World of Tanks || O-NI – Bonus Gameplay

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Source: QuickyBaby

So yesterday I fully reviewed T7 Japanese super heavy, today I’m giving you some additional bonus Ace Tanker gameplay!

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  1. A O-Ni Review without the 150 millimeter 900dmg gun!?! Why? It’s by far the
    best gun because you do minimum 300 dmg as long as you hit a tank anywhere
    on the tank! This means that as long as you can sidescrape effectivly you
    can take on T9 heavies and shoot them straight into their strongest points
    and still do minimum 300 damge plus damge crew, modules.

  2. That 256 damage shell was by the KV-2 and not by the T29.

  3. a 40 min vid:)

  4. As said below…HE hit in first Battle was from KV-2…
    Very nice Gameplay i like those Videos very much go on with it QB….. The
    technical Data and comparision is very helpful for me… ; ) In WOT im

  5. I use a superheavy spall liner. Hehe yeah.

  6. the HE shell was from the KV-2, if T29 hit you with HE it would made just
    60-80 dmg to you

  7. I think this new format is great QB. Feels like I get to watch more content
    from you. Keep up the good work and greetings from Finland!

  8. Not a fan of Jap Hvy tanks as they are overpowered for their Tier and slew
    the game in their favour far too much. Japan was never in a position to
    produce these monsters, plus their weight would have resulted in them
    becoming bogged down on the battlefield, had they ever made it there, which
    is doubtful. Sometimes WoT add tanks that
    are just too much of a fantasy. AT-AT next ?

  9. Aleksandar Mutavski

    It would be nice QB that in next tank review you always put two replays,
    one in vehicles tier (4 example O NI in tier 7 MM) and other replay where
    reviewed tank would get in worst possible MM (4 example O NI in tier 9
    fight). I think that, if you adopt this suggestion, it would be even a lot
    more interesting watching your videos. I know that often you put those
    kinds of replays but would like to see more of them. Personally, I don’t
    want to watch O NI which is OP in its tier making ace tanker game against
    tier 7. Would like to see though ace tanker against tier 8 and 9, because
    you play tanks differently when they are at their tier and when they are in
    bad match up.

  10. Yes, do the supplementary vids. Also gives you opportunity to add some
    extra info about the tank that you couldn’t/didn’t put in the initial
    review videos. I also think it would be a good idea to revisit some of your
    old review videos and make supplementary videos for those, especially if
    the tank has been changed/nerfed/buffed since the review first came out.
    Could make for an interesting follow up.

  11. I have no idea why you are reviewing this bullshit tank. It only existed as
    a fantasy, has no place in the game, & all you are doing is lending it
    credibility it doesn’t deserve.

  12. Twas great mate, been waiting on this review, been holding on to the O-I.
    Time to let that go.

  13. I realy like the split of tank review and gameplay a day later
    It gives you some time to think about the review and i think its more
    awesome for players researching the “how to play it right” of the tank
    because you dont just get hit by a 40min video

  14. I have to say in my experience every one will just gold-bukkake the Maus
    and ignore everyone else, becaus you get a medal for Maus kills.

  15. Anyone know how you bounce an HE shell? In my at15a, i get both bounced HE
    and no damage HE. Whats the difference?

  16. “Actually, Jingles, it wasn’t T29 who shot you with a HE round at 7:10, it
    was KV-2.” ;)

  17. nice video thanks for the good comments you also seem better at your
    remarks as well more chilled

  18. the more QB vids the better! i vote bonus videos!

  19. I love your videos therefore the more the better. I welcome any bonus
    content as well as if you decide to incorporate more gameplay content into
    your tank reviews, that’s welcome as well.
    There is no issue regarding the length of videos as far as I’m concerned.

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    semuanya sudah berjalan normal dan semua sudah menikmati hasil bersama MMM
    Indonesia melalui menu MMM Extra karena telah terbukti memberi hasil sampai
    100% perbulan cukup join disini sekarang juga..!!!
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  21. What about the SU 152

  22. Yesterday i watched your tank review on O-NI and later i played a bit of
    WoT and i got in front of an O-Ni and i knew how to take him out just
    because of you! 🙂 Thank you QuickyBaby for making videos 🙂 <3 And also
    say Peppy that she is beautifull 🙂 :D

  23. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    Yet another t25/2 driver bringing shame to that lovely tank… 11:23

  24. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    Maybe split the videos in two: Tactics and ingame footage?

