World of Tanks || NEW “PREMIUM” TANKS

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Here is a sneak peak of 7 new premium/event tanks soon in patch 9.7 and beyond!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Пешко Бешко

    first comment,better post it before somone else comments :D

  2. Bill Papadopoulos


  3. Great video quickybaby and i wish you much succes with marying peppy

  4. under 301 club

  5. Hi Mr QB, thanks for the video. I was curious, after seeing that awful
    recent Frenchie with no armor and the fact they made a tank WORSE then
    that. *points to the STA II* How do these new premiums and such hold up in
    comparison? Will they actually be useful? D:

  6. tenth

  7. It shows what tier the vehicle is on the top left hand corner(where it says
    player 1).


  8. the first British tank is tier 7 you can see it at the top 

  9. Alexander Michels

    this video wasnt in my abo box :/


  11. 12th

  12. Legion Of Eclaires

    I like that Krupp. Strange looking but somehow attracted to it.


  13. Hi QB – TheCoonCat here 🙂

    Really nice preview. I cant wait to see some of them ingame and i´m really
    interestet in that Krupp Waffenträger. Just got my RHM Borsig and its an
    awesome tank!
    Also looking forward to your stream on Sunday. Have a nice day.

  14. I love the krupp

  15. the FV105 is a t7 tank.

  16. omg if they dont put like a 240/260 dmg gun with a 200 or more pen this is
    SHIZE !

  17. Im gonna buy that cromwell really really nice skin

  18. you can see the tier besides the player name ?!?!

  19. 4:37 to Skupperino Krupperino

  20. U caan se what tier IT is and IF its a tankdestroyer. P.S Evry 1 look at
    Jingles video!

  21. Ya that ‘American’ star was actually used by pretty much all of the Western
    allies by the end of the war, still probably gunna be a Brit prem I’d guess

  22. Nice i need more gold tanks XD

  23. and not a single amercian tier 7 or 8 td, thanks war gaming….

  24. Am I the only one who thinks the premium tanks that they’re introducing are
    getting worse and worse? Panther 88 I’m looking at you… It seems more
    like its about money THEN game and community. But this is just my opinion 

  25. For air recognition all Allied vehicles had an American style star in
    France and Germany 44 and 45. They called it al Allied Star.

  26. That IS-2 review though…

  27. Do they tell in advance when the testserver comes?

  28. So, wg introduce more and more silly premium tanks…
    Looks like they need more money

  29. Rudy means ginger in our ‘Siema kto pl’ nation, so it’s not gonna be a tank
    that people will like a lot :p

  30. Quickies prounounciation of german tanks are spicious.

  31. Please, what will i do in these reward missions? I want these tanks :3

  32. The A-45 has the hull of a Caenarvon not a Centurion. Look how wide it is.

  33. King Kaefersubway

    I like how you do these Videos 

  34. 2:58 Left upper corner => Tier VII so maybe tier VII heavy? Tiger P has
    1450 HP. Tiger has 1500… so why not?

  35. starfleethastanks

    I am disappointed that none of these are the Chieftain or Action X

  36. Hey QB and Everyone else!
    Got Some info on the 4 Berlin Tanks:

    The 4 Berlin Tanks will be part Of a Game Mode on May 2nd Celebrating the
    Victory of Berlin in World War II

  37. مزعومين بس مدعوسين

    how i play in my self

  38. I buy them all

  39. 51st comment

  40. QB the star on the Cromwell is an allied air identification star.

  41. Der mit den Spinnen tanzt

    I wish wargaming would implement the “Sturmtiger” :D

  42. all western tanks had that star from 1944 onwards for identity

  43. Another german premium TD??
    WG should rather focus on other aspects of the game that need fixing,
    instead of adding even more tanks…

  44. you neglected the desert rat insignia on the back of the cromwell

  45. Jesus christ the A45 looks awful in almost every way.

  46. Is that a new map at 6:18?

  47. Michael Williamson

    The star on the Cromwell is the allies star. It was used in Western Europe
    by US, British, and Canadian tanks to prevent friendly fire by aircraft.
    The Desert Rats of the 7th Armoured of the UK is the emblem shown on the
    tank. It will be a British tank.

