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Today Roboplayer1 is going to show off the T8 Japanese heavy the O-HO, a heavily armoured tank with a choice of large calibre guns!

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  1. Qb is cool and kv 2

  2. how do you watch older versions of wot replays

  3. 4:53

    3204 kills? in a single match so far? ^^ should he not have won by now then

  4. O-OH OH OH!

  5. robo has finnish flag…..fuck yes….finnish rules!

  6. Are these tanks a ploy by WG to have players buy more gold ammo?

  7. YO HO HO! YO HO!

    (Shogun Total War :P)

  8. hi QuickyBaby is there any chance of you beeing at the FightNightXL this

  9. Firing HEATs on this derp guns is such a misplay… It has only 150mm
    penetration which means you can’t go thru front of most of tanks anyway and
    sides got tracks/spaced mostly. Only part of tank which you can pen
    reliably with HEAT is rear and for that i believe the std HE is enough too.

    Nothing against Robo, but this game was more about the MM than his skill
    and judgement (which i kinda doubt after i see how he chose the HEAT over
    HE in some situations). He did not really have to solve a tricky situation
    entire game. If he would perform same way in T10, that would be amazing..

  10. indian pz looks like a bot :/

  11. Every tank is good when u are top tier and when there is no arty. Those
    japanese tanks are good, but not that good.

  12. WG will nerve it later, curse those jap HT driver :D

  13. Wish I had the nerves or the time to play these monstrosities.

  14. lol, so a tank is bad because it can’t use premium ammo? On that thought, a
    player is bad because he can’t afford to spam gold ammo left, right and
    center? Another is good because he can?

    The fact than “wealth” is allowed to give one player an advantage over
    another in the same vehicle is retarded beyond hope. It’s a marketing thing
    and promoting it in way, shape or form is a disservice to viewers.

  15. well the japanese heavys are going to be nerved sooner or later. : )

  16. no skill required to play this tank line

  17. You know I see you talking about bad penetration. Well try a stock SU-101
    firing at a Maus. Yeah that 175 pen is fuck all to a Maus you can’t even
    pen one from behind reliably. And if he is smart he could angle his rear to
    the point where in in impossible for you to kill it. And this is a tier 8
    tank and they expect you to grind out 80,000 XP to the next upgrade and its
    bullshit. What do I do with fucking 175 pen in a tier 10 match? I had
    trouble killing an STB. I personally hate that tank it’s terrible gun
    depression and arc combined with low pen and mediocre accuracy means it’s
    not even good at sniping. It can’t take any hits anywhere, even the gun
    mantlet can be penned by tier 7s and some tier 6 TDs. Low health, small
    ammo capacity, vulnerable crew and components (especially ammo rack engine
    and driver) make this an all around pile of shit. Good DPM but what use is
    DPM if you can’t stay alive long enough to put it to use.

  18. How to kill these tanks?
    Easy. If your tank has a low profile ( e.g T-44 ,T-34-2 etc) ,just park
    sideways to them ,they will not be able to depress the gun enough to shoot

  19. This guys knows shit about HEAT ammo, and this tank is obviously shit in
    tier 9-10. Its only good in t8 if u fight against noobs like here…
    QB please, this video is worthless.

  20. YO-HO just had to do it..

  21. Correct me if I’m wrong, but did he just get 2036 BASE XP and not even get
    a third class mastery badge?!

  22. “Sau-sage!” 0:07

  23. The 105mm on the O-Ho is just a test to see what shit they can do to the
    That’s all it is.

  24. wow such a big tank but i think that gun is not that good (now it was
    because it was top tier) i think i could give it a try to the new heavy

  25. I want to see the T10 one now!! 

  26. thejoedude thefirejoe

    someone needs to try riding that with a ELC AMX

  27. 3204 kills?!?! must be a top gun 4:52

  28. is the m56 scorpion out on the eu server?

  29. how did some1 have the skorpion?

  30. Enjoy your channel, but do you carry any sway with ‘wg’? As in the majority
    of player’s wont know how to deal with the ‘jap” line,so feel they are
    unfair to the ordinary player. Is this line a push towards premium ammo
    use>? Ex would be kv1 at t5, o-i bit op in my opinoin, as in regards to how
    it’s used, especially in platoons??

  31. Hello I was wondering if you could do tanks reviews,and all kinds of othere
    stuff on world of tanks blitz

  32. His Indien Panzer teammate did NOTHING the whole game. No help at all.

  33. it’s just fear of the unknown, nothing more, players just get scared and

  34. I did send in a killer game of my own. :3 Lt_Fox at your service. I make
    people Quack in their boots. huehuehue. FEAR THE DUCK!!!!

