World of Tanks || Now that it’s Buffed: SU-100M1

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World of Tanks. Today we’re looking at the T7 Soviet destroyer that no one cared about. Is worth a look now that it’s buffed?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free here:

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  1. KUHSCHUBSER means literally COW PUSHER…some small village farmer guy who gets drunk and pushes cows on the field so they fall on their side

  2. Bad aim time, broken gun, stunned crew, still nails weak spot.
    This is why listed gun accuracies hardly matter.

  3. This is why I quit world of tanks. I remember starting up the game is 2011 and having TDs actually sit in bushes, and wait to ambush their prey. Now, all they do is YOLO into the battle with armor competing with heavy tanks and just blasting tanks with loads of damage. Where has all the variety gone? Back then, you had fast, high dpm, but crap armor. You also had, low dpm, mediocre armor, and decent speed, then you had the sneaky, slow, lightly armored, but depending on which one you had, high dpm or high damage guns. Now they’re all just high armored YOLO tanks. And the mediums aren’t mediums anymore. They have almost the same armor of heavies and are faster, and have higher dpm. And when I mean almost as much armor, I mean literally only 30-40 mm of armor difference. I thought they were supposed to be a balance between armor and speed.

  4. This is why I don t play this game anymore

  5. Even more Russian tanks that are OP

  6. It doesn’t belong to tier 7 anymore with its current armor profile even t7s and 8s are suffering to penetrate it…..

  7. I want my SU-122-54 back ._.

  8. His name is actually cowpusher. Not cowboop er

  9. Who has been here sence 300k

  10. Jesus christ, I wish I got shot RNG like this.

  11. What is this “Russian bias” i hear people in the comments taking about? Russian tanks are completely balanced

  12. and I was wondering why I love playing this in the moment never wanted to spend the money for it till now its cheaper 😀

  13. too bad WOT does not have a 12 kill medal.  WOT   has a  6,  8,  10,  14   kill medal  why not add a 12 kill medal  ?       call it  Michael Whitman for the first German medal,    or call it something else  just create it please.

  14. Music From Games

    I have it researched but never tried it is it worth a try?

  15. God if i were that lucky

  16. When in doubt, play russian in wot… easy win.

  17. The accuracy is too good on this. Its practically a german at this point.

  18. Lotsa gold rounds

  19. Yesssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!°°

  20. Is it just me or would you have let the Hellcat die to get the possibility of a Kolobanovs?

  21. I love playing the m1, its weaknesses are traverse and accuracy. In the corridor meta it seems armour is key. The mobility helps you escape people. I went straight for clutch braking and off road driving. I also resorted to equipping a spall liner as I’m usually focussed by arty or people get fed up of bouncing and HE you. The best thing about this tank is it completely owns E25’s 😀

  22. Friendly Fire Gaming

    This thing has better armour than a Ferdinand overall while being faster with a significantly better camo rating too.

    In my opinion, this line has single-handedly rendered all other assault TDs obsolete. I mean hell, the 268 v4 has vastly superiour armour compared to the Jgdpz for example, while nearly keeping up with my 103B on medium terrain.


  23. Lonewolfe Productions

    but being truly, honest i never see this tank onn eu servers well maybe you guys do but really don’t

  24. If I remember correctly this one was one of the least popular td’s.
    And bc it’s Russian that can’t be the case, so off course it gets buffed to be best in class instead.
    Similarly with the t-34 85m and T44.

  25. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    the SU100m1 is bassically a 268 4, look at the shape. its the same fucking tank XD i played through the damn tank back when it was a glass cannon..i got my one of only 3 pools medals and kolobanovs in that tank.

  26. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    if you had to pick a tier 8 to duel. if you pick one you face the other.

    T32 or defender?

    yeah i figured youd say the defender. weird how they are the same tier yet the defender is 25-30% better in almost every regard.

    the same can be said for the new polish heavy tank tier 8. what the fuck IS that? its stronger than the defender…..and the defender was already more well armored than the is7……..dont believe me? IS7 upper plate: 300-320mm of armor, defender upper plate: 330-350mm LOL this new polish heavy has even more armor. and its even further angled. we are looking at probably one of the most well armored plates in the game. given the angle. 170mm angled back almost flat. probably well over 500mm

  27. sounds truely OP

  28. I stopped playing this tank because of the change to the tier IX. I had absolutely no idea that it had been changed like this! I’ll be dusting off mine and having some fun with it.

  29. Completely and utterly overpowered like most Russian tanks. This tank snipes better than my Leopard 1 from what I can see, way more armour to boot.

  30. russian bias in a nutshell:
    vodka accuracy enhancement(+2000000%)
    stalinium paper armor(again, +200000000000000000000000000%)
    ivan’s unnecessary michael bay reenactment(final kill is either one shot or ammo racked)

    if stalin doesn’t approve of you, you die.
    all the pro part of this list gets removed when you die for the next game you play in a russian vehicle.
    playing like a capitalist might crash your game.

  31. dank russian accuracy lul

  32. Vincent Leonardo

    Now this is basically a Jagdpanther with twice the armor and worse DPM. Good job Wargaming.

  33. Abaddon Despoiler

    Russian tds all buffed and op as fuck now. german tds became useless…..wt auf e100 removed from game because it unbalaced the game, 2684 invented and wont be nerfed because its not unbalanced….YEAH FU. I say wargaming became nationalistic greedy pricks who make the political situation to a part of their game……i was fucking bouncing off that su100m1 with my skorpion g for more than 50 times in the last few weeks. not to mention that it didnt before the buff.

    same situation for clanwars. now u see up to 8 of 2684 in each team. game is broken. so if i play tier 10 during tott im always playing cgc arty focusing 2684. send this shit back to garage.

  34. I’m calling BS on the 11th kill.

  35. wow the Jagdpanther II at tier 8 don.t have that kind of armor

  36. My win rate with this tank is 67% best tank I have been play

  37. Should Wargaming change the matchmaker so that SPG’s cannot be put in Himmelsdorf anymore ?

  38. Played this glass canon 2 or 3 years ago and quit the line. Now with some Armor i enjoyed this tank.

  39. Vincent The Keeper

    I cant explain what they are doing. I ground this line out 2 years ago gor the 263, i hate what they did to yhis line. It was rarre intersting and challenging to play line. Wg is really a mess lately.

  40. Cowpusher XD

  41. “balanced”

  42. The RNG is strong with this one

  43. Wargayming again proved that they dont have ANY SENCE of ballance. Middle finger for every non-russian tank… Go fu** yourself wargayming..

  44. After 30k+ games played I don’t bitch or give two shits about op tanks. If it’s op, I grind to get one the go have some fun. WG is in business to make money and profit…and when you spend money, business is good. The game is FREE to play, not free to win. So when in Rome…

  45. I think you see alot of those tanks because of two reasons:
    The tier 10 in this line is just broken OP as hell.
    This machine is OP. The combination of armor, agility and the gun is just to strong for tier 7… if you compare it to other tier 7 TDs…
    There are a few that have good armor, but are slow as hell.
    Others have good performing guns, but have bad armor.

    Now, why not have both? Thats fine, right… who needs variety or a brain to know why you play a tank, how to play it… just have it all and you can facerush them and do well.

  46. Try that on 88mm it will goes into the air instead

  47. “Kuhschupser” basically means pushing over cows…??

  48. At this point they should change the name from World of Tanks to World of Russian Bias

  49. Russian tanks all have a +50% chance to hit where they aim. This is just balancing because they are weak. GJ WG.

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