World of Tanks || O-HO – Bonus Gameplay

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – O-HO. Today I’m furthering the discussion from my tank review of the O-HO and talking about why there’s never been a better time to play the T8 Japanese Heavy.

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free . It is one of the best video games I have played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Umm quickybaby how do you have a free roam camera is there a toggle button
    or a mod ?

  2. U can still do replays BUT do live plays toooooo

  3. Can u start playing your self live instead of replays! Its so boring to
    play the replays when live its more Fun!

  4. what screen recorder do you use?

  5. Which is better if you follow the path of derpiness? O-Ni or O-Ho?

  6. How dare you kill me in ur grille 15? Filthy scrub ill get Stalin hunting

  7. Dont try to Hide it,I know your a little scrub playing ur grille and O-ho
    for the violet stet pedding. Kappa

  8. You should mention how much of a drawback this tank can be if the enemies
    shoot your tracks off, without mobility it is often a sitting duck that
    cant shoot back because of the mini turrets.
    On that desert map especially going up the ridges, very lucky you were not
    tracked :-)

  9. O-Ho-Ho!

  10. Can you pen O-HO in T32?

  11. Never fancied playing the Japanese heavy line but pleased you had this
    video of Fatther Christmases favourite tank the O-HO. I’ll get my coat

  12. when you see an oh-ho you go oh-shit

  13. Dusan Nedeljkovic

    ferdinands mantlet – 360 dmg, su100s front, only 250 dmg…fuck yeah

  14. I hate O-Ho’s when Im in my IS6. 218 pen on gold and it never happend I
    could pen it when head on. Now, IS6 is not the most mobile heavy tank on
    the battlefield and to go around O-Ho is another story.

  15. Kylan Slootmaker

    Hey quickybaby! What mod do you use to get the international voices?

  16. I have to ask a question about your decision to show both Battle Results at
    the end of the video.
    Do you do that to compare both battles with each other or why do you do

    I think it would be somehow better to show the 1st Battle Report after the
    1st battle and the other one at the end because that way I would still have
    the first battle in mind when I see the results. Of course you could still
    show both results at the end to compare the battles. It may only be 5 to 8
    minutes of time between the first battle and the results but I think as I
    explained it would be better.

    Could just be me and my opinion.

    Greetings Senten :)

  17. Serious question… Are you or are you not a potential love child of Austin
    powers? Yea baby

  18. try wot blitz mobile

  19. You get twice the rate of fire with the 105, which still has 215 pen and
    would probably do the same average damage per shot as the howitzer. I’m not
    convinced the howitzer is the better choice, but I acknowledge it makes it
    possible to actually do something against the top tier heavies frontally.

  20. Bartosz Mazurek

    Quickybaby from what country are you? Cheers from Poland :)

  21. Is XVM working yet?

  22. Why cant people still understand that the OI exp and OI nerfs are useless ?
    The exp still has the 300 dmg gun and the mobility, and the OI still has
    crazy armor and two potent guns.

  23. Wait, holdup, is that an IS-8 in the results screen?

  24. Level up with Doruta DIY

    QuickyBaby make a new KV-4 review! There are some people who need some tips
    for this tank! Great respect for your videos!

  25. The_Rebel_Tanker

    The superpershing got better because exp bonus on prema

  26. Bartosz Kowalski

    I don’t really like these sluggish, fat tanks that are big and easy
    targets, which are only capable to push with one side of the map and that
    are not flexible and agile at all. That’s why my very first t10 tank was
    E100 ^^

  27. o-ho sounds like something santa would say

  28. O-HOE >:)

  29. Finally QB admits the 150mm is the better choice, he got sooo salty when
    the tank first came out when I suggested the 150mm was a better choice.

  30. Tank boobs….. lol

  31. Berk ŞATIROĞLU

    How can i change sixthsense.png file without xvm?

  32. They need to re-work that Japanese heavy tree. Would have been great to see
    the O-I as a premium heavy and the HT No. VI as a regular Tier 6 heavy.
    Instead you have a bizarre line of tanks that look more suited to being
    warships and which are frustrating to play and frustrating to play against,
    as they are easily damaged but take a million shots to kill.

  33. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    Being able to just point straight at an enemy tank, bounce most of their
    shots, and deal continuous, free, skilless HE damage makes it the biggest
    noob tank ever made.

  34. “Penetration from the otherside”

  35. リアルゴールド

    I love sex.

  36. Adrian De Benito

    I’m spanish,I do not inderstand english,but I loved your channel bro :)

  37. Bought a T-shirt! But I sounds a little weird when you read the shirt. But
    all the rest its amazing! But the Tank. Is it a Cromwell Or a Comet?

