World of Tanks || O-NI – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks -Tank Review of the T7 Japanese the O-NI. The biggest and most brutal tank at T7!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


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Dead Reckoning (Sting) – Ethan Meixsell


  1. I’ve watched x2 reviews of this tank, neither mentioned how terrible the
    gun depression is when using the 150mm howitzer and firing it frontaly 😉

    Not sure this is the highlight of the Japanese heavy tank line, the OI is
    much more fun. O-Ni sucks.

    Still and intresting review to watch, it confirms everything I dislike
    about the O-Ni. Cheers again Quickly Baby.

  2. Millimetres! Millimetres everywhere!

  3. here is a replay of KV-2 raping the O-Nis i hope you will enjoy it :D

  4. kv1s was too OP for its tier, lets remove it and add tanks that make the
    maus look like a little bitch armor wise and give them very competitive

  5. 23:25 the fv304’s dispersion reticle is smaller than the O-Ni so how could
    you miss it? :D

  6. @QuickyBaby
    Do you think the the New Premium tank VK100.01(P) [A.K.A MAMMUT] is going
    to added ingame?

  7. i use Tier 6 to 8 japanese heavies only playing derp gun, HE loaded.
    The main reason is that when i’m low tier i use these tanks hull down and
    shoot higher tier heavies turrets, this way O-Ho perform pretty well
    against E100.
    Yes, derp gun is less effective against lower tier, but far better against
    heigh tier.

  8. Uh.. pretty sure that is a 100mm not a 105mm. “10cm Experimental Gun” 10cm

  9. japs don’t know shit about how to make tanks

  10. I had high expectations for this tank, until I got continually ammo racked
    in it, then sold it as soon as I unlocked the tier 8!

  11. I don’t think it’s ever completely useless as even when outclassed it can
    be a good distraction to allow your team to push while everyone targets it.
    Comes close to useless when idiots park it on the back line and attempt to
    snipe from a bush – taking advantage of those great camo values, obviously.

  12. T29 stay the best.

  13. next o-ho plz

  14. I do agree. Some Japanese heavies are insanely overpower. I have a lot of
    experiences where I felt my team was doing everything they could to take
    one of the Japanese heavies down. Flanking, consecrating fire, artillery
    support, working as a team. All of it meant nothing though. Some other
    Japanese heavies feel like big fat pinatas for me to beat with a stick.

  15. 流石日本車!

  16. 150mm is better imo. More fun, fear factor and guaranteed damage especially
    when fighting other higher tier heavies. Good luck taking on an e75 with
    the 105mm

  17. I can shoot the t29 in the top of the turret coz im so tall and reliably
    pen them

  18. Imagine if all 3 cannons on this tanks cab be fired…0.0

  19. Jap heavvy from the front–> gold, getting trough like butter

  20. A little too much fast forwarding when you didn’t need it, I thought.

  21. Guys a recommendation, don’t use the derp gun at the O-I, use the other.

  22. the banzi sound is from call of duty world at war if someone remembers

  23. “The O NI (or O I) is OP!” 12 year olds

    cough* Tiger *cough…

  24. Thnx QB :)

  25. Quickybaby how well trained is you crew for this tank and what is the grind
    like for it?

  26. Wait till it gets into a tier 8 game… 175mm frontal armor, meet 122mm

  27. my skoda T25 does not stand a chance with this tank(1-shot booooom! good
    bye)… well, Skoda T25 can be taken out by any tank anyways including T1.

  28. Nerf Nerf Nerf Nerf!

  29. Totally OP tank line. Japanese HT’s is one of the stupidest ideas WG has
    ever had. They’re ruining the game.

  30. Blue prints? really ~Some rough sketches more like.

  31. This tank is power creep in a nutshell

  32. Wby do all the new tank they put in the game, have better nd better

  33. I love your hair QB

  34. The O-Ni is one of Wargaming’s stupidest ideas.

  35. You never want to face a s-51 or a su-14-1 in your heavy tanks, they both
    get a 203mm cannon at tier 7. It does 1850 damage when it penetrates with
    HE and it gets a huge splash radios.

  36. hmmm.. the Japanese HT are not that OP. you know the situation ain’t that
    always favorable and all.. for me its balance.

