World of Tanks || NEW FRENCH TANKS

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Here sneak peak of 6 brand new tanks coming soon in 9.7 beyond! FCM 36

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  1. yeey

  2. yay new vid :3

  3. First

  4. Muumi Muumeloinen


  5. 112th.

  6. 116th

  7. They are so ugly!
    FCM-36 is like Hetzer with turret. Haha!

  8. I hope you enjoy this video, a sneak peak at 6 new French tanks coming in
    future patches!

    I’m Livestreaming RIGHT NOW with Ikzor

  9. These Tanks looks Awesome :)

  10. I absolutely loved the T10 French medium… a very tough competitor against
    the leopard and most of the other T10 medium tanks… It’s gun is very
    interesting along with its shape, I love how it looks! You never let us
    down Quicky! Thanks a lot! 

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  12. All these tanks are so ugly!

  13. Is that a commander, gunner, loader, and driver I see there in both the
    SARL and the G1R? If so, this is reason enough to buy them in of itself, as
    crew trainers while you grind your AMX-30’s.

  14. The quality of the videos is always so good that it has become a habit to
    insta like every single video of yours. Love your channel!

  15. I just got a bonner 

  16. Is Claus so excite for to see new French Tanks! Is thanks you for
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  17. DAMMIT! Lorraine or wait for the new AMX? Well i have a hell lot of time to
    think about it BUT! Someone any idea how much xp the Medium will Need? I
    guess around 200k ;_;(The lorraine is 198k) 

  18. jean-pierre rojas

    Trop envie d’avoir le amx30B , j’en suis a l’amx13-75 ^^
    Sinon venez voir ma chaîne je fait du wot en musique et commenté. Le nom :
    SopFoX gaming 

  19. Bad tanks:-)

  20. Looks like other 105mm meds get rekt by this beast of a tank…I waited so
    long for this tank to appear in French tech tree 

  21. Show german premium td

  22. If WG had the time to create a brand new french line, then I hope the
    Chieftain will be added as well.

  23. Tier 10 will be meh compared to the other T10 meds. Stick with the BatChat
    I say. 


  25. We big question is if the amx 30 b will fit CW?

  26. Is this 9.7 test server?

  27. your videos are really helpful quicky!! thanks!

  28. That’s how we do in france yah

  29. As it stands right now, Lorraine 40t vs amx 30

  30. Eh, guess I can ditch the leopard now

  31. Lol how you say 30 on french? XD

  32. LattPlaysMinecraft/Kikisis


  33. Can you give me your account? Quickybaby?:))

  34. I’ve heard rumours the British line is gaining the chieftain is this true
    and when would we expect this

  35. yeah, but they’re French!

  36. Enfin plus de chars Français !! Oui !! 😀 

  37. Professeur Youtube

    I don’t understand why every youtuber said that the Somua S35 will not be
    that good…
    The premium Pz S35 is a captured S35, and it’s a deadly tank !

  38. Tier X with 9.6 second reload lol. 

  39. Leopard is from its origin a dutch tank… the germans stole our tank! :(

  40. You can tell he’s excited because he started talking before the intro was

  41. so whats this “let’s give the french german worthy guns” xD the tier 10
    german meds have that as main advantage over the other nations, and other
    nations excel at other points obviously in which the meds have to
    compensate for.. so the new t10 french is just a basic leopard1 (apart from

  42. I hate french tanks!

  43. so qb and jingles seems to be at odds to which gun is the best on the tier
    4 french tank

    so really these new french tanks are all pointless to qb apart from the
    tier 9 and 10 because they are all low tier

  44. Great video Quickybaby!!!

  45. Quicky, I’m not sure how much French you’ve learned in school, but you
    forgot the “eh” on the end of premier, and I also think it will be trente
    et un.

    Another thing is the commander’s hatch on the tier X is HUGE, and that
    might break the tank if it’s got even decent depression.

