World of Tanks || Now that it’s Buffed: T-44

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – T-44. Well rounded, buffed and now incredibly popular is the T-44 finally excellent at T8?


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

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  1. 7:38 “White Tiger”

  2. Kenpachi Rama-Sama

    This replay showcases some of the things I hate most about this game:
    -Artillery mosquito bites
    -Stock tanks not getting fair MM
    -Premium spam
    -Teammates who play worse than bots
    -The soviet bias we get ridiculed for mentioning but conveniently keeps happening

    Granted, none of those things make the tanker a worse player, clearly they know what they’re doing. However I am writhing in my seat over how much these things keep me from playing some days. The game is better now than it has ever been and I really mean that, but these developers just seem to insist on keeping parts of this game that are just bad.

  3. Why highlight this gold spamming jerkoff? He certainly skilfully pressed that 2 key…..

    I can’t be the only one wishing the enemy team killed this scumbag?

  4. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    its a good game but I’d like to see men of better stuffing

  5. Will you fucking trash players quit complaining about his premium ammo. It’s a tier 8 medium with 190 base pen on the top gun. If he gets into a heavy tier 9 or 10 game that shit will be borderline useless. It’s not like he can choose his matchup so bringing this ratio of ammo is actually a smart idea.

  6. Look at the player loadout. See more gold than standard rounds. Stop watching the video.

  7. Guillaume Lemaigre

    Your commentary are less and less interesting, we really don’t learn anything with your videos.
    Plus, it is a bit disgusting how much apcr he uses.

  8. Didn’t watch after seeing ammo load out and reading first comments. The amount of gold spam nowadays is ludicrous and QB is brown nosing WG. Thumbs down.

  9. WoT 1.0. The bias returns?

  10. Buff ussr nerf german

  11. why not buff to the chinese t8 medium tank to ?

  12. Oh, another gold spammer. Nice.

  13. 5% my fat ass

  14. So what if he uses APCR, when he faces e100, believe me he needs them. I mean boys i have 6k games with some 1500wn8 and for me loudout would be like 20-25 apcr, and i would use them. Some1 who is maybe 3-marking a tank or playing for statistic or win % he uses more apcr since 2 or 3 shots that did not penetrated can make a difference. This game was against tier 6, but it could have been tier 10, and them what? “Premium” ammo is something a lot of people use, including me also so.. and i use only premium account, resupply the ammo with credits and gg.

  15. “A FAIR FIGHT”, Tiger vs Soviet medium in this game…..
    QB you dirty sellout, your wife has “Property of WG” tattooed on her buttocks,
    You lost ALL respect, you have no honor, you are beyond sellout.

  16. Ljubicasti Nosorog

    Finnaly someone gave a little bit of love to my favourite tank

  17. Hey Quicky , can you do anaother t54-mod one tank reviev?

  18. FFs QB he have 36 gold man .. cmon there must be some skilled player who actually made some video to comment on… please stay classy!!!

  19. T44 is a good tank (at least in blitz) and he is spamming gold wtf

  20. So many tomatoes crying about gold ammo

  21. Can you do a video of witch sovjet medium tank that is the best?? 🙂

  22. Dose war gaming control the games results like I was told big shame if this is trrue

  23. Nice aimbot scripting. How he always changes back to normal view when shooting. Only time he doesn’t do that is blind shooting. Also some shots have inhuman reaction time and precision.

  24. lol all those bitches whining about gold ammo in the comments here. Idk about you but 190 pen isnt really sufficient all the time when you meet T10 tanks 70-80% of the time in your matchups.

  25. One thing i dont get is. Always in these replays RNG plays in favor of the player who carries. Shots landing always where they are supposed to do so.

