World of Tanks || O-HO – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – O-HO. Today I’m reviewing T8 Japanese monster that is the O-HO. Thick armour – check, big gun – check – troll on.

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  1. In an old, post WWII, compilation of U.S. Army Ordinance Department
    reports covering vehicles fielded by the German and Japanese Armies as well
    as some (many of which are seen in WoT by the way) that saw prototype
    production and others that barely saw the back of an envelope, that I
    purchased at an estate sale here in Maryland, the O-HO is described as
    having been intended to mount a main gun turret lifted from a sub
    chaser/mine sweeper and that the secondary armaments were supposed to come
    from an aircraft carrier that never made it to sea due to a bombing raid
    in late 1944. The engine was to come from “existing stocks” of diesel
    engines originally intended for a (unidentified in the report) class
    of submarines. In the opinion of the writer of that particular report, the
    O-HO would have been an easy target for fighter bombers and “concentrated
    fire from existing tank guns, anti-armor weapons, and/or
    artillery currently in service with Allied forces and would have not been a
    factor in any combat it might have seen had it been produced and fielded by
    the Empire of Japan in any number or theater.”….That is exactly the only
    “official” report I have ever found on this vehicle. Made me wonder though.
    Excellent video as usual!

  2. who agree: he should do a low tier tank review
    like the hetzer, luchs,…
    what your idea ?

  3. Grille 15 review pleaseeeeee :D

  4. Otto von Chesterfield, Esquire

    19:03 LMAO, look at QB’s face

  5. Nice match-ups on perfect Ensk map. For some reason in daily games I get
    Ensk, Stalingrad, Kharkov and Tundra 4/5 games and Malinovka 1 time every 2
    months in my AMX ELC bis. :)

  6. Quickybaby, since you are doing tier 8 heavies reviews, can you please do a
    Tiger II review? Its not popular but i just got that tank. Give us some
    tips! Thanks ;)

  7. Birk Ingebrigtsen

    Make an video of the AMX 13 57 GF

  8. +Quickybabytv, the O-Ho gets 0 degrees of gun depression in parts with the
    Derp gun. The Gun depression is still bad on both guns but is still worse
    with the derp.

  9. How do you compare this to the kv-4, the only competition when it comes to
    a heavily Armoured tier 8.

  10. TheMisteryNoob ʺ

    Hey QB, what you think about the new Grille 15?

  11. “this tank is gargantan”

    Thanks jingles!

  12. 15:57 This is Japan porn ;)

  13. Im A Box Growtopia

    The o-ho is great except when u get circled by a lt platoon

  14. Im A Box Growtopia

    Umm lowe can pen it

  15. Hey Jingles, you seems to be “ashamed” that you like 15cm/big guns in the
    game. I mean, I’ve seen people complaining “HE noobs” because IS4 driver
    and the likes expect their armor holds up, but then you fired HE on him and
    deals damage. As famous streamer, I’m sure social pressure seems to makes
    you “uneasy” if you choose big guns over smaller caliber. Don’t be
    “ashamed” for using big guns, QB. Especially if your tank has bad AP pen
    but good HE damage. I know, I drove T-34-2 and using 122mm gun. Bad pen for
    Tier 8, but good HE damage, and I “abuse” my HE when I met Tier 9/10. It’s
    part of the tactical thinking, you are expected to solve whatever problem
    with whatever you got. Same goes when I’m on my A-44, I abuse my HE on Tier

    Don’t worry QB, for me, seeing you using HE and abuse it as much as you can
    is part of the game, and part of the reason why I love critical-thinking
    man and subbed to your channel :))

  16. Akseli Ruoranen

    What was common in all these matches?
    NO ARTY!!

  17. 77 battles in the O-Ho…I’m not impressed.

    get the same results over 400 battles and I’ll concede. I’ve managed to
    keep a consistent 50% win ratio during that career from a stock crew.

