World of Tanks || NEW MAP – BERLIN!

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Tour of the upcoming Berlin map coming World of Tanks in update 10.0 Rubicon!

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  1. STANDERD!! Wargamoos pls do it in standerd aswell!! listin to the comunitie
    and QB!!

  2. The music who starts at 1:17 combines perfectly with the video ?

  3. i like to fight in berlin as before as today!!!!!!!!!!

  4. just another boaring city map , we need more open maps with treas and stuf

  5. himmelsdorf with a facelift

  6. History lesson with quickybaby lol, but I agree with quickybaby, this map
    needs to be in random battles

  7. fk yeah we need this and metro map too

  8. SIEG!!!

  9. I agree it would be cool to have it in random battles. …

  10. Yet no artillery fix, no chieftain and we get another russian OP medium.

  11. gg another useless city map, when is wg ever going to make a nice ballanced
    map instead of ruining existing maps?

  12. I would be very dissapointed if it won’t be in the random circulation

  13. do you play AW ?

  14. I’d love to see this map on XBOX, perhaps in Julember….

  15. where is muslim flag?

  16. Ode to Joy! I love Ode to Joy! 😀 This map looks beautiful xD

  17. Yes, nice and I personally want this map for Randoms.

  18. i love the map,
    BUT it really needs to be put in the random gamemode

  19. like like

  20. I want WG to include Berlin as a standard map

  21. luka tutorials&gaming

    W H O W A T C H I N G T H I S I N O C T O B E R ?

  22. I wouldn’t like to see this map in a random battle because its just another
    shitty city map which is shit for lights, artys, and tds. Wargaming should
    release more maps where you dont shoot yourself in the head when you dont
    play on them as heavys.

  23. Crogamer productions

    For me this is too much simular to the himelsdorf…I mean comeone they
    just removed hill an replaced trains with some buildings….Ok Ok there are
    some changes to down part but I think wargaming was litlle bit lazy…

  24. so, is Rubicon only about domination ?

  25. This map looks awesome, to bad they are only making it available for
    domination :(

  26. Random, definitly!

  27. i definitely think this map should be added to the random queue also
    wouldn’t it be awesome if they created a war torn london map and added it
    as well(if london had fallen)!

  28. berlin should also be a random map… the variation in random battle mode
    ofmaps could use a upgrade

  29. Valtteri Järvelä

    It will be amazing if Wargaming does it standard. :)

  30. Thank god its not in random game mode becouse iTS no fun for scouts

  31. August Berg-Hanssen

    My dad and me like to play together on World of tanks and i just wanted to
    say this 😉 and i hope you see this comment + we both of us love your vids!

  32. Yes please! More Random Que Maps! Gj Qb

  33. Sir Gregory Cromwell

    This map should defenitely be in the random carrousel. It is to beautiful
    to not do that. It also appears to be quit open despite all of the
    buildings, there aren’t corridors and it will be reasonably good for TD’s
    and arty.

  34. for some reason this map reminds me of the game company of heroes, such an
    awesome game :D

  35. pls wargaming put it also in random battles?

  36. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    Who are you calling dastardly? :)

  37. I , as a medium and light dirver , am pretty ok with this map as domination
    only ..

  38. I agree Quicky ;)


  40. your pronounce german words incorrectly work on your r

  41. I stopped watching once I realised it was only for the domination game,
    thanks WG….

  42. himmelsdorf without castle and more balanced between the two sides (the map
    is well mirrored). domination is fun for few games here and there but not
    for playing continuously. if they want to make the domination more popular
    maybe they should include this mode as clan battles with areas where you
    capture resources from opposite team (stronghold). But keeping away from
    random battles is unreal

  43. yup wargaming net please make Berlin and Paris map to Random battle!!

  44. i would love to play this in standard!!!

  45. Yessss, make it a standard map!

  46. In the mini map it looks a lot like Himmelsdorf.

  47. And a new city map…. scouting possibilties are becoming more and more
    tricky ! Gorgeous map though

  48. hmmmm, this music sounds an awful lot like the music in medal of honor
    rising sun……….

