World of Tanks – Number One with a Bullet

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which Bullitburst takes the VK100.01(P) tank out for a casual stroll because casual is just how this tank rolls. It only has a top speed of 20kph, after all.

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  1. I wanted to play tier 10, until I got to play tier 10. Once you get the best tank you dont want to go back to something worse than that, bbut you have to, since the shell cost and repair cost is ridiculous at tier 10. Now I’m happy at tiers 6-8, playing my cheap mid tier premiums (Type 64 and E 25)

  2. jokerspet karlsson

    well if this one can, the tog can 😀

  3. The hatch is not a weakspot. It’s like 230mm thick.

  4. It took me over 6 years to go down this tech tree but i quickly realized how awesome this tank is, i mean i was skeptical cause i could mostly deal with these tanks easily. Either way i was wrong..
    On average i was scoring over 4k each battle just in dmg..

  5. A light tank that flipped himself over? What an interesting theory! But jokes aside: Is that actually a thing with real tanks? I mean… on open ground, nowhere near any kind of steep incline?

    • The Mighty Jingles

      Depends on the tank. The Fox armoured car had a real stability problem, which is what you get when you put a two ton turret on a 6.75 ton machine that can do 104kph.

  6. He proved himself much more than “average/bad” as he called himself, this was excellent play and good teamwork from the Dutchies 😉 Well done!

  7. It would be cool if wg made it so they had a save replay but on score screen and when you hit it it downloads but teams replay

  8. Yeah, I gotta agree with Jingles on the 12t. He likely flipped himself or otherwise got stuck somewhere. The only other possibility is that the player had a really badly timed call of nature that he/she couldn’t ignore.

    • My thought was also that he was flipped sidewise someplace. There’s enough bumps and ditches to get bad air and land wrong in such a speedy light.

  9. A World Of Tanks video? Huh, last time I watched one was when the KV-2 can wreck Tier 10s in fail platoons.

  10. That “weak spot” cupola on the turret is still 220mm base armour frontally. If you don’t have a square-on shot, good luck. I have this tank, it’s my go-to if I need to rack up blocked damage. Can use the cupola to bait shots, jink about to mess up their aim. Just gotta keep them off your flank, hide that paper lower plate and you’re gold.

  11. There’s two tier X tanks I actually want: the Strv 103B and the Leopard

  12. To be fair to Maus fans, one was sent to Berlin in the last days, to assist in the defence. As you’d expect from a German heavy tank, especially a not properly tested prototype, sent on a road march, it broke down before it got there and was scuttled by its own crew.

    • “scuttled”? Can you say that about a tank? Wasn’t it “abandoned”? I’ve always thought “scuttling” meant opening the seacocks on your own ship – hardly an effective method for a tank on land 🙂

  13. Yeey A Jingles WoT video 🙂

  14. His enemy has most likely fliped himself is some part of the map.

  15. dont forget the maus that the russians captured right outside the testing ground :D. great vids Mr jingles, keep it up 😀

  16. Ah yes, an over powered super heavy kicking puppies.

  17. Prior to World of Tanks Fortnite I mean (Modern Armour ) I enjoyed playing the video VK 100 P . Yes it was slow and pretty sure the Yamato had a better turning circle lol but was great fun especially when playing in plus 1 matchmaking. Even managed a Kolobanovs :). Then they hit it with a nerf bat which went a bit 2 far. Pity they didn’t take that approach for some of the Op Russian tanks. Never played the console Fortnite version since 6.0.

  18. Got “The missile knows where it is” vibes from the explanation of how to know where the AMX 12 t is

  19. The AMX 12t clearly either flipped, disconnected, or had to take a dump at the worst possible time.

  20. The AMX was likely flipped.

  21. Been years since I played WoT, but I remember the 12t as a very fun little thing that’s really hampered by its low ammo count. A 12t in an uptier that survived to the end could well have run out of ammo.
    edit: naw, 15 shots fired, that’s not gonna be it.

  22. I suspect the AMX flipped himself. There are so many places on this map for a small LT to flip itself. Unless you are an EBR.

