World of Tanks – Nailbiter

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In which Jemmyting has to fight his way from one end of the map to the other… twice. Rest the cap… twice, and finishes on a nailbiter of an ending unlike any I’ve seen in months.

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  1. Erm, jingles “90mm gun” I wish, it lets a 76mm

  2. M41 Walker Bulldog op nerf pls, 10 shot magazine 90mm autoloader

  3. Epic!

  4. Karl King Of Ducks

    “90mm gun”

  5. I really hated the T69
    just for the ammo rack, it felt like the damn thing was one big ammo rack.

  6. What’s the name of the song in the intro?

  7. Is it only me, or did dirty Berty shot went through Jemmyting?

    • Also, I guess the T 69 was more upset not by the fact that he got ammo
      racked, but by the fact that he actually captured the base and yet lost.

  8. What?? No trademark Jingles’ surprise butt sex? ROFLMAO

  9. um that shot that the FV304 went right though his tank and out the other
    end a ghost shell lately i have been seeing more ghost shells seem to be
    going right though bulky tall tanks.

  10. I don’t think mine was better but I hope Jingles uses it. Half the enemy
    team rushed me and I lived :/

  11. By the way the armor of the LTTB is not bad :D

  12. Nice video Jingles! :D

  13. Bulldog should have reloaded a full clip before fighting against the T69

  14. This is why there needs to be an Epic Medal based on damage, so drivers
    like the T69 player can at least get winning EXP out of the deal.

  15. Christian Wertti

    Oh you have no idea how often the T69 gets ammoracked… Ohhhh…
    I get my ammorack damaged in basically every other game and get my ammorack
    wrecked 1/20 games.

  16. rabasiticamphibian


  17. Hey Jingles do you think the Bismark will be in World of Warships and how
    do you think she’ll perform???

  18. Humble Bundle has an E3 bundle that includes WOWS beta access and the teir
    5 russian ship the Murmansk, 7 days prem and 1000 token. For 1 USD! Like
    this so people can find out!

  19. I was falling asleep 3 hours ago wake up with alarm Kitten check the feed.
    Maybe I won’t try t scare you anymore.

  20. I watched it and saw the cap being 100% fully captured and I’m like, oh no
    not a game like this again… that plottwist I did not see coming.

  21. wait a 90mm gun the bdog only has 76mm

  22. Wooooooaaaah!!! Ammo rack baby!!!

  23. Jingles, why would a 90mm be dealing 150 average damage and have 10 rounds
    on a tier 7 tank?

    Hint: it’s a 76mm gun.

    • +Error Creator You must be new here 😛

      Hint: Jingles make mistakes all the time, we’re too used to it.

  24. Not funny at all, lucky like he spent last 5 years eating shit by bucket
    full at breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of the reasons I uninstalled WoT
    long ago.

  25. Shankar Ramachandran

    90mm Autoloader? As if the Bulldog wasnt OP enough. XD

  26. Great video

  27. 37th!

  28. Who needs skill with such terrible RNG.

  29. Ohh that slow motion in the end……

  30. hi jingles

  31. I like how the T69 capped out but because the Walker Bulldog hit him at the
    last moment the game continued for a few seconds so he could secure the
    ammo rack.

  32. Bo Danville (BountyHunter01)

    Its so dumb in this game to get that close and not see anyone.

  33. I’ve been waiting for a new upload for an hour!
    Thank you master!
    I call my 15 minute lunchbreak from the saltmines.

  34. i am pretty sure jingles makes stupid mistakes on purpouse to spot the
    channal newbies ;D

  35. 301 club!!!! 

  36. Damnit jingles I don’t have any nails left to bite I saw Jurrassic World
    just yesterday!

  37. Wow, first time I managed to see a video less than a minute of being
    published xD Hurray for Jingles! xD

  38. It’s not funny…not funny at all…

  39. Jangles play AGAR.IO plz.

  40. “Oh, but Jingles, its a 76mm autoloader, not a 90mm au…”
    Off I go to the salt mines.

  41. “Uploaded 12 minutes ago” yesssssss

  42. I don’t know if i should go for STB 1. Last time i tried that line i hated
    those lower tier tanks and had like 25% wr with them :/

    • +Mirza Ajanovic once you get the STA-1.. youll love the tank(still bad
      armor, good mobility, great gun and light tank proof{fast turning and
      turret speed}… jst dont get hit by arty :P) and the chi-ri isnt bad either

    • +Mirza Ajanovic Tier8+ Japanese mediums have completely different playstyle
      from lower tiers, you should try getting yourself an elite STA-1 (tier8) to
      see if it’s worth continuing or not.
      Or wait for common test server to them all out.

    • +Mirza Ajanovic STB 1 is a great tank but the meds before it are kind of
      hard to master

  43. Henning Giebermann

    I Love you

  44. I didn’t expect that at the end! HAHA

  45. ” *Wargaming realized Hidden Village was just one stupid corridor so they
    opened up a lot of the ground behind the village* “… yeah, they put
    another corridor which is isolated from the rest of the map by a big rock
    and a bunch of buildings. Much opened. Lot of new ground. Much improvement.
    Incredible map design.

  46. LoL uncle Jingles strike again . The M41 use the 75mm , not 90mm

  47. Isin’t the autoloader on the bulldog a 76mm gun? I thought i heard Jingle
    say a 90mm

  48. Thanks for the entertainment Jingles. Could we have some more Fractured
    Space videos in the future maybe?

  49. 51 likes :)

  50. 90mm gun? u wot m8

  51. I just sit there all day waiting for these videos to come up . we LUV u
    jingles . Dont ever change

  52. In the last mingles with jingles u said u dont like tomatos. How do you eat
    your fries or burger without ketchup?

  53. 90 mm gun! We all gotta love the Jingles derp moments xDDD

  54. WARTHUNDER !!!!

  55. PrussianLineInfantry

    4 minutes ago, eh? Well, at least staying up all niht watching the telltale
    Game of Thrones game wasn’t totaly pointless after all.

  56. Is it just me. or are there some annoying cats in the start of the video.

  57. ooooooouuushhhhhhh

  58. Jingles!

    What is your opinion on the new leaked tanks such as the IS3 Autoloader in
    tank inspector?

  59. That finishing kill was jammy as all hell.

  60. ilarionas avgoustou

    yes some tanks :DDD

  61. Airies Francisco

    im like scrolling through to find my daily does of jingles then i see 1
    inute ago! first commment lel!.

  62. hi! jingles first :*( randomly clicked on your channel and started to watch
    after 15 seconds

  63. First XD

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