World of Tanks || Never Back Down

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Today xAliQox is going to demonstrate the raw power of the IS-3. Greatly outnumbered he is a player of principles, one of which is to never back down.

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is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have played and I fully recommend it.


  1. who on earth angles the hull of the IS-3????

  2. what a lucky game 😀 hitting enemy not aimed ready and penetrating HE shell
    through side of VK3601H

  3. perfect mm and is3 top tier its op
    is3 hard to play

  4. Top game,hope i never meet him in gameplay

  5. 9:20 he just realized its a conquest

  6. rhm was a moron

  7. What the fuck, is there actually that many tomatoes at high tiers on the EU
    server? Sure, the high player count makes more room for noobs, but this
    level is abnormal.

  8. There’s something not right about the IS-3 and ISU-152 accuracy. Their guns
    seem to be far more accurate than their stats suggest,


  10. The most frustrating thing in WoT is being in a light tank and not being
    able to deal with a heavy tank’s armor (from any angle).

  11. In Soviet Russia, Dead gunner is just fleshwound. The aiming circle is
    barely larger than normally with a dead gunner it seems.

    And the amount of tomato premium spam this match illustrates perfecly well
    what is wrong with the player base.


  13. What are you think about WoT team Kazna Kru

  14. He won 1 vs 6 because he was in an OP IS-3. He could not have done this in
    any other game. This is like making a video where a Pz II J wins against 6
    tanks its tier and below….

  15. The IS-3 is the most OP tank in the game at tier 8. It can bounce/absorb
    tier 10 shots in the side, how is that fair? Oh yeah it isn’t. WG are so
    dumb and buff it.

  16. why you stop playing war thunder?

  17. IS- is a BEAST
    my best damage in IS3 is when i did HT-15 for the first set
    i think…

  18. HT15 mission for Obj 260 done there!

  19. 3 of his shots rolled below alpha, including the HE he fired at the borsig.
    the rest were above, or he only needed to roll like 270 to kill. And pretty
    much all of his shots went exactly where they needed to go.

    And I’m over here struggling to roll over 360, missing fully aimed shots on
    arty from 70m.

  20. Veljko Bogdanovic

    I’m starting to get a little bored now. QB just posts gameplay of awesome
    tanks over and over and over ( SU-122-44, FV304 etc. ). he NEVER posted a
    gameplay of “new” soviet TD’s (SU100-M1, SU 101, SU-122-54, and Object 263)
    and soviet mediums other than tier X ,IX and tier VII A-44. and what’s left
    to the old T 34 85, KV-13 and T-43??? the few exeptions of gameplay were
    this video, fosh 155 and the AMX CDC.

  21. those fucking shots he pulls off. He got soo fucking lucky that match in my
    IS you can hardly hit anything without letting it aim fully and he hardly
    aimed at all that game.

  22. I personally love the IS3 and really like to play it. But honestly I think
    it is overpowered. Its combination of armor, mobility and firepower is just
    not balanced imo.

  23. Tsing Shi Tao (The Nuke)

    QB you said broken gunner! XD

  24. Dimitris Xouiazis

    this guy with the IS-3 has channel on the youtube I have seen this video


  26. You can not argue with that result, but it still pains me that he never
    aims a single shot at weakspots, its just point, shoot, and pray. He should
    also be glad that hes aponents dident rush him in the end, but i geus that
    somtimes you just have to be lucky, well played, and nice video.

  27. If my IS-3 ever bounced a shot I would like it. Frontal armor is garbage.

  28. the best are unstopable

    Hey quicky baby i was wondering how to keep game plays and was wondering if
    i could send u one

  29. Buff the IS-3 some more, it is just not good enough, and IS-7 to. It is not
    a tank it is an idiotmobile, a noob can play it like a pro.