  23. Actually Jingles: The Panzer 7 “Maus” existed and still does in Kubinka Tank museum. Two hulls were build, one for testing with a mockup turret and and the one in Kubinka with the real turret. It was scuttled howerver, before the allies could get hands on it.
    Good thing im wearing a flak jacket today.

    • Actually the the Maus in Kubinka was the one with the mock-up turret. The one originally made for the real turret was destroyed but the Soviets managed to recover that turret and put on the first hull.

    • @Ember Fist right, i forgot. Still, both parts of the Maus existed

  24. Jingles, thanks for making Thursday the best day of the week.

  25. They built 3 hulls and 1 or 2 turrets.

  26. Even the enemy AMX was Dutch, Edwin is a typical Dutch name, and he was just 15 years old……..
    BTW, the type 64 is my clan mate….. perfect conversation in chat!!!

  27. Light tanks in WoT does not have torpedoes… so even if he cant chase him down, he is at least comfortable that he wont die all of sudden because he made unlucky turn minute ago.

  28. Yea, either he flipped the tank, or went of of ammo (hey, you come up with a better explanation, ok..)

  29. unfortunately it had a lame ending. was expecting a snap shot or something at the end. shame that

  30. I need that paint. It looks so pretty! Hawaiian flowers.

  31. The 12t driver probably flipped himself onto his side,effectively AFK, most likely somewhere on the east side of the map

  32. Nice to see some fellow Dutchmen on here 🙂

  33. Maybe the AMX was flipped on it’s side.

  34. I haven’t played WoT ever since the number of science-fiction tanks in top tiers exceeded the number of real tanks, but I have to say, the graphics department at WoT is even better than that at WoWS. The graphics is just amazing. That burning building at the enemy cap… the smoke is just so good. In fact, it’s one thing that’s missing in WoWS – smoke isn’t voluminous enough. But here.. wow!

  35. Actually jingles the german army wanted to buld this tank but they had to show the blue prints to Hitler and he sai no he wanted a bigger tank. So the designed a different tank and came up with the tier 9 tank in th tech tree and again the showed Hitler and he said no he wants an even bigger tank then that. Thats how we got the Maus.

  36. Actually Jingles, one Maus tank was build, but before it could get to the front lines, the German forces in that area had already been obliterated so the crew decided to blow it up from inside and joind the other fleeing soldiers. The rusasian forces found the hull and the turret, I cant really remember from the top of my head which one of those parts was too damaged to be used, but I know the got either the turret or the hull from german factories, got it together with the damaged one and moved it (after testing) to Kubinka museum (which was the main reason I visited Russia). By the way love the content, I hope everything with the house and stuff is going well. I am actually about to join the army (going to the University of Defence in Czech Republic) to join our pretty bad and very small tank force as a commander 😀

  37. Ok, taking nothing away from the VK30.o2M but he did hit Bullitburst in the one weak spot that requires very little skill and seldom gold rounds to penetrate, which is the back end. 🙂

    As for the 12t, he could have been one of those rare players that hates a draw and if he couldn’t pull a win out, then let the enemy take the field.

  38. I can also very easily imagine that it’s the case here. Could just see him, -for my inner eye on his side somewhere, unable to get up. Probably not even helped by allies, who thought: “we don’t need that noob, we can handle ourselves” Then the ironic reality strikes, the team fall one by one through the match many to the gun of this player, and there’s only him left, flipped and can’t get up.
    But well played anyway

  39. amx was upside down somewhere i bet

  40. Actually jingles, there were 2 hulls build and 1 turret. Also there were 4 more hulls and some turrets in various states of completion before the project was cancelled.
    At Krupp there were also lots of cut steelplates found for the Maus. Krupp said in 44 that if the project was restarted they had enough parts to build around 30-40 hulls and turrets.
    Both hulls underwent trials in Böblingen and later Kummersdorf. Hull 1 was fitted with an E-Turm (just a big weight to represent the turren) while Hulls 2 was fitted with the only finished turret. Hull2 with the turrent was blown up by the germans when the soviets reached Kummersdorf. Soviets did firetests on hull 1 and then fitted the turret of hull 2 to hull 1 and sent the Maus to Kubinka, where it was stripped of engine and all interior parts and is still there today.