  18. Hey QB i’m excited to see ur reaction to the grille 15 what do you think?
    is it better?

  19. I actually run mine with Super-Heavy Spall Liner, Gun Rammer and
    Ventillation. The gun handling is good considering that, as you said, you
    don’t need to aim for any weakspots whatsoever with the howitzer. And the
    SHSL makes the tank even more durable; it doesn’t just reduce damage from
    artillery or anything else with a howitzer (provided they don’t penetrate)
    but you will basically have no crew damage ever thanks to the -50% crew
    damage, which you can stack with the -15% from a Large First Aid Kit for a
    total of -65%.

  20. 1089 is not ok, its very good, i have about 600avg in my good tanks

  21. Wotko s Vokurkou

    The interesting feature of the Japan HTs is their size. They get so tall
    T7+, that you can shoot you opponent over stuff you would never think of
    (like this mud pile against T34… no other tank could pull that shot).
    Also when you see enemy who is trying to sidescrape, you can just aim your
    shot pass his turret, straight up on the engine deck and with AP, you are
    certainly going to over-match him there…
    I learned this hard way… sidescrape around corner in my E100.. haha type
    5, no way you pen me, next sec i am set on fire and got huge hole on my
    engine deck… yea.. with the overmatching factor on AP rounds, being able
    to fire up on you opponents you can definitely take advantage of that

  22. I GOT THE O-NI >;D

  23. Clemens Horsman

    I have a question….. Would you uploud more videos about lower tier tanks.
    My opinion is that its more fun.
    Like a review about tier 3 or 4 tanks. I hope you read this because i think
    many people would like this.

  24. … 5:43 Quickybaby what? tank boobs? just what? what? i don’t even know…

  25. should I stop at the O-Ni or the O-Ho?

  26. it is a pity, that those ‘small’ guns are not usable like in WoWs on

  27. This is the old HE-100 when you have butter turret and prem ammo for gold.
    Except you now get T8 MM and can sealclub like no tomorrow.


    that gun is low penetration especially in tier is a worst gun..when u
    are hill position and sniping enenrmy’s turret cnt even i go
    back to use derp gun..

  29. Can you do a review on the Maus :)

  30. i dont care about playing the O-ho i only want to take them out. think you
    quickybaby to let me know

  31. hi quickybaby, i wonder how do i get ace tank. i did 3k dmg and a topgun.
    2nd top high exp recive but still get first class .

  32. why do people have trouble penetrating this tank? I always thought everyone
    got to penetrate the ole ho

  33. Great Review QuickyBaby!

  34. also, dont shoot derp guns at the front of T95s, they dont do anymore than
    any other gun.

  35. why not using super heavy spall liner ? (i’m not on the heavy japanese

  36. This tank RARELY sees tier VIII matches though.

  37. my ISU has been laughing the entire armor review ;)

  38. These japanese heavies are just the “O-NO” tanks in WoT. Especially in city

  39. I think you are missing the point of the OHo. Its meant to be a big slow,
    obvious, and obnoxious target on the field, that causes enemies to focus on
    it while wolf packs of medium tanks mop up, and its gun is to be used to
    blast holes in reinforcements so infantry can rush in. Try using a o ho in
    a platoon and simulate the conditions. I hope you can imagine a way to do

  40. Did you just call those “tank-boobs”?

  41. damn the japanese heavy are so terrible

  42. You need to showcase what happens when a small tank hugs it’s side to. That
    is diffently a weakness if you can’t point the gun down tho hit them.

  43. no super heavy spall liner on the o ho?

  44. *counterclockwise

  45. pause at 19:13 and look at Will’s face…

    You can thank me later. :)

  46. Jake van der Veen

    can you do a review on the Obj. 416?

  47. My goodness, the tank looks like the baby of a KV-5 and an O-Ni. Some genes
    got mixed up in the process.

  48. One could say that the O-HO has pure steel titties.

  49. Is it just a little awkward that the pop up add for me was “would you like
    to meet and date a Ukrainian girl?”

  50. lmao dat face at 19:03

  51. why do your video always showcase you against a mediocre at best enemy team
    with little or no arty? do you never face any team with skill or do you
    just disregard those videos to showcase the easy wins….have a nice day

  52. Guilherme Rocha

    9.15 videos??



