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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Comet. Today I’m back in my favourite tank, the T7 British medium, Comet!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by and available as a free download here:

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  1. So far my favorite is T-34-85. I got my first 2 marks of MoE with it, without actually grinding for them. Not sure why this is, just feels right when you play with it.

  2. Wargaming Super Noob

    m4 sherman. played 600 games in it and have fallen in love with my “new” female commander (she has 160 battles under her belt though).
    P.S. Should I get rid of my former commander who is halfway trained in recon as his 2nd skill? The tank I have him on also has a female commander.

  3. Small forehead? And the camo skin on the forehead is aka foreskin? XD

  4. NEVER underestimate the strv m/42 it possesses more gun depression (15 degrees)and a higher alpha damage (150) than your glorious comet has 😀

  5. “comet”tating (commentating)

  6. Stug III G best tank

  7. Tiger I Hammer on Console but in TT it’s the Grille 15, lower tier Cromwell Berlin so much fun.

  8. game is cool but cone of fire is hilarious and shit. Also server-side everything makes the game a chore to play 80 ping and over.

  9. #usefull Flamethrower

    My fav is pz38 na

  10. “A quick dab of that 2 key”. You make turning skill off and paying to win sound so normal.

  11. Yes QB blitzen enemy tanks in his comet

  12. New house tour?

  13. FV4202 where he was Tier X my Favourite Tank FV4202 Older Version 🙂

  14. Nice die learn play he

  15. I hate this tank. Definitely prefer Cromwell.

  16. Bruh wtf.. your ad was a 7 second ad about trojan condoms with 2 gay guys spanking eachother.. adblocker bout to be installed if i see that weird shit again

  17. Comet has 12 degrees? M2 medium has 20!

  18. I got 3 moe in this tank without fireing ANY premium shells at all, just learn to aim and everything is fine

  19. I find it impossible to decide which is my favorite tank.
    I have an awesome time in 4 tanks, the Swedish Leo. The Conqueror, the M4 Ravioli and the T-44-100. Fun to drive tanks.

  20. Favourite has to be the Skoda T25

  21. Elc/kv2 but last i played was. Before elc nerf

  22. My fav is isu 152 great pen

  23. T67 players suck

  24. How something this big, slow, badly armored and undergunned can be someone’s faveurite tank is beyond me.

  25. My favorite tank is the VK 30.01.P because it is so well balanced. It has great armor, great mobility and also a great gun.

  26. wargaming is 2 stupid 2 make a matchmaking.
    tomatos vs unicums.

  27. Favorite tank? The Sturer Emil. Because you don’t like it.
    Nah, I’m just kidding, I liked it, but not that much.
    For a time, it was the FCM50t, because it was my first Premium tank.
    Nowdays I’m more partisan to a KV-2, because you can never not have fun with a KV-2.
    And as for a more serious tank, probably the T-10. It’s good in most situations.

  28. WG would wake up early to nerf my mobility, they knew that mobility was my fav part.
    They hated me so much – Anonymus Elc driver

  29. if anyone listen to quicky you are an idiot, this tank is shit now – play against chrysler,defender, vk and try to pen or try to flank on this shit maps.

  30. Quicky … please go to google translate and let yourself be told how to say “Sturer Emil” … it´s two words with an emphasis on the “E” of “Emil” and if you are at it “Dicker Max” and “Löwe” could need that too.And the “u” in “Hummel” is like the “u” in “butcher” … ok ok enough of the german lesson.
    Otherwise Merry Christmas and Happy hollidays.

  31. I like the Walker Bulldog cuz it is fast and has a good rate of fire and pen

  32. Gotta be my crommie but i also love the tiger 1

  33. My favourite tank is wz131 idk why i just love playing this tank

  34. “Cometating”

  35. @quickybaby: I’m guessing you haven’t looked at the comet armour model in a long time. That T67 didn;t get lucky in the slightest, most of your mantlet is 101mm thick, thats trivial for any T5 t penetrate. At some point, (when the tank went HD i think), most of the mantlet ganed a massive armour hole so the outer edges of the mantlet aside the entire turret front is 101mm or less.

  36. Fav is T-43

    Good medium tank hull armor, great gun with good dpm, good mobility and very similar to the Comet.

    Love to see you do a video on the T-43, I don’t think you have done one on it?

  37. The Marder, I still love it through all the nerfs hurt it badly.

  38. My favorite tank is Pz.IV H it is sooo fun to play, 410 alfa dmg whit HE amunition, you can pen a lot of your shots, it makes a lot of credits for tier 5 tank

  39. Jesus how can you dislike the sturer emil?

  40. Is Favorite spelled differently in the UK? Or was that a typo

  41. Maybe loading HE wouldn’t change much cos Comet does have low dmg per shot and that Hummel would still most likely have time to fire one and splash you. However, I don’t like Comet cos 70-80% of battles are against tier 9 and that gun just doesn’t have enough penetration then, even when pressing 2 key. Lack of armor is then also a real problem (though when bottom tier, armor is irrelevant, the same as not having any in pretty much anything) and in that kind of match up, so many things are as mobile or even more mobile than Comet. Also, considering the teams lately, you need something that can stand on its own against many and Comet with its puny gun just can’t. Also, maybe RNG hates me, but the gun is also not very accurate and pop shots go all over the place. In tier 7 match or when top tier, however, Comet is fine.

  42. My favorite is the T29, cuz it’s simply a monster hulldown. And not hulldown, it’s not too bad either. Also it has pretty good gun handling and great pen for a tier 7 heavy. I also recently 3-marked it, being my only one with 3 marks. To put that into perspective, my overall wn8 is 1320, 51% wr at 23k battles, recent ranges between 1.8k – 2.3k, 55-60% wr

  43. Hey Quickybaby, plz review wz-111-1 G ft

  44. This tank is so depressive..

  45. Would you plz make a video on the french amx 40 or the french light tank tree as a whole. Have a nice christmas.

  46. Do you still have 100% gun mark?

  47. Great match, thanks for showcasing the Comet again! Love the tank. One point – a very similar tank at Tier 6 that also boasts 12 degrees of gun depression is the tech tree Easy 8 (M4A3E8). I think the two vehicles play very much alike.

  48. *M48A5 Patton cries in the corner*

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