  30. the best are unstopable

    Hey i want to know how to record a video and send one to you

  31. oh can i plz get enemies as stupid as this. by the way, i think for most
    cases where 1v6 ends up with that 1 player walking out of the battle with
    victory, the major factor causing the result is not how well this 1 player
    plays but how mind blowingly stupid those 6 players are. none of these 6
    players even tries to approach the IS-3 from a different angle other than
    front on. judging by how long it took for the tiger and the Rhm WT to
    arrive, they must have come from near the bottom of the map. if i was in
    that tiger or that Rhm WT, I would definitely come up behind the IS-3. with
    the dpm of a tiger or the alpha damage of a Rhm WT, this IS-3 would be a
    pile of cold metal by the time the battle hits 6 minutes. if i was in the
    arties, I would at least started to move into the cap circle where i can
    line up a shot into the back of IS-3 while capping. But they just all come
    up from the same direction. also, they make the typical lemming train
    mistake when u have a numerical advantage over enemy. instead of all
    rushing the IS-3 at the same time, make it hard for IS-3 to avoid damage
    and choose target, they play corner with him. and note how the tiger trying
    to shoot at the IS-3’s front plate. with tiger’s premium ammo it is very
    easy to pen IS-3’s upper plate at such close range, but this tiger just aim
    and aim and aim and bounce. i bet he tried to hit the lower plate. As for
    the two artillery pieces, when our IS-3 was cornering with the WZ-111, that
    was the perfect moment for arty to roll into the cap circle and aim up the
    ass of IS-3. what did the arty do? nothing. however when our IS-3 backs off
    to a position that is very hard for arty to do effective damage, one of the
    arty appears, of course from the wrong direction, and the other stays
    still. considering the direction where that SU-8 was coming from at the
    end, he probably stayed still for the whole battle until it was too late.
    and it’s not like one of those situations where arty just can’t do
    anything. he had a very good chance to take action and win the game by
    shotgun the IS-3 from behind. This is why arty players always get picked
    on, not solely because arty can cause huge damage if not one shoting other
    players. it’s because when people play arty they throw their brains away
    and stop thinking about the flow of the battle, yet still being able to
    cause trouble if and only if they are lucky.

    all in all, I appreciate those exciting battles in which a very good player
    just carries the team or win the game just by himself or herself. I have
    had some of those myself, they feels good. However, after having some
    experience and some understanding of the game, I stopped pursuing those
    kind of things. almost all of those kind of battle u can see on youtube
    contains enemy players making huge stupid mistake, simply handing a victory
    to the hero on a sliver plate. that kind of things just doesn’t happen very
    often, and it has nothing to do with how I play my tank.

  32. Eh. Commies are the care bear faction and the KV-1 and IS-3 are emblematic
    of this bullshittery.

  33. I feel bad for that “broken” gunner

  34. Reyn Honbo Studios

    Russian Logic: Point the gun in the general direction for 100% accuracy.

  35. i believe is-3 is op!!!i think it could be better to move is-3 to premium
    shop :D

  36. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    The problem I have with the IS-3 is it punishes players for uses basic
    heavy tank tactics; angling your armour makes it weaker.
    Still a fantastic game.

  37. “Stalin himself must have guided that shell…..” QuickyBaby 2015

  38. I need to start playing on the pc cause that’s the only place I see this
    kind of retardation happening. The borsig only had to pull all the way
    around and put one through his top plate and boom game over. xbox players
    are much better at rushing I’ve never gotten this lucky playing against
    that many retards at once

  39. Good players with cheap soviet heavies are a gimme. Run a clip with
    somebody grinding out an AT-7 with the second tier gun on it with 10 kills
    in a match and I’ll be impressed. :P

  40. Can QB do T34 heavy tank review?

  41. “never back down”

    Spent like 5 minutes backed into a corner

  42. 5 more missions to obj 260 !!

  43. its a russian game, its a russian tank, and u don’t really need skill for
    this tank… it is overpoverd, too much pen, too much “lucky” high rolls,
    too much armour, this tank has to be nerfed like all the tanks (out of tier
    9) in this line

  44. I had a game similar to this the other day. Only difference was, the tanks
    in the middle weren’t retards and I got shot in the back a few times which
    left me on 100 hp

  45. Well Ali played a good game and used the IS-3’s strengths well, but those
    enemies were shockingly stupid…especially that borsig. That guy had
    multiple opportunities to cleanly get the kill during the IS-3’s long
    reload but he botched it every time, with herp-derp, HEAT rounds op, shitty

  46. That guy wont survive 2 minutes at SEA server XD it is like he is playing
    with 5 years old kids lol

  47. Stupid plays that work out because of even stupider enemies, E-SPORTS!!
    snapshots on the move, high rolls throughout the game, premium ammo at
    equal tiered opponents. Yeah, nothing to see here, not a skill replay but a
    ‘look how ridiculous RNG can be’ replay. There’s nothing to learn from this
    besides ‘get lucky, scrub’.