  37. The O-NI-Chan tank!

  38. At 7:40 you said that the Oh-Ni beats the hull armor value than any of the
    heavy tanks in tier 7 but what about the Tiger(P) with its 200mm of hull

  39. Using binos on O-Ni :facepalm: Little advice from me gun rammer, aim speed
    thingy and ventilation are must.

  40. How are you supposed to kill this thing if you’re in a black prince?

  41. You can see oni from space.

  42. I would like to point out the armor under the skirt on the sides is 30~35
    mm and exposed in the rear important weak spot for you derp guns out there

  43. I feel like your summary of Japanese heavies, very strong when top and
    useless when mid/bottom, applies to every well armoured tank, and that’s
    before you consider gold ammo and meds putting holes through the middle of
    your turret because “tap 2 to win” and it’s an issue I hope WG are

    nothing more annoying than angling your armour well to have a premium shot
    through your thickest, most angled armour

  44. Gotta run the spall liner on the O-I and OGRE (oni) keeps Bert and the
    Derps at bearable levels.

    Somewhere around tier 8, the equation starts to fail for the Jananese
    heavies. The guns up there are just too good. Up to tier 7ish though IF you
    can angle these things are the ultimate frontal beasts. The Experimental
    less so, great firepower, but the armor won’t stop anything over tier 4.
    The O-I isn’t bad at 7, certainly better than the O-NI at 8.

    QB, how does this compare to the E-100 (that is it’s an angling beast, but
    an easy target)? It’s not quite the KV-4, gun’s better for tier. It’s the
    SIZE of the thing, you just HAVE to hug rock.

    Strong, but not subtle, and not very flexible either. You are pretty
    limited where you can go, and you need your team to give you some support.
    These things just die if caught in the open. Fear German TDs. And fear what
    can hit the front drive wheel.

    Oh, and 10cm all the way (O-I too), rate of fire will save you more than
    alpha will.

  45. So just as a note QB I noticed when firing at the O-I you aimed between the
    mini turrets. I’ve found that shooting at the right or left of them will
    cause ammo rack damage or detonation.

  46. wtf quickybaby… why isnt the black prince in this video.

  47. Why the review on this? Do you review tanks randomly or you have a poll?

  48. 1k dmg from a splash from a tier 7 arty…..fair and balanced

  49. QB your content is becoming more entertaining with every upload. Keep up
    the great work!

  50. Can you do a review on the 50 120, 50 100, AMX AC 46 or 48?

  51. For all those fucktards complaining about the Jpn heavies need to know it’s
    three weaknesses: 1) They’re massive arty love killing them. 2) They’re
    massive, face hug them at its left it can’t shoot you. 3) They’re massive,
    it’s flat side armour so easy to pen with good shots just don’t yse HE.

  52. Yo can you pleaseeeee do an IS review because I’ve had it for a couple of
    months now and im really wishing i just stayed with my KV-85

  53. The Japanese Heavy line got me moved to AW. That line is such a bullshit.

  54. Would you mind making an insight video on the T-10, it seems to play
    diffrent than the IS-8.
    please, please pleaase.

    Great Vid as always.

  55. Meanwhile, my VK 36.01 H is crying at a corner, unable to frontally pen
    even an O-I.

  56. Sooo ? This video suggests us to prey for matchmaking ?

  57. 11:05 Jesus, look at the composition of the enemy team. All terrible
    players via XVM. That’s a dream match for any kind of good player.

  58. Даже я так не нанасываю у арты… =)
    Ну зачем было подставлять картонный борт с 2 мауса размером под С-51?

  59. just say TVP like normal people.

  60. But I hate the jap tanks

  61. I like lots of armour and big guns, and don’t care about going anywhere
    fast, suggestions?

  62. refers to players that like armor as garbage

    at least he didnt get the fv 4202p for free jajajajjajajajajaa

  63. What mod pack do you use

  64. >gets clicked for 1000 damage

    Shouldn’t have been camping, QB. Artillery exists to punish camping and
    promote active gameplay.

  65. supremeoveralskaters

    All the O-Ni haters bitching in the comments xD

  66. quickybaby is not a heavy heavy tank driver he is a medium dog-fighting
    aggressive tank fighter if you all dont remember that im not saying he
    sucks he is great but not with a super heavy tank i saw a lot of mistakes
    he made in this video

  67. O-Nii chan~~

  68. does anyone know what backround for his desktop he uses?