    Some people even think Maus 2 might have even fired in the last days of the war while defending Kummersdorf before it was blown up, but there is no evidence of that.

    So going by that the Maus was much more of a finished tank then most of the “prototypes” in World of Tanks, especially the ones that seem to defy physics (or at least the technical expertise of the time they were designed). It is one thing to draw up a 60 ton tank that can go 60km/h but quite another to find or build the components to do that, especially in the 1930-50 era.

  41. Wow Jingles is full of bad info today. I will ignore the obvious one about the Maus never actually being a prototype, it was, it was tested, but did not see action.
    I will address the spotting mechanics : dead tanks DO NOT SPOT.
    Lets have the following scenario: you are defending your cap circle from 3 enemy mediums. Behind a close building, there is an enemy light tank that you are not spotting, so don’t know he is there. You fight bravely but are taken out. Lets say the enemy light tank turns the corner 1 second AFTER your destruction. The light tank WILL NOT BE SPOTTED, but the 3 enemy mediums will continue being spotted for an aditional 8 seconds (the wiki says 10 but take it with a grain of salt) after your death, but the LIGHT TANK will continue to be hidden. THose are the basic spotting mechanics.
    Now, of course, there are modifiers and will talk about them.
    The first one that has Jingles confused is the Radio Operator Perk (goes into effect after reaching 100%) CALL FOR VENGEANCE which DOES allow your DEAD VEHICLE to spot for an aditional 2 SECONDS AFTER DESTRUCTION. So in our same scenario, if your radio operator had this perk, then the 3 medium tanks would remain visible for a total of 10 seconds (2 sec Call for Vengeance + 8 seconds post spotting) AND you would also Spot the LIGHT TANK and keep him spotted for 9 seconds (1 remaining second Call for Vengeance + the standard 8 sec spotting). I do have to say that i think this perk would be quite rare and you don’t have to worry about it.
    DESIGNATED TARGET which is a GUNNER PERK will also add 2 seconds of spot time to any targets that are within a 10 Degree cone of your actual point of aim, regardless if you are in Sniper Mode or in Third Person Mode. Those targets also have to be within your detection range
    IMPROVED RADIO SET this one is part of Equipment 2.0, it is a Visibility Category equipment and it will both INCREASE the time enemy vehicles observed by you stay spotted and will DECREASE the time YOU stay spotted. THe effect in both cases is +1.5 (+2 in vision slot) for time enemy is spotted and -1.5 (-2 in vision slot) seconds you stay spotted after not being directly observed.
    So going back to our example: You have Call for vengeance. The enemy light tank has IMPROVED RADIO SET. You die, the Light tank goes around the corner 1 second later. That meanst that the medium will continue being spotted for 10 seconds (2 CfV + 8 standard) while the enemy Light tank will be spotted for only 7 seconds (1 CfV + 6 seconds because of the improved radio set.)

  42. WOT Vid = Gold Ammo Joke

  43. I’m thinking the AMX 12t most likely flipped himself somewhere or got disconnected from the servers

  44. This thing with a turbo and all the field mods. Holy.Crap.

  45. AMX doesn’t have wheels so isn’t immune to flipping. He’s likely on his side somewhere

  46. Actually Jingles they did built a second Maus turret with the actual intended armament for the V2 prototype hull. So you can therefore say they did build the Maus.

  47. I consider this the same way as i consider this in Warships. It absolutely doesn´t matter to me if the thing existed or not, all i care about is if it is fun to play.

  48. For the real vs making shit up argument. While it isn’t fair to compare, i have the same issue with shooters. For me, for a gun to exist it must have been at least a blueprint within the time period of the game. For example, a WWII game: The SKS and RPD could be added as some were produced before Germany surrendered but guns like the AK-47 or fictional weapons entirely shouldn’t be included at all.

  49. Loving the Dutch chat.

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