  25. BLUE_beep BLUE_beep

    split videos get my vote.
    I don’t always have a full hour free.

  26. Should I go for the kv 1 into the kv 1s line or the kv 1 into the kv2?

  27. 11:45 who is firing?
    Quickybaby, please update your modpack, so it also shows which tank shot
    you, in addition to showing the damage and ammo type used.
    There’re plenty mods out there. Add this small change to your mod pack too,
    so that we can also see who fired at you.

  28. splitting the review then game play… if it’s not too much work… go for

  29. Charles Lawrence III

    Getting pretty tired of watching the same vids

  30. 7:32 it was the KV-2, wp for not noticing haha

  31. this is a good idea

  32. Love this format!

  33. QuickyBaby just saying but in the first gameplay the O Ni didnt take a hit
    from the T-29 (HE) it was the KV-2 STRONK TANK using HE. I found this out
    by in the death messages the KV 2 got killed just after he shot you. Just
    wanted you to know! XD

  34. Still no fan art? QB dont you get any mails from us?

  35. you have bino’s on O-Ni??

  36. QB feel please to make a lot more bonus videos :P

  37. i agree with those bonus videos, could you do a review in the E-50M?

  38. I think the bonus videos are a great idea! Keep up the awesome work!

  39. I like the split of the review and game play. Sometimes I miss at work and
    don’t have the time to see the entire review and game play in one sitting.
    This feels better.

  40. 天皇陛下、万歳!!

  41. i think it is a great idea to keep the reviews at around 20 mins and
    supplement with a gameplay video. Keep up the good work m8!

  42. great idea!!

  43. over christmas? wow these vids take awhile @_@

  44. this is crap. stop showing these games where you are top tier with no arty!

  45. TheRancidMarshmallow

    The best thing ever is if you get the side of one of these when you are in
    a kv-2… 900 DAMAGE YUS

  46. Qb the first game at the end when the HE hit you that was the KV-2 before
    he died just to point it out :)

  47. i like your videos

  48. Gameplay is always more interesting

  49. you should make at least 1 video of the ONI using the derp gun

  50. I prefer this format. I like the shorter “review” and supplementary “bonus
    gameplay”. I’d rather have multiple shorter videos split over multiple days
    than 1 giant hour long ramble.

  51. yesss……mmm indonesia
    #hashtags: #MMMIndonesia

  52. I really like the separated videos just because in my case, I can’t binge
    watch a single Scumbag QuickBaby 40 minute video. I honestly love QB with
    all of his touchdowns onto the tank reviews, but on videos that are long,
    though are only on one day, it pains me to halt and yield to the QB every
    other day video.

  53. No I absolutely love this format you choose for the o-ni review. It gives
    us the option of skipping all the facts and getting some great gameplay, of
    all of the above. love it QB!

  54. Craig A. Glasscock

    I like this format – review one day and additional gameplay the next. Very
    well done.

  55. And there’s the sea of red

  56. 25 minutes should be enough to review and show quality gameplay to backup
    your analysis of the tanks

    great aggressive gameplay
    can you review the kv1

  57. I like all the replays in one video, but do whatever is easier for you

  58. Is EU server really this bad?

  59. I like the split version. More detail is good. Hints help us not so good

  60. Hope u will do a full review of O-ho too

  61. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    Yes, more gameplay is pretty fun to watch

  62. You should do a super pershing reveiw

  63. Alright QB, now you are just showing off

  64. +QuickyBaby 11:00 wouldn’t it have been better if the su-122-44 had shot at
    the o-ni as it wouldn’t have penetrated, therefore you can help the other
    tanks on your team survive longer to do more damage rather than the IS
    taking damage and potentially dying quicker. Correct me if i’m wrong but i
    thought the main role of tanks such as the o-ni was to take hits for the

  65. Please do a comparison between KV-1, BDR, and O-I Experimental.

  66. i prefer 2 little videos

  67. I think either way its great i love the longer tank reviews :)

  68. Anyone else feel uncomfortable when quickly keeps saying boobs??

  69. tank review and game play then more gameplay plz!

