World of Tanks – No Problem

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In which everyone dies leaving 57ricardo alone against half an enemy . No problem!

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Sad thing about that Noji guy. He’s got a Blue WoTLabs rating…such a
    waste of talent. I mean I may be a red player but at least I don’t rage in

  2. damn jingles 3 videos in 23hrs. Better slow down a bit old boy other wise
    its going to be expected more often

  3. Good game Ricardo! Its always nice to see a newer player doing well. Keep
    it up.

  4. wouldn’t be a jingles video if he didn’t get the guy’s name wrongnthe
    entire time amirite? seriously great video as always jingles.

  5. Grille? I trust the game can be full of bugs, Jingles, but from what I saw,
    it was a bishop, sitting there, in the end. I also like my Churchill for
    it’s rapid fire. That enemy team, did it wrong come at 57ricardo, one by
    one. I met 7 enemies as well, on Overlord, towards the end of the match,
    nothing more left to do.
    AMX 50 100

  6. Jingles, you are forgetting the lend-lease Valentine.

  7. If you decide to answer some questions, what’s your opinion on this new
    T-44-100 grindfest?

  8. Noji is going to wish he shut up

  9. Actually Jingles, it was a sexton III, not a Grille. Jingles?1?

  10. Top Tier Competent player and incompetent enemy, results in big score but
    predictable and boring. Lets see bottom tier lights take on Top tiers
    competant heavies, i want to see skill, i want ot see players playing their
    hearts out and i dont care about how many medals. Lets see Stet pedders in
    OP tanks getting a pasting. I want to see those burning e25’s!!!

  11. Calling the Bison a Grille. Oh Jingles, u so silly ;)

  12. 276 jingles?
    In your dreams!
    176 in one strip.

  13. legend has that the mighty lord jingles used to reply to comments. now no
    more. We live in pain in the salt mines hoping one day we will be chosen.
    our comment will be chosen to receive a reply from the mighty jingles

  14. Why does these things never happen to me? :(

  15. No replay bug, you are looking at the load out of the tank who got killed
    since this was his replay.

  16. how many times did jingles call the bison a grille? 3 was it?

  17. I’m early… …let me make a joke…

    Boris Johnson as the UK’s Foreign Minister…

  18. got top gun in my first battle in the churchill 3

  19. commander jangles whens xcom 2 dlc vids comin?

  20. It’s 176mm!

  21. Someone report Noji…

  22. Wow you played with kuzImSoGay?

  23. nice replay, now back to the salt mines I go, wait where are the keys to my

  24. Yay. The mighty gnome overlord uploaded

  25. “Oh there’s the Grille!”
    ACTUALLY JINGLES, oh nvm………………

  26. Tbh your shaming of ragers really rubs me the wrong way. While it is true
    that they are complete dickheads i don’t like that judge, jury, and by
    sending your fanbase on them, executioner approach you’re taking. Even on
    the WoT subreddit most people take care of blacking out the names so people
    don’t get harassed. Because we’re better than the ragers themselves. Also
    if you think that the messages many of your (especially younger) fans will
    send this guy will not top his retardation that’s kind of naive. He called
    his team monkeynoobs yeah but i think we can be quite certain that he’s
    gonna get way worse than that after being shown on here. The thing your
    doing is basically fighting online hostility with even more hostility.

  27. Bison spotted… “Ohh… There is a Grille” Classic Jingles. xD

  28. im early!!

  29. potato

  30. Fuck yes jingles! Right on time for lunch!

  31. That’s a Bison jingles…Not a Grille

  32. Any help? I okay WoT on medium graphic setting, and average about 60-65
    fps, but sometimes it suddenly drops to 40 fps for a few seconds and lags,
    is there anything I can do? :)

  33. monkey noobs die

  34. lol,no problem

  35. uhh jingles, u noob xD its bison

  36. omg u called the Bison a Grille xD

  37. seen the churchill platoon first few second of vid and thought gonna be
    long one went and got me a cuppa tea and some crumpets now lets resume

  38. I’m a simple men. I see British tank, I press like

  39. Føxŷ Thë pîråtê føx

    FIRST… so.I have a kv1s..

  40. I was number 1001

  41. dam I’m early

  42. Once i got 10K xp in 1 battle with the Tiger 1 😀 obviously not base xp.

  43. The last time i was this early my dog was still alive :(

  44. I am so grateful that i work night shift.

  45. Go play steel beasts.

  46. Am I early enough to get a Jingles reply?

  47. Cmon jingles where r the kv 2 videos at I need to be motivated

  48. Holy shit im early better make a joke.

    My life.

  49. Why do people give me weird looks if I answer their “What are you
    watching?” question with a laconic answer “Jingles”. Oh.

  50. Do people really push likes before they even watch the content?
    It makes me wonder why there is so many likes when content is 15 min long
    and i is released like 10 mins ago.

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