  48. I dont think the frontal armour on the is3 is very good at all . When you
    get into a battle with even tier 7 tanks they go through the front of your
    armour without much of an issue. So i play it more like a big medium and it
    does quite well in that role in my opinion

  49. Love your vids!!! I always just sit and wait for ur vids but this vid has
    already been posted on World of Tanks Best replays are u taking his vids??

  50. Pls IS-3 Review

  51. I have this tank and love it!!! But my best game was only 6 kills.

  52. Had a game similar to this in Armored Warfare last week on Leopard 2A5
    (Tier 8 MBT). Actually ran out of APFSDS, HE (HEAT just not worth using for
    MBT’s unless in very few situations due to ERA), and was down to 2 ATGM’s
    (8 fired). I eventually died, but I wish Obsidian would have put in a
    damage blocked by armor counter. For that game I was in, pretty certain I
    deflected over 10k damage, and I dealt 10k myself. Best part was I had to
    juggle 1v4 or so at the end.

    But having games like this in WoT, AW, and I figure even WT are fun albeit
    nerve wracking. Sometimes you can only carry so hard.

  53. IS-3 Russian RnG.

  54. The IS-3 is the highest tier heavy that I have in-game right now and
    honestly is my favorite heavy tank to play. It is a great tank and cannot
    wait to get to tier X on this soviet heavy line!

  55. The enemy should of rushed him and killed him……….

  56. I love is3 I had it in wot blitz and it had some master game

  57. Woaah? how is it that I always aim for the two patches in front of the IS-3
    and they always get me a penetration with just about every tank. I though
    they are the weak spots not get extra armour.

  58. can someone tell me how to update quicky’s mods?

  59. “It’s like throwing stones at a giant didn’t work for you” but it did work
    for David

  60. Frederick Schulze

    Last person to comment on this comment gets a subscriber.

  61. of the tier 8 heavies, the is3 is probably the best with the only let down
    being terrible gun depression. That pike is like the armour equivalent of
    the bl10, played in a good position and with good rng it will rek face.
    However, sooner or later the pike will fail you and people will start
    loading the gold. Overall he played well, but he played well against uber
    tier tards playing peekaboo against an is3, which isnt so amazing

  62. This tank is filthy OP, and ultra noob friendly. Unlike tanks like the
    Tiger 2 or the KV-4, the IS-3 is front towards enemy, and angling is bad
    for the armour.

  63. Today i had a match
    Honestly i never saw such a stupid player before
    Tier IX battle I was in my Tiger P with the long 88
    I encountered a Tiger I also armed with the long 88
    Nothing ridiculous yet
    But he decided that it was necessary to shoot APCR AT MY SIDE
    I mean at my front okay

  64. is3 accuracy bs confirmed.. that fucking borsig driver.. omg

  65. you can look at best game ever in cdc too… better than this one Kappa

  66. I feel cheated, I always get rushed when outnumbered. What a six pack of
    enemy donkeys remaining.

  67. Horrible replay. More luck and lack of qualified opposition rather than
    skillful play by “ali”.

  68. how do u get this game?:

  69. Dat mm is amazing!

  70. Steven GamePlayer

    I don’t understand why everybody is playing vs such noobs and probably
    that’s one of the main reasons he stayed alive! That Borsig should have
    gone and killed him with one shot! Still a great game!

  71. That’s not an IS-3.
    That’s a cornered angry badger!. :)

  72. IS3 is good, but the other Tier 10 Heavies are better kappa kappa

  73. IS-3 is noob tank and only stupid fags drive it…troll armor bouncung
    100%penetrating shots,troll gun never fully aimd and still hits
    target,great speed…this noob tank should get some nerfs…

  74. Only a lucker guy in a OP tank…..

  75. IS 3 is maybe the most noob-friendly tank!

  76. Why is there no (M) – Medal ?

  77. Best replay ever. This guy is a badass.

  78. Umm the front hull is garbage

  79. much tomato much fail

  80. Stronk tenk. Stronk like bear

  81. last week or two weeks ago I blocked an e100 heat round in my is3. my is3
    is my first and only heavy tank and I love it

  82. Ist der Ali kriminell, in die Heimat, aber schnell!

  83. the borsig was a bit of an idiot there was three of four of them and they
    just sat there taking shots.

