World of Tanks – New Pz 7 First Ace Game

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Source: Anfield


  1. Clearly warpack

  2. the enemy did not seem to have a 2 key on their keyboard

  3. Емил Табальов

    The gun handling looks pretty good on this ugly tank. German enginering !!! Merry Christmas Anfeels !!

  4. Spotterino Cappuccino

    I wish I had MM like you.

  5. pz7… I hate this tank 😛 fighting against it is worse than against a Maus. Maybe just because I rarely see it but still.

  6. If the IS-7 and the Centurion Action X would of fired gold this might have been a totally different game.

  7. HitlerSaurus Christ

    That WZ 1-4.
    Nico Nico Neck myself.

  8. This tank is heavly underestimated

  9. How do you get the Pz 7? It’s a clan rewards tank right?

  10. If that were me I’d have totally gotten penned there

  11. If I got a matchup like that, with enemies that bad I could do this too. Easy.

  12. + – 2 mm is so fun

  13. It’s all fun and games up until a platoon of Type 5’s appear.

  14. Sidescraping lul

  15. Really want to make an artillery player’s blood boil? Say this after they complain about a team:

    “Next time play a real tank and you could help”

    It works every time without fail.

  16. That WZ must have been drunk

  17. Slightly more positive about life Anfield well done. You are still the polar opposite of QB however. Have a pleasant break from the pc won’t you and see you in the NY. All the best all

  18. Now he just needs a VK 72.01 K

  19. TheBlackStoneRanger

    classic NA server filled with legit retards

  20. Don’t you like the other variants of this paint? I think they look better because everyone has this base gray-white.

  21. The biggest saving grace of this tank is the fact that pubbies don’t understand its armour profile a lot of the time. Every time you even slightly angle to increase the effective armour of the LFP you expose the shoulder plate below the turret which immediately flattens out to 170-220 effective for the most part. Most tier 8’s can pen it, but don’t bother trying. It’s only until you face tier 10’s in a brawl that some people even consider shooting at that weak spot. You have to decide between giving your enemy a relatively easy shot on your shoulder plate to increase your LFP effective armour (or minimise exposure when side scraping), or try to hide it and bait with your LFP which, while thick, is fairly butter against anyone with a large enough brain to fire HEAT.

    Combine that with other less prominent things like the hole in its mantlet, the poor gun depression angles (only get -7 when exposing your side weakspot), and barely-above-E 100 levels of mobility (despite its armour profile being less reliable), and your platform is pretty lack lustre as far as I’m concerned. All that’s left is the gun, which is what made me want the tank. 560 alpha, high pen, I wanted a Jagdtiger with a turret. Providing the gun is god-tier, I can understand the bad platform that is bad in order to balance the tank. I instead got a LIDL knock-off of the Jagdtiger gun with complete garbage DPM and gun handling that doesn’t feel as good as it should be due to the 2.5 seconds aiming time and poor movement dispersion soft stats.

    Not to say you can’t like a tank that I don’t, you do you, but that’s why I’m disappointed with it.

  22. Have a Merry Christmas & a Successful New Years, Anfield

  23. Same story, again and again, typical.
    You took your way, weak the flank where heavies usualy go (yes, there are places in the WoT where certain types of tank USUALY go). By doing so, you harm the team and jeopardize the base to the point where your Majesty is needed to come and save the day. And you came back, as you usualy do, heroic drive that was. Aaaand… you did not manage to do anything. And this time it was the Scorpion who was to blame (last time I wrote about that Paton, ypu will remember). Its always someone elses fault. And you did not manage to do anything because leaving the standard position and practicaly depriving the team of the heaviest armor was too much to repair. And so you lost. And your team too. But hay, you play the way you want, because you know better. Because “places where tanks are supposed to be aka standard positioning ” is bullshit for pubbies.

    • If you have 1.6k WN8 you are wrong when arguing with someone who has more than double that, yes.

      It’s like an amateur arguing with a professional, or a high school student arguing with a college professor.

      You are wrong, Anfield is right.

    • Yes it does, it makes it very wrong, arrogant in your eyes perhaps but it doesn’t make me wrong just because I don’t sugar coat things for you. When you start winning more games you can presume to lecture me, i’m sure you sit in front of your TV and yell at professional athletes and coaches and tell them how to do their job because you know better. Once again, if you hate me so much and don’t think i’m doing the right things, DON’T WATCH MY VIDEOS, literally that simple.

    • Corto Maltese literally compare winrates then.

    • Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

      Corto Maltese There is a proper place for people to go. You for instance, belong in an oven.

  24. never see any one playing the Pz 7 wounder why

  25. Do u like the tank is it superior or better than the maus or e100 iyo?

    • I just got the Pz 7 and so far i have mixed feeling, i have owned a Maus and E100 for a couple years, and the Pz 7 seems to have above average gun handling for a super heavy but it has a lot of flat armor surfaces that really let it down once people double tap the 2 key. It seems a tad more mobile than the E100 and that is a plus. Good tank against people who are cheap or just aim center mass but against the people i usually face they just hit the 2 key and its armor becomes meaningless, unlike a well angled Maus.

  26. Type was good, back in 2012/2013.
    MM put it on top against tier 6s and 7s.
    I should have bought it back then, that and played KV at tier 5 with derp or long 107mm gun more.

  27. How come only one team had arty in 2nd match? Never seen that

  28. Loot box thumbnail, I like it 😉

  29. u are constantly complaining about spg, that the game has decided that spg can only be in your team, but not and in the enemy team at the same time xD

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