  49. I visited Berlin in July this year (long way from home here in Aus). Walked
    along Unter den Linden from the Berliner Dom, through the gate, down to the
    Reichstag. Have to say the map’s pretty decent given I was able to orient
    myself immediately and ‘remember’ the district without hesitation.
    Was lovely hot weather (hey I’m Aussie, so we like hot weather) and
    fascinating to visit as a history buff. Spent 3 nights there and loved it
    (I miss the European beer, so many excellent choices and crazily cheap).

  50. qb you are retarded this map would be shit for random

  51. I would like the map in random battles

  52. yes! adding this to random queues would be a blast! I agree they should
    definitely do that, even if it takes some tweaking.

  53. Johan Marais (NaughtyLemon)

    Top down view similar to that of Himmelsdorf.

  54. I agree this map should be in random battles. Seems fun and i will never
    play it if its only in domination

  55. in this map russian tank will get 99% plus speed , 2000% more lucky RNG
    shot, 100stalin % of bouncy armor, 1000% effectiveness killing german tank!
    and german tank will get buff 9000% for Amo rack chance, gun accuracy minus
    3billion % and every german tank run slower than the maus! when a german
    tank lose it will be minus 1 million credit to the bank! and Hitler will
    hang himself at your hangar!

  56. QuickyBabyTV are you a pad brat?
    or from Germany?
    just you give things the accent? ;-)

  57. are they also implementing a map of amsterdam? ?

  58. OMG….!!!!! Berlin Map looks AWESOME….!!!!! :)

  59. l like to see in pub matches

  60. This map is far too pretty to hide away in Domination mode, I reckon WG
    will use Domination mode as a kind of public test before changing whatever
    needs to be changed and releasing it as a regular map :)

  61. Honestly the Console team does a way better job when it comes to the
    aesthetics of a ruined city. If you haven’t seen the Xbox One’s rendition
    of Ruinberg, holy crap it looks way better than anything the PC team has
    came up with. In fact I can say that for a lot of maps.

  62. Oh boy an awesome looking map. Better make it exclusive to Rampage so
    nobody ever plays it

  63. Great! Another bombed out city map. That’s not depressing at all. Exactly
    what Wot was missing.
    What we’ll never see in WoT is 100% untouched natural map with 0 clue of
    civilization. No ruins, no bridges , no railroads, no dirt roads, no

  64. another map only for teir x

  65. must be normal map

  66. I just got the T37 on XB1 edition and need help. I loved the old Chaffee
    (pre 9.3 for PC) since 360 edition came out, but the T37 just doesn’t seem
    the same. Should I use it the same way(bush-scout for the first half of the
    game, then assassinate the lone heavies, mediums, and TDs) or try something
    else? And don’t say play PC edition

  67. QB can u add the wot assistant mod to your modpack in the next patch? It
    would be really helpful if you did because i cannot make wot assistant to
    work with your modpack.

  68. kinda looks like himisdorf layout

  69. Very nice and educational vid, but the Siegessaeule was not built to
    commemorate the Prussian war against Denmark in 1864, but to celebrate the
    Prussian/German victory over France in 1870/71. They even attached captured
    French gun barrels to the sides of the column.

  70. Making maps only for the retarded/fail modes that almost no one plays or
    gives a crap about, gg wg, wp.

  71. Darn! I hope this can be in the random battles… the domination game mode
    id pretty much tier 8 higher, and people still fighting their way up will
    not have the chance to play is quite unfair.

  72. Really you remove a map from random battles then add another but for
    domination only? can’t WG do anything right.

  73. TheBadNickname -87

    Fuck the domination, that blew my will to play this map. why not normal
    mode :/

  74. Prefer to see this map in Random style game

  75. ROME : total war soundtrack!Anyone?

  76. Love the map QB, too bad its only going to be in domination, the wait time
    to get into domination is way too long most of the time, I don’t think many
    people play it.

  77. Why the hell did they put so much effort into a map that can only be played
    in a mode that not many people really care?

  78. Danes are not dastardly!

    This map needs to be in standard random battles also.

  79. I would love standard map

  80. Cristian Villanueva

    Attero Dominatus!