  46. Wrt to A45, it looks like WG have heard the complaints about the leaked
    stats for it, and have redubbed it from a heavy tank to a medium. Oh joy,
    now it can be an underwhelming medium rather than an underwhelming heavy.
    Max speed of 32 kmh, 76 mm of hull armour, Centurion 3 turret, 17 pdr. It’s
    going to be a Panther, with less hull armour, less pen, but more turret

  47. I would like if there will be new german tanks ;)

  48. au cool une nouvelle ligne français

  49. Richard Gustafsson

    Nooo, why do they please new players with tanks that look alot better than
    the B1, old Tiger line (pz 38N/A) and other lines :(. Please buff the
    others or take them out of the game while you’re at it WG ;).
    Ooon my day! Life was alot garder in WOT! But these days youngsters get
    baddied for everything they do :(((.

  50. Omg i sold amx 13 90 4 days ago 

  51. Please update Crew, Skill and Perk Thank you!! 

  52. stupid to bring new tanks. they have to fix all the problems this game
    have….useless WG hahahahahahaha

  53. wow they managed to make the cupola on amx 30 just as ugly as in real life

  54. I think: OMG!!!!

  55. omg Krupp WT? 😀 awesome

  56. lol i only needed 4k xp anymore for lor i think i wil keep it then lol 

  57. Can’t freaking wait. I love French tanks.

  58. will the lorraine and batchat be replaced? or what :D

  59. I’m at 12t atm and this means, in order to get both bat-chat and amx 30
    I’ll need months and months of driving the 13 90 :/

  60. want that T9, Love the French line

  61. jesus this game is ruined

  62. Hello TX russian médiums tanks ! I’m French and u will hate me soon ^^ AMX
    30 <3

  63. Looks pretty interesting

  64. are french tanks equipped with white flags in this game?

  65. good thing I drive my 13 90 on a regular basis :D

  66. Man look at all the gubbins strapped to the 30b.

    That is one sexy tank.

    And just as I was about to unlock the Lorraine, sorry lorr but I take
    accuracy over autos.

  67. Bringing in new tanks is all well and good, but if you do so without
    updating the old ones, you’re left with a very skewed stats as far as games
    per tank goes. The tier 10 will make the M48 completely useless. The only
    reason you would play an M48 over an FV4202 is that the M48 is faster. Yes,
    I’m aware the M48 has 420m view range, but, after skills and equipment is
    factored in, for me, it only raised the view range by 7. So, what you have
    is a tank with much the same stats as a leopard, with more armor, that can
    slot itself into the same all-rounder role the M48 had, but also doing the
    job better. I feel as though this makes the m48 by far the worst T10 medium
    all-rounder, and, at tier 10, having any tank being definitely better than
    another is not good for gameplay.

  68. Great video QB. Well, finally we arrive to the era of the still living
    legends (at least in same places around the wolrd). Things are getting
    interesting :-)

  69. I think it might be time for a new intro

  70. woow i go exp 13 90 :D

  71. I’m really excited for these new tanks! :)

  72. will it come swedish tanks?? :)

  73. Loïc Travaillé

    I really want the T9 !! :)

  74. WG has to buff the E50-M yes its armour is very good but 6.25 rpm is teally
    slow. I hope they buff it up to arround 6.75 or even more rpm.

  75. already seen this on jingles channel…., and those tier 9/10 french tanks
    are the same boring shit as the german Leopard PTA/Leopard 1 and Type

  76. there are new german and british tanks coming too… look in jingles video
    but i enjoyed it ;)

  77. Sad They have no autoloader

  78. Has anyone seen anything new about new Brit T10 medium or the Chieftain for
    T10 heavy?

  79. what about the mauschen?

  80. Those Tier 9 and 10 are some good looking tanks.

  81. what is happening to Lorraine at t9 and batchat at t10

  82. When does the new tanks come out

  83. Karl King Of Ducks

    fun fact: The somua s35 has 60mm of armor at the turret back…so bait
    shots like in a maus?