  54. 13:50 anti clockwise? you mean counter clockwise?

  55. Tank review on TVP please!!

  56. says “tank boobs” with a completely straight face

  57. ARLs with 90mm will be my Japanese heavy hunter

  58. oh-hoe

  59. Toasted_Bagels22

    I feel like they balance the line out with the insanely crappy mobility
    because once ur team pushes through a flank the battle is over because u
    can’t catch up while ur team clears out the other team, and I recommend the
    derp and the derp only for OHo because my biggest result is with the derp
    in tier 9 match. 5,200 dmg or something like that.

  60. Jonathan Jung (Metagross555)

    Ugh, the O-Ho is the worst in the line above tier 5

  61. Quickybaby the seller tanker

  62. William Fitzgerald

    every statement of praise of this super op tank is a reason for this
    vehicle to be nerfed by at least 45% it is an abomination. It has no
    purpose but to massacre anything lower than it. Why you ask, it is to make
    the Asian players happy. Just as the Russian ands chinese tanks are super
    op. In reality all WWII Japanese tanks were could be killed with the 50
    caliber machine gun. The WWII jap tanks were worthless. No WJ must stop
    creating these totally unrealistic tanks. BTW in my humble opinion,
    gold/prem ammo is only for cowards, just as the prem tank are. no skill, no
    talent, wallet warriors.

  63. Vivian Hamilton

    I don’t know if it was you or jingles but the gun depression means that
    tiny tanks can just get under the gun xD oh its a jingles video “big stupid

  64. New grille 15 review maybe?:D


    make a video with IS-7 :3

  66. Sick editing man.

  67. Hello, if you are reading this and play on the EU server I would like for
    you, when you log in for the next time, to search up “Sulphuric_1” and
    report him for Unsportsmanlike conduct because he suicided when I was
    beating him. Now you may think this is dumb but just with a simple click
    you can prevent other players from getting screwed over by this arsehole.
    Thank you for your time.

  68. It can’t fire gold ammunition?

    …..I’m shocked.

  69. NamelessONEMail

    After hearing you b***h and moan so many times about the lack of gold ammo
    I’m starting to realise the type of player you are … I’m dissapointed …
    if they ever remove gold ammo from this game you’re probably gonna cry
    about “not feeling competitive” … because its perfectly normal for you to
    just derp gold ammo in the front of tanks higher tier than you cause f**k
    balance and fair play right ? … jesus … I almost never fire any premium
    rounds (unless enemy spams as well then I sometimes shoot it out of anger)
    in any of my tanks even if I’m bottom tier and its not because of lack of
    prem account or prem vehicles to cover the costs … its because I just
    feel like cheating if I were to spam the gold. But I guess without prem
    consumables and gold ammo you’d never become a purple player eh ? … [this
    si coming from som1 with 2.5year-old-account , 11k games and 2030WN8(with
    3000-ish WN8 past 30days) ]

  70. I love these tanks when I’m in my arty.

  71. It’s a pretty easy tank to deal with I found. It’s like a TOG for HP
    farming and KV2 for it’s gun, so just stay away from it’s shell and it dies
    pretty easy.

  72. Ah a review in The Beyonce Tank … O-Ho O-Ho O-Ho m’baby lol

  73. That feeling when you meet rhms with the O-I , O-Ni and O-ho huehuehue

  74. I have this tank and favor the 150mm gun.

  75. Lenny entertainment™

    Still sitting here waiting for a good O-Ho driver.

  76. squidkiller2272

    have you done a super Pershing review I recently got the tank gifted to me
    and I wanna know how it works thanks!

  77. seung yoon shin

    I thought this tank doesn’t meet teir 5 tanks any more 7:34. I could just
    be worng though.

