World of Tanks – Nerf Teamwork

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Source: The Jingles

in World of Tanks. It’s still free but it’s only a matter of before Wargaming figure out how to monetise it.

All music licensed from and


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Thehagengnome New

    great gameplay, but better kitty

  2. Gg to them!

  3. The “teamwork” was nice to see, but it would have been much better to see it without the gold-spamming autoloader included.

  4. What is that “teamwork” you’re speaking off?

  5. So we gonna ignore that penetration @10:00 from easyblabla XD

  6. Love the kitten 🙂

  7. Akizuki!!! Does that mean that you prefer WoWs over WoTs? ??

  8. Hey Jingles! Please do some more World of Tanks Console replays! You did three replays in a one month span about 2 years ago and then never did any more.

  9. Anyone else half expecting jingles to go “The fafafafafafafafafafa”

  10. Best freakin teamwork i ve ever seen. Awesome.

  11. Thomas Thedoubter

    The intro: Since when are flipped tanks on a timer? It seemed like some of them sit flipped for half the game.

  12. Would be nice to see easy’s view of it.

  13. Jingles, why point out the Church is Catholic. It’s Polish. Of course it’s Catholic.

  14. That ditch won WWII. Little known fact.

  15. “You’ve taken the hill, now what?” If Jingles were a military advisor for the US back in 1955…

  16. Better than any video Quickybaby has uploaded i the past year.

  17. Thanks for sharing, I may play WoT again tomorrow due to a resurgence of enthusiasm, tho I may need to watch the video again before doing so!

  18. To be fair, the guy at the start never pressed F7. It usually works better than chatting.

  19. One of the best replays Ive seen in WOT in a while.

  20. Damn my former clan mate putting in work. To be fair he was one of the most reliable clan player in PLAIN when I was there. Always made the right decisions in clan wars and advances. Also gave good advice during platoons and post clan battles to people.

  21. U know just a tier 10 tank spamming heat at every target that presents itself regardless of armour….. just a normal game of wot

  22. The Mighty Jingles drinking game: have a drink each time Jingles says, “ditch”. Bonus points for taking a shot each time he says, “hill”. You win if you’re not dead and the end of the video.

  23. 1st place, still lost money, WOT everyone

  24. More of this please.

    I mean the kitten! <3

  25. my fav type of video to see

  26. Even with a premium account and such a excellent game it still cost him nearly 55k credits. This game is BROKE AS F%^K! and the player is even broker 🙂

  27. hey jingles are there fucking tank destroyers on the goddamn hill past the open ground??? YOU should know you said it 63 times in 13 minutes….

  28. hey jingles any thought to trying out Elder Scrolls Online now that its amazing these days? rough launch yeah but a million times better and we are getting more and more WoW players migrating over these days and saying great things (Nix springs to mind but I have seen others) anyway you were pretty harsh on it back at launch (as was the rest of the media) but ZOS and the players stuck with it and its pretty special these days, also sticks to a quarterly content drop (1 expansion and 3 DLC) every year. come say hi, this one has cookies :3

  29. It sounds a bit like the sun coughing, lol.

  30. Love to see people together painting the bigger picture.

  31. Funny as hell game commentary and adorable Maine coon kittens? You could trick me into thinking this was the best of all possible worlds.

  32. I’ll have to try this new game sometime and check out the teamwork feature.

  33. Wargayming flipping mech, so natural, so healthy for gameplay.

  34. TVP waits too long to do any work.

  35. The maps not new Jingles, it’s been out for a while now, like over a year

  36. Actually one of the best games of WoT I’ve seen, ever. Wp both of them !

  37. Incredible play. Good commentary Jingles.

  38. Exploding after flipping is total bs

  39. now that is some damn good teamwork

  40. Teamplay is good and nice and rare to come by. Seeing people actually playing together in a teamgame is fun.
    But I’ll have to say… Top tier tank, immediatly loads heat. Not many tanks in this match especially where you need it with the TVP and decent aim. Also: the first tanks you usually meet are light or mediums.
    Aaaand reloads another clip of gold ammo… and another one… i’ll stop here because well, most people will know why.

    While he plays well, I really don’t like this mindset…

  41. Honestly, the opening clip was worthy of a like all by itself.

  42. This was worth watching. I don’t usually like videos but this video deserved it.

  43. So, basically, this map would kind of break down if there was artillery in play?

    Kind of like the entire game?

  44. Veselin Karaivanov

    That thumbnail was a login screen in blitz in one update 😀

  45. You really gotta stop showcasing nubbs like this tvp that shoots nothing but gold and blocks teammates constantly. He is not good.

  46. BiologistVon Riemann

    Of course,no arty in every good game I see.No coincidence.

  47. Blah Blah Blah I know am good!

  48. Bartholomew Macaluso

    What is -> The difference between boys and men…

  49. Perfect example why i stopped playing

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