  81. Did the top tier tank take a moment of reflection AT the Rubicon before
    declaring that the die was cast? o_0

    Lets see who gets that xD

  82. Domination only (possibly)? Oh well, thanks to QB I do actually get to see
    it, albeit only once.

  83. i was so happy i was singing along with the chorus

  84. looks better than the war thunder Berlin map……………..M

  85. Domination map again. mega lame. was hoping for more regular maps. instead
    they just keep deleting those.

  86. Next up: the Ardennes…
    or maybe Guadalcanal? Those would be pretty cool.

  87. the more maps the better as eventually you start getting into a rut if you
    have too few maps.

  88. They do need to add new maps to the rotation. especially if they are going
    to keep removing others.

  89. One of my first toughs on the map was: “why not use it in the random
    Yes, we agree with you! Let’s start a petition xD

  90. balloon air till exist since WWII??

  91. So pretty

  92. Another small map, because real tanks disappear at 540 meters.

  93. Randomize It! Plz.


  95. The city where this Portuguese born in Angola lives! WOT for fun! cya on da
    Batllefield comrade…

  96. Nice use of the 9th symphony :)

  97. its too bad…i still wont play thus game type even if theres a new map
    ….they should be focusing on there original random battles ……they
    should bring back highway

  98. looks like a redisigned version of himmels dorf

  99. That song at 1:21 sounded similier to a cod 5 song, and gives a ‘storm
    Seelow Heights’ vibe.

  100. FINALLY SOMEONE WITH TASTE IN MUSIC!!!! Beethoven’s 9th symphony

  101. I’m from Germany and its very funny when you say german-words like
    “Siegessäule” ;D Good Video, like. Lg

  102. small a little but nice still

  103. Tanks DID NOT fight in cities!
    Guns on tanks you play in this game had an efective range of up to 2.5 km
    average – sometimes more. Yet WoT keeps throwing at us tiny, cramped city
    maps – they are not nice, city maps are LAZY. Shows you that WG lacks
    imagination and drive. I know that WoT has very little to do with realism,
    but they are holding themselves back by repeating the city map pattern
    which is just effing borring. What tactics or team play you gonna use
    there?! hugging the corner and sidescrape?… cos thats why you need a tank
    for, isn’t it? – a fast moving mobile cannon and machine gun platform – to
    hug an effing corner and sidescrape… Pathetic WG, just pathetic.

  104. I like the background music… from CoD WoW (Call of Duty World at War) I
    used this exact same soundtrack in my history video for WWII. Great map…
    can’t wait for it.

  105. Looks pretty much like every other ‘torn apart city’ they’ve ever put in,
    slightly different layout … “WG have set the bar high”? you what?

  106. Roasted Lemon (Noticed by Senpai)

    Looks like War Thunder berlin to me.

  107. so much for new maps for regular mm

  108. can’t wait for E100s to go hull down on their own turret

  109. 최원영 (Tetsuo)

    LoL same as War Thunder’s map

  110. Berlin random map pls

  111. Stupid map! Tanks are made for open land warfare not urban warfare!

  112. Make it playable for all!

  113. WG are fucking worthless scum, so sick of their shit.
    They keep removing maps (some not bad) from random battles, then add
    domination only maps (this and Paris are domination only)?
    I hope their families are burned to death, fucking scum.

  114. Pls wargaming put this map in random battles

  115. The location of the Brandenberger Gate and the Reichstagg are completely

  116. IchButterMirDenLachs

    I know you played the music “Ode to Joy” because the map looks really epic,
    but just think about it, an “Ode to Joy” to a Berlin, destroyed by the

  117. Plz no more city maps………….

  118. 5:21 COMMUNICATE? With your team? IN WORLD OF TANKS? You must be new here

  119. Agree, I would love to play it in random battle.

  120. the capital city of my country >_>. Sounds funny if u speak the german
    words like “Siegessäule” :)

  121. Love the map…..wish they would put it in normal rotation though

  122. I would like to see this as a normal map. The capture the flag game mode
    isn’t for me.

  123. pleas make this map for random battle WG!!!!!!

  124. Well, guess I will never see it. Since I HATE the Domination game mode in
    any freaking game

  125. how do u zoom out? and im playing on a laptop plz tell me

  126. They need way more maps that this in the game

  127. Rather short :/ Could you have shown us a domination game on the map?

  128. Not sure Beethoven’s ninth goes with a tour of a shattered German city
    (care of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi’s).