  84. French vehicules without autoloader are not french

  85. Im gonna get started on my 13 90 lol spring break one day away woo hoo

  86. It is Derp, not Durp :)

  87. shıt french tanks :D

  88. Durp X2

  89. 9.62 reload dosent sound good

  90. GoatzAreEpic Maokai

    no1 kers bout ur fagite tanks slowybaby. ur name is fagite and ur channel
    is shite no1 cers about pixeltanks, all fake btw tanks are fagites u can
    kill tanks with potato srsly i did butt u just kant get skil fagite luv u
    <3 add me on fb 420ou$$yfuck3r69Xx

  91. A new tech tree of French TD:s would awesome!! every single of them under
    tier 6 rubbish!!

  92. Steffen Mikkelsen

    looking forward to the G1 and the AMX 30´s

  93. I’ve always wanted the S35 regular medium tank version in the game…
    although I expected it to be a Tier IV

  94. How many experience do we need to get the new Tier IX after the AMX 13 90 ?

  95. +QuickyBabyTV actually: there’s 7 new french tanks – the missing one is
    the Renault R35

  96. so the video footage was premade by wargaming . wow

  97. Cant wait till tomorrows video!

  98. 9.7 is for French ! With the new map Overlord and new French vehiculs . !

  99. +1 for Panzer fear

  100. Go to Jingles channel to see the rest of the tanks.

  101. so there will be two teir 9 and 10 French meds

  102. Leopard 1 still looks cooler than the AMX 30 B! 

  103. The tier 10 the AMX 30B looks like a mix between the Leapord1 and the STB-1

  104. Why are cupolas weak spots? Doesn’t really make any sense for an AP/APCR to
    do damage when hitting cupolas I can’t imagine it fragmenting when it hits
    that even if it did I don’t see a lot of the fragments getting into the
    tank and harming the crew, HE rounds sure but not ap and apcr.

  105. Don’t fall in love with the new frenchies… Don’t fall in love… Damn I
    love the French tanks 

  106. How is the 1390 tech tree gonna be effected?

  107. The best has got to be the their 9 one it,s solo cool 

  108. I believe the 30b will absolutely be useless since stb-1 is similar and way

  109. why you always pause mid sentence then finish it a few seconds later?

  110. I hope they add the chieftain on the future it is quite an interesting tank

  111. No autoload gun but decent rof? im going in

  112. Thanks for the video, I like your tip about the 1390 accelerated crew

  113. Instead of implementing new tanks they should fix MM, get rid of bots and
    remove RNG. Not only that, I have proof in a video I will edit shortly that
    Wargaming is rigging batlles in advance. Ever wondered why suddenly you
    don’t pen, or pen everything? Yes, rigged games. Even camo, view range, and
    latency is rigged. The video will show a shot to the side of a T28prot and
    the shell moves THROUGHT the tank landing in the dirt on the other side,
    only to get killed by that prot seconds later, without his turret and gun
    even aimed at my tank. Yes. The Belaruskies are screwing you over. Armored
    Warfare will get my money.

  114. Fuck the batchat im going to get the 30B

  115. i like the look of the french tanks, imo the tier 5 will probably be the
    most fun for me since it’s another tier 5 derp medium, but good mobility
    and good speed should make it a fun tank imo. i like the amx 30’s and will
    probably get them since i’m a fan of french tanks, but it does seem an
    awful lot like a leopard or stb-1 with slightly different characteristics. 

  116. I think I’ll be checking out the French;)

  117. the new tier 9 and 10 tanks are perhaps the most sexy looking tanks in the

  118. Man those tanks… i have a lot of experience in my 13-90, maybe i should
    go back to play WOT only becuase of those.

  119. How about some new German tanks…..?!?! 

  120. Durp 

  121. Yay more powercreeping! Screw Pattons and Leos! Everyone rush the new med
    while they are still fresh and unnerfed! Nah i dont care actually that much
    but still u can smell that powercreeping.