  69. =ANZAC=Glitterfarts


  70. QuickyBaby-Senpai Finaly Noticed Oni-Chan! :P

  71. Japanese tanks from the game World of Bollocks!

  72. Japanese tanks from the game World of Bollocks!

  73. ran into one in my is3 and i was like oh shit where do i shoot these things

  74. why doesnt anyone compare tanks to the tiger p? it is much better then the
    tiger 1.

  75. Carlos Andrés del Valle

    can you review the japanes meds?
    chi-nu chi-to chi-ri

  76. Great review QB, Got to say you still can’t justify a two up two down MM
    sorry, if you think most players like me do not have your skill we there
    just to pad a tier nines stats,just the same in a top tier game tier fives
    should not see one of there behemoths or any tier seven come to that.

  77. the japanese HTs are very gud in my opinion specially the OHo(because of
    the hilariously fast reload on the 105, altho the derp is good against tier
    10 the 105 feels so much better with the capability of shooting an IS3
    twice for every 1 shot he fires at you) and Oni(because of the troll armor)
    but the type4 is rather horrid because its slow as a maus and reloads like
    an e100 even with a crew skilled with BIA

  78. Keiichiro Takahara

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heres a question (its from my mom). What
    is your job?

  79. S51 SPLASHES and does 1009 dmg. Only in Russia…..

  80. David Falbo (Mrxcman92)

    I remember watching this on one of QBs streams

  81. You can penetrate the front of the O-Ni with 175mm of penetration, I killed
    a full health O-Ni in my IS-6 firing standard AP with 175mm of penetration.
    you just have to aim for the very front of the “boobs”.

  82. Hey qb why you dont respond ond msg

  83. Oh look! The land-battleship!

  84. what a stupid tank line

  85. I had a 4k damage 8 kill game in my O-Ni :p but it ended in a draw because
    it’s a very slow tank..

  86. I have a very different play style in this tank then QB showed off and have
    found alot of sucess in the O-NI whether against tier 8 or 9 opponents.
    Just because you have the armor doesn’t mean you should just rush out and
    sit in the open like he did, i still try and find as much cover as possible
    and move back and forth to get pot shots. That being said i think its
    biggest downside is its not very fun, slow moving,slow reload, slow aim
    makes for alot of maneuvering and waiting and if you miss double that. I
    have a 55%winrate in mine.

  87. Is the O-ni a magnet for arty HE shells or is it just raining shells?! xD

  88. I feel like derp guns just aren’t worth it if you need to carry.

  89. ONII-CHAN! :D

  90. oi and oi exp fear me in my grille and that is why i play that so i can
    balance them

  91. I can give you a speedy tank review of the O-Ni, O-Ho, Type 4 Heavy and the
    Type 5 Heavy in under 10 seconds! So the overall performance and gameplay
    with these tanks: shit.

  92. My mother walked in when he said tank boobs! * face palms and shakes head*

  93. The music, Sushi Cat. Whoever played this game will notice.

  94. This tank seems like a PoS… like a tog but less fun.

  95. Yeah, I can’t say I don’t like seeing Jap heavies on the other team when
    I’m running bert.

  96. btw the top of the Hull and turret is less then 20mm armor so arties can
    easely pen you

  97. Remember Quicky hating the O-Ni when he first got it.

  98. Now I have the Type 4, and I think its just OP when there is no arty or
    higher tier (just like QB said). It can be fun only in a good match. When
    there is an arty, then you can be allmost sure he will hit you.

  99. my record in o ni: 4.720 dmg, 17.892 blocked dmg and 3.256 spotting dmg
    (tier 9 matchup with only 2 tier 7 and 4 tier 8 tanks in both teams and 1
    arty both.

    (my highest dmg done was 6700 dmg)

    it truly needs a nerf considering that i have a average of just over 2k dmg
    in that giant and 62% winratio after 150-200 battles >.>

  100. 26 people spam APCR at it.

  101. As hight tier its a beast, but if it meets t8 and greater, its just a

  102. Rens Willem van den Berg

    Once I one shotted an O Ni with my S-51, he was not happy at all :)

  103. Hey guys! I actually have OI as a toy tank, you think Oni is a better
    choice? Actually looking to move up a tier, you think its a good option?