  129. Could be great in normal match. Is amazing.

  130. would like to see it in the reg. map rotation

  131. I predicted that this would become a map after they modelled some parts for
    the victory parade event.

  132. first time ever that i can say i`ve walked on these streets in world of
    tanks :)

  133. This needs to be a standard map for the random queue.

  134. [LuckyPatchGaming]

    lol they copied warthunder

  135. LichKing300ification

    its rly nice also i want it to be a standard map too, btw i just saw your
    old video where you destroyed all enemies with m4, 😀 gj i need to try that

  136. cool want more of it

  137. I would like to see this in the random que but it seems like WG really
    wants to pimp this new mode hard

  138. wg are doing good job making lights and tds utterly useless

  139. cities & tanks do not mix. Stalingrad & Kharkov are awful maps……glad
    this shit is only going to be for domination so I can avoid

  140. This map should prove to be very interesting.

  141. No big AA tower ? Aawwwww

  142. I’m not really excited for yet another city map introduced to the game. I
    guess it might make sense in domination but I don’t want to see it in
    normal battle.

  143. Don’t want to be rude but the music in the beginning was the European hymn
    and not the German. I am kinda disappointed now :((

  144. How large is it?

  145. only for domination? another fail…

  146. Yes random battles

  147. Why this map cant be in random battles… Gg WG

  148. I prefer random map

  149. Purec Chaos world of tanks (bigdantheman2011)

    yes wood like to see this in random battles

  150. how big is it? like on the scale most maps are 1000m per line or block on
    the mini map.

  151. this map should be in all battle modes

  152. I hope that this map will never be used in random battles. I am sick and
    tired from urban maps and it´s slugfest playstyle…

  153. random battles would be better but it looks amazing

  154. They are going to want to get more people playing that game mode, of course
    they won’t adapt it to randoms at first in hopes to encourage that.
    Yeah I mean we would all like to see it.

  155. I haven’t bothered with non random battles so I guess I will not see this.

  156. yes slandered random map

  157. oh great, another flat map, perfect for russian and japanese superheavies.

    Bring back Pearl River!

  158. seems a bit to small for standart battles scouts would be able to spot from
    spawn possitions

  159. wow, I guess the WOT team is so desperate for map ideas their going and
    stealing War Thunders, GG Wargaming, at least you have World of Warships

  160. xD The statue is flipped the wrong way.

  161. Yes it would be a welcome adition to the maps for random battles.

  162. Why would they not put it in the random battle queues…? Just to
    ‘encourage’ people to play their new, shiny game mode? :P

  163. I swear if this map is only available in domination then go fuck urself WG
    for trying to get us play ur shit game mode. make good maps available in
    random battles or stop making shit maps in a bad game mode.

  164. And all the battle for Berlin live streams start raining.

  165. I agree it needs to be random battles map

  166. Magnus Fosstveit (MFSoccer)

    I would like to see it in random battle!

  167. this is a good map

  168. I have been wating for so long to see Berlin turn up to be a map we could
    play on… It’s the ultimate map… Plaese WG, bring it on….

  169. Definitely needs to get into random battles as well. :D

  170. QuickyBaby check out this error 5:22 you said: … you should communicate
    with your team !!! HOW can you say that with a straight face when you know
    that you are talking about world of tanks players. I was all over the floor
    when i heard that.

    But still this map should be in random b… only random b .. i really don’t
    like the domination mode.

  171. Hot damn, it looks awesome. But like you, I think it would be such a waste
    to only see it in domination mode!

  172. It’s looking good. i hope i will vond in the rendom battle to

  173. Of course it’s gonna be added to the stupid game mode …

  174. It looks awesome. I hope it will become a map for random battles.

  175. good thing part of the map is in war thunder. now I know where to go

  176. This map would be amazing on standard battles :)

  177. god WG is so can they make progress so slow?New engine…. they
    sayed 2 years ago.look At WT,now they are making real progress.

  178. #QuickyBabyForPresident

  179. I think this map could really work well in standard battle, nice open parts
    for tank destroyers. Also there’s a good portion of closer quarter combat
    in the city for medium and heavy tank warfare.

  180. Not really sure…… The epicenter of the evil Nazi regime, and the
    epicenter of the soviet revenge on the german civil population. Do we
    really turn that into a gamescene…. ? Not sure that i like that,
    allthough I love Berlin.

