World of Tanks – New Map Poland

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  1. for me – a little upgrade Swamp :)

  2. valentino cappellari

    next arty map . Patetic

  3. about fucking time. I get tired of the same 3 maps every night.

  4. Jest KWK Kleofas to Polska

  5. So is this a live map? As in I can log in and play it now?

  6. Ciekawe kiedy wejdzie?…

  7. Nareszcie polska mapa w World Of Tanks!

  8. Hardly saw any bushes..i guess they Are trying to kill Tank Destroyers…

  9. there is a church and there is a cross, so it is definitely Poland ;)

  10. Looks a bit like they took the mid from Murowanka and put it to the East –
    still nice though

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