World of Tanks || New Map – Pilsen – 9.13 Preview

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m previewing the upcoming Czechoslovakian , Pilsen, arriving in patch 9.13. The map is based on the Skoda Factory in Pilsen where Czechoslovakian, and ultimately German, tanks were constructed before, and during, World War 2.

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is a 2 Play is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.

Music: Dvorak – Serenade for Strings Op22 in E Major larghetto by Advent Chamber Orchestra. Licensed under a Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. CC BY-SA 3.0


  1. all i see is new stalingrad

  2. Thank you for the historical background.

  3. 2:35 holy shiet… 6th mark of excellence !! :o

  4. nice music ambiance :D

  5. たろうたなか

    I think WG is hating TDs and artys ,isnt they?

  6. Very interesting map indeed. I think that the map is great, and will be a
    lot of fun to play on Pilsen :D

  7. ummm ok? the Skoda factory was in Czechoslovakia right? and wasnt the Czech
    with russia in the war? if so y are there hetzer bodies being there?

  8. This map looks so good!! Looking forward to try it out!

  9. 5 years have passed. Graphics looked junk then, and they’re still bad.

  10. I norwegian the name of this map means beer! (Y) Cheers mates!

  11. Nice map indeed. Really looking forward to play on it. I also like the
    Czech inscriptions on the walls and doors (such as Kouření zakázáno – No
    Smoking) but in one of the earliest previews of the map I saw a destroyed
    “Brewery” sign above one of the gates – hope that this has been reworked –
    I mean there were German and Czech languages used for that but never
    English.Anyway, thanks for this map WG and now — how about DUKLA PASS?

  12. Appears that this is a disappointing almost carbon copy of Stalingrad.

  13. Guys i have a problem, i can’t get on the testserver because its saying
    something like ‘Vehicles’. What i have to do to get on the testserver?

  14. If they made the same attempt to design a map for all machines as they did
    with making it look pretty, this would be a great map

  15. Finally, West czech republic in Pilsen was doing here, and some buildings
    still standing, most already razed to the ground leaving only 30% of the
    original factory

  16. can’t wait to get this map. thank you

  17. Hehe Hetzers gonna Hetz 1:20

  18. seems like a good COD map

  19. looks like Stalingrad to me.

  20. if we get czhech medium tank that means the hetzer is a czech tank so it
    means there will be Czech TankDestroyers

  21. when come the 9.13 version?

  22. Nice choice for music to display the map qb =D

  23. QB give a gameplay of Pilsen map. Drive a tank in the map and make a video
    please. It’s nice to see that this map is comming to RANDOM game mode.

  24. QB give a gameplay of Pilsen map. Drive a tank in the map and make a video
    please. It’s nice to see that this map is comming to RANDOM game mode.

  25. niis

  26. Beautiful music. Quality as always QB!

  27. Holy crap, I thought I’d accidentally clicked on a FO4 vid for a moment
    there XD

  28. Looks awesome! Hope that it goes into heavy rotation.

  29. R.I.P THIS MAP PATCH 10.1. also the slogan welcome to world of 3 maps is
    coming true.

  30. well just 5 more to add then their right back to square one

  31. I could see a maus using the support beams in the center of map to hide the
    lower plate as its very narrow.

  32. Looks great. Looks different from most other maps so far. Can’t wait.
    thanks for sharing.

  33. mummified Hetzers! D:

  34. WoT or Fallout 4. Can’t tell the difference anymore.

  35. I am 18 Czechoslovakian

  36. I’m all for historical locations but the last thing we need right now is
    another Ensk. World of Tanks is rapidly becoming World of Heavies.

  37. the hetzer graveyard :c

  38. love the intro music … what’s the title of that qb ?

  39. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    When WG implements Co-Op, they should add a mode where you have to fight
    off hordes of Pz. 35t, Pz. 38t, and Hetzer tanks.