  181. Max Lutke Schipholt

    is the test server going to be on aswell

  182. Yeah pls let it be for domination mode only. Looks like shit.

  183. Looks gorgeous! (and send it to xbox ;-)

  184. Yeah, this map should be random battle :)

  185. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    Quite a bit different from WT’s version as there are more intact
    buildings… In WT most of the stuff is leveled to the ground with just
    walls standing…

  186. I want to fight on this map in random battles :D

  187. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    Fuck you Wargaming. Fuck Domination.
    What a beautiful map, too bad I’m never gonna play on it.

  188. They seem to be intent on pushing people out of normal randoms. Screwing up
    fun low-tier tanks, removing maps and adding new stuff for other modes

  189. random battles plz

  190. Well, actually Quickybaby…. The “Reichstag” is pronounced like
    “Reichs-tag” . Meaning: there is no “sh” sound in it. 🙂 But anyway, nice
    Video and greetings from an original Kraut. ^^

  191. where is Hitlers base?

  192. yes random battle berlin pls

  193. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    there is only one problem with almost all of the wot maps….they are
    fuckin quite as a graveyard….
    the only action going on is the pvp tank battles….
    plus have you even seen outside the map border???? there nothing on the
    other sidejust fog fog and more fuckin fog looks like a plate with building
    rather then a actual map

  194. if you look at the mini map you can see that it was it looks very close to
    the map himmelsdorf.

  195. holy mother of hitler

  196. You pronounce reichstag as reikstak (i think, im not german D:)

  197. I totally agree quicky, lately they have only put out special domination
    maps, and it makes me really sad. well maybe maps that are used in
    domination are going to be used in realistic battles in the future…

  198. Great video but its not rrrrrrreichstag :-P

  199. Yes. Any new maps instead of new tanks is better.

  200. lolololol did you guys see the blimps in the sky????

  201. This Intro !!! XD XD XD

  202. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    yeah this map should be in random battles.
    but the thing is it would be more awesome when driving t34s tigers, king
    tigers, panthers in this map then the post war 50s and 60s bullshit

  203. The map looks great, but it will be nice if we see it in Random Battles.

  204. I think the Berlin map will be putted in the standart game

  205. Kinda sad they prolly won’t add this map for random battles…….

  206. i think it must be using in random to

  207. Abdulrahman Azzawi

    yeah I would love to see this in random battles

  208. Harrison Rawlinson

    Great looking map as usual but I wish it was available for random battles
    because that would be amazing to drive down the Streets of Berlin in a
    Random Battle

  209. Poor Maus it can’t fit in there

  210. it needs to be in the random battle map line-up.

  211. Peter Andreas Kirk Lossius

    Would love to see this in random battles

  212. Let’s get some maps with actual tank territory!

  213. Hopefully this map can be available in other game modes… in Domination,
    I’m usually too busy being a meat shield to appreciate the time and effort
    that went in to generating the environment.

  214. Is domination mode still gonna make sh*t loads of creds like it did in the
    earlier cases or is it gonna be tamed down….either way ill play it but if
    it does make that sh*t load of creds like it use to I will SPAM IT.

  215. Who gives a fck about wot… all ppl play AW LOL

  216. its too small for random battels but it will do fine for domination ;)

  217. Yes definitely needs added to random battles, not a fan of domination mode

  218. Great looking map. But I, and many other players if not most, have no
    interest or very little interest in taking part in domination/encounter
    battles, personal missions, platoons, pub battles, or clan wars. In most
    cases we just don’t have the time or inclination. I’ve heard from several
    sources that War Gaming is actually removing another map or two from the
    random battle rotation which is, in my opinion at least, unwise. They
    should instead ADD a map or two since the current list is becoming rather
    boring from repletion alone. The new “Berlin” map looks good…But I rather
    doubt I, among many others, will ever play on it if it remains a “special

  219. New map :3 .. I love wargaming ….

  220. Seems like a huge disappontment to have it only for domination mode. Right
    up Wargamings mode of operatoin. Sink untold amounts of hours and resoures
    into stuff that has basically no impact on the game while ignoring stuff
    that has been a hinderance for 5 years.

