World of Tanks – Obj 252 Defender Review

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  1. Good video, and I’d agree that it’s not OP per say. My biggest complaint with this tank is that it’s not different enough in theory from the IS6, and so it feels like WG is just double dipping on a premium tier 8 Russian Heavy. And I get frustrated to see that it’s working and people are buying it.

  2. Does anyone know if this will be coming to console?

  3. Anfield what would you pick between Patriot or 252 for credit maker? Thanks.

  4. They should buff all of the premium tanks with pref matchmaking to this level and give them standard matchmaking

  5. I would say you should’ve reasoned via how it performs compared to other tanks(I know you did with gun handling).
    Such as comparing it to its most immediate counterpart the 110. The armor layout is basically the same but discussing the trade offs between the two would add much more validity to the claim of if its op or not.

  6. Great review thank you. I do dislike the direction where t8 premiums are getting more powerful. I would rather have them in pref matchmaking, less powerful and different playstyle requirement to make money/train crew. When did we get a good new map? Oh, that does not make money….

  7. I just feel the problem is that the t-32 and conq suck so bad these new premium hevies are overpowered. if they are selling tanks better than the tech tree tanks I think its a problem.

  8. I own it. Do I feel OP while playing with it? Not really. There are more questionable tanks out there (looking at you E25…). Should some of the tier 8’s be buffed? Tiger II… I’m just going to leave it there.

  9. I don’t own the tank here. The problem with it IMO is when it faces lower tiers, for example what exactly is a KV-85 meant to do against that? Or an O-I? Same problem is with the T-54 Mod 1 (I do own that with 950 games in it), when it’s top tier it can just stomp all lower tier tanks but it’s next to useless when going up against tier 10s. This is the result of poor balance from WG’s part and does not mean OP, just not balanced.

  10. while I absolutely agree that the tank is not overpowered, its more like whether such a strong tank should be a premium tank. Hence, the power creep argument

  11. I own this tank and I agree with everything you said Anfield. The armor is very situational and not as forgiving as the Libertés frontal armor. Its not better than the Patriot which has better gun handling.

  12. You wanted our opinion, so that is what you are going to get.
    1. I wouldn’t call this a “review”. I would call it a “myview”. In my eyes a review should go through the characteristics of the tank more systematically.
    2. Having said that, I have to say that I found it concise and to the point. As far as I am able to judge it. I have seen the tank in a few battles, but did not get the impression that it is unbeatable. Since I don’t own it, I have no first hand experience.
    3. I am baffled that people are actually paying extra money to be allowed to display Soviet propaganda on their tanks. Propaganda for Stalin’s Soviet Union, which was almost as bad a dictatorship as Germany was under Nazi rule. There is actually some justification to claim it was even worse in some respects. How easily people forget. (Insert shit storm by people who are too shallow minded to understand that having successfully waged fought a justified defensive war against Nazi Germany doesn’t somehow wash away the crimes committed in the Gulag and Katyn and…
    4. Finally: some of the recent content on this channels has irked me to the point that I was considering to revoke my subscription. This one made me reconsider. Thx Anfield!

  13. my son has this and he is very good in it but then he is a good player and can even make the Matilda op lol . he recons it is op and under powered ie… balanced it all depends on the player with the 252 its a nice tank that can do well in the right hands 🙂

  14. I don’t own it but you’re a big dumbo.

  15. When this tank has a BETTER hull than the t10, as well as the same alpha at t8, it’s no question that this thing is abnormally good compared to t8 counter parts. This thing can smack tanks like no other..and saying that it’s not op just because it gets raped in t10 is stupid af. Most t8s regardless of their quality tend to get raped in t10

  16. More and more tanks are becoming unbalanced in WoT.
    IMHO this tank is OP when u take into consideration that it can see tier VI’s
    Patriot – on most of maps – tier VI go fck yourself
    Liberte at least has some front weak-spots and weak sides – learn to shoot it and it’s ok.
    Sime thing with recent Type 5 buff – tier VIII’s go fck yourself (+basically tier X tanks and TDs go fck yourself without premium ammo frontally).

  17. My opinion – If you buff other tanks or introduce verry good tanks look at the other ones and say: will these tanks have a chance against them?
    Amx 50 120 was a pice of shit and now it got some elevation and depresion but still not enough – t54e1 way better
    I have a CDC and it feels like shit compared with the new prem tank and the buffed ones!
    And yeah wich normal tank is better the the Liberte Patrion and Defender?

  18. Why all the comments you should play better and all that bullshit?
    WE HAVE A COMMON ENEMY WG! every dumb pice of shit and any fucking one can buy this tanks and ruin your game!
    What happends if you’re not a really good player and these tanks come to rek you? (liberte patriot and defender) the kill the shit out of you!

    We want a balanced game! and WG want’s money !

    Fuck WG!

  19. this tank its another scam made by WG, its utter shit, no armor, looong reload, you feel useless vs TX tanks most time even using gold ammo, u pen shit from front but you get 100% pen from any T8+ tank, no problem, scam , dont BUY

  20. Thanks for not clickbait title.

  21. I have an IS6 and I’m feeling a little left behind what with the IS3-a and now this I feel a little buff to the pen on the IS6 would be all it needed to make it more competitive with the new premium tanks and some of the others that have seen some buffs

  22. You can’t say the lower plate is weak! Straight on from the front it’s 210-220mm effective. I fought one in my T29, firing 7 shots at the lower plate (2 AP 5 APCR). Only 2 of those shots penetrated, so it’s supposedly weak lower plate bounced the APCR of what is the same gun as the tier 8 heavy.