  48. QB you noob , the is 2 has sloped 120mm armour , the effective armour
    thicknes is 248mm

  49. Why does new tanks are sow crap QB.
    why should I play for exemple the new Is that has worst stats

  50. 88 mm on the jagdtiger 88 is also on the tiger 1 at tier 7 and the nashorn
    at tier 6… dont only use the highest tier vehicle with the gun in your
    overview lol

  51. Michael Riabtsev

    A45 is going to be tier 7 heavy tank

  52. The white star with a circle around it was not an American only symbol it
    was for all Allied vehicles operating in the Europe.

  53. In the video of the cromwel isn’t that map a representation of the D-day?

  54. the rhm borsig is my fav tank in the game. Im defnetly going to get the
    kruppt waffletractor :3

  55. Its not an american star is it, i thought it was the Allied star as of
    D-Day onward.

  56. Is for to be goods news is for to haves lots more premiums tank for to be
    in game! But is better to for have rule for before is player can buy!
    Claus is for to makes rule! Is player is for to takes WOT IQ test for
    before is allowed for to buy premiums tank! Is for to be asked questions.
    Question for to be one – Is if play in light scout tank on Malinovka is
    what for you should do? A is for to hides in bush for behind arty? B is
    for rush field for suicide for rights away? C For to go drown for in water
    for because is so scared of MM? D Is for to be none of the above? Is if
    player is not answer “D” is not allowed for to buy premium lights tank!
    Question for to be two – Is if play TD for be top tier is what for you
    should do? A is for drive to A-0 for on map and hides all game for wait
    for all team for to die? B is for to rush for front in middle map for lets
    all enemy for flank you? C is for to rage in chat for rage all player for
    to go spots for you for rage all game? D is for none for be above! If is
    not answer “D” is not alloweds for to buy premium TD! Is simple test for
    before is allowed for to buy. Is maybe 50% of player is for not gives
    right answer! So is then for to be 50% less stupids for drive premiums
    tank! Is just Claus for to suggest! Is goods idea? Yes? YES! If you for
    agree is for maybe you for to want for to see Claus SECONDS REPLY! Is just
    clicks Claus Kellerman name for be blue on top! Is if you for not for to
    agree is for because maybe you for to be too stupids! Hahahaha!

  57. 10:50 “Rudy” means “Ginger”.

  58. Polish :/

  59. This Cromwell is as far from having an identity crisis as it can get! It’s
    the most specific tank yet (apart from the Fury): it is Tank #120582,
    assigned to the 1st Royal Tank Regiment (“51”), being the senior regiment
    of the 7th Armoured Division (the red and white rat symbol) of the British
    Army (only Britain used Cromwells), deployed in the Western European
    theatre (the Allied – *not* US – star for aerial recognition).

    Jingles was just as misinformed… and you call yourself Brits! I’m German,
    and even *I* knew this. For shame! :P

  60. Conqueror hull + Centurion Turret + 17pdr = A45

  61. Rudy 102 ?!?!?!?!??! OMG I’m from poland and I can tell you that it is the
    most known tank in my country. “Czterej pancerni i pies” (original name of
    the show) is one of the best things that poland have ever created xD love
    you WG !!!! Thank you.

  62. I expected a t44 prem variation too train my t43 crew for the high tier
    meds and a better german tank :'(

  63. And again: Why just obscure Prototypes and Paintjobs? Why not bring the
    PzKpfw KW-1 with the german KwK 40 L43 (or 48?)or the Alkett Waffenträger,
    the only WT ever produced and fought somewhere around Berlin? Or a PzKpfw
    7TP (Captured Polish Tank),or a captured Bren with a Pak 36, or the 4,7 cm
    Pak(t) auf PzKpfw 35R (f), or other versions of the Marder, or the JgPz IV
    (a), or Pak 40/4 auf Raupenschlepper Ost, or the StUIG 33 auf PzKpfw III,
    or the Brummbär, or the 15cm sFH 13/1 auf GW Lr.S. (f), or a GDR T-34-85 or
    T-54 for Fucks Sake! You know … WICH ALL EXISTED ! Or some Italian
    vehicles. Heck, if they could give the Japanese a Tech Tree, I recken they
    could get enough Italian “Prototypes” out their sleeves to make an Italian
    Tech Tree! Maaan … Sorry for the Long post, i just can’t understand WG
    sometimes …

  64. love my T-34/85 but i would not wanna play it with 100 less horsepower

  65. Martin Matejička

    Do you guys think that Fury tank will be available again? I started playing
    WoT after the film and the tank was no longer available, but I would love
    to have one!

