World of Tanks – Naughty Tortie

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

When a game's been around as long as this there's always going to be power creep. Some machines have stood the test of time, though.

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  1. opmarketgarden 1944

    Thank you for using my replay you were spot on with my thought process. As I said I hope everything with Eddie goes as well as it can. For anyone wondering about my aiming issues I have a tremor in my hands that gets worse when under pressure.

  2. But Jingles, the 45TP is only a tier 7 heavy and this guy had the same turret and gun as the tier 6

  3. I like how the sound department just went out and recorded themselves mowing the lawn for the engine sounds here.

  4. Wojciech Korfanty

    WoT is unplayable… I hope wot will die fast

  5. Miau,im liking hearing the cat, but Jingles has an rtx gpu and can use it to remove all backround sound- Rtx Voice


  7. 7:55, from now on it’s the K-Pz-fe-fe-fe-fe 😅

  8. Graham Nightingale

    Hi Eddie I hope you are comfortable and doing ok mate! Best wishes dude!

  9. Robert Sistrunk

    Kampfpanzer 3 Projekt 7HK


  11. lmao, that “ambush” 😂

  12. 14:51 to be fair, the LTG would have won easily, but RNG screwed him over, I mean he bounced 2 shots from the flat side of the Tortoise at a perfect angle for him to go through

    • The first shot you could argue that he was shooting flat but the second shot he def took at a angle which for that gun would’ve never pen’d in a thousand years

  13. What a great ending

  14. Persian Immortal 10,000

    Eddie the brave!

  15. 8:24 I thought we had a pretty standard naming convention over on this channel.
    That tanks name is pronounced “Dave”.

  16. Best wishes to Eddie.

  17. Definitely a harmless MC-kun

    one thousanth like! yey!

  18. Michael Grießacher

    Its Kampfpanzer 3 Projekt07 Henschel in Kassel

  19. Ive noticed Jingles likes to nag about the French tank destroyers in these recent WoT videos. It’s as tho they slighted him somehow

  20. Eddie, fight with everything you have in you man. Everyone on this channel and yours is behind you 200%. Hope to see you on mingle with Jingles again soon, they are always the best episodes when you are there.

  21. KPz 3 Pr.07 HK stands for “Kampfpanzer 3 Projekt 07” aka “Combat Tank 3 project 07”, a replacment project for the Leopard 1 in the late 70s. They made some hilarous prototypes (like the VT1 which looks like it’s straight out of Command&Conquer with it’s 2 main guns) and this one seems to be one of those obscure experimental projects. The “H” most likely stands for its “hydropneumatic suspension” like on the swedish tanks. What the “K” stands for I can only assume. Maybe “Kanone” (cannon) because they also thought about missile or reconnaisance versions? I really don’t know.

  22. wow that fire 🤣

  23. To be able to pronounce those names you need to be german, cuz then you realize it’s the short for “Kampfpanzer 3 (KPz3) – Projekt 7 (Pr.07)”; who knows what the HK stands for though XD
    PS: what does that tell us about the Germanz? They love their abbreviations XD

  24. Amount of jiggle in gun mode is sickening

  25. i remember when that pen was good, it was when i quit playing this game, also that ltg might be an bot, those have similar lvl of inteligence

  26. World of tanks game with a happy end……

  27. Todd Littlefield

    Great game by the Tortoise. Best wishes Eddie!

  28. THAT ENDING! Way to go!

  29. Great game . Hope Eddie the inept cameraman gets back on his feet and the two amigos have many more stories to tell.

  30. The LTG has to have had more than one shot that did damage, he damaged our hero and he had a kill.

  31. Andreas Müller

    Really? Now you have to shit on WoWs CVs on WoT vids?

  32. I love my Tortoise, so much better than the Badger, despite being a tier lower.
    I just can’t play the Badger, but Tortoise? Yep!

  33. Patrio Graysmark

    Discard translation, indulge nickname.

    “Kay-Fronk” or K-Pro/K3-Pro.

  34. Reality Insights

    8:25. The pronunciation is obvious: It’s the “Kepuzee Prozhuk”

  35. Eddie lots of love to you brother keep fighting

  36. Akshually Jingles, it’s really easy, barely an inconvenience. You pronounce it “Kampfpanzer Drei Projekt Sieben”. Or maybe “kamping panzer double-O seven” for a name that rolls more easily off the tongue

  37. It would be nice if this guy could hit the broad side of a bar from the inside. He his do everything to win except for aiming

  38. The KPz is an abbreviation for Kunza Panzer.

  39. Bogdan Toma-Silai

    Kanonnen Panzer 03 Prototyp 07 Heckler&Koch? :))

    The Tortoise can’t do 500and whatever dmg in 1 shot? Are you HESHing sure, Jingles? :))

  40. I do think he could have shot a second time before the time ran out

  41. Inquisitor Winter

    5:41 Ah yes the Beleaguered Enemy Teammates. Very common things in online multiplayer.

  42. Tortoise supremacy! I love the tort so much, I play on console and it’s pretty strong with around 5k dpm, running a three-man platoon with only Tortoises is hilarious, enemies practically melt away under the barrage

    And to Eddie you are in my thoughts and prayers, I know it’s not much and is cliché but I’m hoping everything gets better

  43. Good one Jingles.

  44. How about that for a game Eddie?

    Now when’s jingles going to smuggle in some beverages for a morale boost 🍻

    All thinking of you and wishing you the best 🙂

  45. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good! Speaking of which, all best hopes for Eddie.

  46. jingles its pronounced “dave”

  47. I’m pretty sure KPz is an abbreviation of “Kampfpanzer” – you’re not supposed to try and pronounce “KPz” as far as I can tell. Personally I would just say the letters, “K – P – Z” followed by the number designation. In war thunder we have the MBT-70 and KPz-70 (Same tank pretty much, an American and German variant of each respectively). So in World of Tanks I guess I’d just call it the KPz 3 🙂

  48. you could say it PK Prozak like the drug that cures the little voices in your head….. :p

  49. personally when it comes to non sensical tank names i call it by what the letters/numbers look like…so…
    kPz 3 Pr07hk becomes- prozack
    shptk-tvp 100 becomes – shit stick

    but thats just me >.<

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