  221. Berlin!!;D

  222. Nope, no more city maps plz!!

  223. yeh wargaming should make this map in random battles

  224. Seriously only for Domination? Come on.. That’s sad. I’d love to play it on
    a random battle. Tempting to make me want to play Domination, but that’s
    sad. I was excited for the map in random battles as well :c

  225. Nice map. But look’s like a Himelsdorf

  226. Joseph Ciontea (Zigzera)

    I bet they will added it to random and just use Dom as a further test for
    the map

  227. Oh YAY another fucking CITY map :/

  228. looks like they’ve tried to merge the old Potsdammer Platz & the area
    around the Brandenburg Gate & Reichstag. As a Berlin resident I’m a tad
    disapointed :-/

  229. I love the map
    i definitely think it should be a random battles map
    it would do great. I think it would also be thrilling to be spotting a the
    very begining

  230. Best map ever

  231. “wg set the bar high with stalingrad” yeah i sure do love having half my
    usual fps

  232. The minimap looks a lot like Himmelsdorf

  233. I totally agree !

  234. Just another Himmelsdorf, just another pain my art.

  235. Oh phew, only for domination, I was getting woried they would add this
    wreck into random battles.

  236. This totally needs to be added to random battles. I don’t ever plan on
    playing the new mode, would be a shame to miss out such a glorious map.

  237. I would love to see this in randoms, perhaps with a bit of
    tweaking/balancing if needed. Looks neat and would be better for arty than
    himmelsdorf and still allows more opportunities for lights and paper

  238. waitet so long for this map

  239. Random battles for the berlin map would be great!

  240. berlin is fucked up ….

  241. can we just get over this god damn mode and get the fcking map on regular
    random battles?!

  242. yoann “ZeBra66” llareus

    When are they going to build Paris ??

  243. Will wargaming keep penalizing light tank drivers? They’re doing a great
    job on it if it’s all their intentions?


  245. New version new maps = new fly glitches YAY!!!!! :D

  246. Definately would like to see this map in random battles

  247. Dastardly Danes? They attacked us damn it!

  248. Thumbs down to WG if it’s just for domination mode, I’m not even going to
    bother watching the rest of the video.

  249. Berlin – after Merkel’s run out of office. Isn’t it missing several

  250. Beethoven was epic.

  251. Finally good to see this thing with English commentary seen it a few times
    a month or so ago but the audio was always Russian.

  252. Yes, I want this map to be standard!

  253. 100% would love to see this as a random battle map!

  254. i would definitely like to see this in random battles

  255. Heck yeah I would like it in a random battle. Those streets are a dream for
    a TD in a city map.

  256. This map looks like amazing and I’m sure it should be fun to play on!

  257. Would luv to see this map in randoms.Paris??!!They didn’t fight in Paris.If
    they’re going to make shit up,put Washington DC on there.I’d pay to get to
    blow up congress.

  258. Looks like a meds dream a artys nightmare and a heavies bitch

  259. another bs map

  260. Why do so many cities have their own weird arch thing? Sources:

    Paris: Arc de Triomphe
    Roma: Arco di Constantino (Right by the Colosseum, which happens to be
    covered in bloody arches)
    Alternative Geschichte Berlins: The Thing at 0:29 (Which I now know is the
    Brandenburg Gate)

    Is it some sort of competition?
    By the way, I’ve got no idea if the Berlin map IS alternate history, but I
    think the Paris map will be, so my assumption is already made. The map
    looks somewhat more intact from what I’d imagined. I know Düsseldorf was
    the most heavily bombed axis city, but even so…

  261. Now, we demand Paris

  262. M4 needs to be commentating this in german :P

  263. Yeah…. awesome!!!

  264. I would like to see this map as a standard map

  265. we want a Q A

  266. Totally agree about putting this in randoms

  267. I know QB is trying real hard but his german pronounciation sucks so bad ?

  268. Yes this map would be great for random battles aswell.

  269. I hope it’ll be included into random matches, though not so good for
    lights. Perhaps make the map larger?

  270. SovietTenkDestroyer

    At least it doesn’t look like a nuke hit the city. *cough *cough War
    Thunder *Cough *Cough

  271. Where is Hitler’s bunker? …BOGUS ! :)

  272. standard batles as well, please:-)

  273. HEIL!

  274. do you think Paris will be the next iconic city added?