  84. Heavy moron. Heavies are for noobs. so easy to play…

  85. I wish he missed and did a ram kill :-)

  86. Is anyone else having trouble opening WoT replays? Whenever I’m trying to
    open a replay, it closes it’s self instanly… I never had this ploblem
    before. Anyone knows what’s wrong or how to fix this?

  87. Kolobanov’s is easier to get than Pool’s IMO. I haven’t played WoT in over
    a year so I might not be quite up to date.

  88. The WZ 111 played like a total scrub. How the fuck is that guy unicorn?


  90. I think he wins only because all his enemies are so selfish and do not want
    to take a single hit while taking him down. If they all rushed to that
    corner and just rap him, we would have certainly lost the game. But he has
    done a really good job there, evaluating the situation and only doing
    things he could do at that time.

    However, I would not have just peek out that corner when fighting that
    3001. Because any arty that has brain would have pre-aimed at that corner
    and waited for him to come out. Bad play there, but luckily the arty was
    even more stupid than that rhm lol

  91. “The one that everyone wants, the Kolobanov’s medal”
    I saw an M6 get one in a T8 game this morning because we managed to hold
    off the enemy just long enough for him go cap… Little bugger won a 1 v 9

  92. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Poor M6, I feel sorry for him, he just got smashed by Ali. The M6 is one of
    the most underpowered tanks at it’s tier…

  93. That wasn’t a dead gunner, it was a drunk gunner. Get’s +50 to accuracy :)

  94. IS-3 NOT BALANCED ENOUGH , Not representative of Soviet power! Need further
    WarGaming please fix issues with lowest Healthpool in tier and one of the
    logest aim time in tier. If Stalin him self did not Intervene, this battle
    would have bin lost, causing great Shame to the mother land. IS-3 Most
    deserving of further BUFFs

  95. 110 better

  96. i have kolobanov !

  97. I’d say he carried this one… 8034 damage by himself while the rest of his
    team combined only managed to do 5366 damage. Well played!

  98. An OP tank like that and a lot of luck…. ofcourse -.-

  99. classic case of idiots, instead of rushing in and overwhelming, they go in
    one by one like lemmings….

  100. is3 best tier 8 heavy tank in the game! i love to see an is3 in action,
    really nice game!!

  101. I dont even know wtf to say o_0 Skill, and a huge helping of pure shitass
    luck, and one stupid Rhm.

    I have never had such a game.

    I do believe a hair from Stalins own mustache was placed into that last
    round to guide it true in times of need o_0

  102. martynas samsonas

    I love Russian guns dead gunner ? damaged gun ? no problem comrade :D

  103. Well, he did not qualify for any of the 4 classes of the Mastery Badge. I
    wonder why is that. :)

  104. in real life it got 320 mm armor at front

  105. This video should be called “Russian Bias” with all those perfect snap

  106. well played! really skilled! but much luck too ;)

  107. If the 59-16 would have been a good player, that IS-3 would be so dead.
    Thankfully the 59-16 was terrible.

  108. Peter Puškár Sexta A

    How to get on QB’s channel 101:
    1. Be a decent player
    2. Pick a good tank with some armor or great camo
    3. Be one of 1-5 top tier tanks
    4. Have moron team
    5. Enemy team have to be morons as well
    6. Get the job done
    7. You must do Kolobanovs

  109. amazing battle

  110. That Borsig played very badly, he could easilly change outcome. At the end
    you can see where Borsig shot him, he could heat him if he did shot bit
    lower on IS3 turret, but it wasnt necessary to use heat at all. That big
    gun can autopen weakspot(ofc he didnt gave them too much chance to shot

  111. the stupid, it burns

  112. why in that video and in qb’s streams there’s damage recieved thingy and I

  113. I wonder if that green t-shirt is some kind of russian heavy t-shirt,
    considering he is having the same one at that IS-7 game… :-)

  114. Why is it replays like this are always like 90% luck.

  115. SQERS Swaglord2000

    playign vs noobs
    and OP MM and no arty and city map pff what do you want nobody in the city
    playing vs WZ-111 with 175mm penetration and yea lower tier tanks nothing
    not expected

  116. I personally think this is a great example of enemies who didn’t want to
    take a single hit to kill an opponent, which probably happens in every
    single game.

