World of Tanks | Moron Rehabilitation Programme Part 1 You Decide!!!

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks | Moron Rehabilitation Programme Part 1

A new series of videos aimed at allowing our peers to bring in line. The're people out there who know the holes in WG “epic” Automatic system which clearly, is not working.
I thought I would introduce some of these Morons to the wider community for you to decide for yourselves if they are indeed Morons.

If you think yes send to replays to WG if they tickets of the same replay 100 times surely they will have to act.

If you think no give this man a Hug for it clearly shows that /she needs it!!!

This weeks episode features the Rehabs first patient…

a player called Polski_Akan. Watch out for his/her Awesome after his despicable behavior…

#wotmorons (twitter)
If you would like to report this guy to WG here is the replay:

send replays you would like featured to:

Video Schedule:

Friday (subject to change, due to Baby Havocs requirements)

Looking for a clan?
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Christian Reindl

Thank you Christian


  1. Hey Bob if you want to get better and like the idea of a clan then go to
    and join through the link on the clan homepage you
    will be made welcome

  2. hey bro good to see you

  3. Thats why single player games are better. NPC’s aren’t angry little d-bags.

  4. +epicwarding I would rather have the other ” tomato ” on my team than you
    every day of the week, you sir are a cunt.

  5. +epicwarding i hope you will die soon

  6. +florin mihai loooool thats a good one for that peace of shit

  7. +epicwarding ive got u on my list loser

  8. +Jeroen De Vleesschauwer i got banned 1 hour for fooling around tracking my
    platoon mate…

  9. +Jeroen De Vleesschauwer i also took a hour-time out for tracking a total
    muppit who wanted me to scout somewhere else , so i have to say don’t trust
    this method , what i have had success before with is , auto target a enemy,
    then position myself so the idiot is between me and my targeted enemy , and
    boosh , the comp has never timed me out for this ,(yet), but i would NOT
    under any conditions suggest anyone did this , it just int fair play , 🙂 .

  10. Jeroen De Vleesschauwer

    yeah, but you don’t get a penalty if you shoot him once…

  11. Dutch Annihilation

    that is there goal, to make their victim do team damage so the victim gets
    banned for it… so pleace think twice next time

  12. +vuk psodorov not sure about the drowning to get out move, as i read it
    that would not show as a team kill but a desertion and Royal would get the

  13. +ginvr
    if you are pushed into the water by someone, that someone gets credit for
    in this case, polski would get credited for drowning Royal as he was the
    one to push him into the water.

  14. the only ones that aren’t really caring about feedback like this are the
    WGEU community support.
    others care.

  15. Dutch Annihilation

    you can join his clan at this page:

  16. you can go to and join through the link on the
    clan homepage

  17. Really? Some of us are Polish and not from Poland. BFD, If you’re an angry
    POS from whatever shit hole ypu call home.

  18. Think we are guessing that he’s a he and Polish from his name but to say
    all Polish players act this way is both untrue and unfair. Fact is this guy
    (or Gal) is a moron and his place of origin is not relevant. Just how Royal
    Blood kept in there without retaliation is truly amazing…………..

  19. +DEANOGTO he had 324 battles when i checked , so a noob , but one that
    needs to be shown the error of his ways , (IMO) .

  20. Dutch Annihilation

    maybe its his second account and he has way more battles?

  21. +Dutch Annihilation ^^This. The person probably has several accounts. Or
    else he/she wouldn’t know how to evade the TK system so adeptly.

  22. I wish i had the replay of this because it was 3 mins of him screwing with
    me but i played this game in like patch 8.8 or something like that and i
    delete my replays for the previous patch whenever the latest 1 launches so
    its long gone 🙁

  23. +AgingJedi (Oake) He can shoot him 3 times before he gets one day ban
    (unless he was shooting allies previously). That was enough to kill him. No
    mercy for these morons, I kill them immediately even if it does result in
    my ban.

  24. +Hans Kinki
    wow again another expert who thinks the position is the cause for the
    assault wow !!

  25. +Matt Duncan
    Of course it is. Sitting back there is no teammates seeing them do their

  26. +AgingJedi (Oake) Basically the response from Wargaming and Serb is a giant
    FU…they implemented a system, they believe in the system they
    implemented, and despite many of us contacting Wargaming, the reponse has
    always been, don’t cry to us anymore. What we are left with is accepting
    this from time to time. It is completely frustrating for many of us, it is
    rage inducing…but for those of us who play the game frequently, and
    somewhat seriously, we have to be the ones to show restraint. And, to all
    the racist idiots in the comments – you accomplish nothing by name calling
    and raging about a persons’ nationality – except letting us all know you’re
    as much of a f-tard as the idiot playing the game to provoke.

  27. +SFC Gunny Well said.

  28. Dutch Annihilation

    dont teamkill people like that, thats their goal… if you do teamdamage
    you get banned

  29. i know but i tend to rage on that stuff

  30. +Columini
    O.K. Maybe not rape,but something ugly should happend in their lives in
    order to change thair behavior. Hate poeple like this one.

  31. +Sir Havoc This is why I think WG should bring back the two options they
    removed from the complaints list… “Team kill/damage” and “Revealing
    Allied Positions”. Both of these are the most prevalent and most directly
    contravene the user agreement and game rules. Leave the automated system in
    place, but have these complaints go directly to a special team to deal with
    these issues. Clearly “Unsportsmanlike Behaviour” reports are not working.

  32. +MechBuster
    Why is it “clearly” not working, u got statistic that it worked better
    U do team dmg u get banned pretty quickly, revealing positions rarely
    happens and if it does its because some not so great player is sitting
    1-line doing 0dmg last one alive.

  33. +MechBuster Seems like a good idea but perhaps add in something about
    trolling like this?

  34. +Frank Blake You can only see MAC adresses if your in the same subnet. Also
    the MAC adress can be changed in software.

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