World of Tanks || No one cares about China…

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World of Tanks – WZ-111G FT. Today I’m going to talk about why no one seems to care about the new destroyers!

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  1. Hello, it is true that I had the WZ 113 G FT of the 1 em day of the release of Chinese TD and even now I see very little even the WZ-111G FT and it is a shame because well played it can be a great support for the team

  2. Just subscribed ?

  3. I dont play china td line, because they are basically the same as soviet ones, second i dont really enjoy grinding and i think this line is not worth it when i can grind better, more interesting lines.

  4. Quickybaby, it’s the fact the the Chinese tanks are mainly knock-offs of other countries. I’d rather play the Russian version then play a cheap knock-off.

  5. I play democracy only. I enjoy my gun depression.

  6. I would love to see Italian tanks, that would be fun!  They are different, and would have a somewhat different play style.

  7. There would only be a 1 true looking ISU!!!1!!!! Not some chinese copy!!,111

  8. I like the t6, t9 and the prem td in that chinese line

  9. lol that guy fired a heat round into a light tank with 14hp

  10. Do you make video about Waffenträger auf E-100 (P) ? 😀

  11. În my opinion the game needs more maps like 3-4 years ago…not new cheap copy tanks. New maps will bring people back to the game

  12. Maps are lacking. New ones are a desaster. Yes paris, talking about you.
    Arty still remains a problem and arguably became even more anoying. Be stunned constantly or be oneshotted once every 10 games, both suck equally.
    Powercreep is accelerating.
    Premium ammo is now nescesary to be competitive with all the super heavies.
    Matchmaker is completely fucked since they changed it.
    The whole premium debacle.
    The sheer amount of autoloaders added to the game.
    The move to a faster meta with most games ending in a rofflestomp win or loss.

    At a certain point the negatives start to outway the good and positive things this game has to offer. And when things don’t get solved while more problems get created eventually it becomes unbearable.

  13. QB doing a Claus!! Give it to them up the …..!!

  14. Yeah well… they are turretless TDs… it is hard work to have good games in em.

  15. I actually dont play them because of the godawful matchmaking, it makes no fun to grind any vehicle, except at tier 9.

  16. Just like everyone else, Chinese TD’s are a copy of Russian tanks. No point on playing a copy, AGAIN.
    In contrast, the Swedish TD’s are very different from everyone else, at least from tier 8 onward, with hydraulics for sige mode.
    The most played TD tree

  17. Cool video quickybaby as always!! What’s your favourite tank to play in?

  18. They do not interest me as they are knock offs of Russian tank destroyers and it’s all fictitious

  19. they ugly tho

  20. People quit WoT because it has become a pathetic PayToWin game with no interesting new content.

  21. you can only milk a cash cow so much before it runs dry.

  22. Even QB didn’t realise how many Chinese subscribers he has:) Thank you for making this video advertising Chinese tanks, but, frankly, I have to admit that Chinese tanks, especially tds, are quite similar to the soviet ones. I dun believe people are that racist, in fact, we all have have different tastes and preferences.
    Btw, I just want to tell my fellow countrymen. PLEASE DONT OVERREACT. A loud mouth won’t change people’s perceptions but a friendly comment will

  23. Marcelo Gutiérrez

    Oh Mr. Quickybaby I think you may be forgetting Donald Trump

  24. TD game play is more for new players. If you’ve just unlocked the Swedes then I can understand people who don’t want to spend an other year grinding the next TD line.

    They’re done very well, but the fact that they’re completely fake is a let down for me personally.

  25. Ofc all i can do is guessing but i think the game, as good as it is still going, is about to die out because WG stopped treating it as anything but a Cow milking it for money. 1: The whole new Arty System is designed as fast firing and accurate guns to force you to use as much premium consumables as possible. 2: Youve got Superheavy Tanks like the Maus or the Type 5 Heavy which are designed to devastate everything that doesnt spam Premium to take the Behemoth out fast enough. 3: The T8 Premium Tanks are usually better Tanks than their non-premium Versions. I mean… the Chrysler G-F is probably stronger than all of the T9 and quite many of the T10 Heavies. Same goes for the T26E5 and the Defender. Eventhough i still enjoy playing WoT i feel like Wargaming stopped caring about their Product and are just trying to get as much Money of it as possible.