  117. theres no doubt that this was a very well played game but the is3 is such a
    bs tank especially now its in hd it really needs a nerf because right now
    it has epic armour an epic gun and medium tank mobility. it should lose
    some of the mobility it has because its just stupid right now.

  118. that is what happens when no one wants to take a hit to get it over with.

  119. All tier’s IS best TONKS !!!

  120. The IS 3 Has to be the best tier 8 tank in the game i cant find anything
    wrong with it apart from bounceing 4 shots from a T110 E3 :)

  121. when they added the HD model WarGaming buffed the IS-3 armor. I find it now
    that it’s almost impossible to pen the roof of the turret now. i don’t even
    bother shooting there anymore

  122. Great, now they will nerf IS-3!

  123. IS3=Bakvet

  124. Just do IT!

  125. Dr Snuff FV (DrSnuff)

    Any one with retard enemies like that could do well all that Rhm Borsig
    needed to do was take a hit and derp him and would kill or they should have
    just rushed him all at once but no they queued up in front of his gun
    taking hit after hit.

  126. well played to that is3…but it took along time to see a replay for is3
    after the new HD and it OP armor specially in tier8 games.

  127. may i pls have as polite enemies as well mm?

  128. lol wot best replays did this replay, just watched it, lol

  129. alessandro de sia

    i think the is-3 is a good tank but i don’t say how I can angoling his

  130. good game

  131. He does not know hpw to make his armour effective. He is angling his
    frontal hull, but it is already angled.

  132. SGHE-stalin guided high explosive to the face

  133. Not sure this deserved a highlight. A good result sure, however there was a
    clear skill gap between opponents and alot of would be over moments
    fighting decent players.

  134. I found this match disgusting on the fact that his gun always hit and
    always penned when I played the is-3 for me 1 in 8 shots hit and penned for
    me I had a 26% win rate in 180 matches and a 0.31 damage ratio the tank
    made me give up playing world of tanks because it single handedly ruined my

  135. Yet another classic example of the enemy team not coordinating their final
    attack. If they would have done so, easy win.

  136. What a monster game by Ali, but those emmys…. jesus those guys suck
    massive butt… the utter incompetence of the world of tanks playerbase
    really scares me

  137. Question: What Do I do,when I confront an Experienced IS-3 driver, who
    first donks one into me and then plays wiggly-woggly?
    It becomes like gamble shooting, just hoping you get a halfway flat side of
    his frontal hull armor!

  138. not a good game,only a present from the enemy team

  139. Lessons learned boys and girls: Don’t never ever (not even in your freaking
    dreams) let one tank to stop a group of your tanks. Rush him! Ram him if
    needed! But never let him stop your group of tanks from advancing! If you
    ever let one tank to stop you, be aware that tank is actually winning a
    P.S. Bravo to that AMX F3 arty.

  140. Tiger, wz111, vk, and rhm are completely retarded.

  141. GATOV ! x’)

  142. That borsig had green stats, but I just can’t understand what he was trying
    to achieve when shooting the IS 3 in the turret…

  143. How to get your HT-15

  144. What a machine ;D

  145. just about to sleep. hey look quickybaby uploaded a video! why not……

  146. Just because he made that shot at the end, I think he had his KV2 crew in
    his IS3

  147. Wow talk about a farce. Lol. They can’t even hurt him when he’s on reload.
    Almost every enemy he came across messed up badly. That 59-16….wtf? HE???
    Don’t put round after round into his ass or anything, that would work to
    well. The Rhm wasted the opportunities to just pull right up to him and
    derp him in the hull when he was reloading. No one though to actually go at
    him from the other side. And those arties……yikes. Puppies have been
    kicked and windows have been licked.

  148. I don’t think the title is correct for Never Back Down. He had no place to
    go how can he back down. GG.

  149. Accuracy? What are you talking about QuickyBaby? We all know Stalin guides
    the shells of Soviet heroes in their time of need. The “accuracy” stat is
    thus meaningless in such situations. You don’t even need a gunner. The gun
    will adjust itself, the shell will hit the firing needle and then fly
    straight at the enemy of the Soviet Union. As long as you believe in the
    true virtues of communism, Stalin himself will guide your shots.