  66. I hate to say it, but by the looks of it, that cromwell is carrying one of
    the worse guns in itdss normal selection – the 75mm MK V – this gun only
    has 91mm of penetration, and is the gun the tank historically used. Id
    rather have the normal cromwell

  67. 0:30 You can “guess” your predicted tier from the roman numbers on tank
    a45 is t7 atm.

  68. TheAllMightyLight

    actualy the a-43 is a tier 7, as you can see in the team list at 4:00

  69. For the love of God stop saying KroppWaffentregle with this accent. It’s

  70. fuck yes this game is ruined

  71. Allied veilcals had the white starts to avoid friendly Aircraft fire

  72. Redwall Warlords

    That’s not an American star on the back of the Cromwell. That’s the
    Normandy Allied air identification insignia that was on the top of all
    allied vehicles from Normandy onward. It’s a common misconception that the
    star is American, you can thank Hollywood for that.

  73. Hey guys couple of things to point out – 1) I messed up the tier of the
    A-45 it is likely to be a T7 heavy rather than a T8 medium.

    2) The Cromwell Berlin has an allied star on it most likely to
    differentiate it from other targets to avoid friendly fire.


  75. turns out he cant read the screen

  76. Why did you have to guess the tier. its right there in the video…

  77. That A45 almost looks like it has a Caernarvon hull not a Centurion hull
    Edit just looked it up the A45 was a prototype for the Conqueror and the
    Star on the Cromwell is only a symbol of it being an allied tank not a US

  78. the t25/2 is so outclassed at this point. it really needs a couple more pen
    compared to the rivals at t7. also where is our american premium TD? i want
    to spend my gold!

  79. Lets see if the’re going to add Oddball two now…… Including the music! 

  80. not an american star you nugget!!! like the allied chevron of today.

  81. the Fury alrdy does come with the crew from the movie.

  82. It is pronounced not “Rudi”…. learn to correctly say Y …. !!!

  83. it says on the top bar near the score that the fv201 is a heavy

  84. Oh look, more useless shitty premium tanks for the gullible to waste their
    money on.

  85. Cromwell “Berlin” will be American ? oO

  86. For all those people whining and saying why are they bringing in these
    “Berlin trio” tanks with cosmetic changes THINK about it ffs. WoT is
    centred around WW2. Then think “Berlin 1945”, then make the connection
    “oh, it’s 2015 now so that’s a 70th anniversary of the battle of Berlin
    that ended WW2”. Put the two together and think really hard and hey
    presto, a lightbulb goes off over your head and you understand why they’re
    doing it. Or you could just carry on whining because that’s what you like
    to do…

  87. It’s the hull of a Caenarvon, not a Centurion, as the Caenarvon is set
    wide, which the Centurion is not.

    While the IS-2 may functionally be the same, the fact that its front armour
    is 30mm thicker than the Chinese copy and gets 20 horsepower more, means it
    is going to be better. Kind of poor not to cover that bit.
    The “Berlin” Cromwell does look fantastic, but the model shows the Mk. V
    75mm, not the 75 HV. I wonder if the stats will change to reflect that. 

  88. funny to hear ur voice says KRUPP WAFFENTRÄGER :P

  89. what´s that map at 6:22??? o_O

  90. I’m from Czech Republic (btw we have a border with Poland for those of you
    who wouldn’t know) and I know the 4 tankmen & dog, it aired on local TV too
    quite a few years back. I used to love it as a kid – I fuckin love German
    Sheperd dogs -, it was kinda quirky but enjoyable. I hope I will be able to
    get Rudy.

  91. Everyone exited for the Rudy, please konsider following:
    We want Girls&Panzer Emblems to put on out Pz IvH’s and Stug III’s and
    38t’s and m3lees etc :(

  92. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    Anyone else find it funny that the Russians get another 4 prems when some
    lines lack any kind of reasonable crew trainers?