  70. Dreadshells Gaming

    The T29 didn’t shoot HE in the first game, the KV2 did.

  71. I liked your reviews as they were done in the past; but this newer format
    also seems worthwhile. While I’d prefer the old style I will raise no
    objections if you choose to change the format.

  72. I think that is a good idea if u split up the videos into 2 because you
    would have more time to get amazing game footage.

  73. @Quickybaby Would you recommend spall liner on O-Ni? What is your load out?

  74. Nice idea man!

  75. it was the kv2 that hit you with the HE shell, 150 whatever mm derp gun,
    the t29 hit the ridge in front of you

  76. Alexander Krikorian

    KV2 HE round. T29 HE round would not be able to do more than 150ish damage
    on a non pen even against no armor

  77. Vladimir Protassow

    Great format with the ace tanker content the next day. It lets you digest
    the information, get some ideas, play a few games and then learn more
    intricate details with the awesome examples the next day. It’s like having
    lectures and tutorials. Thanks, QB!

  78. Personally, I prefer the longer videos, but I’m fine either way. What I
    would like to see though, is a bit of gameplay and commentary featuring a
    tank’s top guns. Basically, for tanks like the O-Ni that have two top guns
    that affect the way the tank plays, show us footage of both guns to help us
    make a better informed decision about what gun we want.

  79. You should do the rest of your reviews this way!

  80. all in one vid plz QB, I know alot of people dont have much time to watch
    vids on mondays. So, all on sunday would be nice

  81. Love this kind of format. More gameplay more entertainment more information
    Although things like 50 minute vids are also appreciated

  82. any QB video is a welcome QB video

  83. 0:32 Ten no heika banzai! lol. Long live the emperor! Banzai!

  84. the Oni’s lower side armor is auto-pen for any 122mm caliber shells

  85. Hey QB I think this is a great idea and hope you keep doing this in the

  86. Benjamin Wharekawa

    it’s a good idea

  87. I what are some tips for the type 91

  88. Tank boobs lol

  89. For those who dont want to see the review

  90. I personally dont care how long it is…and i would rather the review and
    gameplay in one video but leaving a link in the description where the
    gameplay is.

  91. KV-2 hit you, not the t29…

  92. hey QB it was the KV2 splashing you in your first game for over 200 in the
    last shot! 😉
    T29 got no chance to do this dmg with HE

  93. I like this method of reviews and game play much better qb. One more thing.
    I believe WG should have a special ram for vehicles as heavy as the o-ni.
    The “Squash Ram” where you flatten other vehicles into pancakes. :)

  94. Thx QB nice replays

  95. come on i thought your using the 150mm gun zzzz boring!!!

  96. I really wish he liked Armored warfare. He’s basically the only other
    youtube apart of Jingles that creates quality content of this genre.

  97. great idea, make technical vid first and then pure gameplay next day – not
    to long so can spare time to watch it and if i know the tank i can skip
    “boring”part and go to gameplay for tips how to use it better – win win

  98. 20 min review and 20 min gameplay = perfect format

  99. The more content the better. I like this format

  100. I have a Type 4 Heavy but yeah, I get a lot of assisting dmg… extremely
    heavy armors makes you spot while your team falls back and lose sight!

  101. I like this way QB because if you did a tank reveiw and Ialready know all
    about the tank I can just easily skip on to the next gameplay video.

  102. I think this cutting the review video up into two is actually a really good

    A) Tank reviews can easily be boil down what we need to know about the
    B) This bonus video will easily show what it like to play the tank, which
    is fun to watch, but not very good informative in a review.
    C)More videos equal more ad revenue for the same amount of work you been
    putting out. Certainly noting wrong with that!
    D) 50 minutes long tank review videos are intimidating because of their
    length and it is hard to find time to watch the whole thing in one sitting.
    Most people probably don’t watch the whole thing or jump around the video.
    Youtube tracks how many minutes of a video people watch. So this hurts your
    ranking and profitability.
    E) If you keep this format, might want to make the bonus video more obvious
    to viewers who watch the video months down the road, who probably won’t
    watch all the way to the end and such miss your end of video prompt to
    watch the bonus video. Such you might cancel out some bonus from point C in
    my list. Perhaps say something about it in the beginning of the video and
    link it in your video description?

