World of Tanks || MTLS-1G14 – is it Worth it?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – MTLS-1G14. An infamous rare vehicle is being made publicly available for version 1.0 – here’s all you to know about American light tank the MTLS!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. The Jedi is on sale now and it’s ironic.

    Isn’t that the last time the WG is trying to sell Pz 2 Jedi now? All these tier 3 gift tanks just ruined the Pz 2 J gameplay. It all started a couple of years ago when WG decided to put BT-7 art. as a gift tank for Christmas or something, then we all got T-29 with quite the same gun. And I tell you what – we still see many BT-7 art. in tier 3 games as this gem is a bit of fun with it’s awesome HE shells. All these HE howitzers, all these dual guns with 92 mm of pen – aren’t they making Pz 2 J and BT-SV special no more as their armor is useless now?

    I am not crying, I don’t even like tier 3 gameplay. But isn’t WG just spitting in the face to all the people who bought Jedi or BT-SV for 100 euros by giving away it’s counters to everyone?

  2. Same as me I have this tank on console with Xmas stuff on the tank lol.

  3. Wow pc got screwed with this tank. Console version is much better with a auto loader.

  4. Why a load out whit 280 shells of apcr? Where is that good for? That’s potential 45% gold in low tiers, that’s 200% sealclubbing and really unnecessary.

  5. xvm qb xvm i need ya dont let me down mate ( ya mods i need them)

  6. Wow, thanks WG… another free garage slot. Might as well not give tanks away if they’re going to be absolute garbage.

  7. 3:58…using your gundepression on even more flattened out Maps with no vegetation…

  8. what is bugging me is that they give tokens even for losing the battle…..its a firkin bot bonanza

  9. Welp, I will keep this tank because is the rarest tank for the moment…

  10. Don’t be offended QB .. But instead of this tank review for this crappy tank , your modpack should have been your choice 4 a video yesterday. Like yourself on Wednesday , i hate to play that game without your equipment and crew mod.I have seen how disgusted you have been playing without your mods. Pls, make your modpack puplic. Havent touched 1.0 yet because reasons… Have a nice weekend.

  11. its a free t3 pre tank what do you expect LUL

  12. useless like the whole game…..!!

  13. it’s a free tank, therefor it’s shit

  14. On console we get it for free for Christmas… ? with no nerfs

  15. I made 1 mil and 500k with this tank but i had premium acc

  16. going through tanks stats is soooooooooooooooooo boring

  17. Blitzen is better

  18. Mighty Jingles old video of this tank from years ago.

  19. faggot :)))

  20. It should have like 4 shells, with 0.25 seconds between each shot.

  21. It is ok but not the oroginal op tank…the gun chaned.
    Pz 2 j obliberation mode … activated.

  22. Well, I was considering reinstalling the game to grind this one out… But it really is kinda arse, isn’t it?

  23. hey QB didnt you have an old video with the original mtls?

  24. Maybe they should’ve made it more like the akimbo perk in COD where you cannot aim down your sights(in this game right click lock on)

    But that the guns would then be reloaded individually with 2 sec. Of reload.

    This would translate into firing the left barrel with left click and right barrel with right click..

    Further on if you where to empty both guns at the same time til would have a longer reload(4 sec. Then both reloaded)
    a bit like the new italian tanks i think

  25. Maria Salomonsson

    Can u do “the worst tier x tank”?

  26. Wargaming really are retarded with this new update a large amount of new players will be pouring in ,low tiers right now is absolute cancer

  27. Konstantinos Kalogeras

    Tier 3, enough said..

  28. this is tier 3 nothing good for espect

  29. Where is the xvm???

  30. On ps4 it has a 5 shot auto loader lol

  31. WG seems on a mission to suck every last bit of fun out of the game…

  32. does anyone els have huge ping while playing the game? wot is unplayable for me now :/

  33. Great on a ridge line….QB there are no ridge lines anymore sniff sniff ?

  34. Den okände gamern

    I got mine yesterday but I haven’t tried it yet. PS: I’m only 11 😀

  35. Where is the modpack???

  36. isnt that the Blitzen? wtf … so confused

  37. Is that not the “Blitzen” tank that everyone got for Christmas like 2 years ago?

  38. Where is the modpack?

  39. Welp the tank isn’t gonna be very rare anymore

  40. Yep, blind as a bat. With : recon, awareness, BIA, vents, food, and binocs. = 405m . Looks like right now RNG is being generous .

    ps, Aced on my 5th game.

  41. why the hell is there a document with the name KAPPA on your desktop?


    shit tank need buff

  43. all i want for 1.0 is your lovely mod pack 😛 haha thanks for the terrible content 🙂

  44. I was also pretty desipointed about the gun. I knew of course that its going to nerfed, but 2 rounds with 4 shells should be good.

  45. Sigh ….. WG has to sell stuff to stay profitable. Buyer beware

  46. This tank is so much better on console

  47. Killed one Pz.II J with that gift T-29. I tapped the 2 key to do it, of course. BTW, Pz.II J is not that rare any more.
    Had only one game in this new tank, so no real opinion about it. I’ll just wait and see…

  48. Nice video. but when you pressed the ‘2 key’ i stopped watching. Because its looks like cheating. When you cant win in that situation: press 2

  49. Got him, done the master (870 dmg) got an extra buff of Wn8 (5500 in a fucking single game) and now he’ll still in my garage

  50. I like how this tank has about twice as much ammunition as it can physically fire in a full 15 minute round

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