  40. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    The arguments about naming the map Pilsen are somewhat silly. During the
    time period this map is set in, the town was in German control and would
    therefore have been called Pilsen. If this map took place when the town was
    in Czechoslovakian control, then it would be accurate to name it Plzen.
    (Sorry for not having the accented “n”, but Youtube wont let me paste into
    the comment box, and I can’t find a working alt code for the character.)

  41. Nice, another city map unsuitable for arties and TDs. Thank you WG for
    slowly murdering my 2 favorite classes.

  42. Hey Quickybaby my friend abacaxildo got me a SU-100Y and I had to wait 4
    days and it’s finally here!! He’s so sweet!

  43. Im from germany and I really like how QB pronounces german words. He does a
    pretty good job there i think. Keep up the good work QB! 🙂

  44. idk if I’m dense, but it seems to me as if though the frontal armor on the
    hetzer bodies seemed a little too thin

  45. It’s like Stalingrad and Ensk decided to have a kid…

  46. Yay they put a workbench from fallout 4!! Can we build settlements in WoT

  47. Whats the name of the intro melody?

  48. That map looks a lot like Škoda factory!

  49. Pils: type of beer in belgium/holland
    Pilsen is plural Xd

  50. QB why do you pronounce the numbers in German tank names in German? I
    believe you don’t do that with other nations.

  51. This map is almost the same as Ensk. It looks larger though.

  52. looks like port….

  53. No no no, 1 more “city” map……………come on WG !!!

  54. Really does feel like Ensk 2.0 that’s been enlarged. The open field feels
    very much a token nod to TD and LT drivers. I seriously wonder about
    effectiveness of taking the field to enemy cap when the cap is such an open
    zone. We shall see.

  55. kind of reminds me of the last area of Stalker clear sky and the area with
    the brain scrambler. looks cool, just hope i get this map more then i get
    overlord. never seem to get to play it.

  56. how will the camera view in a tank look inside a building because it
    doesn’t currently beside a building?
    does anyone know ?
    Has anyone tried it?

  57. -No bushes or concealment
    -Few hills or riges
    -Lots of corridors

    Confirmed for new typical WoT-map

  58. holly sht can’t wait till this map is released it looks beast

  59. TheKingCobra78 [_RA_]

    could this be a replacement for Ensk so that they can limit what tier tanks
    play that map?

  60. Die schönen Herzer :(

  61. Hard for arty

  62. I hope it’s not going to be another high tier only map

  63. It is funny, that we have managed to rebuild the factory in just a month
    after 75% of the factory was completely bombed. It started producing
    railroad stram engines in June 1945 after being reduced to bricks the
    previous months 🙂
    and yes i am from the Czech Republic :D

  64. Is just another map QB ! Relax!!

  65. The ladies must go crazy when you speak german quickybaby. Maybe some man
    as well hahahahaha

  66. I hate Ensk, so this will be another map i’d like to avoid during the

  67. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Cool stuff, I wonder how this really will play out and this really looks
    like it’s going to be a check your corners type of deal and an enlarged
    version of Ensk.

  68. Meanwhile, Paris map got shafted.

  69. Thanks, it’s much appreciated.

  70. As if Kharkov and Stalingrad were not enough, we get another retarded map
    for heavies. Short range shots, armour counts for more than mobility, no
    good sniping positions, no good scouting locations, no concealment. WG’s
    quest to make lives easier for KV and IS drivers continues.

  71. for me just nice to see a new map and a historical one at that

  72. It looks like it’s going to be fun.

  73. When’s 10.0 lol

  74. ProclaimedWizard 17

    what tiers does it play

  75. I just comment here because he said it helps. Thank you qb for this awesome

  76. Is this where the lager comes from?

  77. That map makes me want to kill all the Ghuls, find the nearest workbench,
    scrap all the metal and set up a radio becon to get some minutemen in
    Time to play Fallout 4 again…

  78. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    this is more of a heavy tank map….screw you weak armor medium drivers!!

