World of Tanks – O Rly?

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

There’s more than a slight hint of “o rly?” about the Kunze German “medium”, but that doesn’t mean you don’t still have to work for it…

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  1. Hello Jingles! Dave here, thank you for publishing the game. 😀 Yes I was definitely sweating in last couple of minutes lol

  2. Loved the centurion 7/1 back when I played always made me sad that they never buffed it

  3. The Elneache Gamer

    Cent AX rolls up… oh look a mk7 … oh jingles….jingles….put the shotgun down……

  4. Jingles, absolutely correct about current game play. It’s that roller coaster you described. Either my team gets smashed completely and quickly, or we roll over the enemy team in a similar way. Go figure.

    • the hard part is trying to figure out if you need to be aggressive at the start or not.
      you get it wrong and you’re the first to go back to the garage or you’re the one that sets the rollercoaster in motion…

  5. Actually Jingles, the Kunze Panzer’s turret ring itself is tilted 5 degrees downwards 🙂 The turret itself has 10 degrees. Ergo: The gun gets 15 degrees of depression combined as the turret is also tilted 5 degrees downwards.

  6. These were the kind of battles I enjoyed most in WoT…. Just couldn’t get them very often.

  7. it’s a premium tank? color me surprised!
    it’s like WG has grown deathly allergic to game balance.

    I miss some of my favorite tanks (haven’t played since the SirFoch shitshow), but I’m never redownloading WoT, thanks to these videos as well as the subreddit flame wars I keep seeing every time someone points out the shameless p2w in a post.

  8. Everybody asks where Dave is, but only Jingles asks how Dave is.

  9. Ok, I know I haven’t played WoT in a dog’s age. But has the Panther 2 always had that Joker-esque gun?

  10. Friedwald der Lebendige

    you horribly mispronounced the tank (as usually with the germans…) z in german is (usually) a ts sound, this goes for panzer too. it would be pronounced Kuntse Pantser with a hard ts sound. lovely video though

  11. Dave sure drives a lot of tanks, doesn’t he?

  12. I got it wrong! I`ll just call it Dave, driven by…Dave.

  13. Jingles, you’re trash. The tank has hydro pneumatic suspension. No Russian bs

  14. Piotr Lewandowski

    Prepare before you make a video instead of just complaying about new things.

  15. I’m confused with the title?

  16. Hey jingels can you upload more wot vids thx

  17. Dave totally rocks- again!

  18. samuel tschiderer

    Hydro-pneumatic suspension in siege mode gives you 15 degrees of gun depression by lifting the tank itself

  19. MarcusTheAbsolute

    Point of order, the discussion whether a tank is a heavy or a medium is fairly pointless, a tank can be either one and it doesn’t really matter. It’s different for light tanks though. Light tanks keep their camo rating while moving, meds don’t. So yeah, it may be the size of a light tank and have the shit armor of a light tank (then again, so does the Leopard 1 and nobody would call that a light tank), but if this thing isn’t classified as a light tank in-game, it matters. It’s not just an arbitrary designation, it being a med is a weakness.

  20. Jacke e-is-silent

    Oh, look, no veeled whehicles or artillery. No one it was a good game.

  21. TheyCallMe Nyquil

    You are my personal morning poop amusement. Keep that shit up sonny. Lol.

  22. Jingles it has an angled turret ring; it is not parallel to the ground, it’s angled forward

  23. Let me guess this is another “napkin tank” Wargaming added it probably says something that the top search results of this thing is all connect to WOT

  24. funny looking Mk7 Centurion… almost looked like an AX

  25. 5:40 – how does this tank get 15 degrees of gun depression – magic Jingles, same old WoT bullshit. And 60 seconds later, you say the same thing.

    Russian bias, special code for the KV2, idiot wheeled vehicles, and as Claus would say – Russian dispersion cloak. Don’t even get me started on the physics that they have never fixed. Sorry, my son is an Abrams tank commander – you flip a tank, it stays flipped. You roll your tank like the wheelies do, you break it.

    Arcade is okay and all that but when you depart too far from reality, you lose credibility. There has to be some measure of proximity to make it believable – although it may have arcade aspects, it is a simulation after all.

  26. Kinda weird how this Tank is tier 7 in World of Tanks Blitz, and has a 90mm gun lol.

    As for the way you get it.. Well.. You need 2.5K average damage a game, for 10 battles a game, for 7 days. I got mine just now as i did something like over 3K a game. And its kinda… Sluggish?

  27. i like 7/1 more than this one

  28. Hey Jingles, you pronounce it right…Germany sometimes has funny names…and i know it…i was born here^^

  29. I think I know the logic on this tank’s category.

    This tank is a Medium Tank the same way the Kongo is a Battleship.

  30. Great game Dave.

  31. Just call it the “Coin tank.” That’s what the German name translates to, anyway.

  32. Chi-Town Vic Da Man

    “Two teams enter, one team wins”

  33. Where the british tanks actually good at anything?

  34. Next time we see Dave again, try his full name once. Well played Dave

  35. Constantin Steinhoff

    German engineering combined with some russian magic

  36. His name means crazy Radojko in serbian

  37. The Kunze has 15 degrees depression because of his hytrolics, not beacause of the turret.
    I now you don‘t play the Game Anemone, but this is an important differece.

  38. Who would of though WG would make a Premium tank better than tech tree tank.

  39. Jan Jansen Scholtz

    Oh Jingles, bringing logic into a Wargaming title. How silly.

  40. Thanks, Jingles! I had a period of time where I had lost my fun and joy with the game, and therefor didn’t even play. The battlepass event, we have just left in tanks, I couldn’t complete, had it not been for a friend’s insane generousity, as the furthest I got, for playing for the past 10 days approx, was 20 levels/stages, from about 16 to 36-37-ish. I chose two tanks for my tokens. This video, made me regret that I didn’t get a tank I COULD have got. THANKS A BUNCH!

  41. Good luck using HE on version 1.13

  42. The kunzerpanzer has the hydro-pneumatic suspension so it actually has either 8 or 10 degrees in the turrets and the rest of the degrees are the pneumatic suspension

  43. I might use tokens to get this vehicle other then k91

  44. Watching your videos has inspired me to give World of Warships and World of Tanks a try! Been loving world of warships and just downloaded world of tanks yesterday and I’m excited to dive into it! Love your videos!

  45. Someone should name them selfs Dave for the jokes haha

  46. Lost 11k… jesus what do you have to do to earn money at top tier in this game?? Imma stick to tiers 5 6 and 7… and War Thunder!

  47. Hoo ray for Dave… The real action hero


  49. I wich Jingles would get off his ass and do a video about the ‘rollorcoaster’ that is the current meta. Anyone who runs xvm knows exactly why it’s happening. The random mm routinely stacks most/all of the skill on one team. Which results in the higher skilled team rolling over the low skilled team. It’s atrocious. Skill4u and Dez just mentioned it in recent vids. Still waiting for someone to lay it all out there…

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