  78. Awesomeness Guy

    Nice face QB

  79. I think its funny that when other people play these tanks they kick ass,
    but when I play them i die in 30 seconds…

  80. Another weakpoint on the Jap tanks that I’ve noticed is their tracks. If
    one is coming around a corner (well angled) on you you basically want to
    aim your gun just inside of the side armor. I’m guessing what I’m doing is
    shooting between the spaced armor and the side hull armor. You can usually
    track them after 1 or 2 shots like this.

  81. @QuickyBaby Wanting for a Grille 15 video!

  82. i wish the kv4 couldve used the 152mm from the kv2 that grind wouldve been
    so much nicer with that gun because the 170 pen 122 and 107 arent fun at
    tier 8.

  83. 19:04 satisfied quickybaby

  84. “Anti-clockwise battle” quickybaby 2016

  85. joseff Anderson

    QB please do a review on the IS7? Like so he sees it!

  86. Wow. May Day is Gay Day with that T-shirt.

  87. DEUTSCHLAND DEUTSCHLAND ÜBER ALLES…. Wait what. This isn’t a German tank?
    But it’s big and heavily armored like the maus and e 100!

  88. Niffer Abderrahman

    what aboute grille 15

  89. If you are forced to frontally engage an O-Ho with a gun that is simply
    unable to pen it due to low penetration or excessive penetration loss to
    distance with even your premium ammo, you can load HE and fire into the
    front of the tracks. Even the E-25 can regularly get 20-40 damage a hit in
    this manner while keeping it immobilized for tanks who do have the
    necessary penetration to get the job done.

  90. I wish the Japanese heavy tanks come out for Xbox 1

  91. The Guy with the camo-skill will have a Hard Time do His Job…:P

  92. So, its just like using a KV-2 against Tier 8’s .. lots of laughs! ;)

  93. the tank is op, when i fight in my is3 and the o ho is using a 15cm gun i
    can t bounce him but he can bounce me or just doing 300dmg when u shoot at
    a tier10 heavy is just unfair

  94. make a 121 review cus ur old video is old :D

  95. Could you do another review on the t57 heavy? I watch the one you have but
    it is really old. or maybe do a replay of it and quickly touch on and
    changes that have been made in the last couple years?

  96. Vardan Yepremian

    then there’s console players, still waiting on those heavy tanks ;(

  97. Martian Commando

    Mt 25 review pls

  98. hey QB… do you play World of Tanks Blitz? I need some advice regarding
    the American heavy tank tree… and that is do I avoid the T1 Heavy and M6
    or play them?

  99. Charles Vokrachko

    Not a fan of concept tanks in WOT.

  100. i want this so bad!!!

  101. When you are driving this thing it is the oh ho ho ho ho

    When you are in a light tank and you see this thing while turning a corner
    it is the OH SHIT

  102. 15cmbetter

  103. do a review about the T32 because i want to know more about it

  104. “215mm low penetration” … maybe for scums who shot gold only

  105. OK, but which gun do you recommend in team battles or stronghold, when you
    only meet T8 opponents ? Imo I still use the 15cm because of IS3
    sidescraping, and to OS bulldogs

  106. Nothing more than a damage farm for my T30.

  107. So now japan has big derp tanks, russian need bigger derp! we need 180mm
    derp tank with stalinium armour!

  108. I never use gold ammo

  109. It’s like a tog that can bounce.

  110. bogdan ioan Ignat

    Quickybaby how can i say a reply to you ? where do i upload it..its an epic
    1 vs 12 :)

  111. Quickybaby may you do a super Pershing review

  112. Dick butt Nick butt

    so should I buy back the Oni and grind for the Oho

  113. What are your PC specs

  114. Blue Rules Minecraft

    What gun did you use as the reference gun on the armour model? Cause it had
    chances and such?