  35. I blasted this fat piece of Jap crap into a flaming wreck with my T54 mod.
    1 – The OHO is a fun tank, to destroy.

    BTW: Its carcass makes great cover!

  36. Why are people so bloody awful with turret positioning on these JPN tanks?
    Every video you’ve posted so far of people playing them, they’ve all gone
    full donkey. You watch them take the angled part of the turret, which is
    thicker, and turn it so it’s a flat surface for the enemy to shoot at. Case
    in point, if you watch at 06:36 you can see this power donkey turn his
    turret straight ahead giving the enemy a flat surface to shoot at. Any
    player worth his weight in premium would see that and take advantage of it
    and just start pummeling that turret. It’s like watching players try to
    angle the IS-3 at people and take the pike nose from being angled to flat.

  37. listen at 4:55 he says 5000 kills lol

  38. A clutch-shot-capable howitzer… So beautiful… *o*

  39. Deyuan Wan (WrightWan)

    It seems good in T8 games, but anything higher than that would be
    painful…… Not to mention the arties.

  40. Dammit Quicky stop giving away where to shoot these things your going to
    nerf them for Wargaming

  41. Oh come on I saw o-ho and wanted to see the top 10 cm

  42. The oh no ( potato man dug fans)

  43. Pig Monkey (Dino Velvet)

    3204 kills… he’s a machine! lol ;)

  44. O-HO-HO-HO ?

    Is it Santas tank?
    Is Santa Claus Jappo? The mind boggles
    Can QuickyBaby solved one of historys greatest mysteries?

  45. great vids .. well played ..

  46. I think the oi makes the tog 2 look tiny lol

  47. The Ghillie Monkey !

    lel “3004 kills”

  48. Helps when you’re playing a bunch of hapless tomatoes, doesn’t it? How many
    tier 8s is that with sub-50% in rates? LOL.
    Yes, this thing will be cheese in tier 9-10 battles.
    Before I quit I was playing the Panther II on Asia server. Fully 56% of my
    battles were tier 10 and only 14% tier 8.
    Imagine this whale in those battles on a server where people spam sprem
    ammo at tier 3 (no, I’m not joking).
    No thanks. Can’t say I miss tanks, which is a sign of how badly I think
    they jumped the shark with some of the ridiculous tanks plus unlimited
    sprem ammo; I was a beta player, and to my mind the game has gone backwards
    in sophistication and interest over the last 2 years.

  49. 3402 kill’s in one game….. didden’t think that japanese thanks where that

  50. Meh, finnish player.. I’m from Finland and nice to see another finnish
    player who do even something in game. Hieno peli robolta! (y)

  51. A scorpion ? It got released?

  52. 4:52 3K KILLS?!? :D

  53. T29 [ass] :D

  54. how much game playing does one have to do to get one of these so early,

  55. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    Clearly this tank design wasn’t really thought out. Japan and China are
    hilly countries and gun depression was important to Japanese tank
    designers. I’m pretty sure someone was bored and drew this up without

  56. Appearance wise the O-Ho is my favorite Japanese heavy.

  57. Wargaming is constantly doing the same think: Ruining your progress in
    leveling up the crew on your at the time favourite tank!
    Just think about it. You train 4 rows of perks or more on your crew and
    with addition of new naation line Wargaming renders your favourite tank
    useless or at the best it becomes mediocre in an instant of a new patch….
    That is the Wargaming REWARD for your effort! how lovely of em….
    And all that cause they need more and more NEW players to play and spend
    real money on prem. accounts and goodies. How? By giving new plaers better
    and better new tanks so that new players can easyly compete with longer
    playing players…. by getting superior machines into their noob hands….
    How lovely from Wargaming…….

  58. Did anyone noticed that the gun goes down more than the gun depression
    allows in 4:57?

  59. His er-e-e is funny

  60. This Japanese SciFi heavy tanks completely neglect game mechanics of teh
    game…. being agle to defeat T29 up hill hull down completely renders it
    But might be actualy that reason Wargaming puts em into the game…. to
    stear it up ;o(

  61. These goddamn tanks man, have killed so many games for me. One shotting me
    from forever away. I’m used to it in Kv-2’s, but these things can actually
    turn their turrets, so you can’t circle them. I Fing hate it man.

