World of Tanks | Moron Time Voice Over Montage Game Play Guide Tutorial

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World of Tanks | Fail Tanks Voice Overs Montage Game Play Guide Tutorial

This is the Third in the installment of Moron Time, However here is something a little different. I decided do something positive and funny of peoples Moronic behavior Instead.

I hope you enjoy….

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  1. was very funny :)) i think u can made a reality show from this game :))

  2. No offence as I like your videos but this series is getting really retarded
    from my point of view.

  3. Sebastian Bugar

    It’s true that the Foch was a moron,but the 13 90 just waved his turret in
    the bush,like a bot..

  4. Hahaha expecting more and different accents now

  5. Ok Havoc, I expect to hear accent’s in all your videos from now on….

  6. I liked it but plz don’t do those voices :))), the voice comments for the
    IS3 replay r ok, but plz don’t change ur voice like the first 2 replays.

    • +Redroid Hey Redroid I really appreciate your feedback, I want to do
      something different additionally to the tutorials I do, and like any craft
      it takes time to master, like my tutorials the beginning ones are not as
      good as the end product. I think a lot of my subscribers see my more
      serious teacher side. In real life I am a practical joker and I always make
      people laugh. You guys have not seen that side of me yet. I would like to
      let that come out, especially in the videos about such a harsh subject such
      as team damage. thank you very much for the like and the view mate 🙂

  7. Here is Something New, Morons this time with a funny voice over.. enjoy

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