World of Tanks || Nameless: Valkyria Chronicles

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: . Today I’m looking at something completely bizarre from the Asia server today; a brand new – Nameless from Valkyria Chronicles.

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  1. Hope you enjoy the video! So much to talk about with this one 🙂

  2. Hi QuickyBaby I am a player from the Asia server in World of Tanks Blitz and these “fantasy” tanks have been in our game for a while, they also enraged a lot of people and seeing as I have played the Nameless, Edelweiss and the newly added Lupus tank they are not even near the power of the Nameless in pc and in blitz it also has authenticity of the game and I hope the same does not happen in pc.

  3. another fantasy tank.. just like every other tank..

  4. now pls do commentary on Pz. Anko Sp (Pz. IV H) from GuP anime series in WoT B :v

  5. because you can’t just talk over the cringey weeaboo 13 year old girl right? dragging on this “joke” that she interrupts you? anyone else get the feeling that he is secretly a weeaboo?

    And why even give this tank a platform? you can say it’s OP, without putting up replays of it. and “90 of your own money”, when guys donate $50 to ask if the t62a is a good tank? lol ok…..

  6. Sir Foch is going to shit himself

  7. Wargaming finally managed to do it. They made QB want to cry in one of his video’s. Who knew it would only take anime voices to get him to this point 😉 Nice video QB and I really hope wg might get the point about this game becomming more pay to win with this tank.

  8. I gues the next collaboration is gonna be with the new star wars 8 and we are gonna see tanks that can use force…

  9. This tank has been in Blitz for a while now… don’t see many around but they’re definitely OP

  10. By the way, in War Thunder there are no extremely broken tanks like this. I’ve all but quit playing WoT (and I’m pretty good at it, 3 marks in the T-62A) because mods are cancer, mm is cancer, having a broken friends list for a month and not being able to play with friends is cancer. In War Thunder you actually have to outplay your opponents because you can’t just hold W and drive at them in a broken tank.

  11. yea im quitting wot

  12. Blitzのほうも本家同様にしてほしいなぁ….

  13. wg just put more and more OP premium tanks nothing more.. they mm sucks,to much cheaters in game but this is not wg-s problem let put more premium tanks in game and they are lucky,more more money to they

  14. How can it have the best power to weight ratio AND lowest horsepower AND best armor in it’s class??? WG doesn’t give a sh.. anymore and they don’t even try to hide their agenda. Time to move on..

  15. Hi QuickyBaby
    I play on the Asia server in World of Tanks Blitz and have played all Valkyrie
    Tanks. They are not as OP on the Asia Server however for me and my clan members they ruin the classic look of the game!
    If there was another game I would have deleted mine however Wargaming still marginally head the pack!
    They have other Anime tanks with an anime hetzer a sudo tiger at tier 7 called a Kuri muri mine. And panzer Anko all with annoying voices you cannot turn off! They have introduced recently the Lupus yes an autoimmune disease! It is probably the most ugly tank I have ever seen!
    the classic look is ruined!
    I have won all three of the chronicles tanks in an event and immediately sold them on principle
    The other side effect is that inexperienced players are reaching tier 8 by purchase and that really impacts the game! It is not uncommon for over a third of your team to score zero!

    Always watch your channel fantastic work keep it up

  16. Looks like they did exactly the same thing than Kryskler GF, but in worse

  17. hope this comes to NA , i dont give shit about historical accuarcy at this point , New tanks new fun!

  18. OMG with this tank you can just destroy anyone and rush with your light tank mobility I guess this tank is the most OP T8 tank

  19. FK WG they ruin a very good game with that crap op shit.!!!

  20. 1. Take a movie containing tanks.
    2. Make it overpowered
    3. Sell that tank from that movie for a high price.
    4. Max profit.

    Don’t need cringy anime tanks on W.o.T. Let’s keep it locked away on the Asia server, and let it never be put on EU / NA.

  21. Andreas Chatzipanagiotou

    what an OP tank. wargaming you are becoming more and more pay to win. it is pitty

  22. Aseanfusionguy HD

    Wow #paytowin switching to war thunder. Paypal to win is Just too much now a days

  23. Why not just go all out and introduce an Imperial Guard tech tree? Baneblade t8 prem…

  24. Don’t know if I should cry from how funny this is or sad…

  25. Lol look at the edelweiss that comes next… it’s a medium with light tank mobility, a decent gun AND good armor…

  26. Lukáš Skladaný

    Like video, dislike tank

  27. Quickybaby does not know every individual SEGA game? *unsub* *block*

  28. Personally I find this char too much OP and I hope it will not come on the EU server. Even if I add some anime tanks I would prefer that they come from Girls und Panzer because there at least they are real tanks of World War II and often in their original configuration (some already exist on xbox)

  29. Pay 2 win……

  30. wargaming has been just retarded last 6 months

  31. I will by this tank only for the Voice noticication xD

  32. next prem tank on EU is the sturmtiger. with 3000 alpha dmg 300 pen and 7 seconds reload. It will be a well balanced tier 8 german TD. 140 euro”s in a nice bundle……

  33. Bunch of shit…

  34. What about the other tank from Valkyria Chronicles they`ve added? The Edelweiss? Is it as much OP as the Nameless?

  35. Are you allowed to slap crew members? I know Patton got in to trouble for that sort of thing, but there has to be allowances made in this case.
    oh, and I’ll uninstall the game if this tank is ever released on EU or NA

  36. This is the funniest video of WOT ever! hahahaha

  37. that voice is so annoying!

  38. Keep the work up QuickyBaby the content is top quality aswell

  39. fuck yes, WG can but this tank in game but real tank as a BT-42 NEVER…. 😛

  40. Poor Qb looks terrified as the animuweebs starts to speak XD


    Also why they have to tell you 36+ sentences when you jist “We hit them hard.”?


  41. you literally reload in time that she stops talking xD

  42. QB
    I buy Nameless just because this video.

    My Nameless always get in to T10 battle
    and got melted easy by T9-10 tanks

    How can I do in those battle, I have no idea.

    Thought you said this is a pay to win tank
    I just come back to WOT because of the voice-over of this anime tank

  43. Left Past Saturn

    Felt the need to pause this just to take in the fact that you spent almost £100 on a tank.

    £100…. on a tank.

    Oh dear.

  44. Adrian_Iron 'Outsmart channel Wot

    GG wargaming ‘ another broken bloody tank to add to your greedy pockets and you wounder why players are leaving

  45. Wargaming needs to get their shit together. This company is just hunting for as much fucking money as they can get out of this game it’s so stupid and I’m contemplating quiting this game all together and moving to armored warfare or fps games holy shit.

  46. Philip Schrijnwerkers

    its a tank for noobs… first the Chrysler GF and there was a hole story about how overpowerd it was … and now this .,. #**** wargaming

  47. Hey guys, I’ve started a petition to let wargaming know the playerbase is serious. We should stop buying anything from wargaming as soon as they bring more unbalanced premium tanks to the game (that they cannot edit as you paid real money for it). And take the current pay-to-win tanks out of the store.

  48. Lol, the main balancing factor of this overpowered tank is the crew voice.

  49. this game really has taken a nose dive.glad i got to play it when it was half decent.

  50. Marco van Nieuwaal

    So they gonna add Maximillians tank next?

  51. Hey everyone, I’ve been playing WOT for 2 years now and enjoy the new tanks that are added to the game. The Nameless maybe OP for some, but at the same time fun. I’m just an average player to say the least, so it doesn’t matter if a tank is OP. I just enjoy playing the game. It all boils down to the player using the tank. By the way the tank faces tier 10 tanks.

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