  62. Scorpion review coming up??? if not pls can u do so :)

  63. elc amx players can easily abuse the low gundepression

  64. I don’t understand why wot players are so excited because of the
    introduction of some invented tanks just to make players use more prem
    rounds. That does mean that you are going to lack even more credits to buy
    new tanks or that you are going to have to play even more time or spend
    more real money. And the communities’ reaction is to spend the free exp to
    buy them quickly and fall in WG’s trap. There are people in my clan who
    have 46-47% win rate and are spending a lot of real money. It’s insane and
    it only decreases the fun of non-premium players, as now we HAVE to use
    prem amo to have an opportunity against the Japanese heavies, and not even
    so. A VK 30.01 against a O-I exp. just crazy. But if players keep spending
    money like that, obviously WG won’t stop them :)

  65. ummmm when you’re a Tier 6 the O-HO is more like O-Noooooo

  66. Todor Gibson-Ralevic

    ELC vs O HO :3

  67. The new Japs are quite alot of fun. Im at the O-I Exp and beside the armor
    on it beeing paper thin if not angled the tank performs really well. The
    Guns alpha damage is great and somehow the aimtime and dispersion is not an

  68. i wonder where Japan planned to get the steel for producing these behemoths

  69. Black Prince has very thick frontal turret armor, it trolls any HE shell

  70. I don’t have tank inspector or something similar,so allow me the question:
    00:50 That little hatch on the left side of the tank is that a weakpoint
    with so 100mm of armor? Because otherwise I don’t see any weakpoints at the
    front, no lower glaces no commanders’ cuppolas the mini turrets aren’t one,
    and that would just be…overpowered. I don’t want to meet that tank in my
    IS frontally and have to shoot Apcr on it to do damage ( I don’t even have
    APCR on my IS)

  71. 4:58 you said… 3204 kills…. not dmg xD he has carried 3204 kills

  72. honorabru O HO !

  73. Players like that Scorpion should be banned…

  74. Y no M56 on NA? i dont want this 59 patton crap…

  75. Holy shit why are u even featuring a game like this???
    I see that u want show off the new tanks but this gameplay???
    Its full off mistakes. The only reason he gets away with this an incredible
    amount of luck and very stupid enemies.
    Still a great game, I dont want to doubt that 5.7k dmg is great, though I
    would prefer skillfull gameplay.
    Just my Opinion…

  76. Who guided the last shell?

  77. Im so happy that he got killed by that Scorpion:D

  78. Suomi PERKELE!

  79. The 110 has 215mm of penetration. And that tank is perfectly adequate for
    dealing with tier 8 and some tier 9 tanks. It can easily pen an E100 lower
    plate. Of course if the E100 driver angles the tank. Then you will need
    APCR/ Heat. So 215mm of penetration i think is fine tier for tier. So the
    O-Ho should be good enough to AP. should be good enough to deal with IS-3’s
    for example.

  80. i think a 10 year old …draw them

  81. “The 105mm can’t even fire premium rounds!”
    Oh no, the horror, whatever shall we do. /sarcasmoff

    If every tank were the same way it would make high penetration guns more
    competitive compared to the high alpha damage, low penetration Soviet guns
    that everyone just fires premium rounds out of. The worst offender is the
    T-54 that gets a ludicrous leap from 200mm penetration to 330mm penetration
    with premium rounds. That’s just stupid. Why bother with tactics when you
    can just sling premium ammo to compensate for your lack of ability?

    Personally I’m tired of all these replays where tankers fire loads of
    premium ammunition and we’re supposed to find it impressive.

  82. I didn’t even knew Japan had tanks but I supose that doesn’t matter if
    people continue to grind

  83. Is the scorpion out on the NA sever yet?

  84. I kept my O-I Experimental and playing the O-I now but still need main gun.
    Problem is how good are the tanks later on and if I should just stop at
    these two. People saying they just get worse after that tier unless you get
    into really good matchmaking. Decisions decisions.

  85. Please more of this japanese nonsense WG

  86. the problem with these new tanks is that as soon as someone decides “you
    are not gonna drive all over my noobs, heres some prem for you, sucker” you
    stop bouncing. 250 pen will just go right through, since it may be thick
    but its flat almost everywhere. And good luck outplaying anything fast in
    something that big and that slow.

  87. “3402” kills Kappa

  88. jason li (gunfyre212)

    Kill a tank while you are dead….

  89. very stronk

    Much heat


  90. 3204 kills!? it cant be!!!

