World of Tanks – Nice Hat!

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I guarantee you I’ve never used *this* title before. Hah!


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. I like my 59-16, I think when you look at it’s top speed it feels underwhelming but it’s got good HPT so it accelerates really well.

  2. My hat is my friend. It helps me relax.

  3. Ok.. a Dovahkiin gag in a Jingles vid. Well played… XD

  4. Accidentally put the hat in the wash.

  5. did anyone else notice that the drowned tank was leaking oil into the water?

  6. Awesomeness

  7. never seen any one help a team mate on asia server , if u get stuck on asia server your team will kill u , not help u

  8. I liked the 59-16 with the autoloader it had character and made you feel vulnerable but when you were on some guys ass you knew great joy. Now the tank is still ok but it lost that character. War Gaming stop making all the tanks into the same thing.


  10. How about that mm for the 59-16…

  11. LOL… When you think you had a bad day….

  12. It was at this moment. He knew
    He fucked up

  13. Crucify me: I don’t /like/ the ELC! Or any other tank without a turret for that matter D:<

  14. use the 57mm, its secret of 3 star 59-16’s drivers 😉

  15. The second half of this video is the best bit of Cold Waters I’ve ever seen

  16. LOL! Watched the pre-intro scene and the video already earned a thumbs up from me 🙂

  17. “I cannot get a grip on this machine.”
    Try the gold spamming AT15A.
    It still bounces both ways.

  18. New meme, you like mah hat?

  19. Hahaha that scream at the beginning made a little piss squirt out while I laughed. Thanks for that Jingles!

  20. it’s a tier 6 match, what do you expect

  21. I never get tired of hearing the Homer scream. LOL!!!

  22. Poor Luchs! D:

  23. Wait. They removed the autocannon from the 59-16? What’s the point of even getting the tank now? (Obviously other than moving on to the good tanks that follow.)

  24. hey i’ve got great news jingles!
    not only do those console peasants get the chieftan, sometime in 2018, in wot blitz we’re getting the chieftain to!

  25. Holy shit that opening clip had me laughing for 2 minutes

  26. 3:25 Actually Jingles…

  27. It’s not what you drive, but how you drive it.

  28. any GOOD PLAYER can destroy if they get a light tank scout as top tier
    there are some exceptions but generally their manoeuvrability allows it

  29. 10:48….even an oilslick over the sunken tank! What realism!

  30. I’m still upset the 76mm autoloader was completely removed. Obviously, they had to remove it from the 59-16, since it would have been laughably OP against tier 4 tanks, but the WZ 131 also had it as a stock gun, and they got rid of it there too.

    It was such a fun little gun, the combination of extremely limited penetration and amazing burst damage gave it a completely unique playstyle. By putting yourself in the right situation, you could easily chunk tier 8 tanks who underestimated you and get to safety before anyone could even hit you. It taught players not to stick around if they couldn’t penetrate the tanks coming at them, something a lot of the playerbase still needs to learn, and how to take advantage of a flanking opportunity when it presents itself. Not to mention being creative about how you engage tanks. One of my best games was on Cliff, where I got to the top of the lighthouse and dumped shells into the engine decks of the tier 8 HTs pushing around the east.

    It wasn’t a good gun, but it was great fun, and not something you can get anywhere else.


  32. I miss the 59-16 Autoloader gun. Lot of fun and a challenge when half the Red Team side are Heavy KV. I run from them to keep spotted and burn the clip so fast, it only taken 9 second to reload for a full clips, 8.1 second with a gun rammer to be the only Autoloader to be capable of equipping it. It an Anti Light Tank or Lightly Armor Tank, and I toyed a Cent by unloading two full clips in his rear where he cannot pointed his gun down. Those were the days.

  33. First tank shown name and what kind of tank?

  34. @The Mighty Jingles you are crap, learn to count to 3 and 4 😉
    Jokes aside, great videos, keep up the great work

  35. “Fuck… Went Full Retard”… At least he understands… lol

  36. Shouldn’t it be a Tow Rope sometime in this game? If I were in a wars with Tank, I wouldn’t go anywhere without that god damn steel ropes to either drag them out, or me!

  37. Oxygenium needs to stop wasting our oxygen.

  38. Wildx_I_LOVE_YOU lol

    Jingles do you remember hmm mm mm fish

  39. If you don’t have a gun – a shovel will do.
    if you don’t have a shovel – bare hands will do.
    That’s what wins wars.

  40. Dax and Dee Dee Wasser

    I was driving the 13 57GF that was obliterated at the beginning of the video. The second I saw it, I knew that exact game. I remember yelling “Fucking arty mother fucker”! or something to that extent. I showed my wife the first 15 seconds of the video. She got a big kick out of it. My 15 minutes of fame. Thanks Jingles!!!!!!

    Thought I had that game in the bag. I wish I had saved the replay, I think that was a good game.

    Nice shot arty guy. looked like it was a direct hit. As much as I want to blame the ridiculous splash damage radius that arty is now blessed with. Can’t deny the shot was right on target, in TD mode.

  41. meh… top tier light tank is never bad, it’s a killing machine.

  42. A good result in a tank doesn’t make the tank good. It just means that the stars aligned.

  43. I like the 5916 after the patch before the patch it made shit look good

  44. best intro I’ve seen on any channel in a while

  45. I was just in a battle where my tank got stuck on top of another tank and literally moved less than the one seen in this video… XD

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  • unexpected french national anthem

  • (10:24) lol !!!!!!!!!!. XXXXXXXXXDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!

    keep up the good work! 🙂

  • I realy liked the 59 16

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