    This tank will totally roflstomp when top tier and be totally roflstomped when bottom tier. It’s bad game design.

  23. Well, I wouldn’t call it entirely OP. I’d call it somewhat idiot-proof. XD

  24. anfield you’re a big dumbo and you. dont know what you’re talking about!!!

  25. I have the 252 and the liberte and I think the 252 is the best tier 8 atm. The reson for that is that even gold ammo have a hard time pen anything exept the lower plate. But the liberte is easy to pen with gold ammo.
    And it´s hard for almost all teir 9 and 10 tanks to pen anything exept lower plate to.
    In normal pugs I would say this tanks is good but not OP but in CW where you know you gona be top tier I would say it´s OP.

  26. So to offer some clarification, yes it’s very strong, but not overpowered. It is very good compared to many tier 8s, but they have been power creeped, and the new premiums perhaps get unfair blame in this regard when in reality WG have been erratic in updating some and not others. For example the IS3 has remained competitive, where as the Tiger 2 is now clearly worse than the new German VK leading to the Maus. I think many tier 8’s need updating, their strengths are from a by-gone era and they simply cannot stand up against many tier 7s let alone getting bullied by tier 10 guns these days.

  27. Tomato agrees, from the various replays I have seen, no big rush to buy. Still looking for the God tank. Any ideas on that?

  28. Joshua Van Der Merwe

    You may want to check out how well the armour works when it’s angled. When you angle it at around 45°, the whole of the frontal armour becomes 240+mm. Ofcourse the sides are still shit, though

  29. All need to remeber that Anfield gets paid from WG as do some others WoT youtubers like QB so they never gona say anything realy bad about WG. If ppl want to find what the new tanks are realy like they need to listen to channels like thefoch and others like him.

  30. I disagree with anfield , but I don’t think he is wrong, he just values other aspects of tanks compared to me. That being said, if you’re a monkey with only one hand, you will still do great in this tank, and that makes it OP.

  31. Anfield your argument suck dick,why would you compare tank to the tier 10 tanks or same mm,compare it to the tier 8 tanks,like tiger 2 Ffs,lower plate of defender is more armored then tiger 2 uper plate,and it has 440 alpha with gun that can snap like is3,gtfo fucking disgusting,do a review together with qb,he has same opinion.

  32. The review is actually honest, playing classic Scorpions at the beginning was a nice touch

  33. says gun sucks, makes 8+ 500+ meter, not full aimed shots, with a “.44” dispersion gun. OK.

  34. Ah c’mon Anfield. You clearly haven’t taken a degree in marketing. For more clicks you need a thumbnail of some big boobs or bikini about to be pulled down by a pesky little dog or something. You know, something that has nothing to do with the content. Then you need to flash up the title a bit. Like “New OP Prem takes on four Maus and crushes it”. Again, the reality isn’t important, all you really need to do is make a comment during the video along the lines of “If it faced a Maus it would be totally OP. Even four of them.” It doesn’t have to reflect reality. That’s our current reality. Forget the true comments like “it’s not really OP”. Nobody wants to hear that. Just look at like CNN or BBC. Reality doesn’t matter.
    If you need a consult I’m available. We can get your sub numbers up in like no time.

  35. Omg , FINALLY someone reviews this tank properly! I was beginning to think I was insane having exactly the same opinion on this tank as you. Thanks for a great and HONEST review

  36. It s not op especially when i m in a tier 7 heavy and i start to wonder if i should load he or gold?! Than i see that the gold is useless so i m glad to do 34 dmg. Not op at all. Its f op when top tier, it s god like for lower tiers and maybe not op for the new maus and type5 heavy. What a joke…

  37. It’s good but not OP. Teir 8s struggle with 10s and in many cases with 9s as well.

  38. I still think its jus to strong. You can just shit on lower tiers like no other tank.

  39. Definitely Agree, I spam HEAT and only HEAT so the armor doesn’t bother me and after that its just a big alpha tank

  40. Its powercreep at ist best. Best grinding tank for bots. Same shit like Liberte and Patriot. This vecicles should not be in the game. What is the point of premiums this days anyway? After 3 years in WoT I am first time really pissed. And yes, pls nerf accuracy Wargaming, asap.

  41. have yet to have a decent game in this. I get my S#%$ pushed in every game.

  42. I mean on even ground the upper plate has more armour head on than the IS7. If you can cover the lower plate, which I know is bigger than IS7s, it should be able to bounce all Tier 10 heavies quite reliably unless they hit it in the cupolas right?

  43. you said “if you would have is7 armor at tier 8 it would be a trouble” dude search…the armor on the is7 is actually worse than the one on the defender

  44. Justin justintheman

    laying drive or vents

  45. Definately agree with you here anfield, glad someone is level headed for once 🙂 I do feel that its a pretty good premium but the armour isn’t what everyone says it is, side and rear is poor and so it’s vulnerable to flanking or detracking, and the lower plate can be penned frontally by 175 pen guns sometimes. The alpha is nice but I wouldn’t even say it’s ‘very’ good, it seems to be decent but I feel there are other premiums that are better such as the scorpion G, patriot and the freedom tanks, which all perform much better for their main characteristics in my opinion. Something I’d like to see you do anfield is a short video on what you think your top 5 or so tier 8 premiums are as far as performance or credit income are.

  46. I wish you had considered it from a tier 6-7 respective these guys have no chance to penetrate it with the way most of the maps are right now. Even tanks like the IS and the Tiger will have a low chance to pen it with gold.

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