World of Tanks || Object 140 – 10,000+ DMG

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks – Object 140. Today Exozen is going to have an awesome round in T10 Soviet medium tank the Object 140!

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  1. i got 12 kills in jg pz 4

  2. good he lost!

  3. there’s still camp-off on this map… I hate it

  4. Another boring gameplay in one of the easiest tanks to play. Because who
    needs real skill when you have excellent camo, spaceship maneuvrability, 5
    second reloads and 330 pen? For those saying, “its the player playstyle”,
    please. For every game like this in the Leopard 1 or Patton, theres 10 Obj
    140 gameplays. The map design is extremely friendly to the Russian clone
    mediums, allowing them to go full hull down with their nigh impenetrable
    turret armor, allowing them to reload and pump out shots like a semi auto

  5. Abdurrahman Üzüm

    Hey guys, how can i move the camera like minute 1.00? Is it normal wot
    mechanic or mod?

  6. MM is soo broken in this game. Every battle i enter 31% win fuck this game

  7. Warcrimes incarnate

    Best was 13 kills and 1700 damage in the tier 3 Cruiser IV, back on
    Mittengard in the day. I won though, I think.

  8. orange borsig is best player!!!

  9. Does anyone know how to fix a tank if it’s damaged in the garage

  10. I would lose at least 10k from that game in my obj 140… Standard accounts
    are almost unplayable

  11. I got 3 kills and lost the game.. My friend said I lost because I shot
    green tanks… WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE??

  12. He must have had adrenaline the perk, becuase his relod speed was insane at
    the end!

  13. 12 kills in my M8A1. That match was from long ago, so I hardly remember
    anything that happened during that match.

  14. The fine Balanced German machine finishing up the game there…….

  15. i got 15 kills but it was a draw :(

  16. that is-3 is op,he could move his tourett like he’s a ligh tank not a
    heavy,no russian bias at all

  17. i got 8 kills in OI Exp and i lost :/ still 4 tanks alive

  18. I got 8 kills in the LTTB and lost.

  19. hey quickybaby I found a video that someone made they were playing in an
    artillery and killed u. u were driving up a slope and stopped and he shot
    u. U said it was a greedy stop and that the artillery was preaimed for u
    and u quit off the game it looked likeone of ur earlier video so u might
    not remember

  20. does every tank in this game have the same cannonsound?

  21. Ferenczi László

    After a match like this, I would stand up and just shout in the next 5

  22. Very lucky with that tvp and is3 that could kill him

  23. Old swamp ( the version before the current one ) had a lot of draws as well.
    Masterful play against the TVP , T54 ltw and IS3 there. GG.

  24. hi all im new to wot how do i change mt camera to this third person camera
    in this replay?thx in advance

  25. Each time a T-62A turret stops a big caliber shot he sings “I’m phenomenal”

  26. My most kills was 7 in total, with 5 kills while being the last survivor
    with my kv2. but still lost

  27. wow, I did a research on all german tier X tanks. And the best would go to
    the Leopard 1. 2nd place goes to Maus and then you have JgPz. E100 and
    Grille 15 tying at 3rd place!!!

  28. 10 kills with AMX ELC and draw :/

  29. I managed to get 8 kills in my beloved Matilda in a tier V battle (only 3
    tier Vs on each side) and we lost 9-15. That was a moment where I thought I
    am going to crash my Computer :-)

  30. Mathias Berchtenbreiter

    could we get xvm for the new update

  31. What a heartbreak! My heart was bumping a lot when I was watching this
    replay, definitely much more interesting than a 14 kills replay from the
    American server… Exozen played like a boss and made this replay like an
    action movie.

  32. For some reason i got mix feeling about watching this type of video one is
    i wantt o see how well the player played but at the same time i feel bad
    that they lost but all else the video was amazing

  33. Great replay and commentary….please QB get shot of that terrible text to
    speech crap on the live streams

  34. BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india

    btw pause at 12:41 lol someone screen shot that.

  35. BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india

    back when the brits medium line came out on xbox 360 I did 12k damage in a
    cent 7/1 with 12 kills and died to a arty that didn’t render in till 3
    seconds after he shot me. he was spotted on my map. but on the map showed
    him in a different spot. on pc version I had 9 kills and I think 10k damage
    in the m6 in a tier 8 battle. died cause I ran out of ammo idr what tank
    killed me tat was few years ago. really had a game like either those on any
    platform since.

  36. Daniel Zwierzynski

    Thats the reason I say WoT was the best when on tier X was only heavies.
    Atm we have mediums like these – fast, well armoured, with more than
    enought penetrations (think about gold to). HT cant play their role
    effective like before and mediums espiecally top tiers are to strong.

  37. and again no spgs.those damn pigs.

  38. For me, it was CDC, you can find it your replay website, it’s called Pool’s
    heartbreak in CDC where i also get 10 kills and still lost game, and belive
    it or not, it was on this same map, omg…

  39. Just shows how good Russian bias is

  40. WOT need to sort out a couple of maps BUT more importantly increase the
    number of maps, they have withdrawn so many of which none have been
    revamped and reintroduced.

  41. where did the intro go? +Quickybaby ?

  42. Kappa BesteuLöwe


  43. I think my highest total of kills in a defeat was 8 kills in my kv-2 on
    karelia assault mode. I lost because I ran out of time:/

  44. What exactly he needs 15 gold rounds in t10 medium… Now he looks like
    incompetent retard

  45. I once got 9 kills and 4.8k dmg in the Hellcat… post nerf… wasn’t
    enough to win… so close… I donkey’d out and rushed a shot 1v1 at the
    end and bounced and got my face derped for it.

  46. 8 Kills in my Löwe

  47. 6 kills, 7,000 damage in my E-100. one other person got a kill on my team.
    so we lost.

  48. Alessio D'angella

    Can you do a rewiew of the most underestimated tier 10 soviet medium tank,
    the 430?

  49. JubJub Doowalawala

    Lol bob RHM the hero we need but the one we dont deserve

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