World of Tanks || Now It’s Buffed – WZ-111

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Source: QuickyBaby

– WZ-111. Today Mechu_Mechu rocking the recently buffed Chinese the WZ-111.

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  1. 2:30
    did that went through small port?
    didnt seemed like…..
    +cancer when he shoot oi like that lol

  2. Ha ha that Me 🙂

  3. I Thanks You!!! SO nice 🙂

  4. HT-15 for T55A is 12000 combined damage dealt, blocked, and received. And for honours, your team has to win, you don’t have to survive at all. I’ve been trying to do it with the FCM 50 t. Not easy.

  5. shitty gold spammer. when he run out of heat he’s like clueless. and 15 HE shells? really

  6. Well well well, everyone calling him an idiot, gold spammer, noobs, while I’m here taking the lesson that QB gives everytime he uploads a video. Either they’re jealous or don’t like people showing off

  7. And this is a good player? Did you see how he was taking his shots? This makes me question life… This guy has 1900 WN8.
    What. The fuck.

  8. So, the BUFF is to get matches with 11 tomatoes in the enemy team? Allowing to achieve the HT-15 mission on a t8 heavy. Yes.
    This confirm TOTAL Shit about wot. Worst and worst, day by day.

  9. That was a really fun replay by meko.

  10. Mission seeker or not, he’s a gold spammer.
    And apparently also an HE spammer? :/

  11. 15 HE shell good bj

  12. Yeah 15 HE (face palm)

  13. I love this tank 🙂

  14. what a game of bot with op tank in this situation. ..

  15. Damn that replay left me on the edge of my seat

  16. Do people send Quickybaby replays personally or does he just grab games from wotreplays at random?

  17. Why would you carry 15 HE rounds!!! ?

  18. my god… he was playing against bots?

  19. For ht-15 mission for t55a you need 12k dmg combined not 8 or 10 like qb said

  20. Тайские Таблетки

    It’s strange that nobody wrote a comment about him carrying 15 HE shells…

  21. KV-3 : i have a 175mm penetration but i dont wanna load gold 😛

  22. Awesome video, QB

  23. This is hurting my eyes so much that I am bleeding right now

  24. Wow wz 111 played so bad. Im still wondering how lucky he is for getting all that damage.

  25. Really bad replay, this isn’t how a good player plays. No matter the mission there’s no excuse for so much premium ammo spam. And no thinking while doing it.

  26. haha lol if they buff the is 7 it would top everything

  27. I would reccomend to use a rammer, vert.stabs. and gun layingdrive… With that loudout you can pull snapshots much better…

  28. Please make more videos

  29. There is a giant hole in the armor in the lower plate of the super pershing

  30. heat rounds so lame

  31. also that lower plate is nowhere near 200mm effective, Its probably about 160mm as I have 0 issues penning them in an IS-6, even angled.

  32. A video of someone spamming premium ammo is so not entertaining

  33. That final engagement was simply cringeworthy

    So this guy who loaded 1/3 of HE and uses all of his HEAT on low tier tanks mostly on spaced armor and shot AP on the lower and upper glacis of an O-I managed to be commentated by QB?

  35. RIDICULOUS! Taking 15 HE on a heavy tank with 122mm gun… I would take more HEAT with 300mm penetration on Chinese server.

  36. WZ-111 and WZ-112, which one will you recommend?

  37. Extremely bad play from that WZ, has absolutely no knowledge of weakspots, taking 15-15-15 pieces of ammunition – didn’t even use those HE rounds on tanks like T37 or Hellcat, wasting all of his HEAT rounds at the beggining of the game… He only managed to get this result because the enemies were more retarded than him, but not as much as his teammates. And I forgot that he probably doesn’t have a scrolling wheel on his mouse, that x8 zoom is sniper mode is pure cancer to the eyes. How the hell can anyone shoot at enemy tank if the only thing they see is a piece of texture? Once again, he played the game extremely bad and only luck has helped him win the battle and finish the mission.

  38. StefannoThe Conqueror

    Shit player , even more shit enemies

  39. Load more heat QuickyBaby, i dont think its enough.

  40. mission 15 for T55A is 15.000 dmg total (done, blocked and taken)

  41. why are all these people complaining about his choice of ammunition? i bet he did a better game than anyone of you will ever do… there is not only “one true way” to play wot.

  42. So the WZ-111 is now idiot-proof… as demonstrated by the other team that threw themselves at him while he spammed gold. Yikes.

  43. 15 HE shells……..seriously some people *really* have no clue what ammo to load. I know it’s a 122mm gun but you need 5 HE shells max, loading 7 more AP and 7 more HEAT would serve you much better in the long run.

  44. We need moar zooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom…. can’t aim for enemy tanks in close up situations. 😀

  45. 12000 combined for the t55a ,… i hate this mission

  46. holy shit this guy played so poorly. the only reason he won this game was because of his opponents incompetence, if there was ANYONE with half a brain, he’d have been dead.

  47. Once in my super pershing on stalingrad start of match enemy gw panther went td mode firing heat
    750 dmg blocked XD

  48. IS6 became the worst VIII premium HT again…

  49. 15 he too much, I carry 5 heat, 5 HE in my WZ-111.

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