  93. still waiting for a tier 8 british heavy tank…

  94. Finally more French tanks!

  95. StupidGuysDoingStupidThings

    I don’t know why they’d put in the Rudy when we already have the T-34-85M.
    I’m gonna be kind of pissed if it’s a permanent tank and not just in for
    some event, because the T-34-85 is my favorite tank and I would definitely
    buy the Rudy even though I have the T-34-85M.

  96. the a-45 should just replace the black prince, considering the black prince
    is so bad in my opinion, they should either replace it with this or buff
    the black prince considering this new “premium” will be favored much more
    than the black prince

  97. Jerome Vic Doplito

    Object 244 basically the rival of the vk that leads to the tiger I H

  98. All players from Poland have Rudy for free :D

  99. i think i will like the Krupp WT because a one hit for my 13 F3 ^^

  100. Will these also come with bots that wargaming refuses to remove from the
    game because they pay? So the game is Pay to Lose

  101. Why can’t they put the Alkett Waffenträger, the only waffentrager that
    entered mass production and saw action???

  102. Why would one ever play the tier 7 Waffenträger? The Tiger I has the same
    gun with better ROF, is faster and has a turret too. Only camouflage is
    worse, but it has better armour and much more HP.

  103. I’ve just watched Four Tankers and a Dog…. Its Brilliant, I loved it!!!!

  104. The ‘Berlin’ series of tanks will probably be released on victory day..
    Just my guess..

  105. The is-2 is already in the game

  106. So different without your face

  107. Oh look, another batch of OP russian made-up crap. Well, fuck you other

    WG is fucking ridiculous.

  108. Whew i love it

  109. A45 is…. Caernavon prototype

  110. Umm SlowyBaby, this was like days ago

  111. That crappy premium Caernarvon needs the 20 pounder. Now way it can deal
    with tier 10 tanks. It would need like 16 PREMIUM shells to penetrate weak
    spots and kill a tier 10 heavy. That’s cruel. And I know it won’t get pref

  112. As long as WG Keeps removing bushes from maps (as they do in every patch)
    playing a thin skin TD is rather pointless premium or not. WG has made it
    clear they don’t want more players playing TDs. They want less. A new TD is
    rather ironic I think.

  113. AIRSOFTmaster2010

    Rudys on a train to nowhere halfway down the line…

    oh no one gets the reference, ok :(

  114. Nothing new They are just easy to kill lightly armored copy tanks. The
    Cromwell is the only1 that’s cool 

  115. You could also just look in the top left corner for the tier of the
    vehicle?.. rather than guessing

  116. Nice video, from one real Tanker.

  117. christian baroya

    Hum the A-45 has a triple stripe diamond…its a heavy tank QB…I don’t
    think they’re gonna change the type of tank it is lol


    Wow War Thunder tanks and TDs in Wot. Like the IS-2 1944 and ISU-122s

  119. We need a american td when are they going to put one of those in

  120. The A45 will almost certainly be a tier 7 heavy with that gun and those hit
    points. Not tier 8. Also that TD presumably has a higher listed traverse
    speed because the listed traverse is for the stock engine only on the
    others. The actual traverse speed of a tank can be worked out by
    multiplying the listed traverse by the power of the equipped engine divided
    by the power of the stock engine.

    Anyway could these vehicles be related to the upcoming reworked historical

  121. yay they remove e-25 that was supposed to be OP, then introduce mini-borsig
    with long 88, 380 viewrange, fast (for td) rotating turret (so you dont
    lose camo net and binocs) …. this thing will be SO hated by t5 and 6s…,
    heck even t7s and some t8s

  122. So, we have a paper tiger, a fully upgraded centurion 1 with the stock gun
    and the top speed even more limited, a cromwell paintjob, an IS-2 with its
    true engine, the isu-152 restricted to the D-25S gun, a fan service
    T-34-85, an the final prototipe of the IS-1 wich was approve for production
    in order to have a heavy tank capafle to face a tiger and win with a lower
    tier than the tiger, did I miss something or the only tank I see a future
    is the object?

