to be honest,
    I dont know the game well enough

    I doubt very much if Wargaming will invest the money (ie hire x amount of
    staff) to view the replays. Perhaps this is where people like you come in.
    If you can vet the replays first and then pass them onto wargaming then
    that might work. Wargaming will need to invest some cash in staffing but
    they would be dealing with the ‘real’ problems. It would fall to reputable
    volunteers to look at them first.

    Just my thoughts, always appreciate the vids

  18. I like the possibilty to report after teh game- it should keep people
    somewhat sane.
    It is annoying though in games when people start to threaten you with
    reports- “I get the next blue buff or I report you” (Leauge off Legends).

    If many report the same person over and over, like that guy should get,
    they should be warned/short ban, then long ban or permanent ban.

  19. This was just crap, by this Polski fellow. There needs to be some system
    to report this stuff, which would be looked at. Yet I need the slight
    exceptions for the odd time I accidenttly hit a team-mate. I do have a
    bunch of ” Battle Buddy ” ribbons, but it still happens occasionally.
    Thanks for drawing attention to this, cheers !

  20. makes my blood boil. what a complete idot

  21. the reason i dont play wot anymore ,the community is pure poison.its like
    playing a round of chess with a bunch of toddlers ,unbearable.

    edit:naming and shaming is the ONLY way those people are ever going to
    learn…iam going to patch wot now and give this guy the good news,this is

  22. I thought I’ve seen it all –___– , thank you for sharing.

  23. BTW havoc good idea on doing this,you have a great channel,but I don’t
    think anything will come of it,W.G. simply doesn’t care.

  24. This is why I rarely play wot anymore,partly because I suck,and I dont
    really need any help doing that from an idiot like this. It’s bad enough
    alone on the occasion when I do have good games, they come in streaks then
    right back to bad rng, toxic a-holes and just a general feeling of distaste
    for some of my fellow” human beings”. I use that term very loosely. The
    internet is a very good example of what real life anarchy would be,in real
    life I would have just killed this sub-human waste of oxygen and been done
    with it.

  25. To be honest, I don’t like these videos much. The focus on the negative
    parts of the game and I really wish those weren’t there. The fact that
    Wargaming even through tickets isn’t doing anything on it is ridiculous
    though THAT is what needs to be changed. If they are send a replay with
    specific times and offenses they should not refer to the automated in game
    system which is obviously not picking up everything.

    Will share this on twitter but don’t hold your breath, Wargaming customer
    support is mweh mostly.

  26. This sort of game play disgusts me. I’m lucky enough to say that it’s only
    happened to me once. And in my TOG of all tanks. Oh, mighty TOG. I can’t
    even remember what sort of tank the other player was driving, I was so
    overwhelmed with rage. But he never let me out of our spawn point the
    entire match. It wasn’t until the enemy team had broken through and
    started put fire on us that I was finally able to escape….to my demise.
    Some how I kept my cool and not once did I put a shot in that turd, but I
    did go down fighting the enemy team as they over ran our flag. I don’t
    understand that kind of game play. I mean. I really bad at this game. I
    mean, I really suck. But I’m trying to get better. I’m trying to win. My
    team mates might not appreciate some of my bad noob decisions, but at least
    they will never have to worry about me turning on them.

    • Hey Bob if you want to get better and like the idea of a clan then go to
      and join through the link on the clan homepage you
      will be made welcome

  27. wargaming shlould start banning ppl from their IP or find their main acc
    and bann their main acc.

  28. if i was him i would let him drown me lol he would turn blue

  29. I think calling fools like this morons, is an injustice to all the true
    morons. This jackass makes morons look positively normal

    This person must have some form of mental deficiency as that is not what
    anyone can call rational behaviour, even if it is a child.

    I recently had an experience where a similar jackass pinned me up against a
    building on Himmelsdorf and then had the hide to call me a noob. Honestly,
    I am not sure what keeps their ears apart.

  30. I just wish the in game reporting system did something. For those that
    don’t know, the in-game reporting actually does nothing…yup absolutely
    nothing, it’s not even recorded and only serves as a way of relieving anger
    and therefore less complaints to WG

  31. Unbelievable. Well done royal blood for not wiping him out, I would have
    been very tempted. Another bad behaviour that really winds me up ( though
    not as bad as this) is when you are losing with just one tank left and a
    teammate who usually hasn’t done much tells the opposition their location.

