World of Tanks || NO CAP K1LL ALL

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks. Have you ever had your team shout NO CAP K1LL ALL? We’ll here’s what happens when they do!


World Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Hey everyone – a lot of comments are regarding that this replay has already been featured on other WoT related youtube channels; please keep the following in mind.

    1) I do not spend my every waking hour constantly watching WoT related youtube channels. I have no idea what they feature and do not base my content around what they do.

    2) This replay was uploaded late yesterday and today was the first chance I had to feature it.

    3) I have 500k+ subscribers, I’m sure that the vast majority of those are watching this replay are doing so for the first time – I owe it to them to feature what I consider to be the most entertaining and incredible replays I can find.

    4) Youtubers do not suddenly own games uploaded to wotreplays when they commentate on them. They are public for a reason. Players who upload to wotreplays want to show off their amazing game play to the WoT community and content creators, like myself, facilitate this process.

    5) Even if PewDiePie started creating WoT content and had already commentated on this replay I would still feature it. This is my channel and I produce content I would want to watch. I thought this was an incredible game and I love commentating on such awesome rounds.

    Therefore I will continue to feature my favourite replays on my channel irrelevant of who else has used them to make content and hope that you lovely ladies and gentlemen will have as much fun watching them as I do making them 🙂

    • Thanks for the replay, I only watch your channel for WOT replays, others were talking in gibberish voice and not as interesting as your commentary

      so keep up the good work

    • This is actually my first time watching the replay

    • Hear Hear!

    • Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

      i saw both and appart the game play on the back they have none semilarities, and even if they have that would not be a problem. And if some other channel that i folow make other video on it i stil go and see it again and again. Every one has is own perspective on the game and there still can existe some details that pass unnoticed on the game. Keep doing the good work men.

    • Kind of frustrating that you even had to make this post. Keep your carry pants on and continue to give us more great contents such as this. Oh, and congrats about the house.

  2. If the win is certain, sure you can kill all, but more often than not idiots yell “no cap, kill all” when there are 3,4,5 tanks left on the enemy team that are also the best players, and most of the time they end up losing the game because of that as the idiots rush in one by one in hopes to score kills and get themselves killed, effectively throwing the game instead of winning by cap.
    Id rather win by cap than lose like this.

  3. What amazes me is that there is no bond payout on that game

  4. I can never see your live stream’s 🙁 the live stream’s are on twitch

  5. nope guys u got it all wrong.dez featured this match before it happend .like he usualy does.GG QB KEEP IT UP;

  6. be gone satan 3:44

  7. Isn’t this just a Tiger II with the mobility of a medium?

  8. That ST-I using D-25T!!!!!!

  9. Seen this replay on DezGamez.

  10. I’d say good game to the e 50, but he really doesn’t deserve the attention for getting the game thrown at him..

  11. Cap out Not Killed all

  12. It is just bad design having objectives on the map, when there are no incentives to play them. Every game mode just turns in to TDM.

  13. It is usually the south american brazil trash that say no cap kill all. Then they end up dying and game lost…I wish wargaming could make these brazilian inbreds there own server..Whenever your team has more brazilian trash than the enemy it is an auto loss.

  14. This is why I always cap.

  15. gold spammer…

  16. Qb maybe an enemy shot the T-44 bc he immediately tries to recap

  17. T44 scary bitch

  18. I’d rather cap then kill all. My reasoning for this is when I played a tier 5 match there was only a AT 2 left on enemy team and guess what? My team told me to get out of cap. He killed all 5 of us and was still above half health. I’d rather win then lose due to greed.

