World of Tanks – Not Bad

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The . 's not great, it's not terrible. It's just… well… not bad. It's also only tier 4, isn't something you see around here on a regular basis.

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  1. This video was

    Not bad.

  2. first 3 shots are disgusting…..!!!!!!! wow

  3. The mortar is really close range though so he couldn’t hit the cap

  4. Hello Jingles! I’ve always been a fan of you showcasing other games besides WoT, World of Warships, and similar titles. I wanted to inform you of a game I think you’d really like. Are you familiar with the Ace Combat series? It’s a great line of games with incredible story telling, action, and enough top secret weaponry to destroy Earth several times over! Unfortunenately, most of them only saw the light of consoles…Until Ace Combat 7! It was released on PC on Feb. 1st. It’s got the same incredible story telling, outlandish superweapon boss fights, and amazing selection of weapons. Also, it’s a very arcady title that’s so easy even you could play it ;). And yes, I really sincerely mean you could play it. It’s incredibly intuitive and simple. It focuses more on simple, fun action rathar than the technical aspects of flight depicted in most simulators. If you get the chance, please give it a go! If you can’t do that, at least take the time to look it up on Steam, it’s definately worth the effort! If you see and read this email, thank you in advance!


    A humble Salt Miner.

    P.S. I’m going to continue posting this comment along with my normal ones on your videos until you see it. 😛

  5. You know you have been watching wallst far too much when you see a UE57 and expect it to die by ramming. Especially too much if you are disappointed that it doesn’t happen…

  6. Took him five minutes just to leave spawn hmm lol not bad lmfao

  7. you need to go play Italians in War Thunder.

  8. no problem hitting the scout cars but misses the medium must not of sacrificed enough dissidents for that shot as well

  9. ShadowAssasinMitchell 12

    Fun drinking game: Take a shot every time Jingles says “not bad” in this video. =)

  10. Hand of Stalin – KV-2 approved

    btw somone know the song that played everytime “Hand of Stalin” is on the screen?

  11. omg that’s the most AWESOME intro jingles!.. especially if it contained killing those highspeed “wheeled” armored vehicles..

  12. I see no Pz. II J’s in either the NA or EU premium shops…

  13. i got my only fadins medal in my bison tier 3 arty

  14. Cruelty to small tanks.

  15. Nice to see a lower tier game for a nice change of pace. Very entertaining.

  16. Speed Limit enforced by ‘Hand of Stalin”, you have been warned!

  17. but jingles, stalin doesn’t like me

  18. Not bad at all!

  19. Thanks for the tip….signed – an Arty Player


  21. “Hand of Stalin” needs to be some kind of ability in an RPG that makes use of specific time periods.

    Also, Jingles, that M2 had his turret pointed the other way because he didn’t see where ShookYang was. Our seal-clubbing friend (because who the fuck has a commander with Sixth Sense at tier IV in normal progression?) didn’t have his sixth sense go off when the M2 nuked his teammate, which means the M2 was actually trying to be wary of being surrounded. After all, ShookYang’s Last Known Position to the enemy team had him on the far side of the hill pointed the other way and heading towards the enemy base; the M2 may have simply guessed wrong that he’d go try and flank him instead of coming in head-on.

    So yeah, don’t be harsh on the M2 for trying to actually use the map and being outguessed by a seal-clubber.

  22. Those god damn arty players rub me wrong

  23. Option 5: he or she has, with a lack of water to drown in, gone AFK.

  24. He never does any WarThunder videos anymore.

  25. Ahhh, the “Hand of Stalin” – delivering bitch slaps aaaall game long, lol!!!???

  26. This was my favorite tank until I got the E25

  27. lol hand of stalin is right

  28. It’s true. I had my first (and only) top gun in this tank.

  29. my first game in a Matilda was a top gun.
    my second had 8 kills

  30. A very Clausian intro by you there Jingles…

  31. Best intro since the warships derp song one.

    Good job, Jingles.

    Self five, buddy.

  32. Actually, I am only driving Obj 430. Cause T9 is the only mm I can enjoy. And I’m only shooting gold lol. So this video is for plebs? Cause I ain’t one.

  33. Oh, Jingles. That’s no tank destroyer, it’s a Sarl 42!

  34. If the su-5 was using the 152mm gun, he would not have the range to reset the cap circle

  35. I’ve done the whole “hit the same place twice” thing in my arty. It gets a few resets, but mostly it ends up being a wasted shell.

  36. the p26/40 has good armor and good alpha (kinda derpish) in exchange with bad mobility and inaccurate as hell, everytime when i play it in a platoon, my friends scream what are you aiming at!

  37. DEAR jingles..
    ever think they gave you Favorite tanks??? abd system??

    Go play war thunder again..

  38. I personally thought that this tank was pretty good.
    Mobility isn’t great, but decent.
    Gun depression is good, the guns are good – although Shell velocity isn’t great.
    Armor for its tier as a medium is pretty good, especially if you use your gun depression.
    Overall, the italian medium line overall is a pretty strong one I feel.

  39. Ah yes the PZ.2 J my favorite tier three, or it was, 3-5 years ago. Great armor and a worthless gun but it’s still a troll.

  40. 0:32……aaaaawww mann, that sucks…..mine came each sold separately……worst stalinmas evar :C

  41. I don’t play WoT, what ridiculous tank is that which costs 100 euros?

  42. 8:30 I think at one point, there was a development to fit this tank with a specialized turret that carried the german KWK 43 gun :^/

  43. The M2 Medium didnt spot him when he came down so he might have think ShookYang was coming from the top of the hill, which would explain why he turned his gun in the wrong direction.

  44. sixth sense on a tier 4 tank, full HE..not a seal clubber…honest.

  45. Christian Krakhofer

    havent seen a tog game in a while, i wonder why…

  46. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    Lol that intro MJ lol epic lol

  47. I think the best strategy for that end situation is to stay still while the arty fires the first two shots. THEN move into the place where he first shot.
    Conversely for the arty, you should shoot a location, shoot somewhere else, then shoot the first location again. If the third shot doesn’t hit, assume he is not mindgaming and keep spreading your shots around.

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