  32. The only reaction I got from WG was that they banned my account when I
    called them idiots. Seems fair. It’s just something about automated replys
    that really gets on my tits and when you feel like your talking, or in this
    case, writing, to a robot or a wall it gets the better off me… So the guy
    who pushed me around and eventually had me pushed of a cliff goes free, and
    when I point out for WG that their system is somewhat flawed and that I
    think they are cunts for not actually READING my complaint email MY account
    gets banned.

  33. About what u expect Jingles had the same with Schrader in the Lowe More
    power to U Dude

  34. Sad you talk trash because you think he’s from Poland. So what? I’ve seen
    enough of her majesty’s asshats in Wot too. And my fellow Yanks.

  35. Definitely a better review and ban system is needed.

  36. they can implement a program that bans people for touching another tank
    more than 20 secs. i know that is a bit absurd, thinking about pikabooing
    behind a corner with a platon men but thinking you can ban people like
    these really worths the risk

  37. Ive sent in a bunch of replays to WG for stuff like this, even when it
    wasnt directed at me. Not sure if they did anything, they tell you that
    they cant say what is done to the other account

  38. Nothing more than your average schoolyard bully. Probably beaten on a daily
    basis by his drunk stepfather, so he takes his issues out in the anonymity
    of a game. What he can’t do in real life because he’d get his arse kicked.
    Notice that these guys always pick on the smallest target, in this case a
    UE 57, or who they deem to be ‘noobs’? These guys all have multiple accts,
    just like that other d-bag who posted earlier admitted, so probably not
    much can be done. Props to Royal for being above it!

  39. Totally agree with you Sir Havoc, these sort of people should be banned, we
    should find a way to let WG know about this and put a stop to this right
    now, I am with you on this as I have seen this myself being done to other
    people and to me too

  40. War gaming could just disable team damage
    It wouldn’t have that much impact on the game as it’s not a sim..
    Until then people are just going to vent by crapping on somebody or just
    screwing around for the LOLs.

  41. I say Bullshit to all this, The Answer is simple, Switch on “Kill Shooter”,
    Reverse all damage to a team member onto the Shooter/ Rammer. Works really
    well and forces you to be much better at SA. War Gaming must like this
    behavior, the only surprise to me is they have not allowed a banned player
    to spend gold to get back into the game, maybe that is in the next

  42. The only logical thing I can think of is that its an adult and he let his 2
    yr old play while he went to boff the Mrs and the kid thought it was bumper

  43. This is a problem that seems to be getting worse, I do think we need to
    highlight the issue, fair play is the name of the game.

  44. i just sent him a polite message asking why does he ram his team mates. but
    i can imagine i wont get a reply… i imagine his game will crash with the
    amount of chat windows that will open next time he opens his game…

  45. I just shoot anyone who mess’s with me, I’ll even take a day’s ban or I
    goad them more till there shoot me and get banned, either works for me. But
    usally 1 or 2 shots makes them stop.

  46. Buullshit , ive been banned for team killing more than 50 times , every
    time i get banned the ban is longer and longer and longer – does it stop me
    team killing? Fuck no . i choose to team kill .- becose if im pissed, i
    will team kill you, regardless the rules, regardless i get banned or not –
    and evert team killer or team damage does it even they know its againts
    rules – becose we are angry at the people we shoot at ,1 of my t account
    is banned for 4 months , for 6th time . do i care? no , was it worth it?
    Do i have other accounts? yes and they get banned too for team killing

    I play this game ,and if i see noobs playing their noob shitty way or doing
    other annoying shit what pisses me of, i will shoot them . cose they dont
    know how to play the game

  47. Guys please share this on social media if you are into this sort of thing

  48. This happens a lot on the test server, too. You can ban these people by
    killing yourself when they do a bit of team damage to you.
    As the new physics where tested, I got into a tier 10 game on Sand River
    with a 13 90. A T62A trolled me for 5 minutes, before I jumped of a cliff.
    He did a bit of damage to me before. Result was 1100 Team damage, -1 Kill
    and a instant ban from the Test server.
    When someone does team damage (on purpose) to me I provoke them to do more.
    Most of the time these people have a low temper and start to “play” with
    you. They get blue, and are warned. The game is lost when you have a troll
    on your team. So don’t bother about a win anymore.

    What is the wrong thing to do is to start to chat with these people. The
    what you to cry and complain. They whant to lick your salty tears from your
    cheeks. So don’t try to appeal to there better nature. As you saw in this
    video, they go even further.
    I think you can only get these trolls with there own medicine. Try to let
    them do some team damage by ramming and other things, then kill yourself.
    They will get the kill. Most of them are close to blue so they are close to
    a ban most of the time.