  103. yeah do more uploads less time

  104. For tank reviews you can split it into 2 parts. The first part will be in
    the garage doing theory crafting and part two will be “stuck into some game
    play” so those who don’t want the garage part can just look forward to the
    part 2 later the same day or the next day.

    P.S. Did you ever figure out what those codes on the Advent Calendar were

  105. i like this 😀
    more the merrier post as much content as you can :D

  106. That feeling when ur in a bat chat and u lag ram a maus going at 67km/ph

  107. Jap Heavies 2 OP lol

  108. I enjoy the bonus gameplay… after your strategic analysis, nothing beats
    seeing it applied “in the heat of battle.” Your thoughtfulness keeps this
    channel fresh and interesting, QB!

  109. I use super heavy spall liners on my O-Ni, would you say that it is a
    complete waste, QB?

  110. Could you pls do a review/gameplay of the is4? I can’t remember watching an
    is4 vid on your channel

  111. Tbh-the bonus videos are a great idea!

  112. fairly competent players… 900 wn8, better be afraid of him

  113. dangerous guys 1400 & 700 wn8, yeah sure

  114. Can you do a T30 review? Im finding it hard to play effectively…

  115. Hey QB! i think this is very good idea wifh splitting video, so maybe bonus
    battle on
    Charioteer….? :)

  116. Tank Reviews should be roughly almost twice as long as regular vids since
    it is a full tank review and people usually use them to determine whether
    or not they should get a specific tank. I think that regular vids should be
    15-20 mins while tank reviews should be around half and hour long. It just
    makes since that tank reviews are longer than regulars ones. Shortening
    tank reviews would achieve nothing. Supplementary vids for more experienced
    and tank reviews for newer players

  117. what is better the t29 or the oni

  118. QuckyBaby. Clan Wars is almost about time to be over, and I’m within range
    to get a CW reward tank. In your personal opinion, what tank would you get?
    The M60, Obj. 902, V.K. 72.01 K, or the T95E6?
    And if anyone else wants to chip in on which tank you would get, feel free
    to say it,

  119. The idea of supplementary videos is a good one. Though, a 35+ minute review
    isn’t bad at all either.

  120. erm QB that was the kv 2 not the t29

  121. I dont like oni

  122. On the 1st replay, the 245 dam you got was from a kv-2

  123. I need more

  124. I like this idea of splitting your videos up, since there will be people
    who would feel obliged to watch through the whole 50 minutes but perhaps
    not have time to, and similarly people who only really want to know the
    best to counter a tank since they have not interest in playing it. 🙂

    Also, you could just do all the work for it on the Sunday, but let it
    upload on both days, so we would get a bonus video and you can kick back
    and relax a little ^^

  125. Really like the split format!

  126. QB why do you just show the bright side of tanks? You try to elude
    people… How is that meant to help us players??

  127. +QuickyBaby
    what do you think about the new premium tank the Vk100.01(P) Mammut that is
    probably going to be added ingame!?

  128. great video from another great youtuber :)

  129. 7:17 kv2 shoot u with HE not T29 pay more attention 🙂 kidding great video

  130. this is a nice combo you just started QB, just keep them up x2 videos per

  131. Hey QB, it was the kv2 that derped you at the end for 256 damage, not the
    T29. But great gameplay

  132. I like the 20/25 min tank review and then more game play the next day. It
    keeps up the video’s :D

  133. op shit on top gj QB you kill so meny tomatos yeh

  134. idiot, it was the kv-2 that did the HE damage, no t29 would ever do that
    mush HE damage. get a brain with working eyes.

  135. I like having the gameplay as well as the analysis hope you do this again!

  136. O-ni is the japanese translation for o-no ;)

  137. It was actually the KV-2 that hit you for 256 damage, I don’t think a T29
    would be able to do that much damage to your turret anyway.

  138. when ever he said boobs I kept thinking peppidy was going to walk in.