  38. I really enjoy your videos ????

  39. I cant work out how you aim so quickly, just pop around a corner and bang
    you hit, the aim speed for that gun is 3.3 seconds yet you just pop around
    a corner aim for about 1 1/2 seconds and hit, when I do that with quicker
    aiming guns with less dispersion the shots spray everywhere and a hit is
    rare even from almost point blank range

  40. Can you Make a Video about the M103? the last time you showed it was 2-3
    Years Ago :/. pls?

  41. There’s bots on Xbox one now it’s stupid this E75 sat at spawn till a
    motherland came into view

  42. Great video as always!

  43. I hate paper tanks

  44. Everybody should use 150mm cuz oho haves his random moments when i shot t34
    (american) to turret i destroyed it for 867hp :D

  45. I never managed to three Mark it, but I did get two. The 150 really is the
    best, that RoF is awesome, and all the papery tanks that exist at upper
    tiers are fun. Nothing like dropping 1,070 damage into an E5’s ass.

  46. Denzell Rodriguez

    From my experience thus far with the O-Ho I really feel comfortable with
    the 10cm as the height difference you get with your tank really makes it
    much easier to pen weak spots and just bully any tank really. Of course I
    wouldn’t challenge tier 10 heavies frontally but with a bit of positioning
    I find it relatively easy. Additionally, within those tier 8 games there is
    that added dpm which just rips other tier 8s.

  47. WG keeps buffing type 4 nd 5!!!…lyk really they get 600dmg with 245+
    penitration bt E100 gets 235 pen

  48. explain what the i con mean (its a trap) do a review/game play tier 8
    artillery USA
    that would be great

  49. Hey quickybaby I had a question wondering if the French heavy a are worth
    the grind right now I am at the arl44 and I already know the French doesn’t
    have armor cause I am also at the amx13 90 it would be great if you
    answered thanks for the time

  50. Can you make your minimap bigger for us please?

  51. QB likes looking at the butts of HOs hehehe

  52. 105 mm gun is much better to use. Sure the 15 cm will be better in some
    tier 10 matches, but the dmg potential with the 105 is simply insane with
    its decent handling and tier 9 HT levels of DPM (comparable to M103, T-10).
    And in tier 9 matches you can pen almost all of your enemies with 215 pen,
    if you can’t – detrack. I never had so many games games in the 5-6 k dmg
    region with a tier 8 tank as with O-Ho (with 10 cm)
    the derp gun seems like a waste when in a tier 8 or 9 game, and it isn’t a
    brilliant performer in tier 10 games….I mean you are in a gigantic easy
    to pen tank which does 300 dmg splashes every 14.5 seconds, not too bad for
    a tier 8 tank (of which most suck balls) in a tier 10 match but not gonna
    make a significant difference most of the time either.
    -I gladly go thru the suffering in a tier 10 match (flanking shoots and
    detracking FTW) so i can stomp the tier 8 matches later.
    also…O-Ho with 10 cm gun – most honorable tank in the game, can’t carry
    gold ammo :)

  53. Japan heavy tanks are too OP :(

  54. how you can see your whole tank

  55. D “Doom” Wilson

    the reload on the 150 is complete bullshit….

  56. anybody else like me that has been sucking DONKEY BALLS at world of tanks
    lately? i got the IS6 and have 550 games

  57. “Tank Boobs”

  58. Thanks QuickyBaby … love your content. What do you think of the UK

  59. what is “alpha damage”?

  60. Let me guess. You right click then you left click

  61. QB is awesome !!!

  62. Crazy Eyed Gerbil

    Can you review the motherland?

  63. I’ve already seen these replays in another replay

  64. That fekin ejit

    how dare u QB insulting the kv2 for only having a150mm gun it’s the
    stronk152mm QB why why u do this?

  65. Great video mate

  66. quickybaby is GAY !!!! ? wtf see in 1:02 moment

  67. Can you do a video on the Chinese mediums?

  68. the oi is just as op as always I love it but I can tell that they have
    changed it

  69. Nguyễn Trí (BottleneckedGaming)

    Hey quickybaby don’t you participate in Clan Wars?

  70. Another fab video QB. More please!!

  71. thumbs up always !!!

  72. 007kingifrit okokok

    we dont have this one yet on ps4

  73. Hate these tanks so much. It’s like a KV2 which is even harder to kill.
    Such a low skill bunch of tanks.

  74. Haha. Looking at butt for no reason – QB 2016

  75. I just finished the OI a few days before 9.15 went live – lucky me i guess
    However, i don’t really plan on going further in that line because i just
    don’t like slow tanks.

  76. Could you do a review of the premium tier 8 T95E2.Its a really rare tank
    nowadays but i think that if you do a review in it more and mroe people
    will start playing it.