  49. I.P ban him

  50. i think there are just bad people in this world. and obviously they can
    play games. once ally killed me . i sent ticket with all details. wargaming
    said their system is working fine it can pick such people. well but what
    about replay? that guy not banned. either wrgaming dont have control or
    they lie coz they get money from those players playing.

  51. this makes my blood boil, and i must admit i have retaliated. Be warned it
    got me an INSTANT ban ( 1 hour ). straight out the game before the battle
    ended. As Havoc says they take no notice of replays which is a shame but
    that’s the way the cookie crumbles

  52. As a returning player this kind of occurance worries me. I joined WoT a
    couple of years ago and it was things like this that drove me off it :/ I
    had an allied tank jump in front of all of my shots one game, just trying
    to get himself killed by me to ruin my score lol

  53. Added him to my blacklist should I ever be that unfortunate to come across
    him…..what a complete fucktard. Well done royal blood on staying calm

  54. Richard Griffiths

    i think he took the suprise buttsex a bit too litteral

  55. he is a noob with 320 battles. He doesn’t know what he is doing :))

  56. Get Jingles and Quickybaby and other YouTube WoT supporters to come
    together with Sir Havoc to ban players like this. Got my vote.

  57. That’s not team damage, that’s harrassment/griefing two different things
    that wargaming looks at differently(I hope).

  58. that happened to me too in so many different ways and so many times,i dont
    even bother with the replays…these special children are everywhere and
    most of times they appear to be or pretend to be eastern europians for some
    reason. Best way to deal with this is to simply uninstall the game, i wish
    there was some other way. internet bullies will never dissappear…theres
    more of them out there everyday. If WG really cared they would have done
    something about it a long time ago. the thing thats bothering me the most
    is that lately these special kids have made it in higher tiers. Even if
    they do get banned they will just make a new account. you have no idea how
    methodical and patient these special people are.

  59. Jeroen De Vleesschauwer

    You can shoot tracks without taking a penalty if i’m correct. This can give
    you some time to move away from real scumbags…

    • +Jeroen De Vleesschauwer i got banned 1 hour for fooling around tracking my
      platoon mate…

    • +Jeroen De Vleesschauwer i also took a hour-time out for tracking a total
      muppit who wanted me to scout somewhere else , so i have to say don’t trust
      this method , what i have had success before with is , auto target a enemy,
      then position myself so the idiot is between me and my targeted enemy , and
      boosh , the comp has never timed me out for this ,(yet), but i would NOT
      under any conditions suggest anyone did this , it just int fair play , 🙂 .

    • Jeroen De Vleesschauwer

      yeah, but you don’t get a penalty if you shoot him once…

  60. this is the reason i cant get a good match, some weekends i can be doing
    solid 2 to 3 k t7-8 matches and not get a team victory in 3 hours.
    Vanishing teams, back of map scouts bumping our own artillery and heavies
    pushing out tank destroyers. WG needs to sort it, maybe premium time
    servers that have no “bad sport players” or a quaranteen server for people
    with more than x unsportsman reports in x matches

  61. Strikeout ‘rehabilitation’ and replace with ‘cleansing’ and you’ve got a

  62. Dutch Annihilation

    Is it me or are alot of polish players just total donkeys?
    and the way i see it there is a second problem for banning

    problem 1, wargamming isnt doing anything about them
    problem 2, even IF they get banned they can simply make a new account

  63. After the first 30 seconds I would have gone to make a cup of tea, no point
    wasting time watching some Polak scum try to ruin the game for me. Let
    them waste their own time, not mine.

  64. When I have these kind of idiots in my team and they “touch” me in purpose
    I don’t think twice and kill the bastard if I can…..I really don’t care
    about deserting warnings or teamkills when is about getting rid of scum

    • Dutch Annihilation

      that is there goal, to make their victim do team damage so the victim gets
      banned for it… so pleace think twice next time

  65. Nothing new here, just your typical Polak scum.
    If I ever make a clan, no East Euro scum will be allowed to join.

  66. wougaimin

  67. The only thing War Gaming cares about is their premium shop. I have sent
    many tickets and replays for team damage and crap and they always refer to
    their failed automated system. I would be more interested in starting a
    movement to get people to stop spending money on the game until War Gaming
    gets their shit fixed.

