World of Tanks || NEW GRAPHICS – HD MAPS

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– HD Maps. have released a preview of the upcoming new graphics in – BIGGEST change in YEARS!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QUICKYBABY4WOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, 500 gold, 7 days , and a gun laying drive!


  1. Finally… a improvemnt WG!!!… geez…

  2. Big thumbs up for WG. I nearly never praise them but now they did a very good job.

  3. 9.21 Will likely be adding not only HD maps, but it will be adding the Polish tech tree.

  4. Guys, if there were new maps for the release of the new HD cards, we would have to buy a DLC season pass to play on the new map, you know wargaming;)

  5. What now? World of Railway Guns?

  6. is WG planning to remove P2W elements and excessive RNG idiot friendly features from the game?

  7. Yeah now kiss goodbye your frame rate. At least for those with laptops or no money ^^

  8. Hi QB, I have been playing the sandbox maps and agree-they are awesome!But, plus you get 25k in gold and 9999,999 in credits to play tanks you hope to get in the future! 🙂 The thing I would like to see is the ability to destroy some buildings so you can take short cuts into some new area on city maps and to hide out in them, as it seems stupid you cant use a 30-60 ton tank with HE shells to knock a hole through a building?

  9. I play to shoot tanks and not to look around nature, players with old pc are thrown out of the game ……sad

  10. There are 12 maps in this game? Nahhhh

  11. Wow 4K how nice. Too bad that the game is Toxic and Players suck ass in it. Nicer graphics won`t change anything when the developer Team is full of assholes who only care about making more cash and milking Players. Also have to add you say it is full with eyecandy? As a Graphic designer I instantly realized that the Gustav Gun is not set on the rails properly. What a fail it levitates about 30 cm next to the rail…

  12. the grass is waving a bit more wildly imho…but the rest is great…wait, the zeppelin is maybe overthetop. they were not used in ww2

  13. This looks amazing

  14. My guess is french heavies for holiday. I didnt touch world of tanks since the start of this year and Im not coming back until they release the new HD maps so hopefully they will release them soon.

  15. I heard that all maps would get an enlargement buff. Did I make a mistake? Did I hear wrongly in the official video?

  16. Breathtakingly beautiful

  17. Add HD maps to the game just like WG adds new HD tanks to the game. Push them out bit by bit.

  18. As nice as it would be to see the maps as soon as possible it may be a bit jarring if only 1/3 of the maps are in HD.

  19. 4:23 looks like a Battlefield 1 Map

  20. But then you realise that shit like RNG, Artillery, cheat mods, xvm, bad balance, gold ammo etc. is still in the game.

  21. 12 HD maps would be great, even if they had to remove the SD maps.

  22. Member havoc? Yeah i member.

  23. So when are they making the gustav a tier 11 arty?

  24. French heavy tree for holidays maybe?

  25. Gtx 1050 with intel g4560 is perfect for max 60 fps 1080p

  26. shouldve showed some gameplay

  27. What about the Polish tech tree?

  28. Put those maps in ASAP..

  29. doesnt make the shit game any better

  30. are traps gay ?

  31. Hey QuickyBaby, I just wanted to know that will these new graphic maps be implemented in the standard client or do we need the HD client?

  32. zeplin is recicled content from the 100year Tanks event

  33. OMG !!! I want to play HD maps as soon as posible

  34. well of course I’d rather have the 12 maps right away and then a new one every 2 months instead of waiting a year. Sure we have more maps now, but at least some of them are clones anyway.

  35. I pray that my 16 gb ram and 512 graphics card can survive

  36. @Quickybaby I thought on a Livestream with Mauzakrobat and Mailand the German Communitymanager saied that he cant say when the HD maps are on the Liveserver but he can say that they are not coming 2017.

  37. Didn´t they say at Gamescom that they don´t want to release any HD maps unless they have them all reworked? Like “we don´t want to have SD and HD maps in the game at the same time.” or something like that?

  38. Polish tank tree?

  39. I wish I could live in the map, damn it, it looks better than my house ?

  40. The visual effects and details in the game have always been the details of the popularity of the games, i believe the excitement of the game will grow again.Also
    Friendly fire must be closed.(My opinion)

  41. Hey, QB by holiday season you mean Christmas?
    You know, that part of the year when we celebrating that Jesus was born?

  42. Now console player got nothing to be proud of their client…oh no wait, they still got Chieftain…damn it!

  43. Solo estará disponible en él cliente HD?

  44. Wonder what kind of graphics card is this going to need?

  45. Rather wait till they go back to the drawing board and rework the game from top down instead of more lipstick on a pig, which is the reason I quit to begin with a year ago.

  46. They should wait and improve them as much as possible

  47. Give us back our ARTIES. Remove stun fucking effects

  48. A 970 should be enough from what I have heard.

  49. This looks awesome.

  50. I actually hope the game gets so laggy so I can’t play it

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