World of Tanks|| MT25 Arctic Region Interactive Gameplay Tutorial Guide Hints Tips

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Source: Havoc

World of Tanks|| MT25 Arctic Region Interactive Gameplay Tutorial Guide Hints Tips
Ô———————————————————————————————►Lets try a new type of interactive Gameplay Tutorial where we at how we can try to introduce a new style of learning. Here we look at an Ace in the MT25 on Arctic Region.
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►Epic Orchestral Music by Aaron Wilde, please give him your love guys!!!

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  1. great gameplay once again Pete, loving your quick decision making skills,
    people can learn so much from you :)

  2. Good stuff Sir. I play WoT on console and your tutorials have improved my
    light tank play no end. Keep up the good work.

  3. That game was really a lot of fun and excitement (actually, I am mcmalte)!
    Thx for the credits Sir Havoc, that really goes back to the steep learning
    curve I got from watching your videos – and I really knew what you can do
    driving a MT-25 🙂 . Please keep up the good work – I am crossing fingers
    for your newly focused career

  4. This is a great concept and I hope that you continue with more of the same.

    If I can, I would like to offer just one bit of advice. It started off well
    with pausing and asking what we would do. But later you slipped into
    pausing and telling us what your thought process was, followed by your

    May I suggest that at each critical juncture you pause and ask us what we
    would do before giving us your solution. Maybe offer choices ie we could a
    . . . ., b . . . . , c. . . . . , or, d . . . . , What would you do? We can
    then pause the video while we make our decision with the comfort of time on
    our side before you give your solution.

    Cheers mate.

  5. top vid as always boss

  6. I enjoy your tutorials and take them to heart. I just can’t always make
    those proper decisions in the heat of the moment. Decent of you to promote
    new bands. Perhaps someday one of your featured bands will look back and
    say we got our break with Sir Havok, how cool would that be?

  7. Liking the new format! Its great because it really gets you thinking about
    what to do in different situations. Its interesting and quite telling that
    what I’d do is not the same!

  8. Epic intro music. Liking the interactive side of this, gives you an idea of
    what a good play does.

  9. I sucked in the MT25, but I don’t do to bad in the LTTB. not that any of
    that matters, but how would you have played it if your friend had not
    yolo’d? Would you have focused on the two Tigers, and possibly been flanked
    by the 152, or done something different? From what I saw, the move to cover
    which presented you with the 152 was the only move you could have made. As
    for the guy that got you, I wonder how he would have played if he’d not
    know who you were or how deadly you are in a scout. He did right to hunt
    you down. If I ever see you on the other side, you’d be my target, and if I
    couldn’t kill you, my goal would be to try to tie you up to give my team a
    chance. Two things I’ve learned from you is map awareness,(an ongoing thing
    I work on), and trying to trade shots better. I still have a long way to go
    as a scout, every game presents something new to work on. after 20k games
    i’d say folks who can run scouts well are some of the best overall players
    in WOT.

  10. “What would you do?” What an unique opportunity for ‘on the spot’ training
    !! Good Job. +1

  11. I enjoyed this tutorial! I look forward to more of these with the pause and
    decide bits. I made the same calls you made right up to when you did not go
    after the arty. I would have chosen killing arty so as to not have to worry
    about my rear area.

  12. May have been a win if your SU-122-44 hadn’t thrown his tank away.

  13. like the format of this tutorial, thank you Sir Havoc

  14. 0:52 Oi, you typed “gameplay” wrong ;)

  15. Crusadertank01 .H2VOC

    Noone call me an arty scumbag plz. At least I was playing an arty with
    “Crusader” in it 😉 That should count for something :D

  16. thanx for this video
    it was a great eyeopener
    Looking forward to not seeing you on the battlefield

  17. Havoc between a rock and a hard place.

  18. Crusadertank01 .H2VOC

    Lol I am on youtube!!!

  19. Thanks for your insights, I just got the MT25 (if just to go along that
    line) and all tactical help is welcome!

  20. Mamma Havoc said get out of bed and make some money boy!!!!! nice Pete

  21. great vid pete and like the new format :)

  22. nice, i just got an mt25, great timing for the vid :D

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