  68. The majority of players I see with national reference in their names are
    all tards from all countries 

  69. since these people are idiots, i think if u track them with out making them
    lose health they will just start shooting back at you, then they turn blue
    and u kill them 😀 but at the cost of some health

  70. if i was in Royal Blood’s position, i would’ve drowned.
    see, i don’t do this. but it would’ve enabled me to leave the battle we
    were going to lose. at least leave it early.
    and polski would’ve gotten a team kill and 150 team damage done.
    as you can see in the replay there was a part where polski pushed him into
    water where Royal started drowning. i would’ve sat there. and died. and
    gave polski the credit for dying. not only in chat but in the kill feed as
    one more thing, i was wondering, the music at the end there, could it be
    some variation/mix of battlefield music? just thought i’d ask, it sounded
    like it could be.

    • +vuk psodorov not sure about the drowning to get out move, as i read it
      that would not show as a team kill but a desertion and Royal would get the

    • +ginvr
      if you are pushed into the water by someone, that someone gets credit for
      in this case, polski would get credited for drowning Royal as he was the
      one to push him into the water.

  71. Grow up nab

  72. Like some of the other arsehole vids that have been put up recently, by the
    likes jingles, ageing jedi and Sir havoc, this guy has rubbish stats and
    low battle numbers it doesn’t mean he’s a noob. He could be a unicum with
    an arsehole account that’s just for causing grief. Noobs learn or leave,
    arseholes hang around. The reporting system just doesn’t work, has anyone
    had confirmation that any complaint has ever been upheld?

  73. This is one of the reaons I almost exclusively drive heavy tanks now. Ever
    since my stats crept above average I find that shit like this tended to
    happen to me alot more. It’s sad that I have to limit myself to a certain
    type of vehicle, but at least I’m pretty much immune to this sort of shit.

  74. What is going on in the life of this polski guy? How was he raised? 

  75. People lets just take a few minutes,open WoT and report this player for
    being arsehole :)

  76. People like this indeed need to be permabanned from this game, destroying
    other peoples fun playing should be much more severely punished.

    This is not the first time this guy has done something like this, he is far
    too relentless for that.

  77. the penalties are not severe enough
    3 x warned, account removed

  78. Well IMO if WG does not give a shit then why should we keep supporting WG
    and There game. WG has had a very piss poor attitude when it comes to
    caring about there players. Unless your on one of the big WGLNA teams
    then I feel WG does not care much about the common player. So that’s why I
    have stopped spending any money on this game. This game Has been a big
    part of my life for 2 years , But myself and several of my clan mates are
    losing interest in this game. I hope WG steps back and takes a look at the
    whole picture and does some re balancing within itself.

    • the only ones that aren’t really caring about feedback like this are the
      WGEU community support.
      others care.

  79. its people like him that ruin the game should be banned

  80. Can I join your clan? My name is sniper837

  81. I think he’s a cunt to be honest. I looked him up. 55 WN8 over 300-odd
    battles. He could just be noob (as were we all) but the average damage on
    some of his tanks and the number of them with zero WN8 suggests to me that
    he’s a regular arsehole.

  82. Looking at the player stats it is obviously not a serious player, or even
    someone who plays for fun on a regular basis. Maybe they were bored one
    night, maybe they are mentally ill or simply immature… who knows.

    A ban wouldn’t affect this person in any way shape or form.

  83. people like that stuart should be permabanned

  84. Douchebags like this should be perma-banned.

  85. WG must react if someone send tham replay like this,and give permanent ban
    to morons like this one.

  86. Vaidotas Jankauskas

    this game need next server for stupid polish monkeys

    • Really? Some of us are Polish and not from Poland. BFD, If you’re an angry
      POS from whatever shit hole ypu call home.

    • Think we are guessing that he’s a he and Polish from his name but to say
      all Polish players act this way is both untrue and unfair. Fact is this guy
      (or Gal) is a moron and his place of origin is not relevant. Just how Royal
      Blood kept in there without retaliation is truly amazing…………..

  87. How to get banned for team damage? drive a luchs, get some retard to drive
    in front of you while u clip somebody. 3h ban because u hit 5times or so:D

    Btw, i dont see your problem there, typical polish player:o

  88. I had this happen to me on a couple of occasions. It ruins the game. I did
    kill one of the idiots doing this to me and I got a ban and they get
    credits. Not worth shooting them Just report them and sit back and watch
    the stupidity.