  122. Like if the amx 30 1er will be your first tier 9. Looking forward to it! :)

  123. Hey QB and everyone else 🙂 Check This out:

    That is 10 Charts I made of all Tier 2-10 Mediums DPM’s and all Tier 1’s!
    The Graphs also Include..
    The Amx 30 Proto.(Tier 9) and The Amx 30 B (Tier 10)!

    Hope You find it Useful! 🙂 

  124. KodaG Hraje Sfgame

    New wawe of UFO tanks in WoT…. Why not

  125. [*cracks nuckles*] alright alright i feal it…….WG wants a beauty
    contest………screw that STB-1 IS MORE SEXY THAN ALL OF THEM…….[luchs
    is teh cutest :P] 

  126. Yesssss the AMX-30 <3

  127. Heavy fucking breathing. Please don’t screw the AMX-30s up WG!!!

  128. FTR….FTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (sniff) :(

  129. Alexander Boström

    Now I need to start on the french tanks.. and I dislike autoloaders.

  130. Can’t wait for the brittish tanks.

  131. does anyone knows how manny crew member will they have? is it going to be 3
    like bc or they are going to add 1 more since it aint autoloader.

  132. lol

  133. That AMX 30B looks fricken’ beautiful!

  134. Is this AMX 30B replacing the Bat Chat 25t?!? Or is it going to be 2 tier
    ten trees? like the T-54 to the T-62A and Obj. 140

  135. Daym quicky! This is awesome! I have some hesitations about my 13 90 going
    to lorraine, but now… thanks man!

  136. Finally!!! they’re adding in the SOMUA S35! That is one of the most
    significant tanks in the French Army. BTW! One time during WWII, this thing
    could destroy 7 Pz.Kpwgn. III’s all by itself. I really like the French
    tanks, because of their high tier guns.

  137. The low tier French tanks are going to be a godsend for people who haven’t
    worked their way through the French heavies yet. The tier 4 and 5 are going
    to be competitive tanks at their tier, and by going down this route you get
    to skip the B1 and BDR entirely!

  138. There is a replay posted on your website that is named “knock your socks
    off” it’s posted by mike7172002, when you see the description I hope you
    will think about posting it

  139. Robert LaFountaine

    How do you think this will compete with the new French Premium AMX CDC?

  140. Shamshad Shirzai

    thank you very much for a greattttttt imformation . the only thing i dont
    understand . and that is wot will replace these tanks or new line and amx
    1390 will be widraow from wot . again a ton of thanksssssssssssssssssssssss

  141. Well,I’m quite lucky coz I’ve got the AMX 13 75 with 70,000 XP so it won’t
    be that hard for me to reach the AMX 30 and 30B XD

  142. the ugly tank update!

  143. Not the first or last “Insert Israeli Tech Tree” comment right here….

  144. Could you put up another batchat gameplay up sometime please, they’re
    really fun to watch!

  145. +QuickyBabyTV
    About half of that awful commander’s cupola appears to be simply an armor
    shield for the Tank Commander (TC), to block small arms fire while he is
    exposed and firing the TC’s machine gun. IRL, you could penetrate it all
    you want, but it’s not going to do anything. Hopefully Wargaming models it
    as such, and that ameliorates some of the concern. If not, I’d agree…a
    cupola that big kind of ruins the tank.

  146. French tanks are always very slow at the start 


  148. The amx30 may got 8 degree of gun depression. BTW,amx30B got .30
    accuracy?!! Cant believe that, that is not french tank should be XD. Also,
    i think amx got worse hull turning speed comparing to leopard because
    french transmission is suck in real life. 

  149. I always like new tanks that join the arsenal of World of Tanks, it brings
    a special kind of variety to the game, making one want to play it more and
    more. I think its a great addition.

  150. “excellent power to weight”

    In b4 buried by soft stats. 

  151. Christian Budéus

    why where there random explosions at 0:14 when he was the only one ingame?