  79. Too bad they threw away a gorgeous-looking map by just cloning an existing

  80. Finally a new map! I’m getting really bored of the current PC rotation.

  81. 04:55 that writing on the gate means smoking forbiden 😀 I am from Czech
    republic and I hope that this patch will ve awesome :)

  82. Okay, boy, all you do is really good (really 😉 ), but I think that would
    be better for people who don’t understand easilly english like me (i’m
    french) if you just write subtitles in english because it can be translated
    correctly if there are good subtitles.
    Good job ! this map will be really good (without for artilleries ^^), but i
    think only crazy boys will go to the center ! moreover, this is a problem
    in the black zone of the factory of center, you can go there if you know
    the good way ! ^^ Sorry for my bad english ! :p

  83. This map looks like reworked Stalingrad map.

  84. Good content – lovely soundtrack.

  85. Oh joy. Another city map. My light tanks and arty are crying.

  86. QuickyBaby your German sounds funny every time I hear it…

  87. holy shit this is a ripoff of armored warfare

  88. A new good scout, td, spg map again, yess:) or not…

  89. kinda feel like this is on blacks ops

  90. here you saw the replacement for Ensk, one of the most crap cards of WoT^^

  91. You can actually go in a lot of out map positions.:D

  92. same layout on the map as ensk

  93. Quickybaby, please don’t roll the R that much. That’s more an austrian
    thing. Hitler was Austrian. Only the fact that he had his HQ in Berlin
    doesn’t make him German. That’s why most Foreigners thing all germans talk
    like Hitler…

    Just to clear things up.

    Anyways, nice video as always. Keep up!

  94. please don’t hate but it looks a bit like zavod 311 from Battlefield , Even
    though it’s not the same location

  95. Finally. A long overdue decent city map. Too bad we are losing two decent
    field maps in exchange; and the craptastic desert maps persist. Still, this
    should help the atrocious map rotations slightly.

  96. nice that pile of hetzers

  97. Too little too late they should have made the guns accurate again and put
    back much of the view range on the vehicles and restricted prem ammo to 10%
    over stock for damage and pen.

  98. That map is: simply clever

  99. When I read Pilsen my heart dropped into my pants….Pls not the
    brewery!!!!! But then i watched the vid and everything was fine again,
    “only” the Skoda factory:)
    Thx for the preview, QB! Looking forward to that.

  100. Great map epasally as enks is really small.

  101. New Map? ok, where are the fly bbugs?

  102. Thanks for adding the Dvorak serenade, QB — a thoughtful and intelligent
    touch. On the one hand, WG has done a superb job of simulating a place and
    a time. OTOH, the destruction of war is horrendous, and may yet be the
    death of us all. (I’m no pacifist, but we all know that to be a distinct
    possibility, especially after Iran gets atomic weapons.)

    I love the gameplay featured here, and QB’s superb commentary and editing.
    I’ve played wargames all my life, and I’m not trying to be Mr Buzzkill …
    but have you ever considered the number of times even the very best players
    in this game have died? I don’t think it’s depressing, but it’s certainly
    sobering to consider. Please do.

  103. Holy shit this map looks awesome

  104. Nice way to explain people the Munchen agreement to people who dont know
    what happened to czechoslovakia. (im also from Czech Republic) We were
    thrown right into the jaws of nazi germany with every other contry not
    giving a single f*ck about us…. and after the war not even sayin sorry.
    Really nice video btw 😀 WG made a good work and i cant wait playin on it
    with some czechoslovakian tanks :D

  105. good map :)

  106. German accent 10/10

  107. great another crap map for arty

  108. 2:57 haha Achtunddreizig German QB!

  109. The map looks good but I feel like WG aren’t coming out with new maps quick
    enor. Thus I don’t play as much anymore. I’ve been playing AW lately I’ll
    come back to Wot login and. yawn himmelsdorf…yawn. play the battle and
    log. Not hating on Wot just think it got stale with lack of new content.

  110. the skoda factory take over was not part of the Munich agreement but it was
    close to the border of the sudetenland and was part of the reason hitler
    later invaded the rest of czechoslovakia. keep up the good videos :)

  111. this map looks like it would be good with destructible environment, if wot
    would have such a feature.

