World of Tanks || MOST DEADLY TANKS

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World Tanks. Today I’m looking at two of the most deadly tanks in the game the FV4005 II and the B!


World Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by and is available as a free download here:

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  1. QB please artillery!!!

  2. What do I prefer? I prefer both tanks removed from the game.

  3. I love my 4005, I don’t think it’s a good tank but the lethality of the 182.9mm gun and it’s insane HESH rounds always brings a smile to my face. I can’t speak to the quality of the Foch B but I do know that seeing one barreling towards me is always a brown alert moment.

  4. I’m the Amx 13 105 which gets yolo’d and teamkilled by arty in the first minute of the game 🙁 rip me

  5. Why do Romanian/Czech/polish/Croatian/Serbians always ammorack me first shot then kill my driver and set me on fire?

  6. 12:00  Yes 999 is the same as 911 is the U.S.   I remember there was an old British crime drama on T.V. called “999”.

  7. Jg Pz E 100 I want it, and the FV4005

    Also I suck at Light tanks so I can’t get past the LT-14/LT-15 of the Stug IV

  8. Most Dangerous Tank, It’s Clearly the Churchill GC, Very dangerous for those who play it.. not really for those who face it.

  9. Hetzer with derp is still king!

  10. Tortoise spamming gold hands down most dangerous tank in the game. Best Tier X 60 ammo drum auto loader

  11. I remember that i one shot full hp 430U once.

  12. Wait, i thought the badger replaced the death star.

  13. Aleksandar Novakovic

    Most deadly . e-25

  14. How the hell does Quickbaby get these tanks that will push up and let him hammer away at them… on NA server players will camp their asses off and won’t give you anything.

  15. Fv4005 is actually called the fv four thousand and fuck you

  16. Most deadly tanks in the game today are those stupid little light tanks with all the speed, armor, and large caliber guns plus having an auto loader.

  17. TIGER TANK GAMING trajcevski

    I play the fv4005

  18. Deadly tanks? 1 word: Click


    Foch B, BC25t; shameless OP tank

  20. Matilda and H35

  21. Worst tier 10 tank in the game is the regular Obj 268. WG ruined it.

  22. 3 M2 lights in a platoon with the 20mm auto loader XD

  23. I dont like Type 5 Heavy. I cant penetrate him

  24. Man, I want to play on the EU server. I see the FV4005 on the NA server now and then and its usually a joke. Most of the time they finish with roughly 2k damage because they rushed too far up, got maybe 2 shots off and then died.

    I’m interested in getting the Foch at some point, kinda grinding through the tier VI still.
    Though I’m more interested in the FV comparatively because having a TURRET is ALWAYS better.

  25. The guys on my discord call you Will Frampton or Salty Baby. Depends on matchmaking.

  26. i wish i had this tank

  27. If I ever get frustrated with Wot I can always rely on the FCM36Pak40 to brighten my day just a little.

  28. The original unnerfed Wt Auf E100 and Foch 155 were the most deadly tanks.

  29. 1. Enter a good bush to spot in
    2. Spots a FV4005
    3. He aims at u

  30. @QuickyBaby if you ever run out of ideas or things to do – here’s a massive task: Rank ALL tanks in order… from worst to best (overall). It’s a difficult task (perhaps impossible), but it would be interesting and could help new and old players alike to put some perspective on their favourite tanks and/or tank plans – specially since lot of the “reviews” of different tanks are old and out dated…

    As said – it’s a massive task, and might even be impossible and naturally personal feelings, play styles and preferences can bias the results – but still… and I can’t figure anyone better than you, as your reviews and explanations are usually sound – and you do have, if not all, almost all the tanks…

  31. My most hated tank, the only tank that make me load the gold instantaneously (no matter what tank I’m drving), is the Type 5 Heavy! The type 4 at least has real weak points and can be penned with standard rounds (with tier 9 and 10 tanks)

  32. Buntownik nie hetman

    The Fridge always was my favourtie tier X TD. These HE shells dear god

  33. I honestly can’t make out anything of the japanese superheavies at tier 9 and 10. I don’t know what it is about them but when I play with them I suck dong, but other players manage to oneshot me from across the map, with 15 cm durps, in my full health conway
    P.S. yes, I’m going for the shi*barn, fear me 😀

  34. FV4005 didnt replace FV215b 183, Badger did…

  35. Also the question QB asked, what do we prefer 1750 alpha in one shot or autoloader with ridiculous amount of shells in the magazine, well more often than not you don’t have time to unload the magazine into someone because rarely enemy tanks travel alone so you can catch them without support, most often you have to take one big hit and duck into cover before you get splattered by enemy and his arties 😛

  36. I love the Fv4005. Use it when other games are not going well and I just want to send a tank to Mars. Usually makes me feel better haha! Or when there is high damage mission on. Bring out the Fv and HESH lol. Still love my jageroo as tier 10 TD.

  37. Is this what you get when you cross a jigsaw with a bulldozer ?

  38. 1 shoted type 4 full hp xd

  39. 5:21 Spinning piece of wall

  40. Foch B is just better, in case u meet more then one tank, so that has my vote. Though it has a longer reload when it is empty.

  41. 5:19 that little piece of stone wall xD

  42. The Rock at 5:23

  43. 2:35 You have that shot QB, and I raise you a match in my Tiger P where I rolled 180 dmg, with the long 88, on a centurion 1 on 201 hp.

  44. Ngọc Tân Phạm

    Soviet tanks are most hated by WG #WGhateSoviet

  45. the Fv is total WG bullshit…….. why did they nerf the artys..???????

  46. Still the Maus.

  47. The British TD was a great game yet, you only broke even. That’s why I don’t play WOT.

  48. Don’t focus on the missions, just play the game

  49. QB you are very wrong. I is a gud unicum 99999+ and into says that your opinion invalids. Churchill GC dangerous OP tenk, 10× better than Scheißebarn and Focher.

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