World of Tanks – Obj 430 II – Fun and unique

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Source: Martin Holding

A double feature in my obj II where I show why I think this tank is so great. I absolutely love playing this tank because how strong it is at bullying lower tiered tanks.

I apologies for me sounding a bit weird in the video. I have the sniffles at the moment but still wanted to upload/record this 🙂

Also I derp a bit in the end the second game – dont mind my brainfart of not stopping the movie properly. I can’t be arsed to edit it so you will have to survive with me derping out.


  1. IMHO its not a keeper tier 9 med tough.

    • Martin “WaterWar” Holding

      +Lowlife But there is no tank similar to it and the tier X upgrade is a
      pure clone. Why not just stay at tier IX? That is why it will most likely
      be a keeper for me.

    • +Martin Holding I hear your arguments, it depends on enjoyment I guess. For
      me E-50 and Patton is the tier 9 med keepers.

    • Martin “WaterWar” Holding

      Different people different tastes indeed. I can see why people would want
      to keep both of those as well. 🙂

  2. Love the lobster for a spotting icon! Blinking eyes and all!

    Lovely video, do enjoy me some bouncing. Also, please share some tier VII
    bullying ;)

  3. I love my 62a and have never looked at the 430II but after watching this
    Martin I’m definitely going to grind it. Thanks for a really good
    demonstration of just how good this tank is and how to play it. Keep
    these great vids coming :-)

  4. I am really looking forward to the obj 430 II and thx for giving me an idea
    how to play the tank. Like you did with your obj 416 video, after that
    video my games went much better than before, so thx :D

    • Martin “WaterWar” Holding

      +LifeWatcher I am glad that I can help you improve ;)The obj 430 II is a
      great tank, so you are in for a treat 😉

  5. Welcome back, glad to see you uploading more stuff. Also, the way you
    pronounce Jageru is pretty fantastic.

    • Martin “WaterWar” Holding

      +Pompous92 Haha, thank you. It is a habit I picked up from Jingles/QB and I
      like the sound of it.

  6. That awesome sixth sense icon 😛

    Makes me want to grind out my rusky mediums to get the obj and t54

  7. Welcome back :)

  8. Also, do you have the tier 10 Obj430?
    What do you think about it? Is it worth getting?

    • Martin “WaterWar” Holding

      +selle1999vanheel I dont have the 430 (yet). If you dont have any other
      Russian tier X mediums then it is worth getting, just for the sake of
      having one. If you already own the 140 or T62A then I would suggest you
      consider if it is worth spending 6.1 mio credits on a tank that is
      surprisingly similar to your other medium tank.

      I will most likely end up buying the 430 simply because I want every tier X
      medium tank in the game. But I will most likely also keep my obj. 430 II as
      I really enjoy playing it.

    • +Martin Holding Okay, thank you I will First have a lot of fun in the Obj
      4302 before I start thinking about a tier 10 🙂

  9. Can you say that obj4302 is better in a tier 10 game and T54 better in a
    tier 9 one? The T54 has no frontal lower plate weakspot but it can’t
    sidescrape and the T54 upper plate in a tier 10 game is pretty useless.
    Obj4302 also has a better turret and a better RoF.

    • Martin “WaterWar” Holding

      +selle1999vanheel I would say that they are both equally viable, but in
      different situations. The T-54 is more flexible (fully rotateable turret, 5
      degrees of gun depression) than the obj 430 II, but the 430 II excels at
      armour abuse against lesser skilled players.

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