  112. Looks like a nice big map

  113. 5:01 Kouření zakázáno-No smoking (I am from slovakia…)

  114. arti will love it……

  115. A lot of good informations. You can explain the tanks good. Keep going!

  116. I am from Czech Rep. and i would like to say Thank you QB. a) for nice
    preview b) for historical facts about our history.

  117. anyone wondering if arty can shoot through the roof of the factory?

  118. This map is pretty much the same as one of the new maps on war thunder…

  119. 5:00 KOUŘENÍ ZAKÁZÁNO 😀 (no smoking)

  120. Kouření zakázáno (no smoking), but gun fire allowed probably :D

  121. No Pilsner Urquell signs = fake Pilsner map. And also another map useles
    for arty, lights and non-turreted tds.

  122. your german is so funny but at least you give your best 😉
    nice video :)

  123. from wich tier is this map available? Looks pretty cool tho

  124. ArmoredGamingSalad

    Kouření zakázáno = Smoking prohibited.

    So don’t you dare caught fire around that area! Kappa

  125. The scary thing is… We still have drills (in the first 20 seconds) like
    that at my high school

  126. Rip Hetzers

  127. artys gonna struggle when we hide in garages

  128. My god, you can fight inside a factory? INDOOR BATTLES, HERE WE COME!

  129. SIlentXHunter gaming

    Qucikybaby ….they copied ensk

  130. Dear War Gaming.
    Before making yet another boring city map, visit Armored Warfare and see
    how they do city maps and, hopefully, learn to make a map that doesn’t
    Thank you.

  131. haja “sabogas123” maza

    1:27 ok there is that roof should it just lay on the ground because it
    doesnt make any sense…

  132. that map looks nice 🙂 cant wait to see some gameplay on that map

  133. chili vlog?

  134. this looks like a lovely map

  135. So what tiers will this map see ?? QB may have mentioned that already and I
    didn’t hear :P

  136. sweet ONE new map.

  137. Literally an ensk clone.

  138. I’m a bit afraid that no one will fight in the central building as it’s
    open like the square on Stalingrad.

  139. Love the history lesson on beggining :)

  140. Looks better than Ensk so far.

    Although I think I am looking forward to the Poland map the most. A very
    large, non-city map with places to use gun depression all over the place.

  141. CZECH rolls out!

  142. always something for the east europeans…..

  143. Im so fucking excited of this map 1st bc its like ensk and i love ensk and
    it reminds me of the good ol’ map port

  144. Ha ha lol, pilsen in norwegian means “the beer” ROFL:)

  145. 2:55 The best thing i ever heard xD

  146. Mmmm… Beer!

  147. Oh god, this map is going to be unplayable for tier 4 tanks, look at all
    those Hetzers!

    (But honestly I reckon this map would be tiers 7 and above, maybe 6)

  148. Something like Ensk :)

  149. 5:28 long doors. :D

  150. Plzeň! 🙂 btw taste the beer… :)

  151. name of the song:

  152. Imagine if you could cause the roof to collapse on enemy tanks…that would
    be the most troll method of taking out a T95 or Maus.

  153. Let’s add maps, gamemodes, tanks, camo/emblem system, Havok engine, Unreal
    Engine 14, give every player a €3000 gaming pc. Then we fix arty so we have
    10% of our original player base left.
    -Wargaming 2k15

  154. Awesome map! :D

  155. Not usually wild about new maps. Most of the new ones don’t seem very
    flexible and they have a lot of useless space. But damn this one looks

  156. Maybe stop trying to say those names in german cuz it’s not going to

  157. Derp MC Derpington

    This map is inspired (Armored Warfare)

  158. Already feeling the fps drops in this map.

  159. Frédéric PIERARD

    a nice one for haters : i just can’t wait to cripple appart some random
    dudes with my Obj.261 🙂 🙂 :)

  160. Enjoyed the excellent video as usual. Strangely enough my first thought
    upon seeing the new map was that it reminded me a lot of the old “Port” map
    minus the water….But then I did enjoy that map and have missed it since
    it’s removal from the game. Keep up the great work.

