World of Tanks || Not Prepared!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m not prepared in the T6 French light tank the AMX 12 t!

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  1. I like this sort of deeper look, its comfortable when you take time to look into things … literaly, little breaks between sentences, a calm narrator goes easier to the head 😉

  2. Watch Claus Kellerman…for regular players. Slurp.

  3. I used to love the amx 12 t, when it had the 6 shout clip I got it 2nd marked and then the light tank nerf came the next day after getting my mark and now it think it’s one of the worst tier 6 lights

  4. Quicky are you not at the tier 10 for the french mediums?

  5. Good plays

  6. Ok 1:09 killed the stug???

  7. Quicky put yourself into the enemys mind when you are playing against tier 9s in that tank lmfao

  8. Miguel Vera Rebollar Huerta

    except on tier X, just spam gold as all and try to hit as many shots as you can before another gold spammer kills you

  9. there’s always someone that think he’s the best and want to teach others to do this and that lol


  11. EXCELLENT tactical explanation, throughout the video. Wonderful stuff, thank you!


  13. Stuglivesmatter
    This aggression will not stand man

  14. T67 was rite you just happened to get lucky

  15. 7:50 view range my VK 36.01 H has while moving 469 meter view range and while stationary has 544 meter view range with Binos. I use it as a spotter in Stronghold skirmishes with the 75/55 Waffe gun to deal with the pesky M4A3E2 Jumbo Shermans.

  16. Improvise, adapt, overcome ?

  17. Wait can you platoon with Arties again? or is this a old game before they changed that?

  18. Will your running or on the fly commentary/analysis is exactly what so many of us need to hear. That type of thinking is what can separate the noob from a seasoned battlefield destroyer. Later than sooner players learn it is not just about armor and 120MM guns. You make rapid fire decisions and regurgitate so many stats about an enemy its obvious you have the brains for such an intellectual race. Most of us don’t, so when we see you drive around in “such a weak tank” and slay dragons it boosts our spirit and yields hope for our future play. Thank you.

  19. Centurion I grind is awful. You don’t have a turret until you get the tracks. Also if you get both the tracks and the turret you are actually having a turret with no gun on it. So you need to ALSO research the gun.

    This is so f**ked up.

  20. Low quality crew strategy on a new tank line: Enjoy the little victories. When you find a tank in a line that you like, hold onto it and grab up a few skills. I did that with the 60G FT. I loved that goofy looking TD.

  21. I’ve got over 25k battles but I am notice something on us severs..grand battles for one, the north side usually losses and south wins more often. I am also noticing lower skilled players catch you on fire more often ..I get caught on fire often these days and it is almost always 90% a yellow or orange player, it is that obvious to me and some others..I can imagine that since wot does keep up with so many stats I can see them giving players higher chances of fire etc..since coming back from a long break where are the higher skilled players. Not odd to see all orange and red teams these days, like with me being the only high green at any tier..vets all leave? Not to mention being out spotted by chances are a newer player w virgin crew vs my 6 perk light tanks or others…just odd stuff going on these days that are far too obvious..
    And always good tips..I never go in so naked with a new

  22. while i do like war thunder for the realistic aspect of it, i do have to say that wot is way more strategic. besides, i personally like these videos where you show how to strategies each match.

  23. Such a great commentary!!! There are so many “average” players yelling “cap cap cap” after they die, which is the simplest way to lose the game.

  24. T67 idiot. Lesson 1 ALWAYS TRUST QUICKYBABY

  25. fuk groupon and their shit tune

  26. Finaly you had truely good battle, without all that garbage, expect you need to remove most of your gold in your tank….

  27. I had a crazy game in this vehicle once, it was a tier 8 match up but I got 3.6k combined

  28. Thank you for a calm well explained and helpful video.

  29. lol Love the wow reference 😉 What do you think of the new expansion QB? Did you like the cinematic?

  30. The way I look at it is dead men do not give orders. They are dead.

  31. Eelke van der Weide

    LOL so it on stream 😛

  32. Excellent video thanks

  33. The gold is far to expensive! £69.99 for 25,000 gold tanks packs or 35,000.

  34. Good job, finally something for the beginner to get some valuable info. All to often u get unexperienced players grinding into tier 8 to 10 without the proper knowledge to play effectively.

  35. Loved it. So many of my tanks aren’t fully equipped so this sort of video really helps. Cheers

  36. My favourite tank i got mark on him ❤???

  37. Aimed for the t67, missed, killed stug..XD

  38. That was one hell of a strategy.

  39. Something that Quicky Baby does not know, but i do? You can get your crew by moving them from one tank to another and still have them on 100% by using credists. 1st you need to reset them, then move to another tank that you want them on, then just set the skills again. You do loose 5-10% depending on the amout of credits you want to spend. You do need to heve a crew with 1 100% skill and at least 10% on the 2nd…

  40. Can you show my replay on your channel?
    I did 4.7k Dmg and 8 kills in T 54

  41. So much crying over stock crew. Imagine if you were not premium player and playing with stock tank, stock crew, stock (non-premium ammo) losing credits all the time and earning less xp. I am playing like that for 5 years and in that time fired maybe 50 premium shells and have a few premium days that WG is ‘giving away’.
    Before was manageable (while WG needed to expand player base and having reasonable time to entry battle) but lately its awful since WG seems to give less and less credits to non premium players and its almost always in minus and buying new tanks of higher tiers has became almost impossible. I have 3 tier 10 tanks which I don’t even play because they are to expensive, have researched dozens of tanks but can’t buy them, not using premium ammo while it seems everybody else do (which is especially problematic when you are always in tier X matchups lately).

  42. Re Consumables I am afraid I have to use large kits especially on my light tanks, Its the 2 stage process to use small kits that kills me every time.
    Get tracked or lose engine with a large kit its click the mouse button I set up and its fixed all done in a second or two.
    With a small kit I have to activate the kit then select which module to fix annoyingly even if there is only one damaged module. Its probably an age thing at 67 by the time I get to actually fixing something I have been shot again 😉

  43. T67 telling a unicum how to play lol
    He must be a beginner/noob.
    Yes noob means beginner lol

  44. My suggestion if u know if u get spot or not use the map if it spotting circle out of range it could mean he can’t spot u or maybe slight of chance it will spot u but u can still dodge it not all light tank have great accuracy.

  45. one more game like this without six sense + 8 kills 😉

  46. Thank you so much for this video quickybaby! This is currently my most played tank but I never expected that you will make a commentary about it!

  47. Yes you can save gold that way indeed. *HOWEVER* since WG are hardly putting new premium tanks in the premium shop (that you would WANT to buy) there is no use for gold other than either retraining crew or buying permanent camouflage.

  48. Even tho i dont like using free exp. I most of the time free exp the tracks on the vehicles when i grind a new line because it makes the biggest difference in my opinion, u have the load capacity to put equipment on the tanks and also use moduls from other tanks.

  49. 9:30 must go to G7 .. keep him light .. use the rocks .. M44 kill him 🙂

  50. does anyone know the zoom mode he is using ? I was searching a lot recently but I could not find any!

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