  115. Have you fuckin ever seen a wot youtuber who WASNT premium bitch?

    No you havent because when you are not paying wg for this game then 90% of
    those miracle shots that you see in this kind of videos wouldnt even hit
    your target, even if you fully aimed and then if you by some fuckin
    coincidence hit your target you wouldnt penetrate because fuck you amx elc
    always by again some fuckin “miracle” has to bounce your first shot no
    matter what tank you are driving and that wouldnt look nice on youtube
    would it?

    So enjoy this pay to win piece of shit you fuckin premium whores, but you
    wont be shoting at me ever again.

  116. if the o ho had 240 pen on its 10cm gun then it couldve possibly gotten
    away with no prem ammo with slightly nerfed stats to take in to account the
    bonus pen

  117. Linden Kronberg

    Can you do a video on the Grille?

  118. Thanks quickybaby, I know what tanks to buy thanks to you

  119. Hey quickybaby awesome Video ! I would be the happiest men on planet if you
    would do a review of the m4a3e2 sherman Jumbo if not thats ok your Videos
    are Great Keep up the work :D

  120. In a serious match up you`re lucky, enemy isn`t even looking at you, you
    have always such a big luck when you are facing stronger opponents, that`s
    not true match up grow up, you`re just lucky

  121. No_Gold_No_Aim s

    How can we send a replay to QuickyBaby ?

  122. Stjepan Đogolović

    I am beging for a day when the Wargaming will realize what a diabolic
    mistake a premium ammo is!

  123. The Japanese heavies are part of the disgusting business model of
    Wargaming: build a tank so heavy you NEED premium ammo to penetrate it,
    spending all your gold…

  124. MeKanism Lastname

    3 minutes long? 3 thousand damage? 3 kills? QuickyBaby is the Illuminati

  125. This japanese heavy tank line:
    -OP tanks
    -Full bullshit this whole idea and it makes the game worse
    These days WG does mad things…

  126. Quickiebaby is just trying to demonstrate the two different guns and still
    has great games. A scrub like me can’t compete with that!

  127. Liutauras Grybauskas

    Can anyone explain me how to upload replays?


  129. quiky baby your behind schedule were is the 9.15 update video or a review
    of the grille 15

  130. i hate jap tanks.
    They do not require much skill and if you meet them near a slope you cant
    do anythink to pen them with 175mm pen guns.
    Either they are completly usless depending on the map or they can lock down
    a whole slope.
    A KV2 has weak headarmour but these fuckers aren`t fucking destroyable in
    the right mm

  131. This was a rather long explanation of: Good armor, slow, no gun depression,
    15cm for grind, 10cm for ace.

  132. So we need to fire prem on Japanese heavies. I guess this is the only
    reason WG created them.

  133. Prof. Dr. Swenson Fertig aus

    1000xp average, sooo bad :D

  134. Julian Gallegos


  135. Julian Gallegos

    And the is 3 has 221 pen the care has 226 OK

  136. Julian Gallegos

    What about the caernarvon

  137. Has anyone else playing WOT noticed lately the growing number of American
    Nazis, KKKers, skinheads, toothless, inbred, hillbilly racist, antisemitic,
    dickhead American assholes with headsets?

  138. Magnus Langslet

    9.15 preview please!!! I cant wait to hear your opinion about the Grille
    15. I have seen some other preview videos lately, and the first thing I
    thought when I saw the Grille was: Well, Wargaming are replacing the
    already OP tank (wt auf e100) with an even more OP tank? (my opinion). The
    BEAST has a 150 millimeter with 3100 dpm, 0.28 accuracy or something, and
    an amazing 1,4 sec aiming time!! It is also very fast, but lacks armour. 