  123. The new Cromwell is probably not American…? The British never give the US
    tanks… Only to the Russians…

  124. I… want… this… CROMWELL!!!!!!!
    Surely I will buy it!

  125. All in9.7?


  126. Uh, the IS-2 is more important then the time you spent on it. It’s now an
    actual IS-2 chassis instead of an IS with an IS-2’s turret. Which means the
    frontal hull armor is much improved slope wise.

  127. cromwel with is and isu will propobly be PvE missions or may9 event cuz
    russians won the ww2…

  128. This tank will go before the sturer Emil I bet and everything will be
    buffed to suit a tier higher and the wt auf e 100 would get removed

  129. Personally I think WG missed a trick here to give the Brit heavy line some
    love. Lets be honest, the BP is a bloody awful tank, the 17 pdr is barely
    good enough for tier 7 and is nowhere near good enough by the time you get
    to tier 9. The armour is fairly godlike at tier 7 but again by tier 9
    anything can go through it, although I have occasionally bounced tier 9
    guns with good angling and a hell of a lot of luck. What I think should
    have happened is that the BP gets removed and moved to be a tier 7 premium
    with limited MM, the Churchill VII gets the 17 pdr, the A45 comes in at
    tier 7 as the new heavy with the 20 pdr Type A with possibly a RoF nerf and
    the Caernarvon keeps the 20 pdr Type B but with a RoF buff and then
    suddenly the Brit heavy line looks a whole lot better. Maybe as well the
    Comet could get the 17 pdr.

  130. Oh yay, moar fucking broken ass commie gold tanks. And probably with the
    special Olympics mm to boot. Fucking fake russki devs.

  131. ☆Brutish WoT☆ Fun Movie

    master klass

  132. my first instinct was to write off the a45 as another lazy variant/copycat
    prem cash grab tank, and that is probably true to some degree. BUT, being
    tier 7 is a massive game changer for me and here is why:

    >will not see tier 10’s, gun and armor thus much more effective
    >likely no pref mm so it will be cheap (WG has been moving in this
    direction lately)
    >goes on sale for 30% off vs 15% off

    combined with the dirt cheap ammo and laserlike gun that can put out
    reliable DPM (if you know weak spots) means this is a great tank for low
    budget players like myself that will absolutely PRINT money, and because
    the playstyle carries over from the other centurions i can put my monster
    crews in it and their skills will still be useful. all in all i’m pretty
    excited about this tank. just not the top speed. 

  133. minor quibble, the is-2 has a different layout than the is-1, it has a
    sloped frontal plate 90mm thick instead of the “stepped” 120mm is-1 hull
    (look at the chinese is-2 for reference).

    imo this is a better design since it reduces some of the shot trap effect
    that the is-1 suffers from and allows for better angling. but yeah
    otherwise it looks like an IS with a fancy paint job. 

  134. fucking war gaming wants money for all…

  135. The Waffenträger I think is a money grab, it pales in comparison with the
    Jagdpanther which gets the same gun as well as that beauty of a 105mil and
    it’s got pretty troll armour with decent mobility and the same view range.

  136. Zdzisław Dziąsło

    What are those white stripes psinted on soviet vehicles? Something nlike
    invasion stripes?

  137. Balc0ra's Gaming

    Judging by the gun and the HP pool along with the HT icon on top in the
    video. I’m gonna say the A-45 is gonna be a tier 7 HT. As no new premiums
    will get limited MM. And a 17 pounder on a tier 8 premium tank that sees
    tier X. Who would buy that? As a tier 7 HT, its just an more agile BP, and
    that most can work with.

  138. They are getting lazy with the premiums. Half of them are just reskinned
    existing tanks or tanks that already exist in game with a few cosmetic
    changes. What a joke. All I see is garbage tanks that will make players
    have to use gold rounds. Basically a money grab by WG. So basically you
    will have to fire premium if you expect to do any damage. This of course
    will eat into your credit earnings and with the nerf they did silently to
    premium tanks earning potential you won’t make any credits at all barely if
    you are running on a standard account. So you know what this means? You
    will need to have premium to make any decent amount of credits with these
    tanks while you spam premium rounds. Another money grab by WG. They are
    getting desperate for money I see.