  19. I was so between the e50 and the e100 and figured I wanted another heavy but should get the e50 too soon after I get the e100

  20. Sp powercreeped doesn’t mean it’s weak, just that everything else is better..?
    That is the definition of weak

  21. Thx for using my name QB

  22. I don’t get it. People brag about the armor of this tank at tier 10, yet it’s the same armor as a tiger 2 h at tier 8 that is always made fun of for being weak

  23. Durthu will Come for u

    Like your trick with the tile
    Love your videos and I don’t even play wot. Hands down best YouTube commentator

  24. The comment about the premium round is gratuitous. Of course he forgot them… he emptied his rack on light tank and side back of tiger and aimed at weakpoints and tracks…

    Even at the T28 he was aiming the cupola meaning I am not even sure he did press 2 willingly…

  25. GG it was a great game I think that the e50 is one of the best tank tier/tier I have 100% gunmark on it so I don’t play it as much as I could but I want to give some advice you should try using food (chocolate) on it and I would take a lot more APCR in it but it is personal preference.

  26. QB Check out this comment from>>>
    8 hours ago
    I dont understand… the people in the112 side was soo nice, soo awesome that the E50 was having a great battle that they simply wanted him to win… And they were happy about losing even if that meant they had to help the E50 win with the best result possible. THIS IS JUST NOT THE NORMAL BEHAVIOR OF WOT PLAYERS ! What happend to the world ? QB if you ever read this comment, you really need to make a video about this other side of that battle and comment about the really nice behavior of the 112, T-44 and others… this just makes no sense and its amazing !

  27. I am anxious to watch the other end replay….Thanks for sharing it guyZ…I hope quickybaby makes a video soon from the other side…

  28. 14:49 Every second game for me. The other half they just suck xD

  29. this video is the same as DEZGAMES video ive told him the same thing

  30. its the second time QB and Dez uploaded the same replay

  31. Want to play the E50, but not looking forward to playing through the Panther II

  32. I hate that no cap kill all mentality.
    And ones I got shot by teammates because I was capping so…

  33. What is wrong with cap all kill all ??
    If they fail to kill all at least you cap. And if they kill all at least you got some extra cap points on top.
    What is wrong with that ? Why either or when you can have both ……

  34. Glad you featured this, love the e50 and dont sub to other wot channels

  35. That E-50 player is such a noob – wasting those premium rounds like that…

  36. always cap… always…

  37. DezGamez post this replay too.
    It’s seem pretty epic ,isn’t it.

  38. Anyone else to miss the chat with the enemy players???

  39. My mindset tends to primarily consist of “a win is a win” and “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. That doesn’t mean I insist on capping in each game; but if it’s got better odds of cementing that win than trying to wipe out the rest of the enemy team, I’ll take it.

    Sometimes, the facts that I like to see as much of my team survive as possible and I also care about my survival rate and kill-death ratio also comes into play. So sometimes I’ll cap if that’s what’ll keep a teammate alive (especially if they’re easy pickings for surviving red team tanks).

  40. I want you to do me gift FV4202…Black Friday today….I only play English tanks…I want to see which one of you…you have a channel will do that…my own account is ….

  41. Finally reply from Enemy team 112 came qb, such a gentlemen he was & so was his team..

  42. Dammit QB, every time you release a video like this the mouth breathers triple cap lololol

  43. Who cares whether Dez games uploaded it, QB is the BEST!!!

  44. I’d rather have a safer victory through capping than gambling on it to please a bunch of players who invariably drop the ball if I decap. I’ve said it dozens of times.

  45. Oh cmon, as if this situation where one player kills 5 or more enemies is common. there is nothing wrong with this(NO CAP KILL ALL) mentality, since it gives more XP for the team when u do it. The situation that happened in this video occurs how often? like 1 in 100 games?

  46. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    you have too see it the other side make the video men =P

  47. The no cap kill all mentality is because you get situations like this where it’s just one tank left, and you are suppose to rush the guy not go one by one like the popular term lemmings. Iv had many moments where I’m the last alive and they come at me one by one. Such a mistake on enemy teams part because it’s essentially one vs one. Maybe one vs 2. A skilled player can make the come back such as this and kill those who do this. Regrouping, taking cover can obviously mean the difference of a win or loss the underdog may have skills gota counter that with overwhelming force. As well as many ppl with a winning team may want a top gun medal or try and boost their damage to get those all important MoE stripes. It’s disheartening to be a shot or two from reaching the minimum to keep your damage standing climbing to have your team 3 cap a base with 3 ppl left and your team has 10 tanks.

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