World of Tanks – Not The Video You Were Expecting

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Source: Mighty

“No video on Saturday” he said. “Sorry,” he said, “I’m at Gamescom.” Uploads a video for Saturday anyway. GG!

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. ChintzySpade130 Gaming

    Wow,I did expect this,wow

  2. Nice vid Jingles.

  3. Jingles sir, your awesome.

  4. nice win for the hellcat driver but to be honest…he made alot of
    misstakes, more luck then good play tho.

  5. Your Time Machine has just had a brain fart !! ??

  6. Very surprised he didn’t get a Mastery Ace Tanker for this game. He didn’t
    even get 3rd class for that matter.

  7. Congratulations MrGgreen, fantastic job and game! I thoroughly enjoyed
    watching this Jingles, thanks for sharing it. I still love playing the
    Hellcat and have over 1,500 games in it with over 30k games total. That
    little machine is a very good credit earner for a non-prem.

  8. actually jingles he is a good player for his games and his recent is 2400
    so stfu!

  9. Yeh he did well but the t-34-85 should have brought his health down loads
    and the box tank missed then everyone missed when he peaked to defend his
    base.He should be dead but the enemy team is just bad.

  10. have a great time there btw hellcat or Jackson should i get

  11. yay! a vid!

  12. WOW, just WoW!

  13. smart move at the end to i like it

  14. The point of this video is: ALWAYS have a spare set of underpants around OR
    replace your seat with a toilet …

  15. Ah the Chi-to. Everyone’s favorite cheesy snack.

  16. 1:25-the truth has been spoken!

  17. Does not get enough hellcat videos. Jingle but I sent in two….Jingles?

  18. Wait a fucking minute,Hellcat has been remodel
    Look nice and beauty

  19. he claims to be not so good of a player , but i see 2 marks of Excellence ,
    or is youtube compression making me see things again?`

  20. tbh i could have and would have done much better in this game. this guy is
    a noob and he got lucky with the retards on the other team missing their

    but hey its another Jingles vid so i dont care either way.

  21. Rather surprised there aren’t any uniscum players in the comment section
    complaining about Mr. Green’s “skills” or performance

  22. Am I the only one who thinks the the T67 is better at its tier than the

  23. A bit random question here, but does anyone know how quickybaby and Jingles
    get to that camera view where they can fly around the map? I really would
    like to know, it will help a ton with my vids thx :D

  24. Dat leafblower.

  25. Thanks for the video this morning! Was a nice surprise to find you made a
    new one when I was going to just re-watch some of your old ones again. Have
    a great time in Germany!

  26. 5:18 “Scores aren’t looking too good tho, are they?” SCORE: 9-11 *jet

  27. he is a GOOD player(noobmeter) not just an Joe average….

  28. aiming in this game looks scary

  29. Hey jingles, the m18 was given a new turret and 90mm gun for fighting in

  30. Well the real Hellcat did have a 90mm. But only a few did. They were
    classed as ‘Super Hellcat’s much like the T26E4

  31. cubanwargaming not for pros

    1 he was tcnically in front of the tog, 2 talking real my top tier is a
    covenanter and if ad seen that situation I would just jump of the cliff and
    get in my matilda and continue my long way to a tier 10


  33. Vigilo Jingles! We want more XCOM2!

  34. jingles will always be awesome

  35. Jingles I think it was your sub-conscious keeping you awake.

  36. Nice surprise for Saturday.

  37. Kaiju Zilla (Kaijuzilla2000)

    Nice AC

  38. jingles I am going to be on the telly cbbc Sunday 2nd October 10:05

  39. jingles i enjoy that you made a video but geez take a break you work to
    hard you deserve a break lol

  40. New HD Hellcat looks great. Glad I never sold mine, despite the nerfs. I
    love the gear hanging off the side of the turret.

  41. World of Tomatos, can’t even look…

  42. i havent played the hellcat since it was nerfed and its soo weird to see
    how much less maneuveable it is these days

  43. I expected.Ha! You didn’t expect that

  44. He is very much a below avrage player. But still a great game.

  45. Shows there is hope for average WoT players….like me.

  46. Dambuster 617 / Volt

    I got my Kolobanov’s in the KV-85 on that side of that very same map. It’s
    nicely compartmentalised and people are always in a quandary over going to
    the cap or not, and some trickle in from the hill, which is exactly what
    happened for me. They just kept falling onto my 100mm. It was awesome.

  47. Wow a video. Saturday just got better.

  48. you did acknoledge my royalty now please i don’t wanna work at the salt
    mines anymore D:

  49. Sigh, I miss my Saturday morning XCOM 2 :(

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