World of Tanks – Mostly SC Games

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Source: Anfield


  1. How come none of your teams are into lemming trains like mine?

    • It all comes down to your lack of luck, if only you were as lucky as me you then you would be the best player worldwide

    • everybody knows that to be a unicum you have to pledge allegiance to russia to get 100% luck

    • It’s just a good game….He doesn’t get better teammates than us….Trust me to deal with different difficult situations u need much more experiences and thinkings than just farming bots like he did in the video.

    • Unicum and streamer rng /s

    • srexob715 he didnt show the game where he got zero damage in his S conq. eheh His team lemminged with his flank and got sniped down by two AMX 13 90s

  2. Fisherman’s bay and fjords got so shitty now… :/

  3. Come on Liverpool, Champions League is yours for the winning

  4. Thanks for the free content anfeels

  5. I love Super Conqueror’s….because I love playing SPG 😛

  6. Hi anfield long time no see.

  7. anfield playing this game?

  8. Akuretaki Nikolay

    yesterday after my exam, i had 25 defeats on 30 battles…. : (((((

  9. Finally you came back… have missed you

  10. how much gold can this scrub shoot and then laugh at “pubbies.”

  11. Why reload on SC so fast? Improved rammer used?

  12. B E G O N E T H O T

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