  91. great tank to face hug with a t29

  92. In my O-Ni, I blocked over 8 thousand damage. I made a very nice 3000xp

  93. Should be called the O-NO haha

  94. Great Play? … all these japanese heavies videos show is that when top
    tier … you win … tier 5 and 6 are just a waste now if one side has one
    of these bs OP tanks. You need to hope arty gets lucky or its a tomato that
    drives around sideways. Worse than the old kv1s thanks to the ridiculous op
    armor and kv2 dmg levels.

  95. The Japanese Tanks will be Nerved to death in Future patches so play them
    as long as possible!

  96. I love how the Japanese crews sound like they’re saying sausage at the
    start of the match. They’re so hungry.

  97. 3204 kills ?!?

  98. The last shot is exactly the THING that’s wrong with this game. That was
    simply utter f-ing bullshit. RNG is the sole reason I stopped playing and
    won’t be returning unless they do something about it.

  99. WOT EPIC FAIL…. :(

  100. HEAT spammers…HEAT spammers everywhere.

  101. Considering the normal gun doesnt have premium ammo this derp is obvious
    choice… You’ll do at least something to T10 and 9 but with 215mm pen on
    second gun you would not stand a chance. Circon is also using that one.

  102. Stronk finnish player! ^-^ torilla tavataan :D

  103. Finally a finnish replay on this channel 😀

    The title of this video is 10/10, started laughing when saw it 😀

    That was kind of not so skill-based battle, (good battle anyway) but
    showcased very well the O-HO in a nutshell.

    Another great video from you, will :)


  105. even the tier 8 heavy tanks can’t contest with a tier 7 Jap heavy…its too

  106. Yeah hax I saw it before must of been pc and I want it for xbox love this
    game though huh pretty fun

  107. Finnish player 😛

    Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan.

  108. This is absolutly awesome! Over 3000 kills! (4:55):) ;)

  109. QB said: 3204 kills, maybe I’m wrong here and it is a bit overpowered. QB
    have got really high standards.

  110. ooooh im so so happy :3 also Quicky i use a rammer vents and stabilisers
    and i can do over 2k dmg in a tier 10 game :3

  111. “He got the Radley-Walter medals.” LOL

  112. 10:16 Most of the T8 tanks I have struggle in T10 matches. Of course I’m a
    shit player but there is no reason to talk about that.

  113. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    that turret looks like a battleship turret

  114. Lawl that last shot dough

  115. i thought the kv-3 was a medium when i saw it.

  116. ridiculous minecraft tanks…

  117. ELC happy days

  118. 10:30 wtf was that Indien Panzer doing at K 2/3

  119. suomi mainittu

  120. Under 3,001 views club

  121. What mod are you using to fly around in a replay

  122. O HA HA HA

  123. What do I think of the O-Ho? I think they make me see pasty Russian
    programmers snorting cocaine off chorus girls bottoms, paid for by all the
    gold that they knew had to be spammed to get through these piss-taking
    made-up cockamamey bullshit tanks.

    That’s what I think.

  124. will xbox one get the same tanks? and what about that option to see where
    your shells hit you know about it I’m sure it’s pc only

  125. why dont all those guns work? warthunder has had it for years, is it that
    hard? why dont they just remove them

  126. Not being able to fire prem ammo with the other gun really kills it for
    me…215 against E-100s, IS-7s and many more is not enough

  127. SAU-SAGE!

  128. lol finnish player 😛 Go Finland XD

  129. dafaq? 3204 kills @ 4:53

  130. Imagine the ELC AMX next to that tank

  131. oho in finnish means “wow”

  132. You can see how contrived the Oh-Ho tank model is, because there is clearly
    no way its gun could depress below horizontal without the breech being
    blocked by the turret roof (a gun breech is always taller than the visible
    line of the barrel). Its obviously another of WG’s revolutionary new
    breech-less guns…

  133. O-Ho Ho! Merry Christm… Wait it’s not a Christmas yet. God damn it


    “4,204 kills”

  135. lol,69 like,i m the best

  136. 3000 kills… wut. :D

  137. The fact that it’s a tier 8 heavy and shot another tier 8 and only did 175
    damage is not worth it. He’s using H.E. rounds and that was the

  138. CaptaineRex 74 (Captaine Rex 74)

    Realy Nice Vidéo !

  139. Never seen a replay of someone getting 3279 kills

  140. Read the title as Jabba the Hutt’s laugh…seemed appropriate with this
    tank being a massive green-ish slow slug!

  141. What do you think of the O-HO? And what gun would you use?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  142. 1 millionth

  143. Noice a vid

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