World of Tanks – Nerf This!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Todays’ battle features Hornet10 in the Progetto 65, and the video has almost nothing whatsoever to do with him.

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  1. Kristopher Myers

    When I get a killing shot against the EBR, I throw my arm in the air and yell out YES with such fervor and excitement, you’d think I had started some sort of Revolution or something.

  2. Can they PLEASE fix money income for Tier X????

  3. Is anyone actually surprised at this anymore?

    This is the actual business model of WG…create an OP piece of equipment…let it run around trashing the meta and encouraging people to buy them OP piece of equipment…

    …then nerf the OP equipment and release something new that is OP.

    See artillery…See EBRs…see stealth firing destroyers…see aircraft carriers (0.8.0 vs post 0.8.5).

    If you think that this pendulum of ‘balancing’ isn’t intentional? You haven’t been paying attention.

  4. Ha love me Scam Citizen burn! Nicely done!

  5. caption : *loud fart*

  6. EBR = Every Bloody Retard can drive it

  7. I’ve not played Tanks for at least a month now, which is the biggest break i’ve taken from playing the game for around 8 years…
    Every now and then I get the feeling to fire it up. Watching this video however just threw a big bucket of water onto what was the embers in the fire that made me want to come back. Almost came back for the re-introduction of Pearl River, then I read that they are allowing people who’ve been chat banned to come back into the game. I don’t want to be that guy in chat bashing the game, I really wanted to give it another chance, but I’m not sure it will change my opinion..I mean, great they are considering a nerf, but when will it actually be implimented? It’s not my only gripe with the game either. Guess I’m going to have to cut my losses and forget about WoT, which is a real shame.

  8. I love these EBR’s because you’ve gotta be absolutely batshit insane to drive one

  9. Wargaming is basically asking their players to leave the game.

  10. the best nerf for those wheeled vehicles is to get rid of them completely

  11. Formula 1 in WOT …incredible , but is possible…

  12. Sure they’ll nerf them. And the improved equipment, if released as being tested now, will allow them to go even faster. I have footage of me hitting an EBR90 in the flank with 130mm AP three times in a row. Every round absorbed by the wheels, zero effect. Disgusting.

  13. It doesn’t matter if they nerf them or not, they’re just one of the reasons why after 7 years and a 53% WR I’ve said “F* WG” and won’t ever again play any of their games.

  14. As someone who enjoys playing the wheeled vehicles (because they made most light tanks kind of useless, although I will say WG has made decent efforts to amke it so light tanks dont always get matched into battles with wheeled vehicles,) I cannot wait until the nerf bat clubs these things into the dirt.

    Hitboxes should be increased. Turret turn speed should be dropped.
    Hitting a wheel needs to take it from 95 to 30.
    High caliber shells should devastate these things even if they go though the wheels.
    Their HE should be nerfed.
    Turning should slow them down.

  15. Lol, if you think wheeled vehicles destroy the game for medium players, ask the light tank players who frequently find that when they have finally made it to a forward spotting position an EBR is already waiting there to pump 500 HE damage in your tank. Lets not even talk about how tier 8 lights feel when they see there is an EBR 105 on the enemy team, you simply die in seconds.

  16. Hey jingles will you ever do another video on armored warfare

  17. Hi Jingles, erm, there is a difference between shots fired and hits received.

    The surviving EBR got 5 hits, 3 penetrated.
    The second EBR got 7 hits, 4 penetrated.
    The last EBR ate 4 hits, all of them penetrated.

    And i didnt enjoy this video, not this one. This EBRs arent fun to play with or again them.

  18. EBR 105 is totally overrated. It’s french after all. Imagine if it would be a russian tank…

  19. Classic Jingles not being able to read 😀 reading out how many shots the EBRs fired and not how many they took

    Also: The Progetto didn’t spot the targets himself so he only gets half the xp

  20. This guys laugh reminds me of James May

  21. 3 simple ways to fix them without the need to destroy or remove them:
    1. Give them horrific accuracy on the move, but decent gun handling while traveling less than 14 kph (if it’s good enough for TOG, it’s good enough for go karts.)
    2. Damage to drive wheels causes transmission damage or engine failure.
    3. Give them the camo of a Maus while on the move, but stationary light tank levels.
    Bonus: Turret cannot traverse more than 15 degrees while traveling, kinda like an ELC.
    This is why people wanted to keep as much historical accuracy and realism in game as possible.(Regardless of your pal Circonflexes mocking it as a dead meme constantly.) We knew eventually WG would pull bs like these things. Remember back in the day when World of Tanks was billed as an arcade game based upon historical accuracy and realism balanced with gameplay?