  139. 28:00 my favorite tank , RIP a,panther, please bring it back

  140. I would make a joke about the O-Ho…but im afraid it would be to big 😉 *fail

  141. Michael Janicki (Minto107)

    Omg why most Japanese heavy tanks players are brainless? Use derp with AP
    ammo… I’ve only seen 1 guy on KV2 doing same thing…

  142. Have you ever tried firing the derp HE rounds under the tanks instead of at
    the armor? I know that might sound bonkers, but trust me it is a good
    option when firing at the front of an enemy tank. Especially with the
    height advantage of the Japanese heavies. If you hit the ground under the
    tank, dead center, about 6 feet back from their front edge. The explosion
    goes up, effectively it’s like they ran onto an anti-tank landmine. On
    average it does about 40-50% more damage as it’s hitting the bottom armor
    which is the weakest and also it avoids the spall liner if they have it
    equipped. I tested it out in training rooms and it usually takes both
    tracks off, plus takes out 1-3 of the crew, and 1-2 more modules. It’s
    actually an effective technique on anything that has over 130mm gun
    equipped, I use it on my E-100 often.

  143. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    That microphone is getting in your way mate.

  144. “fairly okay stats” 86 XTE and 65% wins, I think that’s more than okay

  145. well, u know whats wrong with O-Ho? the fact it gets to use the derp gun,
    so u can troll Leopards and other lightly armored tanks… they should
    remove the option to mount the derp gn on this tank

  146. I hate my oho. The grind for the type 4 is sooooo long and grueling.

  147. Wehre is Grille 15 ??

  148. Japanese big guns exist on blueprints only

  149. This really showcases how broken this tank is.

  150. mark lewis (cowsgom00)

    This is the problem with the Jap heavies, OP when top tier, UP when bottom
    tier. No idea why WG released them like this after pulling the Mauschen for
    the same reasons.

  151. Ei pitäny julkaista kommenttia. OHO!
    Also, not having premium ammo is not that bad. You can’t penetrate an E 75
    frontally? Either shoot it in the side, or don’t shoot at al!

  152. O-Ni, O-Ho, Oh my!

  153. A freezing moving fortress.

  154. how too rake out the O-ho effectively. load prem. normal tier 8 AP wont

  155. Lacks penetration, compared to the guns with premium ammo.. 215 standard vs
    210 premium. Eeemm.. Can’t compute.

  156. Nichita Chilimnic

    +Leo Cordier I like shooting those with SU-14-1 .-. 550-900 dmg and with AP
    kind of 1450

  157. O-HO is areal beast when it’s top tier,and when it’s low tier. All in
    all,great tank!

  158. Load gold = Food.

  159. The O-I is broken.

  160. Good review

  161. 21:51 ”…is just gonna run away, to try and waste a little bit more of
    our day.”

    That sounds so poetic and funny :D

  162. No ace on the jp2?!?! O.o

  163. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    WarGaming needs to stop adding more derp guns to high tiers. Constant HE
    spewing is ruining the game. I can’t play my KV-4 anymore because nothing
    ever bounces. It’s just HE, doing 200-300 damage at a time, slowly wearing
    me to death while all my crew and modules are eliminated. This shit is
    taking all the skill out of the game.
    10cm is a skill gun, 15cm is not.

  164. amx elc bis with apcr laughs at this tank frontally.

  165. Spall Liner.

    Big Box that has nothing but its “armor” with a broken system in the game
    that we call ‘artillery’ and that its not very mobile… is not a bad

    So if you are running BiA + Vents along with Smooth Ride / Snap Shot, you
    can do like a Kv4 and forgo the vStab for more survival.
    (or forgo vent until you get the needed skills)

  166. will u stream hearthstone

  167. GoldenZombieGun

    Can someone help? When I get on the test server I don’t get any credits or
    anything like I am suppose to.

  168. lel when i say oho its like oops :D

  169. What would win? 15 O-HO’s or 15 KV-4’s with the teir 9 107 gun.

  170. dat IS4 idiot just kept trying to go forward and getting shot over and over
    without even trying to shoot back

  171. This tank is so big that my it cant shot a big LT like my Bulldog

  172. Lee James Thien

    Hi +QuickyBaby will you be reviewing the Type 4 Heavy? :)

  173. Is4 review

  174. O Ho Ho Ho, best HT in tier 😉 and the moust fun to play

  175. where did you buy t shirt? :D

  176. Whill this tank be nerfed? The IS-6/kv-5 cant even pen with premium as it

  177. Awesome video, wiah you happy holidays by the way :)

  178. Quickybaby could you do an amx 50 foch rewiev?

  179. So it’s like a KV-2 with armor kewl.

  180. u sure u need sixth sense? ur pretty much always spotted.

