World of Tanks || NEW MAP – PARIS

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World of Tanks – Paris. 9.16 brings a new map to the random queue – Paris!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best I have played and I fully recommend it.


  1. How to block this fucking donkey person from showing up in my suggestions?
    I hate this retard!

  2. How can eh be your favorite composer if you can’t even pronounce his name

  3. Hey QB i`m sure you are already know but with your last mod update, there
    is no gun fire sound and there is no pointer on the mini map, could you pls
    check/fix the issue

  4. too much teamwork needed :(

  5. Did you really intend to destroy the Foche statue with a German tank?

  6. I expect to see a lot of scumbag suicides in the river.

  7. New map looks great

  8. LOVE it, it looks truly amazing ♥

  9. Thanks for the Preview. Great Job!

  10. whats the size of this map? 1000×1000?

  11. This map is awesome and i hope we see more maps like this one.
    Also as somebody else already said – i hope they make Berlin map as well.

  12. We’ll always have DERP. In Paris.

  13. wow another stupid city map thats way to smal.
    when is wg ever gonna make a good map instead of changing the good ones or
    removing them.
    we dont need more smal ass city maps in fact we need less and if noobgaming
    doesnt want to remove them they should at least make them low tier maps. i
    mean ensk is total bs in a tier 10 game and should instead be tier 6 max or
    even tier3 maybe.

  14. Ferdinands and Fochs shooting Ferdinand Foch.

  15. will they get rid of Ensk now? … or any map that is the size of a

  16. This map would be pretty interesting if not for artillery invalidating 75%
    of the good spots. Get rid of the bullshit arty camping spots, please WG.
    Make them actually relocate in order to shoot different parts of the map
    and MAYBE they’ll be fair.

  17. tbh i don’t like map like this at all 🙂 another ENSK

  18. first thing doing on the newest map is blowing ferdinand fochs head off!
    like it

  19. can we enter one of the 750 no go zones paris also have???

  20. wargaming should implement the old maps again, e.g. northwest or hidden
    village :/
    these maps provided a huge variety and where a big plus for the game, I
    dont know why they’ve taken them away, because on consoles they a still
    played and dont have many problems…

  21. Sweet map!

  22. So they said they worked hard to rework this for randoms so that path
    finding is easier for all classes after having it for steel hunt etc. But
    it seems like they just removed rubble near the statue and that’s it. Hard
    work indeed.

  23. It would be cool to be able to destroy the tower so it falls on the

  24. tanks that will do good in this map : jpe100, e3, fv 183, is4 fest, is7,
    e100 south and arty if ppl are dumb enough to go field cuz no hard cover.
    Can’t wait for the mm to put heavies against meds as top tier in this.
    10/10 map good to have support mediums with gun depression boyz

  25. Not another city, Ruinberg-like map ffs!! If I wanted to play first-person,
    corner-pick-a-boo shootout, I’d certainly play another game rather than

  26. I wonder if WG will make a Moscow map where you can trash statues of Lenin
    and things like that…

  27. I wonder if this will be a good map for the Ferdinand and the ISU-152,
    anyways I can’t wait to get killed on that map XD

  28. Nice story and battle scenario Qbby, we all know that it will be a total
    mess on a new map! see you in the battle

  29. this will soon be a reality in paris. The place is ablaze from illegals and

  30. I aaaaaaabsolutely adore it. I adore every new map as soon as it lounches.
    I love Pilsen, I can’t wait to try Paris.

  31. man I wish WG would just pause the making of all the city maps and make a
    map of The Ardennes

  32. Looks good, it’s a city map sure, but it has opportunities for all tank
    classes witch is nice :D

  33. Richard Christianto

    GJ wargaming for making a fair map :v

  34. well, so WG is making realistic maps now 😀 great, i expect Prague next :D

  35. The map looks like a moustache on a face when u zoom out

  36. If this map is accurate to Paris there might be players who live in a house
    in this map.

  37. Fosh You!

  38. 1:25 lol hahahahahah!

  39. another city map? oh well time to break out the domestos…

  40. I hope this one is limited to Tier VI max, FFS can WG make smaller maps? we
    ask for bigger and better they give us smaller and repetitive. Ok it’s a
    gorgeous map but it’s small as a pee and it’s almost compliantly
    flat.”Dynamic” gameplay they said.
    We are in 2016 ffs, the game has 5 years and they still can’t make big maps
    and/or balanced for all nations and classes.

  41. Anyone have an idea when 9.16 will release?

  42. To be able to knock down Foch is a disgrace. WG, should make it a solid
    structure that can not be broken, before they release 9.16

  43. and where are the muslim terrorist???

  44. great a new map

    lol off with his head lol foch is no more ;-)

  45. Ah, chocolate in Paris. *Drools*

  46. Not a fan of city maps

  47. Quickiebaby : The two big white buildings in the center of the map are the
    Chaillot Palace. The Chaillot Palace hold the two first meetings of the
    brand new UN institution. During these meetings, the Human Rights
    Declaration have been adopted by the UN. When UN Headquarters in New York
    were finished, the Palace came back to it’s initial role : a museum and a
    theater, shortly, to became NATO headquarters in the 50s (moved to another
    building in 1959 and moved out of France when France left NATO). In the
    pool in the middle of the openfield (Trocadero Square), Allies put an
    anti-air canon as soon as they took back the city. Since then, the Palace
    came back once again to its initial purpose. The west wing contains two
    museums (Museum of Man, an anthropology museum ; and the National Navy
    Museum). The east wing contains a theater and the City of Architecture, a
    cluster made of an architecture museum, an architecture school and a
    prestigious other “”school”” for already graduated architects).

  48. Looks like a solid map. I just wish the focus would be more on the strategy
    than on lineair engagements.

  49. 112 buffed 😀 yay !!!!!!!

  50. This is probably the first map I can play all classes comfortably. The one
    time I got it on the test server I was one shit by an artillery on my team,
    so getting it on live will be nice

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