  139. bonus video is a great idea QB

  140. People tend to compare these heavies to the Maus, but it seems like they
    are all just giant AMX40s… Scary when top tier, useless when not…

  141. Quicky, that last spot of HE came from the KV2 not the t29

  142. I would be SOOO pleased to review the T7 soviet TD the SU100M1.

  143. can you trie out the firefly?

  144. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    stop getting noob tanks and tell us how to Kill Oho and oni with A
    SuperPershing on frontal armor

  145. I like 2 vid’s better in the first all about the tank and the second some
    cool game play

  146. YES!! extra game play footage for every tank review would be great!

  147. Kasper Van der Heyden

    Plz do iT like this … ITS really good

  148. lol, I got a mention in this video. Even if Qb forgot my name ;-)

  149. Exelent idea QB do it this way. Meybe after u do the review u will have
    some aditional ideas or thoughts u will want to share with us this is a
    perfect way 2 do ti.

  150. No QB, that was the kv2 shooting HE

  151. U should do bonus videos weekly on mondays wednesdays and fridays and

  152. dude keep this up its a great idea and can u do another video on the M103
    plz I would like to see more of tht tank


    More content would be great. Keep up with your great job

  154. the shorter tank reviews and little bit of extra gameplay separate from the
    tank review is extremely helpful.

  155. I’m liking your work ethic, Quickybabes, asking us how many videos we want
    in a day, etc etc; it’s always nice to see a Youtube who cares about their
    audience. Jingles is terrible at it, he’s always moaning about how he’s
    uploaded two whole videos in one day, oh isn’t his life difficult, sort of

  156. I think it was the KV-2 which HE shell damaged you for 250 dmg :)

  157. There is only one cure for this shite, UNSUBSCRIBE.

  158. Anyone else notice that in his T3 HMC in the service record he had only
    played 1 game, got a mastery badge, and 1700+ base XP in it. 1 game in a
    tier 2 arty, lel

  159. KV-2 splashed you for the HE at the end of the game.. not the t29.

  160. Do you find it takes a great deal of skill to drives these Japanese

  161. Quicky, I totally agree you should do bonus gameplay videos on your
    alternate video days. I really enjoyed it and personally, I’d rather watch
    two 20 min videos rather then one 40 min videos. Great work!

  162. The Japanese heavy line is disgusting, in every sense.

  163. probably 50 min video

  164. Love the bonus. Thank you QB.

  165. it was a kv2, not a t29

  166. 0:31 wtf

  167. I think this bonus video is great, because you can answer some questions,
    which were asked in the Review video, so we can get more info and your tips
    about that tank!

  168. Longer vid

  169. Sinterklaas En Zwarte Piet

    split it up like this seems nice

  170. Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh

    Noticed the ladder rungs on the front and sides. Wondering how tall this
    thing is compared to a man, and how roomy it would be on the inside.

  171. Keep doing it like that in two parts, that’s great 🙂 I usually don’t watch
    an entire tank review with 20 minutes of statistics, but am way more
    interested in seeing the tank in action.

  172. Use the Derp-Gun. ^-^
    It is much better and funnyer!

  173. pls make some Tiger P review!!! PLEASE!!!

  174. well, maybe QB is too busy commenting on the tiger… but it is obviously
    tha the KV2 derp you for 250 dmg before he died… (T29 shot into the

  175. Normaly bad view range is a part of the heavy gameplay but since WoT is pay
    to win Wargaming gave players tool to compensate their lack of skills.

  176. Honestly, there weren’t any situations that the 10cm was for sure better
    than the 15 cm. The rate of fire is only useful if the enemy lets you use
    it. It also doesn’t work so well against tier 9 tanks. The 15cm however is
    consistent across all tiers, so if you want to grind the heavy line, the
    15cm is more reliable. Also to reference the review, just because youre
    large doesnt mean you should be in the front in a tier 9 game. You’re far
    better off working with the medium tanks to provide a strong defense and
    prevent flanking. Youll wind up shooting at targets you can actually
    penetrate and be overall more useful to your team.

  177. I’m sure you’ve already been told this but…. In the first game it was the
    KV2 putting an HE shell in to you at the end, you had already killed the
    T29 before the shot landed. Looks like the T29 was using the 90mm gun as
    the shot he hit into the dirt in front of you hit like an AP round.