  275. Must have for random battles!!!

  276. Dimitris Galiatsatos

    Seems like a map which will have a lot of glitches like Stalingrad . This
    means nice team trainings with my panzer1c

  277. Man, and I thought jingles was the only history buff world of tanks

  278. Beautifull

  279. Allabaster Die Yang

    I agree with qb this map needs to be in the random queue … until everyone
    complains on how broken it is and rage quits everytime they get onto this
    map BUT until then i would love to enjoy it

  280. Kinda strange when you see a city you love and been to so many times like
    this. On the other hand its a reminder that you surely not want something
    like 1945 again and how lucky we all are, to not live in a warzone or
    period. Still, great job modeling this map! :)

  281. they SOOO stole that from War Thunder

  282. It would be good to have this map in the standard random battles!

  283. looks awesome cant wait to get it on Xbox

  284. Where the hell is Hitler’s bunker?!

  285. anyone finding this similar to himmelsdorf ? of course despite the trails
    and the castle on hill

  286. mhhhh idk nichtsowie hier XD

  287. Yes I agree to put this map in the random battle this map is alsome

  288. I wonder if they included the area where bunker that Hitler was hiding
    during the battle of Berlin.

  289. What’s the march’s name in the beginning?

  290. Corentin63490 Corentin123

    yeah ir should be on standard batle

  291. Which one is more historical? This one or war thunder’s

  292. It would be cool if this game mode was only for light tanks with a speed of

  293. Having been to Berlin, its amazing to see the Brandenburg Gate in game and
    look at the street and think “Ive been there!”.

  294. Great another retarded city map. As if Stalingrad and Kharkov weren’t
    retarded enough.

  295. the history lesson was nice

  296. Streets are to clean

  297. I had great memories playing COD: WaW. Watching this reminded me of Reznov
    with the flag.

  298. Looks boring but yea that is because of world of tanks itself all the
    mechanics make it open like al those long open streets pretty boring.

  299. WarGaming won’t make this an random map because they are lazy idiots who
    can’t do anything right. They also think that by making an name a German
    city map after a real city in Germany, they think it’s straightaway related
    to nazism, because in WG, everything that is not Russian is bad.

  300. Bas Riemenschneider

    IT’S JUST A MAP!!!

  301. QB what would you think if they did a gamemode where the flag carrier is
    against everyone else and they have to hold on to the flag as long as
    possible and when someone else picks up the flag they are against everyone
    else then. Kinda like king of the hill

  302. I bet that next year WoT and War Thunder will have the same maps.

  303. Wait the hymn of europe? 😀
    Not the german national hymn?
    QB what are you doing?

  304. Damn, Berlin looks great. Crossing my fingers that WG Chicago brings some
    of this sweet stuff to Xbox. Instead of cool new maps and good game modes,
    we got Team Battle mode (i.e. standard battles with no bases) and bad PvE.

  305. Will be there also a new map at regular battles?

  306. i’d like to play this map in random battles aswell.

  307. its just himmelsdorf without the hill :(

  308. off to visit my son whos working in Berlin next month…will report back!!

  309. keinsteinplaysmc mc

    new glitches incoming

  310. You had me until Domination mode. This will be a map I will never play :(

  311. it is such a big shit that its only is in rampage.

  312. sabaton ghostdivision

    tell them qb they lisen to you map is good for random battle too

  313. The song lol!Ode and die freude!

  314. Video on a Friday?

    Shouldn’t you be getting down and/or looking forward to the weekend,

  315. From looking at this map, and how the buildings are in the video itself, I
    get the sense that it will be even more arty unfriendly than Himmelsedorf.
    But at least it’s got size, so I don’t see me hating this map more than
    Ensk when I’m driving arty.

  316. sorry to dont have this map on random battle

  317. kristoffer skjordal

    Late to the party Wargaming!

  318. so only guys w/ tier 10 tanks can only play the upcoming domination game
    mode???? -_-

  319. would be amazing in random battles especially if you have a Tiger or and
    British/Russian tank

  320. bring it to standard

  321. Better fix matchmaking instead NO MORE 0/15 MATCHES PEOPLE RISE UP RISEEE
    nah just kidding awesome map

  322. Berlin after muslims are the majority…

  323. gabe hearon (thinegauntlet)

    tHISSSSSSSSSSSS looks like a great map

  324. It looks great but your right I would like to see it as a random battle map

  325. where is the Raffle??? Where???