  139. the tier 7 british med seems very like a ram 2 at tier 7 (built to use prem
    ammo) and also if they gave me a cromwell at tier 7 in basically the same
    spec as the tier 6 (maybe a little more engine power or traverse speed)
    with tier 7 hp and i would have bought that without a second thought
    because i loved the cromwell but that thing in the video is a turd in my

  140. i am intrigued by the tier 6 soviet heavy though although i think if it
    meets tier 8s it will struggle but if its limited matchmaking its 100%
    worth it.

  141. the t-34-85 is one of my favorite tanks i have ever played so if the price
    isnt over exaggerated (which seems unlikely considering how much they
    wanted for the fury) then i will likely get one purely because i love the
    regular one.

  142. That berlin trio… hum. Maybe a new mission set will be introduced, wink,

  143. ohh yes, again new premium tanks. But you guys know what? I don’t wanna
    spend my moneys for a onlinegame! Cmon WG more “normal” tanks please. and
    good luck goldnoobs :)

  144. 0:50 Wrong Jagdtiger Icon – that’s the normal one with the 12.8, the
    Jagdtiger 8,8cm has a muzzle-break and the barrel of the PaK 88 isn’t one
    round tube, its thicker at the base!

  145. craps craps and again craps wg is stuck nothing new only shit tanks,why we
    have to pay good money for something worse than already exist in game, ppl
    ar just stupids, i cant sey more

  146. Are there any premium arties?

  147. nuclearsharkattack

    More Wargaming trash. Mid-tier Russian heavies because there arent enough
    of them already. I wonder if the WG devs spend their lunch break doing
    donuts in the parking lot, because they sure like to spin around in
    circles. With Armored Warfare looming large in the rear view mirror and
    coming up fast you’d think WG would develop some sort of long term strategy
    instead of this crap.

    This game is starting to look a little long in the tooth.

  148. Object 244 looks exactly the same as a kv-13, same hull, same turret (when
    upgraded) and 85mm gun

  149. Krupp looks like good, but its so slow

  150. Nothing new, old tanks in new fashion… very very interesting XD and the
    new tier7 premium TD? Well, i think it is not as special as the E25 is
    so… that will be a new tank what germany or TD fans will buy, or who
    collects premium tanks, or like you QB, who tries all tanks in game even if
    it is a simple TD with higher credit income :’D

  151. Polish tank Rudy 102 is coming to my garage in 9.7 🙂

    Many of these tanks will be in random battles :)

  152. I have to have the new Cromwell…..looks like amazing.

  153. William Yiannakou

    Isn’t the IS-2 already a Chinese tank?

  154. I give up on this stupid game just introducing more and more tanks which
    have no place in the game and just make the game bigger and bigger

  155. I want to play the Rudy, because it might be a russian medium premium tank.
    It might be the only premium medium russian tank in the game, exept of the
    CW wars.


  157. only the german is realy a new vehicle! the other ones are only normal
    tanks with an other gun or engine! :/

  158. World of Premium –>tanks. I hope they dont lose the focus.

  159. j ai pas trop compris le char anglais c’est un t7 ou un t8 ? 

  160. You spent more time talking about the stupid Polish TV show tank than the
    IS2 from the 7th Guards Brigade that helped push Soviet soldiers into
    Berlin and place the flag on-top of the Reichstag…tisk tisk…

  161. and all of the vehicles will be for pro players who are succesfull in CW
    as a reward because they didnt got enough yet

    because f*ck the casual players

  162. Hampz ThaBamuBaws

    What about the “Scorpion”?

  163. Bas Riemenschneider

    Why did you make 2 video’s out of the new tanks? Jingles did it all in one
    video. Just saying quicky, no heartfeelings ^^

  164. WOW they bring in a RUDY 102 how cool !!! WOT is going to earn some good
    dosh on that one:) but im waiting for a Polish line of tanks, it would be a
    modest one branch line but still would be nice to have that line in the

  165. Hey QB
    What did you do with your QuickyBabyWOT account on youtube?

  166. So when are the American s going to get a premium td ?????

  167. Ya know the top left corner shows what tier the tanks are or might be

  168. Complaining on that weird caernarvon/centurion mixup is pretty stupid,
    because you have Black Prince on the same tier with even lower top speed
    and, as QB said, same gun. And it really looks more than caernarvon hull
    (broader) but with centurion armor.

  169. Lars Van De Wiel

    why i cant go on the test server i want to

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