  104. hardcoreminecrafter9

    i saw a few comments, “jap heavies, no skill at all” and i’m sitting here
    in my O-Ni getting blasted right through the upper plate and getting very
    few bounces

  105. 1:00 didn’t exist like every other broken piece of shit Jap heavy

  106. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    I really would like to see a review for the object 263. It was my first
    tier 10 tank. And would love to see what you have to say about it
    quickybaby. I tend to play it like a heavy. though my crew skills and perks
    are set up with camo and the like so I can snipe if needed :p

  107. Someone tell me why I still sit through at least 5 minutes of the garage
    talk when I don’t even play anymore

  108. hey, i found a better way to shoot at a O-NI from the front, you can
    penetrate its driveweel regarless of the angle he is in, even wen you are
    shooting straight into the front you can shoot true the tracks, worked like
    8 out of 10 times when shooting with 175mm pen (ap) on my KV-3

  109. Don’t be fooled by those games. It wasn’t because of the tank. He is such a
    good player that he did it despite of the tank (even though you can see
    that he is out of practice lately 😉 The O-Ni is a below average T7 Heavy
    and the T10 Heavy of that line is one of if not the worst in the game. I
    would never recommend anybody to start that grind. If don’t already have
    one but really want a super Heavy Tank with monster alpha damage go for the

  110. I got 10 kills with OI yesterday, I wasn’t using the derp gun, with OI you
    will get the attention of SPGS all the time

  111. Doesn’t it have 2 of those engines? Or the combined HP is the 1200? Ingame
    it writes a *2 but I’ve forgot how much HP each has.

  112. The fuck dude?! you just go with a tank with armor faceing best MM and the
    worst enemy! ffs!
    IN the future i will love to see some real World of tanks not just noobs
    and your shit ACE!

  113. When people ask QB what he does for a living: “O-I review tanks online”
    Drum Drum Symbol

  114. I wouldn’t say the HE shell on the 149.1mm (150mm) is really all that bad
    against hard targets. You can hit an IS-6 square in the face with a
    non-penetrating round and do 600+ damage

  115. The whole line of japanese paper heavy tanks should not be in the game.
    They are just big goldround magnets and destroy the little bit of balance
    at tier 5 and 6 we had before they came into the game. I don’t think they
    will be able to balance this tanks ever. They will always be OP or to weak.

  116. Fuck the whole japanese heavy line, i it gets removed lol.

  117. Another PRIME example of forcing a lower tired tank to do battle against
    higher tired tanks. The game is hard enough when dealing with more
    experienced players and gold spammers and in some instances a mix of both
    in one player. I understand that wargaming wants to make the game
    challenging but it’s a bit too much. I feel that a lot of WoT players tend
    to be almost always angry, on the verge of raging or outright raging
    because of these issues I mentioned. I this see all the time, players
    saying this tank sucks or that tank sucks. That’s because almost every
    match you play, your pitted against tanks two tiers higher then you. Sure
    every now and then that would be fine, but come on! My first 10 back to
    back matches in my VK 3001 P consisted predominately of facing off against
    tier 8 tanks! I felt this tank sucked so bad all because I really did not
    get a fair chance to see what the tank could really do.

    I would also like to state the grind in this tank is EXTREMELY BAD and
    LONG! I bought this tank before Halloween last year. My crew members are
    maxed out in training with skills and I am still 2K + in the hole to get
    the Tiger P! I am nearing 5 MONTHS in this tank! 5 MONTHS!!! That is just
    ridiculous beyond words! If this is Wargamings attempt to force players to
    buy gold and premium time, they can forget about it! I hope they address
    this issue as well as the others that were brought up in that meeting you
    went too Quicky.

  118. Casual Nerf Dragon (Nerf mods and paint-jobs)

    thanks very much QB, not enough new tank reviews these days

  119. O-NI kv-2 on steroids

  120. the front gunner view at around 12:20 is AWESOME – those 3 guns pointing
    forward, looks SO COOL!!!
    I’m eagerly awaiting these Japanese Heavies to make their way to the xbox!

  121. The tank is against arty splash very weak but tanks like the T34-85 (with
    or without trollgun) bounce the shots with HE very well. but the 70mm on
    the side are terrible. i was lucky that i survived an nearly oneshot of an
    GW-Panther who penetrated my side armor and done 1k dmg at me

  122. I mean for Xbox 1

  123. So, is it a 10,0 cm or a 10,5 cm gun? Since you keep saying 105mm

  124. QB i would appreciate your videos more if you petitioned for Australia to
    get its own server so we can have double digit ping like you so that game
    is fair for everyone as thats what you preach that you want especially when
    you petitioned against emblems so lets see how altruistic you are in
    helping Australia get its own server we were promised 3 years ago from a
    high exec but WG has broken their promise again there too. Alternatively
    the accuracy nerf needs to be removed from Australian players and other
    states and countries with triple digit ping otherwise the whole game is
    rigged and flawed and your unicum status means nothing. We are no longer
    going to be fed bs again! Australia wants justice and help from WG to make
    the game fair that is unless its just hypocrisy. In addition, returning our
    stolen maps would also bring back alot of bored players with the game now.