  178. I think this format works really well (showing more gameplay in an
    additional video). But I guess you’ll see if it is worth it views/effort

  179. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    these replays dont show any more skill than basic map and tank awereness i
    dont think this is amusing to watch.

  180. kv2 is what hit you at the end qucikybaby…..

  181. One big one is better

  182. Can you do a separate review on the Skoda T-50 please???? I’m about to get
    it and I need expert advice on playing it DD: xD

  183. O-Ho tank review in a nut shell, use the durp gun, the other is a complete
    waste of time in tier 9 and 10 games, it’s reload and accuracy are nearly
    on par with the other one. Otherwise it’s the exact same as the tier 6 and
    7, don’t over angle, keep the front towards whoever is shooting at you, and
    get ready to spammed by arty and gold ammo.

  184. i am pretty sure that you were using the 100mm
    not a 105mm

  185. I like them bonus video’s!!

  186. WG should treat secondary guns similar to how they do in WoWs, have them
    automatically track smaller/faster targets and autofire, with the ability
    to disable secondaries when stealth is needed. Perhaps for balance, when a
    crew member is firing a secondary, have the efficiency of their main task
    drop by some percentage (similar to when they’re knocked out). It would
    make it much more difficult for a light tank to get up close and circle

  187. Never saw, one, apologizing that much for Putin one more great video. :D

  188. Chalak Abdullazadeh (KURDISTAN)

    love you quickybaby

  189. A_Jl_E_H_T.00 Gaming

    This is actually nice idea, 2 videos Review and Gameplay, I enjoy it
    honestly. I also have a question for you, do you rather use the derp gun or
    105mm on the O-HO, especially when it’s fighting Tier 10’s

  190. Bonus gameplays are better.

  191. you should do this more often. i like learning about the tanks but i don’t
    play the game so i enjoy the gameplay more.

  192. it sounds like a good idea. I like everything that is called bonus

  193. 256 damage with the HE, I think it’s the KV-2, not the T29 ^^

  194. Hey QuickyBaby, could you compare the czech T-34-100 to the chinse T-34-1?
    I have been having trouble choosing which tank to grind to first.

  195. At 7:43, I’m 99% sure that that was the KV2 derping you, because 105mm HE
    won’t do 250 damage through 200mm of armor, the only HE you can meet in
    that matchup that will do that damage is KV2, OI, SU152, and arty

  196. @QuickyBaby, u used to say that japanese heavies sucks,what changes your

  197. That was a Kv-2 HE round Quickybaby :P

  198. the more videos the better

  199. yeah good idea to add more gameplay for people that are also to lazy to
    watch the theorycrafting and just want to watch you play

  200. YES!
    More like this, it is a brilliant idea :)

  201. show us the t95e2 quickybaby i haven’t even seen that tank before

  202. show us the t95 e2 qb i haven’t even seen that tank before

  203. Bonus gameplays are better, you should keep them up.
    PS: Can you do a review on VK 45 02 B ?

  204. Hi QB. I am a casual player, I fast forward through the analysis and only
    watch the gameplay. My ideal video is two gameplays long and two gameplays
    a day would be ideal. Cheers.

  205. BliBlaBlub DieDaDup

    Looks like low quality stuff… But you wull do your money :/

  206. poor t-28
    @ 7:18 it was the KV-2 that did the 256 HE damage, not t29

  207. this is a great idea

  208. this is a great idea

  209. the kv2 hit the last he not t29 lol

  210. Very good idea QB, makes everyone happy, those that want it all, and both
    camps of game play and technical info

  211. I love how you work so much to please your subscribers ^^
    Some people asked for more gameplay and you uploaded a great video on it
    right the next day!
    Well done to you! :)

  212. Why so much hype about the O-NI and the japanese line i think its horrible
    its so big every tank is just a bus why would you get it?

  213. two videos like this

    Mfg xYSquiTshiYx

    ps love your videos

  214. QB… Why not show some live gameplays instead? Don’t mean from twitch
    either but just a normal game. You always make a analyze of your games and
    don’t get me wrong. I started follow you since my first battle 1, 5 year
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