  161. Hmmm…All them Hetzer butts.

  162. I thought I read somewhere there are supposed to be areas on this map you
    can only reach by blasting your way through some doors. Do you know
    anything about this? These big blue door perhaps?

  163. Wow! That sure is a great looking new map. Can’t wait until It’s put into
    the game.

  164. I’m extremely excited for the new tanks and map it will add more variables
    to the game as well as adding some more caricature to the original Check
    tanks and I hope they add in Polish tanks soon mainly because I like the
    tanketes they made.

  165. Honestly this map reminds me SO much more of Stalingrad…..anyone?

  166. Ensk V2 spotted !

  167. QB, if you choose to use the english name for the city, “Pilsen”, which is
    what it’s obvously called in the game, here is the correct prononciation
    [pilzn] also, škoda is pronounced without the U, you say škouda, it’s just
    škOda. Another thing, when you play a czech tank and you repeat the
    commander’s quotes, when you hit an enemy, you say “dostaVi to”, as far as
    i can hear, but there is actually an L in there, “dostaLi to”, just thought
    i’d make you a little czech pronounciation course :D

  168. looks stunning but so does the d day map and it plays crap imop. the new
    gun sounds on test server are good but the tanks sound like lawn mowers or
    propeller planes

  169. Pilsner Bier!!!Jo ur German sounds very funny XD but with some lessons,u
    could act like a real german :P

  170. roland moellenberndt

    I love the pile of hetzer hauls

  171. Looks like something from the early COD games…

  172. another fucked-up map, only made for heavy tanks and armoured TDs. this
    game is heading straight to hell. FUCK YOU WG

  173. Well…..Ensk 1.1 and it looks a bit worse to me.

  174. beautiful map, i like it

  175. Does anyone know what tanks the Soviets used in their invasion of Poland in

  176. Those piles of low resolution hetzer hulls.

  177. Jochem van Pamelen

    qb are you going to do a preview of all the new prem tanks of 9.13

  178. It sounds so funny if you try to speak german
    for example you pronounce this tank from the factory “pansakamfwagens
    aktungdrrrrrreisig te” 😀
    but anyways the map is preaty cool, I think it will be great and I´m
    looking foreward to it.

  179. I liked the sign Kouření zákázáno ( No smoking) very nice work with
    details. And I like that you have found some historical data the history of
    the factory and mentioned the Munich aggrement ( as we often call it
    aggreement about us without us) PS: love your work :)

  180. Why the gun depression be specially important on a flat map?

  181. This map belongs in a FPS

  182. bigger maps are the way to go.

  183. Stillborn hetzer fetuses. Tasty.

  184. Great map, I like czech titules in the map :)

  185. finally some reason in playing this game, it was starting to get boring
    with the same maps. :D

  186. Its a funny name since “Pilsen” means: “To drink beer” in dutch.

  187. I think it´s going to be very interesting in the Rampage Mode.

  188. I am still waiting for a map which is completely covered by some sort of
    roof. Imagine all the scumbag clickers whining.. Satisfaction!

  189. in the large “warehouse” in the middle of the map, hugging the walls might
    also be a viable strategy to evade artillery. Also dem roofs are gonna be
    the saviors of so many people!

  190. Stalingrad had a tractor factory too where they were producing t-34’s right
    through the battle that would come off the production line and be sent
    right into the fight. Un/forts they didn’t model it. :(

  191. I like this kind of map. There is so many differences how to use you tank
    and because it size is good to create a tactics. I miss realism many
    maps… if you shoot a building with 150mm cannon , some walls dont break
    at all… irl it make a big hole or totally mayhem…

  192. when comes BUDAPEST map ? o.O

  193. i played on this map yay :)

  194. looks cool

  195. 19th :)

  196. 5:10 “Kouření zakázáno” means “No smoking”

  197. ww2legoproductions

    Neat map!