  77. Prototype Ultra

    How do you get it so that when the commander says: “That one bounced” it
    comes out in Russian, or an English accent. (yes, I know it isn’t really an

  78. Jeeeej to to increased amount of videos!

  79. I thought you said “there’s never been a better time to play the T8
    Japanese Heavy”, you were implying that you could derp Grille 15s all day
    long for full damage :P

  80. It has boobs and its name is o-hoe help me

  81. Thanks for the extra footage Quickybaby!

  82. Veronica Hawkins

    When quickybaby kills you in his video, priceless :)

  83. @qB just a quik question: why do you always use the same ending to your
    video’s: you should rly try and spice it up instead of just reading out
    this line you use for the past 3 years?

  84. GreenDog1233341

    New intro anytime soon?

  85. Hayden L'Ecuyer

    Can you do a tank review over the A-43, A-44, Obj. 416?

  86. Aleksejs Dudarjonoks

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Im a FuckBoy
    What can i do?

    check out chanel SweetAlex 274 Gaming :3

  87. perfect timing on this as I am grinding credits to purchase this tank as I
    type this. I also have the free XP sitting around to fully upgrade it too.

  88. On the second replay, if the arty knew how to play properly, they would
    recolocate in order to open path for the heavies that QB was holding on…
    But good arty players don’t appear very often.

  89. o-hoe … dat ass tho …

  90. Phillip Ruggles

    Hey QB (or anybody), which tank line do you recommend for a new player?

  91. stabilisedchaos

    Grinding the O-Ho gave me stage 5 testicle cancer,it is HORRIBLE,just
    bad,the main problem is front gun depression,I cannot wait to sell this

  92. guys after the new patch and the new xvm mode, i can’t zoom out away from
    the tank
    anyone knows how to fix this ?

  93. I just started world of tanks, what tanks do you recommend for a low level?

  94. Jacko Sevenhundredandtwenty

    Tiger II Review Please :D

  95. U know what from the first videos of this channel ive never seen quickybaby
    doing a review on the is7 NEVER!!!! Why not ???? We always want u to do a

  96. eu tenho esse jogo e brutal

  97. I firstly used the 15cm, then i went to the 105mm and was buttering damage
    all around with that DPM, then i got urinated in the face by matchmaking
    and started using the 15cm again 😀
    And on the Type 4 Heavy I sometimes use gold-AP only…..4800 credits for a
    280mm+ pen. AP ammunition seems nice, almost like an ISU. The normal AP is
    just so – let’s say – “The gun is mounted so high, tank’s weak spots are
    more angled for me, therefore I ding off quite often.”
    And before the buff my reload was 17,95s , dinging a shell with that reload
    killed me waaaay too often (and also the rest of the team).
    And it is gold AP, therefore no downsides, besides the cost (which is still
    cheap for 600 damage)

  98. Pauliuc Stelian

    WORLD OF HACKERS, bastards programers , never protections , all infects
    czech and poland play ony hack , cheat , clicker , bots , shit server

  99. Tank Boobs ;)

  100. Hey Qb! Nice video! I just wanted to admit that i have some problemes with
    the Modpack at the moment! The extra zoom doesn´t work etc! Nothing
    horrible tho!

  101. Quickybaby I’m an Xbox player and I want to have a review on the new
    motherland tank. I’m doing the missions to grind up to it and want to know
    what it is I’m looking up to. Thanks,

  102. Nothink can do your day better than just ram is3 and shoot it on sweet 40mm
    of armor for 900?

  103. Knights Templar's of Gods

    its called O-hoe

  104. Valentino Hristov

    you are hacker quickfingers

  105. poorrrrrrr t34

  106. Beneteus der Gewaltige

    we need MAUS BUFF, why buff the Type 4 and 5 but not the MAUS???

  107. Why do you upload a game from your stream???

  108. Hey qb could you do the ONI gamplay i put up on your page a while ago? my
    name for wot is Kleonixe.

  109. “12 pens” Wow, that would be a ton of damage! :D

  110. So i finally fought against QB today, He was an amazing player, but
    ultimately fell in the last few seconds of the game, WP QB WP :)

  111. Victor Rebouças

    Hey QuickyBaby nice video! What equipment did you use? I used spall liner
    on the O I but I belive it will be useless in higher tiers. Am I correct?

  112. bloody good show!

  113. Is4 please

  114. The O-Ho looks nice, but the KV-4 with the buffed rate of fire on the 107mm
    and very good pen is just more consistent imo.
    Great armor and better mobility, too. Soviet tanks OP…

  115. 11 Dislikes = Pig Players

  116. The Friendly Thing

    I’m new to WoT and the channel and I love your voice!

  117. O-HO me hearties!

  118. Orhan Ferit “silverrobin” Yalçınkaya

    20 min

  119. hello can you please re enable on xvm to tell what tanj hit me and not only
    bullet and damage

  120. video starts at 00:00 thank me later

  121. Flight Examinor

    This tank is just way too Overpowered

  122. O-HO-HO-HO-HO-HO

  123. Yesterday i was chilling in my tiger and suddenly an arty blew me with one
    single shell i was not ammoracked . So can someone tell me how can a tier 8
    arty blew a tiger1 with one shell 1500 dmg ?!?!?!?!