  125. christ, chat got destroyed by RIAOT FOR FOCH 155

  126. This tank line is a very fun one to play, except for 2 things, gold ammo
    and arty. I went as far as the Type 4 Heavy before I just couldn’t take it
    anymore. The instant you are spotted everyone loads gold ammo and every
    arty on the enemy team will stop whatever they are doing and just start
    shooting at you until you’re dead. No one tries to shoot weak points, and
    arty will have the most miserable of games waiting to kill you and you
    alone. These tanks aren’t hard to kill with standard ammo, yes they all
    have very good armor and very devastating guns, but they will always have a
    flat surface of armor facing you no matter how they angle their armor and
    you don’t need gold ammo in most equal tier tanks to penetrate those flat
    surfaces. So quit being gold spamming scrubs people :P

  127. You Are the Best player on wot!

  128. Who knew that MM can change the reputation of a tank

  129. They should buff the t29 with more hit points 1350-1400 and buff the turret
    roof to compete against this thing

  130. Replay 1 is from the 500 stream

  131. International snackbar

    A stupid and clumsy tank.

  132. I think the O-Ni is the weak link in the Japanese Heavy line.

  133. Foch 155 deserves democracy !

  134. RainBowGamezNL ---〉 Dutch & English Content

    I really hate these Japanese tanks they just have to be nerfed so much no
    skill players can do in it just isnt normal anymore

  135. plays in a Pz.II J but not in a Foch 155 lol you’re trash

  136. better stop at tier 6 because 7 8 9 10 is shit

  137. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    Anyone remember when tank reviews used to be longer, I do

  138. its crazy how they think they can keep adding a new best tank at every teir
    all the time yet still claim its all balanced.

  139. pls nerf

  140. so who else is here to see how to dismantle/kill these stupid japanese

  141. pls make a review for the Tiger P (PLS!!!)

  142. Hello QB,
    I would be very happy if you would do a quick tank review of the T30. 🙂

  143. not sure if the FV4202 P is on the EU server yet, but I it is on the NA
    server and I would love to see an FV4202 P tank review sometime soon…

  144. Managed to find a weak spot on the Type 4 and 5 heavy tanks. Look at the
    turret in
    The bottom of the cogs are *only* a maximum of about 200mm thick, but you
    have to hit at the bottom of the cog and close to the turret or you will do
    no damage or have the shot bounce of completely. I haven’t tried this in
    game but I’m hoping that it works :P

  145. i feel like the 10cm gun is bad when compared to other t7 guns. The reload
    with 100% crew + gun rammer + vents = around 10.10 seconds. While my 122mm
    on my KV3 is 10.3 seconds. The accuracy is OK on paper, but on practice it
    almost never hits the center of the reticle even when fully aimed. The aim
    time is terrible. ONI is lighter than the OI but it has worse speed which
    doesnt make any sense.

  146. O-Ni chan?

  147. so its easier with this tank to do HT mission 15 block 3x your own HP

  148. O-ni Chan. :3

  149. I have O-Ni and i love his 150mm gun, you can just kill an is in 2 shots
    and penetrate most of the tanks where they have a very well angled 50 or
    less mm armor, like an is-8 top of the turret, and with the high of the
    tank is so easy to get these weak spots.
    the worst thing is arillery, they will always focus on you and you will die
    in 5 minutes, but i still think it’s a very funny tank

  150. Where the hell do you find these matches where in 3 matches you are only
    hit by 2 premium rounds? When i am in any heavy tank i get hit by premium
    rounds about 40-50% of the time. Not to mention about 1/5 players that just
    spam premium rounds 100% of the time. Is this normal for the euro server?
    When i play any of the japanese heavies almost every round i get hit by
    almost nothing but premium rounds.

