World of Tanks – Mountaineer

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

“Ain’t mountain high enough…” sang Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. They obviously never saw THIS team.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. To be fair the super Pershing got the shittiest gun in play.

  2. actually jingles if he platooned with anybody he would get crucial contibution because you need 12 kills for medal

  3. Bla bla bla .. .. No skill needed for a game which is litteraly dead and full of bots .. The new update will let players leave the battle field.. Bye bye ..

  4. That Super Pershing looks like a player who never got past tier III tanks and bought a tier VIII premium with no actual skill built up from playing the game. I swear I’d rather have an AFK player than these guys

  5. Like, you looked at the bottom 5 members of Rayan’s team, but that 6th member didn’t do a lot either. The bottom 6 members of Rayan’s team did less total damage than the worst member on the enemy team. Wow his team sucked.

  6. SUPER PERSHING ZZCAPTAIN cant find his stats anywhere

  7. In defense of the driver of the Super Pershing, ZZCAPTAIN, he or she only has 485 battles played (NA server, by the way). That might explain it.

    • He is pretty new, took a friend of mine and I a full thousand games to get a clue, then another thousand to get halfway decent, and by the time we hit 5k we were pulling away from 50%, 113 wn8 on this guy is pretty bad tho(esp considering more than half his games are in a s.pershing and panther/m10). Doubt he’ll clear 50% in his career.

  8. “He got the M26” *he kills the M6A2E1*

    Last time I remember, the Pershing wasn’t that big, Jingles! xd

  9. cat sounded like the alarm on the rebel ship in star wars

  10. To this day it said that a special breed of lemon trees grow on salt mines.

  11. 9:45 Are you actually using a soundboard for cat noises ?

  12. Luisito Bardaji Benitez

    Jingels, do you have an Akizuki soundboard? I heard a click and what sounded like a meow not being finished before the next one @9:48

  13. JFC 17k views in 3 hours, wow.

  14. Thanks for the video

  15. Klaus calls it ‘carry the stupid’. A classic example.

  16. Злой Асисяй

    were there bots???

  17. 13:49 “unmolested”???

  18. Злой Асисяй

    I really want to see London, especially the house where the great detective Sherlock Holmes lived))

  19. Almost a candidate for a “Carry The Stupids” from CK.

  20. If akizuki agree’s, akizuki AGREE’S!

  21. Bit unfair to the Ferdinand Jingles. From the look of the results screen they’d done 2500 damage and the AT15A had only done 850. I suspect they’d been tag teaming everyone who came down that flank, with the AT15A holding their attention while the Ferdinand brought the pain.

    • Going by kills alone isn’t a great indicator, because one could technically get 5 1hp kills and not do anything else all game

  22. Damn it jingles akatsuki and my cat sound really alike. I thought i heard her when your cat was talking

  23. The Super Pershing has been so power crept and it’s honestly worse in every way other than a bit of armor, comparing to the bourrasque. I’m not saying he’s a good player but his tanks isn’t near as good as it used to be. Welcome to World of Tanks 2020.

  24. Wow amazing game play love it

  25. Not sure I`ve ever managed to get to 12, but I do have games where I got to 10 kills in my Italian tanks. I wonder if I could dig out the game that most resembled a wild west shootout and send it to Jingles…

  26. Another thing about the Bourrasque that’s not very “light tank-like” is the fact it can’t turn on the spot, it takes quite a wide turning circle (also it’s very slow to turn when on the move), which in my experience is more of an issue than it sounds when trying to play this as a light.

    Also, that Super Pershings has only played 485 battles since 07/07/2020, so I expect barely knows how to play the game, bless ’em 😂

  27. “Surprise butt sex, the best kind of butt sex.” You can tell Jingles served an entire career sailing in the Navy haha!

  28. Not that I play anymore, but I wish I could e traded my CDC for this tank. CDC was pretty meh 5 years ago… Nowadays? Hah, power crept into obsolescence.

  29. Well, the “medium” tank classification didn’t fool me, when I blasted a Barrasque once from half health to death in an arty.

  30. Interesting game. The winning teams effort was only amazing by the lack of teamwork!

  31. Completely unrelated, but Jingles was the inspiration for me naming my cat after a ship as well. Tl;dr, i have a tier 5 Royal Navy Destroyer kitten, Acasta

  32. Jingles, o mighty overlord, you have *GOT* to balance the audio between the intro and your talking!

    I have to turn the volume way down during the intro, down to about 75%, and back up to 100% for you talking.

  33. Jingles! Can you go back to doing update reviews like you used to do back in the day. Your review of the update that introduced the British tech tree was one of my first visit I saw from you.

  34. 10:00 I think jingles is losing it

  35. Jingles, can you, please, mute your intro little bit.

  36. Akizuki’s clearly been watching Rita play World of Tanks.

  37. I think I’ve never heard so much praise from Jingles like the guy playing the Super Pershing in this vid 😀

  38. SuperPs armor is mostly useless in the game now anyway so….slow as molasses tank with fake frontal armor now, i’d be in the back also.

  39. I bet that Super Pershing is a Super Unicunt. OH or I mean ah Unicum. Lets everyone die ahead of him then cleans up the remaining tanks. Alas he failed at that too.

  40. Ah yes, my daily dose from the mighty overlord of the salt mines

  41. wait what, a french tank with a decent amount of ammo, blasphemy

  42. i appreciate your basic run down of the tanks before the game. i feel like the people who play the game already know, but for those of us who dont it helps.

  43. I don’t think it’s fair to call the ferdinand useless. He was second best on damage.

  44. Cornelius McMuffin

    For a second I thought that was the warning klaxon of an imperial star destroyer. Then I realized it was just akizuki.

  45. Hi jingles I actually gave this game a try after having played world of warships for a few years I experienced was less than stellar less than positive and very aggravating and rage inducing

  46. super comment Jingles. Glad your back. hahaha the cat had really good comment. 🙂

  47. 23 down votes by the Super Pershing and his clan mates….. 🙂

  48. 9:59 He’s right! May be even left 😛

  49. Double dose of surprise butt sex.. best Kind of sex.. LMAO! Oh Jingles thank you for never giving into change.

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