  150. at 2:55 you can see what has shot the tank and with how much damage and
    what kind of ammo, is this replay only or is that a mod as well and if so,
    what is it called?

  151. Strong enemys *KAPPA*

  152. Why can’t I have enemies like that?

  153. Wachira Narongsack

    lovely tank I have got 3 gunmarks on it :)

  154. Don’t lie QB ;P, overmatching has nothing to do with penetration but with
    the calibre of the shell which needs to exceed 3 times the armour of the
    enemy tank. So that little plate on the IS3 is 30 mm if I’m correct, and
    you’ll need at least a 90 mm gun to overmatch it.

  155. awesome TY :):):)

  156. “like the wz 111 1-4” only Better?

  157. So much esports

  158. What an epic game! IS3 stronk russian tank. Stalin approved this.

  159. Exsports
    Russia bitch

  160. Pessi Lyytikainen

    I’m not an IS-3 driver, but when I play sometimes team battles usually with
    AMX CDC, it is moderately easy to penetrate IS-3 with regular rounds (212mm
    pen) even from a distance. but if you use cover and angle well and also
    wiggle it becomes much harder to do so.

  161. Can I have enemies like this in my IS-3 please? I’m always getting into
    tier 10 matches. F* this mm system.

  162. now imagine banning auto loaders in e sports

  163. I don’t want the Kolobanov’s Medal… I want “Protect Jingles” Epic Award!

  164. dat highroles the WOHLE TIME OMG

  165. That 59-16 haha

  166. fcking russian shit if not that it s russian game it would shit. 0.4 acc
    sure real bullshit it have 0.2 or better(shell goes always mid of circle)

  167. Let’s talk about how his entire team besides him did 5,366 damage… and he
    did 8,034. Um, yeah.

  168. Just watched a good Is-3 replay, Oh Quickybaby uploaded a video lets check
    it out! Hmm another Is-3 ga WAIT A MINUTE this is the same game, Well its
    Quickybaby so lets watch.

  169. Great commentary QB – great vid once again

  170. Michael “Black Baron” Wittmann

    Most OP tank in the game.

  171. Is3 what an awesome game. One of the best ton for ton tanks in the game. A
    tank to be respected on the battlefield.

  172. All the facts about is-3:
    -Has amazing turret
    -Most used tank in cws, teambattles and in strongholds
    -Fast heavy tank
    Normal armor, good bouncy side armor. Many t6,7 may bounce shoots from its
    -Good alpha dmg and penetration
    -Not good for side scraping

    That should be it :).

  173. Looked like a SEA server game. GG all the same.

  174. IS-3 is ok but I like the KV-4 better. Play my KV-4 in team battles and can
    hold 3 to 4 IS-3’s back alone

  175. Christophe Loiret

    the results pls !

  176. i am the 412 viewer :D

  177. if you really want to show us the raw power of the IS-3, then show us some
    tier 10 matches

  178. Yea, more buff pls, no OP at all…

  179. Man if I could get enemies this stupid. I could do that well

  180. Can you do a IS3 Review please?

  181. IS3 is such a fun tank to play with its “fixed” model. :)

  182. IS-3 is a damn mean tank 🙂

    Also, for those interested, chieftain info leaks on rita’s blog.

  183. QuickyBaby why don’t u show more for world of warships

  184. Great game. Stronk tank. ^.^

  185. that rhm borsig was stupid

  186. IS 3 the lucky one !!!!

  187. this same replay was uploaded to youtube this morning on World Of Tanks The
    Best Replays channel

  188. Impressive!

  189. Thank you Stalin!

  190. 57th viewer…yikes. But I’ve never seen an IS-3 survive that long alone

  191. Stones against a giant at least worked well for David.

  192. To be fair, the IS3 for me, I cannot play it very well

  193. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    i love my is3 its just so easy ;-)

  194. Yes one of the most OP tank in the game…..

  195. ProjectBossiaGames

    love you quickybaby

  196. Yep the is-3 is a good tank because of its pike nose low profile and good
    alpha damage

  197. Géza DoktorNemtudomki

    10th veiwer … new record

  198. What do you guys think of the IS-3? Has it stood the test of time?


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