  198. The skoda works served the reich well

  199. FirexCz viewer #r3kt ur mom ._.

    “Kouření zakázáno” on that doors 🙂 Lool (in translate “No smoking)

  200. Can i ask are u going to do a video of the upcoming buffs and nerfs to
    vehicles like the M48A1?

  201. In the training room we tried to get a Maus onto the pile of Hetzer bodies.
    So many elc,chaffee,bulldogs, and RU 251 lost their lives that day…

  202. That intro would be magnificent if the game didn’t look like a console game
    from 2006…

  203. It’s like Stalingrad 2, I love it. Played it with the new TVP T50/51 and
    ran into a Type 5 Heavy. Man, those japanese tanks will definitely rule on
    this map x)

  204. 2 new bugs eheheehe gj quickybaby

  205. I do hope this will finally push Ensk out of the game, it’s too small for
    high tier tanks.

  206. Did any 1 relies that the tier 2 t18 is now a tier 3 arty piece???????

  207. There is a famous beer in Uruguay named Pilsen… Perfect for drinking a
    pilsen while tanking in pilsen huh?

  208. for which tiers will this map become available?

  209. I’m from Plzeň and this one map is same but something is different and
    Škoda factory is very huger than map

  210. The map looks nice, but why get rid of some fun maps, like Province
    (especially for low tier tanks) and replace it with an Ensk clone? I don’t
    understand what Wargaming is trying to do with the way they are fiddeling
    with the maps. We have multiple clone maps (Ruinberg, Himmelsdorf and now
    Ensk/Pilsen). Maybe Wargaming are a lazy bunch and can’t be bothered to
    create new original maps to expand the gaming experience?

  211. 😛 5:00 KOUŘENÍ ZAKÁZÁNO

  212. Why are a new map?!?! We have really really really more maps….

  213. do u enjoy an ice cold pilsen after work as much as i do?

  214. Glad WG named it Pilsen not Plzeň – Gives me hope :)

  215. you hafe been epic as wel

  216. about time they added a new map, they kept removing maps in recent patches.

  217. Minimap is horrific, almost worse than Stalingrad minimap or xBox

  218. This map looks like a hybrid of Ensk and Stalingrad. Seems pretty

  219. drive through those damn closed doors ur in a tank

  220. great map thanks for the video

  221. Nice map for Artys :DDDDDD

  222. Great Map !!!

  223. was totally wondering what that pile of hetzer’s was in your last vid

  224. Because I dont play a lot of heavy tanks (as ensk is a heavy map) I dont
    think i am going to like this map. But besides that, I think WG has done a
    great job!

  225. 18 min ago hhhhaaa GG

  226. Nice video QuickyBaby good work :)

  227. wow i am early

  228. Plzeň! !!!!!!!!

  229. haha i love it when you try to speak german ^^ I am from germany so for me
    it is a lot more funny as for english speaking people ^^

  230. hi chris
    just play loads, you tube always has reviews of maps and vehicles, oh and
    ignore the gobby idiots.
    good luck

  231. 5:01 lol fajcenie zakázané :D

  232. Plzeň:)

  233. I’m from Pilsen and even got a window towards the Skoda factory and it
    looks amazing, rly nice details. I can even recognize one of the buildings

  234. It is Plzeň

  235. hi

  236. konecne !! :O :DD

  237. In 5:00 in blue dors are writen kouření zakázáno it means no smoking :P

  238. i love this map ;)

  239. love the look of it should be fun

  240. Frederic de Marné

    do you know if that rather thin roof is artyshell proven?

  241. How do I send in videos, can anyone tell me?

  242. This is one of the best looking maps

  243. Kirito Kun [Kazuto Kirigaya]


  244. 1:19 skoda factory? that are hulls of Hetzers

  245. i just came from school and i started watching this video :)

  246. In czech corect is Plzeň not Pilsen

  247. Love my country :-)

  248. 3 min ago…. :)

  249. Pilsner Urquell – good beer – Cheers!

  250. How do I get better at world of tanks? I’m at average right now but want to
    do better. Give me some specific and mature advice pls. Thanks.

  251. First!

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