  151. In the first clip I think the m4 Sherman with the Derpgun chould damage the

  152. I Had a Game in which i Blocked 9000 dmg which the o-ni

  153. music in start of a video is nutz

  154. today I had nice game in O-Ni both team had about 12 tear 7 heavy tanks 😀
    it was nice :3

  155. Why does he say that the O-NI has a 105mm gun? 10 cm are 100mm.

  156. its amusing how poor the overall design of these Japanese heavies
    is..narrow tracks…huge flat angels and weight that makes them unable to
    cross bridges and good luck getting one of these onto a rail car for

    worthless pieces of shit if they had ever been made

  157. QuickyBaby please explain this, i fought a tank 1st hit done damage, 2nd
    hit did dmg and tracked him, 3rd shot same place as 2nd shot did 0 dmg and
    4th the exact same!

  158. I have posted a video on a awesome hiding spot I found in world of tanks I
    think everyone should see it and hopefully no one claims it, also if it is
    already found I will fell so stupid

  159. This looks like a tank that plays itself. In T7 games you drive, shoot and
    laugh about your enemys like your sealclubbing first game, and in higher
    tier games you are basically a big XP pinata. The japanese heavy line seems
    quite badly designed alltogether.

  160. Do a tiger review because I’m currently working towards it on Xbox!

  161. the t7 was not a bad grind but the t8 sucked so back

  162. Daniel Ibarra (Ezekyal)

    QB, are you missing the fact that derp gun rounds drop down on armor.
    That’s what make KV-2 so brutal. Also, heat rounds don’t lost AP over range

  163. Pascalis Kapoukranidis

    Still Prefer T29 by far, dominating t7 .!!!

  164. Have I heard ´´Chieftain in the next patch´´ ? …

  165. WG brings out a noob-friendly tank, and not even NOOBS know how to play
    this. -.- They just stand out in the middle of the field and blame RNG for

  166. so, does this mean this tank is good for making credits?

  167. Totally agree. Against lower tiers the line is totally OP. Against higher
    tiers it is a hit point pinata.

  168. another arty shot

  169. PLS do T20 next

  170. gameplay starts @10:47

  171. 1 reason why I am talking a break from wot.

  172. I want them to release Japanese hvy so bad!

  173. tanks like this would be absolutely fine if plus +1/-1 matchmaking was a
    thing in wot because in a tier 9 game you are nothing but a giant
    disadvantage to your team because speed scales armour doesnt. plus fighting
    this in a tier 5 i dont imagine is fun.

  174. does anyone else here get exited when quickybaby uploads a video?

  175. I prefer to use the 150 mm howitzer because despite the longer reload, I
    can always guarantee damage and and higher chance of damaging or breaking

  176. The derp is reliable at every tier…..just ask the E75s taking 300-400
    damage from the front regardless of angle :p

  177. I believe that the most brutal tank at tier 7 would be the SU-122-44,
    stalins hammer.

  178. Deyuan Wan (WrightWan)

    My GWTigerP loves these kind of tanks….. Just shoot AP and it is almost
    too big to miss

  179. today i got a master medal with it

  180. Man they turned this game into a joke… :(

  181. Fair enough the 105 on this tank is the more competitive gun, but I get the
    distinct impression that these tanks weren’t meant to be competitive. This,
    along with the O-I, I think were meant to just be fun tanks; bigger, better
    armored KV-2s that you just trundle around in and derp unsuspecting people
    in the face and laugh as equal and lower tiered vehicles bounce off of you
    with every shot.

  182. O-ni San

  183. Biggest accomplishment from WG. Those tanks are stupid, period.

  184. Yep, this tank is badly designed, either is completely useless or is very
    strong is people don’t know how to play against it.

  185. 1009 splash to same tier well balanced

  186. artyslut

  187. oh dear… another low skill ,
    1 shot derp tank.

  188. Hanna-Justina Wallia Rosalind Sieglinde Marseille

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  190. Seeing as my favorite tank is the KV-2, I played the O-Ni only with the
    152mm derp gun with HE ammo. Never worried about the mm, xept if there were
    a lot of SPGs. Never had to worry about losing cash on gold shells, or not
    being able to pen somebody. Tier IX game? Coming against a VK.45.02B or
    E-75 frontally? I don’t care. I would ALWAYS do some damage.
    Right now I’m driving the O-Ho, and I still use the 152mm derp. Sure, there
    have been a few situations where the standard gun might have been better,
    but the psychological effect the derp has on the enemy makes up for that.

