World of Tanks – Not My Type

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Eight years I’ve been doing this, a new video almost every day and they almost always some of the time maybe have titles I’ve not used before.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. my type 59 has been collecting dust for almost 6 years, along with the rest of my gagage

  2. Reckless maneuver, spamming gold, survived by sheer dumb luck, ugh.

  3. Hardly ever play higher than t6 can’t see the point of being target practice for t8,t9 when i can’t hurt them. It’s NOT fun. WG, I’m talking to you! And stop spawning Matildas on hill maps, it’s been nerfed enough.

  4. I miss my T59, my T3, my KV2… wish I had my computer right now.

  5. I love my Type 59. I use it all the time in Frontline. It just keeps printing credits.

  6. “People like shooting things they’ve haven’t seen before” nice meme lol

  7. I miss Bert intro

  8. Gold spammer

  9. I’ve been watching your videos HOW LONG?

  10. Next week WOT will sell this tank in a $100 special. All because they watch Jingles video.

  11. So Jingles, when do we get new video of yourself, Quickybaby and Ike hitting the field like the old times in a Type 59 wolf pack for the memes and giggles?

    • I believe the wolf pack would show just why the T-59 was such a bug threat, it is after all a medium and as such works best in packs.

  12. Did Jingles just say the T59 is not Good?
    Players there know: Send Him To The Guillotine !!!

  13. nah jingles. the type has a better turret armour and way better aim time as the 120. So its BETTER than the stock 120.

  14. “Alright, lets take a look at the name that I keep hearing jingles pronounce as cock….Oh it just says cock. lul.”

  15. Sorry Might J but nope Cockster got robbed on last kill by the friendly arty

  16. 8 years ago? Has the time passed that quickly? I still remember the Type 59 rampaging when I was in a shitty T5 tank.. The matchmaker was rough then, very rough…

  17. comment deleted ;-P, people got the last kill

  18. 9:57 arty gets a kill ^^ sorry Jingles

  19. Yeh its true. The hill is not a garantueed victory. But its of importance, for the meds and light tanks in the middle to put pressure on the enemy from the middle. Proceed from there, but you know its word of tanks. i rarely happens like that xd

  20. You forgot how OP the turret was on the Type 59, unless you managed to hit the small strip of armor facing you or the cupola on the turret, you could not penetrate it as all rounds would bounce of the angeled front. i remember clearly trolling WT E-100’s by bouncing all of their shots when hull down in this thing when it came out

  21. Ackhsttually Jingles, Type 59 was infamous because of preferable MM. It is basically a tier 9 tank (T-54 turret and hull), meeting as low as tier 6.

    It’s just plain bullying.

  22. DankMemes&RuinedDreams

    This match seemed a bit mediocre tbh. The fact he just spammed prems makes it even less remarkable

  23. It really isn’t the tank it used to be years ago. You may be forgetting that it had OP armor stats. Even as a fully upgraded tier 8 against them, one seemed to only have two choices: 1.) quit World of Tanks altogether out of frustration, or 2.) learn that the ONLY place most opponents – even in tier 9’s – could penetrate them frontally was in one little area to the lower left (if looking at them head-on) on its lower glacis. Most of the lower glacis was similarly impenetrable, but there was a square section to one side of the lower glacis that would allow penetrations. Otherwise, they had over-powered armor across the entire front and sides of the tank. This, with wolf-packs, is why it became legendary. It’s also why a lot of us who stuck with the game finally stopped approaching it as cavemen (see tank, shoot at tank), and started learning about specific weak spots on each of the tougher tanks of the day. The game, for the most part, is just easier these days.

  24. 9:52 Arty got the kill.

  25. Gold scrubs

  26. whoo hoo so early

  27. Type 59. Easily available on console.

  28. mr Jingles, if i may give you an idea for a video which i havent seen yet on your channel?
    A compilation of all your mishaps and funny stuff?

    Perhaps with a voiceover, making it into some kind of a storyline. I dunno, im not that artistic.
    Just an idea. I would watch it even if it was an hour long or more.

  29. I have the ridiculous Type 59G and I think it still works very well in today’s meta (and also, as you said, it makes a LOT of money, usually 90-120k per win). The only downside is the mediocre APCR, HEAT just does so much better nowadays, and the sluggish acceleration.

  30. Emiel van der Neut

    I dont play wot for almost a year now. I just wish they would rebalance gold ammo so I want to play the game again.

  31. The days of the Type-59 Wolfpack is something I still remember fondly to this day, it was amazing, even when I grabbed my all time love my T-44 I could join in, though doing it in my own Type-59 was fun to.

  32. Remember that the Type-59 was also nerfed in 2011.

  33. I have this tank on Xbox and I really enjoy playing it. While I find it’s not the sort of tank to take a side of the map alone I usually do a fair amount of damage each game.

  34. Hey Jingles… when might we see another TOG II whale pack taking on all comers and ruthlessly (or more likely, humorously) epically spanking their pearly pink panties? It has been a while since the mighty TOG has made an appearance… and I do miss the tracked BB division completely messing with the opposing team’s plans… Bring on the party tank!!!

  35. I did 1 017 battles in my type 59 with 57,23% victories. It was a fun machine. Now it’s useless, you get lucky if you manage to do 1k of damage in it. I wish WG would adjust the stats of the type to make it more fun again. I am saying more fun, not adjust to the standard it was.

  36. absent-minded goldfish

    ah yes, the Type 59 wolfpack, playing a low tier scout like the panzer 38na and seeing 7 or 8 of these coming at you,
    it makes you question your life choices

  37. Jingles: Claims that Cockster killed the 212A
    Me, preparing to scroll down to the comment section: Oh bother.

  38. Registered my account for WoT in 2011… Pepperidge farm remembers

  39. Call it BS J., I play in it every day since 2011 and its still and always will be a good tank…

  40. they did nerf the soft stats on that thing though, so no, it’s not as good as it used to be.

  41. 2:30 the Jews of wot

  42. The Type 59-II has been introduced in the console version of WoT not long ago. The power creep never stops. xD

  43. Timothy Perrigoue

    Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.

  44. Marcin Urbańczyk

    Not much of a skill here, just fairly good awerness and a shitton of gold rounds, which is pathetic. But hey, why bother aiming?

  45. The Cider Drinker

    Pah, on console, we’ve got three versions of this. The Type 59, Type 59-2 and King Dragon Type 59, all pretty much identical, save for the King Dragon having a bigger gun.

  46. TheLegandGamer_55

    On the final kill, it got stolen by the arty

  47. An unremarkable tank by today’s standards…… wouldn’t be such a misnomer if not for the fact that there were some jokers who spent over 100,000 gold bidding for the Type 59 G. And yes, that’s *plural*

  48. It’s OK Jingles at least I’m still pimpin in my T-34-3….
    (aka.the “came too late for Type59” tier8 prem)

  49. Hey Jingles, what do you think about Captain Tom. Apparently he was an instructor at Bovington.

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