World of Tanks – Obj 430 II – Fun and unique

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Source: Martin Holding

A double feature in my obj 430 II where I show why I think this tank so great. I absolutely love playing this tank because of how strong it is at bullying lower tiered tanks.

I apologies for me sounding a bit weird in the video. I have the sniffles at the moment but still wanted to upload/record this 🙂

Also I derp a bit in the end of the second game – dont mind my brainfart of not stopping the movie properly. I can't be arsed to edit it so you will have to survive with me derping out.


  1. Martin “WaterWar” Holding

    +Lowlife But there is no tank similar to it and the tier X upgrade is a
    pure clone. Why not just stay at tier IX? That is why it will most likely
    be a keeper for me.

  2. +Martin Holding I hear your arguments, it depends on enjoyment I guess. For
    me E-50 and Patton is the tier 9 med keepers.

  3. Martin “WaterWar” Holding

    Different people different tastes indeed. I can see why people would want
    to keep both of those as well. 🙂

  4. Martin “WaterWar” Holding

    +LifeWatcher I am glad that I can help you improve ;)The obj 430 II is a
    great tank, so you are in for a treat 😉

  5. Martin “WaterWar” Holding

    +Pompous92 Haha, thank you. It is a habit I picked up from Jingles/QB and I
    like the sound of it.

  6. Martin “WaterWar” Holding

    +WoT the Beep Thank you 🙂

  7. Martin “WaterWar” Holding

    +selle1999vanheel I dont have the 430 (yet). If you dont have any other
    Russian tier X mediums then it is worth getting, just for the sake of
    having one. If you already own the 140 or T62A then I would suggest you
    consider if it is worth spending 6.1 mio credits on a tank that is
    surprisingly similar to your other medium tank.

    I will most likely end up buying the 430 simply because I want every tier X
    medium tank in the game. But I will most likely also keep my obj. 430 II as
    I really enjoy playing it.

  8. +Martin Holding Okay, thank you I will First have a lot of fun in the Obj
    4302 before I start thinking about a tier 10 🙂

  9. Martin “WaterWar” Holding

    +selle1999vanheel I would say that they are both equally viable, but in
    different situations. The T-54 is more flexible (fully rotateable turret, 5
    degrees of gun depression) than the obj 430 II, but the 430 II excels at
    armour abuse against lesser skilled players.

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