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    arround the tracks, just shoot through or slightly above the tracks

  196. Nice qicky, you fail to talk about the weak spot this tank has.Just below
    the track mud guards, if the driver angles the tank is a place with very
    very low armor.You flashed it in tank inspector and it was shown green.More
    over i managed to penetrate that spot with tanks like the Black Prince AND
    the IS, several times in a row.So take note fellow tankers, that is the
    place to shoot if an O NI presents an angle to you.

  197. Something I’ve found out when dealing with top tier Japanese heavies when
    using guns that can’t reliably pen the front… if you can’t get around the
    side, spam HE into the track front. Even the E25 HE can start chewing up an
    O-Ni and O-Ho by sending HE into the track front.

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    space* (remove spaces) Enjoy ! World of Tanks || O-NI – Tank Review

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    makes tier V so unfair, apart from that tank all the other jap heavys are
    just a Big bag of free dmg and exp

  204. The O-Is ruined tier 5 and 6.

  205. O-Niii chan!

  206. with the 150 mm the oni cant one Hit all Tier Vs, E.g. O I Exp He has i
    think 970hp

  207. Why is this 100 tons, and O-I is 150 tons?

  208. I still prefer the T29.

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    everything you JUST watched between commercial breaks…

    Don’t get me wrong… I like a lot of his content… but I usually shut off
    all his replays after the battle results screen instead of watching him pan
    around in 3rd person telling me what I just watched…

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    the Japanese heavies completly unbalance heavy gameplay, but are massive
    targets for everyone else. I sole my Black Prince the instant these came
    out, since it is useless against them. and instead bought medium tanks.
    since it is so easy to just sit on the side a pen these without any chance
    of return fire.
    One thing also, there is a very weak area near the tracks on this and the
    O-Is around 37mm thick that even a tetrarch can pen. I’ve made some clutch
    HE pens there with 105 derp rounds.

  213. Japanese heavy tanks

  214. when will the hon heavy tanks be on xbox

  215. I preferred the derp, because at least I’m going to be rolling for 150-450
    per shot with it, while against most T8 and T9 which you meet almost
    constantly, you can struggle with the 10cm gun, and you can still snapshot
    with the derp and get back into cover.

  216. wtf was wg thinking…

  217. Jap heavy tanks still adapt better to higher tier battles than most of the
    other heavies as they still have more HP, better armor and using the derp
    gun they can still have a pretty good impact when playing as a support.
    They basically added a new class into the game, Super Heavies, that are
    superior to other heavies in almost every aspect. They might be weak
    against SPGs, but most heavies are as well.

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    stats ok fair enough it’s good to know how the numbers stack up but come on
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    sheets mate

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    that is why I play them

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  229. I just flank it and drive beside it with my T-43 and shoot at its side
    armor and it cant shoot down at me :)

  230. i play the o ni with the 150mm gun and AP for low tiers (7) result
    kv-85=oneshot ??

  231. BabyRage never lucky hitting MT-25 track BabyRage

  232. we need more tanks with tits.

  233. Almost makes me want to start playing artillery as I think WG made a
    mistake introducing this line. 16K games and none playing arty. May be
    about to change.

  234. in the third replay the s51 said hi

  235. Summary of the O-Ni- it’s big. has a big gun, lots of armor and health.
    don’t insult it

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  243. I think the o-i exp is the best jap heavy tank as it’s got speed on it’s
    side. Going up from the o-i exp, they are all sluggish

  244. do a tank review with the S-51

  245. This thing is so broken OP it’s not even funny.. It’s almost like a tier 7
    4502B.. But at least that has a hittable commanders hatch..

  246. kv-2 is still best derp!

  247. I’ve seen players doing arakiri facing this tank…

  248. I hate world of tanks that makes a whole line over fake tanks. then to boot
    they make them op where in real life I bet that tank wouldn’t even move. go
    war gaming nj making op fake tanks.

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  257. Stay near your teammates, support them with your derp gun, if the enemy is
    doing side scraping then the derp is the only hope for winning the fight.

  258. Here is a review for you. Lots of armour, made unreliable by mindless gold
    ammo spam. Enjoy.

  259. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  260. I used to hate these big ugly fat fucks, then I started to play Arty again
    and now I just love it when I blind shot these Orcy Tanks. They do make the
    game look ridiculous though, such made up paper tanks. I wonder how well
    they are doing in Russia? It seems that a lot of pretty bad players have
    bought them in hopes that their brute strength will make up for their lack
    of skill.

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