World of Tanks || My NEW Favourite Tank?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m showing why the Progetto 65 might be my new favourite tank!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 0% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Rip comet 2018

  2. Andrei Dumitrescu

    Have you ever cooked spaghetti?

  3. Jack Vande Polder

    Since he saves money needlessly, I think quickybaby is Dutch

  4. I agree that the autoreloader is superior to the autoloader.

  5. Get gigi or use a female crew for Italian line?

  6. Adam EL Houssieny

    greedy baby

  7. A typical

  8. Wow, epic shit toon 1… morons

  9. Congrats for appearing on WOT Europe latest video. You the most important for the community in general. Not only for big players. Just everyone likes you!

  10. “Top of the tree this month”…..

  11. Nutter On Butter

    #warthunder is growing while tanks is dying.

  12. Give the damn thing 390 alpha that’s my only complaint. Other then that gj wargaming

  13. i was the super conqueror driver there Im so sorry QB I thought the Progetto only has 3 rounds

  14. gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. You have good replays. But the pattern of who you are match made against strongly suggests you get preferentially match made against dummies.

  16. Not agree and nonsense to Italia Medium Tank DPM. if Medium Tank shoot one ammo it’s immediately reload started. two shot, three shot, four shot and reload one more shot immediately up. no one shot over and over time to spend ammo. so italia MT need to debuff. spend 4 ammo quick and no penalty of reload. it’s nonsense.

  17. Oo wel , this was to be expected , i mean bad dpm, and stil over 8k damage and not even a ACE !! so ugh ,,,,
    wot is getting realy discusting atm i’m carefull here, but come on , Oo anyway anny one wanne play german tanks ??

  18. I’m on the tiers 6 Italian tank , I hate it so much I nearly sold it the other day.
    VERY painful grind for me, hopefully the pantera will be worth it

  19. It’s my favorite tank too,on the test server ;(

  20. Armored warfare copy the WoT…xDdddd stop now pls dont make yourself a bigger idiot 😀 armored warfare offer much more ammo type etc how funny ..WoT call t62 is a med tank but its and mbt ,WoT is an arcade time you call the war thunder copy of WoT ? Stop plx 😀 I beg you dont have no idea about ammo,fregmentation etc..Jesus 😀

  21. QuickyBaby’s justification for idea taking was totally flawed (not that there needed to be justification).

  22. “Italian auto-reloaders are high skill cap” haha okie dokie

  23. Is firefly a good tank?

  24. Trevor Chenoweth

    I hope you they put in st-2 even at the risk of another Soviet t10 heavy

  25. Pls video on churchill 1

  26. wam bam thank you mam
    QuickyBaby 2018.

  27. I reckon the Czech meds should have been like these Italian meds, that 20 second reload for 1.3k burst (Debatably better than the StageII) on a tank as fast and flexible as the TVP just made T8/9/10 balancing even worse. The french Autoloaders sacrificed a lot for much worse burst fire, but then the US Autos came in stronger, and the Czech Autos even stronger. So annoying.

  28. CyberPirate2008

    If the shoe fits, GreedyBaby lol 😛

  29. Godfather “I am going to give them a deal they can’t refuse Vinny”

    **Gives QB a free Progetto** XD

  30. QuickBaby, can you also do a review about Standard B? Your last video about Italian Meds just briefly go through tier 1 to tier 8.

  31. Mokhtar Mohamed

    almost 5 years subbed ^^
    keep it up ‘baby’ 😀

  32. Hello QB,
    this is not related to this video but i hope you read this post,
    in the past you asked in one of your Videos how the Status of the NA Server is after the Server Moving.
    Well if you have 5 Minutes of your time I realy would like you to check these forums sites.

    They promised Server Transfers 10 Months ago and since then nothing happend, posts they dont like just get silently removed so WG runs this thing dont by silencing there player base to death.

    I realy hope you see this Comment and get the time to respond to this, but please be carefull we all now what happend to SirFoch after he told WG his mind, althought i think you are more “calm minded” then him and will find the right words to attend a problem.

    Thanks in advance.

  33. hey quickybaby love the vid epic detail as always. was wonder if u would ever revisit the chineise prem td again given the current meta if so ive got a repay on the wotreplays website heres a link if interested if not would still be worth a watch if u want to see the credit making potential of it if u we wondering about that. thx for the informative vids as always i wouldnt have improved as much as i have if it wasnt for your informative videos keep up the great work

  34. Can you play WoT:War Stories?

  35. Everytank is his favourite tank as he is paid by wargaming to promote there product.

  36. I been rekting these in my m48 patton.

  37. Aww, poor GreedyBaby

  38. “Armored warfare is a copy of World of Tanks”
    inb4 hate

  39. your favorite tank with only 56 battles?

  40. Can we all agree we will call this tank “Prosciutto”?

    It will increase its power to weight ratio and make it overall better 😀

  41. Hi Quickybaby I would like to know if it’s possible for you to add a recording of your live streams such as tech tree reviews here on YouTube as I can’t always be free to watch you on twitch. Thanks in advance

  42. #wargaming add weather effects like fog and rain which changes the gameplay

  43. Overpowered tank. Try doing that in any German tank and you’ll be scrap metal.

  44. Province wouldn’t be such an ass map if they’d at least get rid of the pointless “water hazards” by the high ground in the northwest and southeast; and instead replace that wasted space with flanking routes to flush tanks from the high ground without having to suicide rush in front of every enemy gun on the other side of the valley. Virtually every game I’ve played on the map has devolved into a camp fest trying to dig those tanks out from an almost unassailable position while trying not to get blasted from across the valley.

  45. Prosciutto 65?

  46. Now even Leopard copy blueprints are better than the original!

  47. another CHEATERS tank with APCR

  48. another proof of how the game helps people who pay!

  49. TheParallellinial

    Wargaming just prove how retarded they are.
    There’s seriously NO chance on earth that an Italian prototype tank can out preform a german battle tested tank like the Leo 1.
    WG just want people to spend money on premium time to grind for new unrealistic tanks.
    Bunch of cunts!

  50. Dispointing that the concole dont have the italian tanks!

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