World of Tanks | New Premium Tank M46 Patton KR Review Check It Out

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks | New Premium M46 Patton KR Review Check It Out
This new USA Medium Tank is quite simply epic, I loved my trial period playing this, games are fun, credits come easy and WN8 comes very easy. If you want a USA Med Prem but find the Super P slow, this is a Tank for you!!!

you can Purchase this Tank in the Prem Store Here:
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  1. Few Vids have actually helped my game play other than your your analysis of
    pro game play. Tank critique is not why I am here. None the less Thank You

  2. top gun soundtravj 5/5

  3. nothing spesial in this tank. + you use x8 fire extinguishers what let you
    use coke :)) i’m not tolking other x8 shit which provide WOT for ya , i
    dislike your video and this tank. Next time try make video only whit perks
    what you get when you buy form premium shop.

  4. Well done. Jingles agrees with you completely, I can say. You both were
    quick to react. And oh… it is dispersion, with an “i”.

  5. Looks like a good manoeuvrable tank. -10/+20 Gun dep. for hull-downs.
    Pricing looks ok too. Nice vid – many thanks for sharing :)

  6. Thanks for all the instructional videos very helpful. God bless you and
    yours this holiday season.

  7. With all of those medium tanks in the US tree its about time that they
    released a useful high tier US medium tank to help with crew training!!! It
    doesn’t look too shabby!

  8. EU got way better deals this Christmas. Super rare tanks, more money off.
    All we got on the NA server was the IS-3a early.

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