  26. We do not like new tanks.. we need new maps. and the choice to drop citymaps .. Not normal TD and Arty fights in cities

  27. My reasons for not driving them that enthusiastically: They are mostly TD’s with no turret, no armor and basically camp-machines. And we already have those kind of td’s in one of the two german td-lines and that is simply not my playstyle. I want to have armor or a turret or both. This sitting-in-a-bush-and-waiting-playstyle just isn’t my thing. It may be for others and I’m happy for them that they have new toys, but I’d much rather drive a T-28 Prototype or a Jagdtiger or a Hetzer or a Wolverine before I sit in one of these.

  28. I dont play the chinese TDs because:
    1. They are ugly as hell (especially the T10)
    2. I already started the sovjet TD line

  29. Its because they are not original tanks in china and they are mere copies of soviet tank destroyers and im from the philippines so thats why i know that chinese military equipment are not good for my country

  30. well i see 4+ of them in every match but i play tier 6 and 7 mostly and there over powered i dont like shooting them and always bounce even the sides and the back too fast guns too much they feel unfair

  31. 12:58, nice tongtwister quicky 😛

  32. To little. To late Wg. You keep introducing tank after tank. How many bloody tanks do we need. You don’t care about the community, only your pockets. To me, you are very unethical and now it is biting you in the butt. All you had to do instead of spending 100’s of hours designing an introducing new tanks, is to listen to the community and do the maps for more dynamic fun for all and I’m sure more would play…..Just my opinion….Hope everyone on here are well…..

  33. Hi quickybaby, I have enough tanks to be getting on with, I think as we found with the Japanese tanks, some at least were just rehashed Russian tanks. (I was not interested in their heavy line, just too slow and ugly), also while it is nice to grind something I like to try to improve my stats on the tanks I have already and enjoy the tanks I like too.

  34. Im not much interested in thses TD’s right now as Im trying to get my Death Star before it goes away, but yes QB I agree , they just seam like redone russian tanks anyway. Im not seeing many in game, I dont really see any particular  outstanding features.

  35. Gareth Fairclough

    It doesn’t really help when essentially the entire line is fictional.

  36. its just russian tanks with different crew so yea ……wast of time ……….chinese didnt even have tanks in ww2 ….there tanks were salvaged jap tanks

  37. QB, love your content, but the thing is that chinese tanks are just knock-off’s of russian TD’s, and mostly playing an ISU 152 at tier 10 is kinda of a let down, it doesn’t bring anything new to the table, let’s say a turreted TD line would have done it. Maybe if they put more effort into it, things would have been different.

  38. I dont care about TDs myself, atleast the swedish ones had special trick at higher tiers. I do have the chinese meds/lights though.

  39. Big, ugly, slow, tall, bad versions of the soviet tanks. Also just wanna say that if the old arties were in the game this game would have ended way faster! 🙂

  40. I’m up to the T5 Chinese TDs. Made of paper, not quick, reasonable pen but low alpha. Not much fun to play because it’s huge and finding cover is hard. City maps are a nightmare.

  41. I had no idea they released a tech tree for the chinese TDS…..they could of told me.

  42. You are wrong QB Donald Trump cares about China ?

  43. Gordan Knežević

    I can’t say for others, but I am not playing them because they are more or less the same as soviet “big gun” line, and 268 is in my opinion a better t10, so there is no real motivation to grind for a worse version of a tank I already have. One day when I have every other tank in the game.. probably, but 100% not playing them before that.

  44. The Swedish Tanks offered a Completely new Playstyle while the CN just are rebranded soviets

  45. “Healthy playerbase ” LOL now i heard it all

  46. I have so much to grind for, that i don’t have time for yet another tech tree ‘branch’.
    WG should lower the amount of XP needed to unlock tier 8+. They could increase the low tier XP a little, would help with player population on low tiers. But the total amount is just to much. It was ok when there weren’t so many techtrees leading to tier 10, now it is exhausting

  47. the tier X chinese is the same object 268 with longer reload and less armor

  48. Na busy with the Chinese lights

  49. Also the Sweds had a new mechanic

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