  181. That’s where your wrong quickybaby the reason why the 10 cm gun improve has
    no premium rounds because you are already firing the premium shells.
    Because the same 10 cm gun on the o-ni fires the normal rounds where the
    premium rounds are the same premium rounds that you fire in the o-ho

  182. giving it premium ammo would make it OP in my eyes. Tanks should atleast
    have some kind of weakness.

  183. KV-85 review?

  184. I hate all new Japanese heavy tanks

  185. Wow a fantasy tank with gun depression that’s impossible with the turret
    its got without cutting a hole in the top to allow the breach to stick out.
    Lets not let historical accuracy interfere with this like it seams to with
    every other tank apart from the Russian ones. WG just makes stuff up

  186. In WT you would be able to control all of those turrets and that machine
    gun just like every tank in real life and in WT

  187. dat shirt! :D

  188. Besides the O-I, the O-Ho is the highlight of the japanese heavy tree! I
    really liked that tank! You are no Gold-Ammo-Victim like the Type 4 Heavy
    is :-/

  189. christopher salazar

    I get virus’ every month on my laptop

  190. great review QB

  191. Funniest videos ever made ツ

    If only those other canons would shoot too.. like in war of thunder (air).

  192. ThePainTrain4234

    How do you take these out in T32s? They only have 180 pen

  193. ปฐวี สิตาธรรม

    Nerf pls


  195. 23:43
    Jeez the IS-7 looks like a bald middle-aged man without its machinegun.

  196. i can go through the front of an o-ho easily in my cent 1 lol. 226mm of pen

  197. please 9.15 Update, and grille 15 review

  198. ( 27:17 ) I see you have the Type 4 Heavy, Qb. Can we expect a Type 4 Heavy
    review in the near future? :)

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    With a set of Big Mama boobs too!

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    I have such mixed feelings about my O-Ho…

    On the one hand… it’s tough as nails in Tier 8 and even Tier 9 matches.
    Angle it properly and your only consistent enemies are arty.

    On the other hand… it’s very very easy for a light tank or certain
    mediums to circle to death because it is so slow and has such awkward gun

    The 15cm gun is… an oddball. At the previous two tiers it was utterly
    lethal, but extremely slow to fire… at Tier 8 it’s almost the opposite –
    it fires much faster, but you’re much, much less likely to penetrate even
    medium tanks; and the AP shells go from “quite useful in certain
    situations” to “completely worthless” (even the HEAT is iffy at Tier 8). So
    it goes from being something terrifying… and instead becomes consistent
    damage with the added benefit of causing a lot of module/crew damage.
    Despite being the same gun. (I do prefer it by a large margin over the
    105mm, which is… meh. I mean it’ll get the job done, but for such a hefty
    tank it doesn’t pack nearly the punch I need.)

    I’ve had some superb games in this tank… and some utterly awful ones,
    with very few in between.

    Upside? I don’t think I can ever remember being set on fire, so it’s pretty
    easy to take food along. Though maybe I’ve just been fortunate.

    Ultimately though, i prefered the O-I and O-Ni to the O-Ho; it’s not by a
    huge margin or anything, and it’s not the kind of tank you think “aw crap,
    I’m stuck with this lump of garbage…” by any stretch, but… I definitely
    felt like the O-Ni was a better machine for me.

    Excited to get my Type 4 though… about 50k xp away at this point. (I’ve
    been deliberately taking my time, getting a full female crew for my
    Japanese heavies. Just need my radio operator now.)

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    Everything you meet will instantly load premium rounds, which makes your
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