  152. Great video. That tier 9 looks amazing :)

  153. why need another LEOPARD 1??

  154. There is a replay posted on your website under the name of “knock your
    socks off” posted by mike7172002 playing in his t34-3, you’ll relies why
    I’m telling you about the replay by the time you see the description

  155. The only ones that look good are the last two. The rest look bad. Like
    baddie mobiles.

  156. Quickybaby I enjoy your videos and the time you take to do them. I enjoy
    stream when I do get time to watch. But just curious as to how this tier x
    has slightly better dpm with 6.74 rof when the M48 has 6.82. With a rof of
    6.74 this would make the the second worst with E50/M having the worst (not
    counting auto loader) but the E50/M has lots of armor and very hard to pen
    when used as a sniper tank that has just as good a gun as the Leo and the
    French tank. The new tanks look really nice but until WG removes hatches
    and machine gun turrets as hit zones (and these new tanks like so many
    others) have huge weak spots. Don’t ever recall any tank battle being won
    because the other side aimed at hatches on top of tanks. Don’t matter how
    much armor you have or how much gun depression you have when there are huge
    weak spots that negates all of that.

  157. its 9.6 Test server?

  158. Amx 30b dpm buffed to 2741 so now its better than fv and leopard I think.

  159. anyone else see the map changes on the first map….seems they added a low
    area behide that bunker around 2.00….inless I haven’t played in so long
    but I dotn remember it being like that

  160. Guys are you sure that this tech tree is right , cause i dont want to buy
    13 90 and find out that was false .

  161. I think maybe instead of bat chat i will grab 30b

  162. i Dont wait too Quicky!!! 9.7 i Need u!!!!!!!!!!!!

  163. there showing off with some of these new hd models

  164. ウラノススキー馬鹿

    あれ? 今日は顔だしじゃないのか…

  165. Dat cupola thougH!

  166. Well STB-1 have a bad gun and is also prone to ammorack damage. If u take
    away the cuppola on the AMX u will most likely have a STB as it should be

  167. AMX-30B is sexy….I want it just for the aesthetics that it carries.
    Really unfortunate that it has such a slow rate of fire though in
    comparison to the other Tier 10 Mediums though. :C

  168. Finally a single-shot variant of med frenchies! :D

  169. Given the current map meta I can’t see why having the AMX makes any sense
    (unless you have nothing else you can grind anymore). Basically you can
    only have magical bounces, the armor makes it a glass canon in every aspect
    of the term.

    So every E50(M) will have good times with that. Also T-54 laughs at you.

    On T10 sacrificing DPM is not an option if you don’t gain some other
    strength that you can actually abuse on the battlefield.

    But in most of the occasions you just out-DPM the AMX in your STB or
    russian med, force bounces with our E50M but surely pen the AMX in return.
    Like the Leo1 this tank can only shine in long distance engagements and
    camouflaged concealment. And that is not what this game is about in many

    If you want to flank and brawl, you want to able to take some hits without
    breaking apart immediately. That is why the Leo1 lacks so much in current
    map meta.

    So far the AMX looks like a Leo1 clone with no distinguishing features.

    We have to wait for the soft stats and the module situation. Maybe saving

  170. Jingles was faster :p

  171. This is gonna be my next tier X tank :)

  172. The new tier lX and tier X AMX tanks belong behind the AMX CDC, if it
    wasn’t a premium tank. :P

  173. According to Wiki, AMX 30 had -8 degrees of gun depression and +20 of
    elevation. So not bad, if it gets realistic representation of that in game.

  174. Lemme guess: the t7 german prem td is sturmtiger?

  175. I dont have to play the lorraine when i have enough xp on my amx 13 90?
    Ohhhhhhh yeaahhh 😀 Just hope the T9 amx 30 will have at least 8° gun
    depression. I think the new Amx 30s will have very bad ammoracks everywhere
    though ^^

  176. The audio starts too soon

  177. Another op t10

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