  22. What do the developers actually know about balance and game play….do they actually play the game…..they are all completely clueless and have zero sense of direction……but rather then sort the issues WarGaming decided to change equipment and gently nerf wheeled tanks…..and because they are getting desperate they decide ….let’s do an amnesty on players who broke the rules and got banned…..yea for sure your not infecting the game again with more problems…… over

  23. Oh I enjoy my EBR Hotch. great fun seeing the chunkies fuming, especially that Japanes rolling bunker.

  24. I hope these never come to console. And yes I am a filthy console peasant.

  25. I quit after the July metal wars. Too many EBRs. Having more fun playing war thunder. Fun fact: no cancer-on-wheels in warthunder. That game is far better now than wot is now.

  26. Its a pity that the WOT player community don’t just come together and put a boycott on playing matches with EBR’s in them. Imagine the conversations they would be having in the WG offices if the player base dropped down to a couple of thousand in a week. WG would be forced to ban wheeled vehicles to save their game from certain death.
    As it is, I know quite a few players who have uninstalled because of EBR’s and if the nerfs are not substantial, I will be following in doing the same.

  27. “Wargaming have acknowledged there is a problem with EBR…”.

    No the issue is that Wargaming has not acknowledged that there is a problem with there game. All this complaining about breaking physics and unrealistic damage throughout this video not shit Jingles it’s WOT for god sakes, it’s an arcade game with historic skins. Come on.

  28. ___MY ZQUAD IZ GODZILLA’z ___

    Only thing that needs to be nerfed is your voice 😂😂😂😂

  29. Hahaha..nerf it’s AA. I see what you did there. 😉🤣😂🤣

  30. What is the mighty jingles opinion on the Italian line being nerfed?

  31. this was a big reason why i quit playing, and also Ruski stronk bias.

  32. The EBRs remind me of the old T-50-2’s of old. EBR= Lazy programming.

  33. You wouldnt know this if you arent on NA, but Deputy_Haglar is the community contributor account of Haglar, the owner of the CHAI clan in game. If you kill anyone in those accounts on NA, you get 250 gold. I think it isnt just the fact that he was in an ebr, but is one of the top players NA and had an account with unlimited resources to load out his tank that made it possible for him to bring the game back.

  34. And that Progetto had pretty good Ping too, EBRs against players with good ping is hard, EBRs against players with high ping is just agony.

  35. It helped that the EBR on Hornet’s team was being driven by Haglar, who is a great player/streamer.

  36. The EBR on his team was the CC Haglar. I. A Sheriff account.

  37. The nerfs they are “thinking about” are coming out next week, alongside nerfs for the progetto.

  38. I walked away from WOT years ago. The game had lost its fun factor for me.

  39. Ebr will be nerfed

  40. “When going faster than light, No left or Right”

  41. Was watching a UK show on Netflix and only then noticed that “F*ck all” was a real saying over the pond….

  42. I can’t take this game seriously when there are tanks that make 180° turns faster than formula one cars.

  43. tor einar Johansen

    Jingles you so silly, learn to read the combat report correctly. You actually read out the number of shots the EBR 105’s fired and not the correct number of hits they recived

  44. You missed that Deputy Haglar was a Sheriff account. It’s the NA’s community contributor account, they have all tanks with crews who have all the skills. That makes an EBR perform that much more. On the flip side, when you kill a Sheriff you get 250 gold, so they get focused a lot.

  45. Ahh… Feels good to not play this game for 6 years…

  46. what ever wargaming do to the ebr its not going to be enough, I hit one with my deathstar and did nothing to it the size of that shell should have devastated the ebr should have knocked the thing into the next map, its a skill less thing to drive i fucking hate them with a passion.

  47. taiyeb singaporewala

    this is all part of wargamings master plan. make EBRs too strong then get them removed, the introduce a soviet variant that is just slightly worse as a premium then sit back and let the money flow in

  48. As a Console player I am absolutely terrified of what wheeled vehicles are going to do to our meta. Basically the majority (90%) of our community on Console is against the addition of them. Hopefully our Dev team can learn from PC and SERIOUSLY reconsider their future plans.

  49. Zero the Wanderer

    I’m just a console pleb, so we still don’t have wheeled lights, but I hate the stigma they have. I just wanna go fast and shoot fast, not be the scourge of everything.

  50. I’m like 2800wn8 or whatnot. So Im no tomato. But these things are just so OBVIOUSLY BROKEN. WGs balancing department is seriously overpaid

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