  326. I want to this map in random battles :)

  327. Is this also for Random battles? Hope so… looks like a nice map

  328. I’m really glad you mentioned at the end about your disappointment that
    this will not be in the Random Queue. If i’m honest I think the random
    queue needs some more maps, or some way of randomising things slightly
    more. There are lots of good ones, except you get the same 2 or 3 over and
    over and over and over on a week long cycle. Don’t get me wrong, there have
    been some good new maps added lately, it just seems that we don’t get to
    play them often enough.

  329. Player Maxime (Zefling)

    I think this map need to be in random battle but you know wargaming need to
    give some exclusive to new game mode because for now new game mode was not
    really popular…

  330. I can see my house from here

  331. The music makes me miss Hearts of Iron games.

  332. No question that it should get into the random rotation

  333. ”I have been waiting this for sooooo long. Sadly it’s just for domination.
    ” I agree with you and QB. MAKE THIS MAP FOR RANDOM BATTLES!

  334. random battle mode !!!

  335. CHRoOMAX - Randoms Videos!

    I’m danish and oh boy am I glad that I live now and not in the 19th

  336. Well done map but really shows what war times are like and what they can do
    to a beautiful city

  337. Interesting

  338. random battle for the win ! i dont fuck sheep btw !

  339. Why did QuickyBaby not cover any of the map changes that came in one or two
    patchs ago ?

  340. berlin after immigrants , tell me if iam wrong
    wake up people of europe
    btw nice map :)

  341. Of course i would like to see this map in the stadard battles, I mean it’s
    That is where the end of the second world war took place and world of tanks
    is set in that time period…soo yeah, i vote yay for Brelin :)

  342. wow wg is throwing with new tanks and maps but they are unable to put
    logics and physics into the game ._.

  343. And everybody in LTs, SPGs, and TDs groaned at WG yet again.. Seriously WG,
    give us some love!

  344. HistoryBaby. 🙂 greetings from germany (munich tho).

  345. i love this map,but 1 bad. i dont have any tier 10 tank .:( i want this map
    in to regular games

  346. I wish it was a map on normal rotation and not just Donination

  347. I really really want it in the random queue as well. I dont play
    rampage/domination at all because i dont hav eany tier 10s (i dont now if
    dominqtion is for tier 10 only as well?) I love the new maps

  348. looks awesome :D

  349. Add to random battles or bust. :)

  350. I mean this map looks aweome and definetly should be on standard maps

  351. Could you do one on the amx12t here soon please

  352. Is it me or are others having a terrible time viewing this. Forget Jingles
    problem. This is terrible. U TUBE????

  353. I would like they move this for standard battles. Thats would be great

  354. *nice

  355. Defintely needs to be available for regular pub battles.

  356. yay!!!!!!!!! first

  357. This video is really ice (like all of your videos ) i like the map and yes
    it would be great to see the map in the standard battles. Iam from Berlin
    and this map is only epic *-*

  358. Daniel Sedlarević

    I feel bad that I won’t be able to play this map for some time. Such a

  359. 360p Club 🙂
    I would love to see this as a normal map.

  360. 4th comment ?

  361. Isn`t this rampage only map?

  362. ah, se la Merkel vedesse come sti polacchi della WG hanno rovinato Berlino
    gli invaderebbe di nuovo…

  363. Sergiu George Pintea


  364. High-End Benchmarks

    I have been waiting this for sooooo long. Sadly it’s just for domination.

  365. a nuther town map we got to many town maps

  366. Well heloooooon nurse!!

  367. So sweet looking! I hope we have this map for random games too.

  368. these weekly fucking updates are driving me nuts

  369. 333th view OO:

  370. I’m from Berlin and… wow. Looks exacly like the old city.

  371. SpooksGaming | Road to 200 subs!

    Last time I came this early I was paying child support

  372. 2nd comment

  373. Earliest i have been

  374. I had so much fun making this video! What do you think of Wargaming’s
    version of Berlin?

  375. berlin map!

  376. Hey QB!

  377. 2nd comment!!!!

  378. Hissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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