World of Tanks – Noob Camper Gets Owned By Brave Skorpion

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Source: Anfield


  1. first comment……………………….blahhh blahh blahh fucking blahh

  2. Wow that Skorpion sure showed the camper!

    • Its the one who was afk for the first 2 minutes then came back and died within 1 minute.
      I’m always amazed how instinct keeps one alive, because players like that skorpion are really to stupid to shit, he would have exploded after his birth if it was no programmed in him how to take a shit.

  3. so stupid it hurts

  4. Alliterate alternating Illusions

    Eu players are so bad. Play on NA…… ehh its not much better actually fuck it

  5. why you discuss with him? ignorebutton and next game goes on…

  6. you’re wasting your time on trash lul

  7. you should try eu server. Every second polish person is like this scorpion

  8. Instead of shut hes mouth when he saw aftermatch result, he still spam with hes retarded brain….roofl

  9. My team in every battle in a nutshell at tier 8 to 10

  10. x3 weekend just amplifies the stupid. Yesterday I got a draw because a full health t-30 ran out of ammunition. I am thinking god damn this guy either fired his gun the whole game and has 10k damage or he misses every shot. I check his damage after the match, he only fired 9 shots. Now you might think, well it must be a new tank and he forgot to auto resupply. We have all done that but no he had a mark of excellence … I mean, why would you do that.

    • Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

      man i agree

    • Fucking lost it at “he had a mark of excellence”

    • Yeah I know a single mark isn’t anything special, I was just figuring if he played the games to get it he didn’t forget to auto resupply. I cant for the life of my figure out any other reason someone would not take at least standard shells into battle.

      I am an aggressive player and lately I have been paying the price for it. This meta seems really heavy with TD’s lately. My win rate, which was on a steady rise for months has taken a nose dive in the last month or so.

    • ive done shit like that before…..

      in my t54 i decided to be a fuck and load almost full gold (due to getting like 100,000 credits for some reward)
      i turned off auto-resupply so i didnt waste money, and replaced the gold i shot with normal AP

      well….i got pissed off, and shut the game off

      the next day or 2 later…..i forgot about this, and just hit battle…..expecting to have auto resupply on like i normally do

      i had like 10 shells….3 of which were HE

      i still did a lot of damage for the ammo i had…..wanted till i KNEW i was going to pen
      when i ran out, i scouted and baited shots…..made my self into a meat shield for a few low health tanks

      think we ended up winning the game

    • my point is…..
      ya…. some dudes might be stupid and just derp out

      other times its just a mistake from an otherwise decent player……but said player can still be helpful

  11. The vid title almost seems like a Pornhub vid title

  12. osama bin liftin won this xD

  13. This scorpion is the type of guy to clutch the bottom of the bag of chips so you can only get one

  14. The way you cut him off with the blacklist was fantastic

  15. Nicely handled Anfield. That player is a complete moron doing something so dumb and then blaming someone else for their own mistake. HOW TF DO YOU JUSTIFY THAT

  16. Seriously, you made a video of this? Sigh

  17. 3:22 🙁

  18. that guy is on my ignore list hes pretty retarded

  19. ShredderProductions

    i love that scorpion he should be a stand up comedian

  20. As a good player, you should concentrate more on giving advice to those of us who watch your videos instead of whining and criticizing your team. You have games way better than I ever have and you still continue to bitch and moan about everyone else on your team. Nice playing though, poor commentating.

    • Alexnader Kopralev

      How do you give advice to a player that blames you for “camping” and calls you a p*ssy while you carry the hell out of him. That guy did not want to realize that he sucks so he did the most ignorat thing ever – he ignored his mistakes and blamed his team. I’m sorry, but pleayers like that wouldn’t be able to understad advice even if you handed it to them on a silver plate. Besides Anfield makes his videos for the sole purpose of teaching. Just pay attention to what he does and you will be able to join the unicorn master race.

    • Alexnader Kopralev true

    • How do you expect me to instruct this person??? I am giving advise most recently with my mentoring but I’m allowed to show a something I found amusing from time to time

    • 😀 hi ANFIELD

  21. That’s not even top (i mean bottom) 1% of stupid pubbie in WoT, come on.

  22. You don’t usually get that tilted man. Those 7 hour streams are getting to you.

  23. dude…..i was playing war ships and got called “a scrub”
    he then started to talk about how i had lower average damage than him…..despite me having a higher win %, destruction ratio, and a few other stats

    i had like 600 battles total…..had 1 tier 8 ship.
    yet he had 800 battles in JUST tier 10 ships (and a 45% win% over 6000 battles)

    he could just not figure out that a dude with mostly tier 5 and 6 ships would OF COURSE have lower average damage
    their just isnt enough HP on the field at tier 6…….

    and again….he had MORE battles ONLY in t10…..than i did across ALL ships

    then started to say i was going o get banned because i called him a “stupid asshole who doesnt know how to use stats”

    turns out….. that guy got banned for calling me a scrub and other bullshit…..

  24. World of Twats.

  25. also dont get why people think one server is somehow smarter than the other server…..
    people shit on the US players….all the time

    yet…. their is VERY VERY little difference between servers…..

    EU and RU has its fair share of retards….
    its not like autism only exists in the USA……its not like EU/RU doesnt have kids playing the game

    might go out on a limb here and say that places in russia….like around CNPP….probably have a higher %-age of actual retards due to the radiation…

  26. Jesus christ, he just kept going

  27. Lmao. I quit WoT but stuff like this almost makes me want to pick it up again.
    The player interaction is so toxic and stupid that there is nothing to do except to meme in response. Good times.

  28. I met someone that stupid earlier today. Tried to drown in his arty so I dropped on top of him. He then went on to tell me how that kill didn’t count because I drowned after I landed on him. Then said I wasted my tank because he was the last guy left lmfao.

  29. After all the absolute bullshit Skorpion G spews out, Anfield is saved by a random message from a random player…”Praise Allah” LULZ.


  31. I’ll take eu over na even if it’s harder to farm damage, at least I never have to go through shit like this.

  32. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    If he didn’t have that many games, I’d be willing to bet it’s some EU tard who made an NA acc to get free shit or something…

  33. After your number of games played, you still manage to let people like that get to you? roflmao, THAT is disappointing. Even more so than hiding in a corner like a n00b 😛

  34. he was probably watching the stream

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