  89. Polish players are withoubt a doubt the dumbest players out there….. all
    wot griefers I have come across have been Polish? A big credit to Royal
    Blood for keeping his cool… These videos should be called “Named &
    Shamed” Thank you Havoc for promoting this type of gameplay… hope
    something gets done to players like this.

  90. I think the guy is acting like a piece of shit but how many battles does he
    have? Although even if he is new hes still a twat.

  91. hmmm what would I do? I would probably throw numerous insults at him
    involving his manhood and its relative small size! I would obviously report
    the ass and ask the rest of the team + the enemy team to report him aswell.
    But apart from that there is nothing much you can do. How to prevent this?
    Public shaming I suggest that we make a wall of shame to shame anyone that
    shows this kind of ingame douchebaggery!

  92. Speechless. Kudos to Royal Blood for not opening fire. I’m not quite sure
    how I’d go about dealing with that situation, but I get the feeling that it
    would involve a bit less restraint…

  93. Ive had 1 memorable encounter with 1 of the blocking/rammimg trolls anf
    that was when i was on the old el halluf a “friendly” hellcat purposelt
    blocked me and rammed me when i was trying to get shots off at the old
    heavy tank cornor because he thought i was a noob because the gun
    deoression on my tank isnt the best. I do have to say these people arent
    the brightest because i was in a kv5 the 100 ton tank with 1200 hp vs a
    hellcat. So since he knew he wouldnt get banned for this crap i returned
    the favor by wedging him sideways on to the front of my tank then i used
    him as a shield for the r2d2 and after he died to enemy guns and after all
    the enemies died at the corner i used his corpse to cap the game on the
    encouter mode by covering my weak points and my tracks so he was useful
    after all :D

    • I wish i had the replay of this because it was 3 mins of him screwing with
      me but i played this game in like patch 8.8 or something like that and i
      delete my replays for the previous patch whenever the latest 1 launches so
      its long gone 🙁

  94. Annoying thing is, that automated system is almost setup to catch people in
    no-win situations like Royalblood was. If he shot back at the M3, he’d be
    getting the ban as you said. And if he just exited the battle so he could
    move on and play another tank, he’d get a warning for desertion.

    • +AgingJedi (Oake) He can shoot him 3 times before he gets one day ban
      (unless he was shooting allies previously). That was enough to kill him. No
      mercy for these morons, I kill them immediately even if it does result in
      my ban.

    • +Hans Kinki
      wow again another expert who thinks the position is the cause for the
      assault wow !!

    • +Matt Duncan
      Of course it is. Sitting back there is no teammates seeing them do their

    • +AgingJedi (Oake) Basically the response from Wargaming and Serb is a giant
      FU…they implemented a system, they believe in the system they
      implemented, and despite many of us contacting Wargaming, the reponse has
      always been, don’t cry to us anymore. What we are left with is accepting
      this from time to time. It is completely frustrating for many of us, it is
      rage inducing…but for those of us who play the game frequently, and
      somewhat seriously, we have to be the ones to show restraint. And, to all
      the racist idiots in the comments – you accomplish nothing by name calling
      and raging about a persons’ nationality – except letting us all know you’re
      as much of a f-tard as the idiot playing the game to provoke.

    • +SFC Gunny Well said.

  95. To be honest i would just kill him morons like him don’t deserver to play
    the game

  96. What a total douchebag people like him should have their private parts
    assaulted with a welding torch.

  97. Dat Battlefield 1942 music.

  98. Welcome to World of Tanks Moron Rehabilitation Programme a series where we
    look at some of the more ‘special’ players in the game and decide if they
    are in fact Morons!!!

    • +Columini
      O.K. Maybe not rape,but something ugly should happend in their lives in
      order to change thair behavior. Hate poeple like this one.

    • +Sir Havoc This is why I think WG should bring back the two options they
      removed from the complaints list… “Team kill/damage” and “Revealing
      Allied Positions”. Both of these are the most prevalent and most directly
      contravene the user agreement and game rules. Leave the automated system in
      place, but have these complaints go directly to a special team to deal with
      these issues. Clearly “Unsportsmanlike Behaviour” reports are not working.

    • +MechBuster
      Why is it “clearly” not working, u got statistic that it worked better
      U do team dmg u get banned pretty quickly, revealing positions rarely
      happens and if it does its because some not so great player is sitting
      1-line doing 0dmg last one alive.

    • +MechBuster Seems like a good idea but perhaps add in something about
      trolling like this?

    • +Frank Blake You can only see MAC adresses if your in the same subnet. Also
      the MAC adress can be changed in software.

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