  26. I’m stuck on T-43, so horrible.

  27. This replay wasn’t about a gold ammo. He would penetrate each of his shots anyway in this match so why you are so angry. I’m not that mad because as QB said at the end of the video, the T8 are mostly matched up with T10 so I would use the same ammo on T-44. Anyway good replay and I’m looking forward to next one 🙂

  28. This guy should have a bad feeling for using so much APCR. Yes of course, the 3-5-7 MM is pretty annoying because its so hard to pen the Tier 10 tanks in my Tiger 2. But sometimes you just have to shot AP in the Tracks instead of Premium through the armor to make at least under 10k minus.
    I feel bad when I use even three APCR shells! I only use them against Japanese Heavies and when I am in a 1v1.
    Please show better replays instead of pay to win. That’s why I disliked the Video

  29. Do this with standard ammo and you’ll have my respect…

  30. Could we find anymore gold to shoot at tier 6, qb your better than this find a none ptw

  31. in top tier game in tier10 this tank is useless , and 70%games is tier 10 games for tier 8

  32. For everybody whining about his usage of premium ammo:
    1. 190 pen on standard AP really is garbage against tier IX and X tanks. Its not his problem he got matched against tier VI tanks with 35 APCR shells.
    2.He was in 1 vs. 7 situation and he could not afford to bounce any of his shots.
    3.If you cant stand hes using so much APCR shells cuz everybody is using it DONT WATCH videos like this.
    These days you cant play with only standard AP or APCR shells when there are things like Type 5 Heavy. In my T110E5 I always fire 340 HEAT at it, cuz its impossible to pen him frontally with 258 AP. And you cant get around him because hes in fucking corridor. And his “weak spots” are not “weak spots” for most tanks. Maybe the pixel of green on cupola…. But if you dont fire premium you get rekt by premium HE. You dont fire HEAT you die. You fire HEAT you have got a little chance of surviving.

    So go fuck yourself if you dont use prem. ammo cuz you dont want to be “gold noob”.

  33. “beginner friendly” bahahahaaha. You mean absolutely noob proof and completely OVERPOWERED!!!!

  34. Hey QB please delete this video. Because he is using illegal mode which show spots on minimap when enemy crush something while driving. Look how he aim before T69 come behind rock, on his first shoot. Am i right?

  35. This tank only performance good in this match making. In high tier games have this tank a huge penetration problem with normal and premium rounds.
    Look at the load out, 70% gold says all about this tank and the player.

  36. So…I got war thunder. It’s…good.

  37. ”Lightly armoured” Maybe hull, yes (just like most tier 8 mediums). The turret however will bounce tier 10 shells if they do not hit the mantlet flush.

  38. François Hemeret

    I absolutly loved the t44 before it was nerfed. I have 3 marks on it and 65% wr but i don’t like very much the t54 on t9..
    Should probable go back in the t44 now

  39. Russian bias is alive and well with this one

  40. “Beginner friendly” means “overpowered “ in sponsored language FYI

  41. He is obviously preparing himself for upcoming t-54 heatspam.

  42. “He loads an armor-piercing round!” – like this guy had any armor-piercing rounds in his tank…

  43. this tank is completely playable with 0 premium rounds, i have OK score with it and 0 APCR fired so far.

  44. Krisztián Mátraházi

    Come on dudes don’t cry about 5% and gold ammo and so on…we should be over this since years…. it’s the part of the game, everyone can use it, if you dont have the guts to use them then it’s your problem. And no this carry didn’t happen because the usage of prem rounds, rather situational awareness, reading the map, outplaying enemies etc. Oh and btw who cares anyway, he uses what he wants, it’s not your credits wasted, it’s his….

  45. QB is it true WG are producing a movie for the ASIA server as a homage ….. “Crouching Tiger Hidden Shitlord” ?

  46. Shame they didn’t buff the T-43 too.

  47. who gives a fuck if gold ammo is used necessarily or not the fact is WG is fucking up game balance so you shoot more gold and every fucker that tries to justify it is pretty much spreading his butt-cheeks …

  48. The French Bastard

    of cours WG had to buff this tank instead of all those other tanks that are mediocre at best, those tech lines that are 90% trash but no a russian medium that is ok but not amazing was a priority because you can’t have a russian thank that isn’t at least great…..

  49. This tank was a beast in beta, T-44 wolfpacks was very common then.

  50. ‘Beginner Friendly’ euphemism

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