  124. 10 cm gun has only AP and HE with no gold ammo? It is just like guns in
    World of Warships ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  125. Guys ingot a question should i go for jagdpanther2 or ferdinand ? :)

  126. MAKE A TIGER 1 REVIEW!!!!

  127. like realy you

  128. Benjamin Bastings

    My pc is broken so I can’t play??????

  129. nicholas cunningham

    Quicky, no one ever reviews the t20. No one says they hate it and i rather
    like it. Can we get one from you?

  130. Who agrees that the IS-3 is still beast

  131. Maikel Souladakis

    i played today with O-I tier 8 match and just used heat rounds i killed 2
    tier 8

  132. 3:30 tactical luck strike.

  133. Hey QuickBaby I just started playing World Of Tanks today and I made 8
    kills in my first game, I picked the Vickers medium tank but I don’t know
    if that was the best choice I mean I haven’t died yet so I guess all is
    well. I finally decided to play this game for myself after watching your
    videos so thanks for the inspiration.

  134. good armor Hahahaha Sure QB

  135. yourmom lastname


  136. how long does it take to reload in the O-HO?

  137. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    Please don’t tell me I’m the only one struggling to hear QB’s voice.
    He’s so damn quite. I’m a headphone user and I can’t turn up the volume any
    higher anywhere xD

  138. What? IS8? How old is this replay quickybaby?


  140. The Pilot Penguin

    epic game. i would love to see a replay from a donkey of a player but
    instead of power donkey-ing he kicks ares cause know know i have had some
    of them moments (basically all my ace tankers cause im a 495wn8 player but
    i have had some moments like in my Cromwell ace tanker

  141. HO HO OH HO merry Christmas.

  142. Paulius Aleksandravicius

    When are you going to post more french heavy videos? Like the AMX 50 100.

  143. The O-Hi :D

  144. Draugarguild Stormscale-EU

    00:00 “Sau-sage”

  145. quicky baby do think that the O-I to strong is?

  146. Face hugging with this tank is a little silly…I was in my KV4 (definitely
    not a small tank) and I could only get my gun high enough to shoot the tank

  147. I got a bombardier medal with the O-Ho.

  148. Hampus Rytterlöv

    Qb, do you recommend the Japanese heavy tank line?

  149. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    The O HO:My 1st not prem tank
    Derp where u go and do proffit without aming and do huge blocked and gun
    damagged my record is thks to this Godzilla…I love u O Ho u will never
    sell u!! My dear Green Steel Giant

  150. What about a video about the Alecto? ^^

  151. Vũ Lương Lân

    Am I the only one who heard that he said “O-Hi” when he was listing the
    tanks that uses the 150mm gun?

  152. 1:47 KV-2? Don’t you care about the 2mm?!?!

  153. Just watched the first vid great timing

  154. Djole Milanovic

    took him long enough

  155. Hang on, IS-8? Doesn’t it mean T-10?

  156. I made exactly the same gun choice. The 150mm was so much easier to use.
    You can always do SOMETHING.

  157. Video ends at 14:14 Thanks me later

  158. way dont you play weth the ferdinad

  159. cool
    keep it up QB
    thank you

  160. TheMightyPattar

    Japanese heavy tanks are just made for donkeys, even if you want to get
    around the side of the tank they often hug walls or hold corners with their
    team mates supporting these donkeys. So going around isn’t possible, why
    should I have to spend 40,000+ credits of premium ammo on notably the O-NI
    just to have a chance of penetrating the ‘weak’ spots on some Jap heavies.

  161. Alejandro Rodriguez

    Quickybaby an ass man confirmed

  162. this shity tanks are so broken…

  163. good tanks

  164. can i get likes for no good reason?

  165. All right m8 :D

  166. What’s the point on watching this first..?? I don’t understand It’s not
    like you’re going to recieve a prize or something :?

  167. u best quicky

  168. im first better say something cool…..upvote me please

  169. imma hier biatch

  170. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    It’s not ogre, It’s never ogre

  171. The design and profile of these Japanese super heavies remind me of
    armoured trains.

  172. more japanise heavy tank replays pls.

  173. under 300 for first time! hurrah!!

  174. I’m early?

  175. WOAH, im early!!! Better make a joke

    Gaijin Entertainment

  176. AXE_TroutFaceUS -

    im watchin stream

  177. Sixth, nice stream qb.

  178. video starts at 00:00 thank me later

  179. Muhammad-Elfatih Elsheikh

    Whose watching the stream?

  180. Muhammad-Elfatih Elsheikh


  181. x hg

  182. Linx CastleClash


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